Why Do Our Own Politicians Seem to Be on the Side of the Islamic Supremacists?


A FRIEND of mine has been lobbying in Tennessee (see an article about what Tennessee has been doing), and the lobbying process involves a lot of one-on-one conversations with politicians, and he said most politicians are almost entirely ignorant about Islam. They tend to make the assumption that it's a religion similar to any other religion and a few crazy people have committed terrorist crimes for political reasons and justified them with religious doctrines they cherry-picked for the purpose, taking passages out of context to make them mean what they want.

And since they make that assumption, they don't bother learning any more about it. They have plenty of other pressing issues competing for their attention.

That's the case in North America and Australia. In Europe, it is partly the same, and partly the fact that Muslims now make up a significant voting block, and since politicians do whatever they can to win elections, they feel they must pander to Muslims to get into office. Right now enough of the general population of non-Muslims in Europe are ignorant enough about Islam that the politicians are getting away with pandering to Muslims, but as the educational level rises, they will be voted out. They are already being voted out.

So when you feel despair about what seems to be an overwhelming preponderance of traitorous politicians, remember that this is a temporary situation. And remember that they are as likely to be as ignorant of Islam's prime directive as anybody else. They can also be educated like anyone else. My friend in Tennessee has had great success with his lobbying efforts, which he says is simply education. He is putting CSPI's excellent little booklet, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, into the hands of politicians with great success.

So regardless of what you see politicians doing now, the situation is far from hopeless. And if politicians seem too committed to their uneducated position, we will vote them out of office.


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