Counterjihad Economic Boycott


I received the following email from a reader in India. I thought he had some good ideas. What do you think? Here's what he wrote:

I am a Hindu from India. I like your site. And I strongly support your valiant efforts. Since you are in business in fighting with Islam, I would share my opinions. Here in India, I use economic ways of countering Islam. I make sure that I never buy from Muslim-owned shop. First I check the name of the shop. Next I check the owner, and check some signs on his person which might tell that he is a Muslim. It's not very difficult to do these things as Muslims make sure that everybody around them sees that they are Muslim.

So I am practicing economic counterjihad. The good thing is that this is one of the sane and non-violent ways of opposing Islam. If I attack a Muslim personally, I will be in trouble. But by refusing to buy from Muslim-owned businesses, I take the economic oxygen out of Islam.

When I was checking your site, I did not find any such initiative discussed. For Westerners, this is one of the very effective ways of "applied counterjihad." For example, in London, UK, most of the "Indian" restaurants are in fact owned by Bangladeshi Muslims. So maybe someone can find out which ones are actually owned by Muslims by visiting these places for lunch/dinner and casually talking to the owner/waiter. And once this intelligence gathering is done, the list of these restaurants can be published on counterjihad websites and you can appeal to other Westerners to boycott such places.

Counterjihad involves many different strategies. You should include this economic strategy among the tools available to counterjihadists. This is also a peaceful way which can be practiced individually.

When I share my opinions on some Hindu forums, I get ridicule. But there are also some Hindus who got convinced and are practicing this.

I asked him if I could publish his email on Citizen Warrior, and he said yes but asked me not to use his real name. Then he wrote:

I have a desire to start a blog like yours from the Indian perspective. But I am a bit scared. There is lot of dhimmitude in India. Politicians and general population suck up to Muslims. So if some Muslim complains about my blog, there is a strong possibility of police tracking the user of the blog, thats me. This has happened in India before. So it would be great if you can publish my ideas on your blog. Your blog is great and you seem to have lot of knowledge on these issues unlike many Westerners. But I am just wondering how come you didn't think my idea before. Economic counterjihad is one of the simplest things one can practice.

I also have some other ideas, like counterjihad using animations about Mohammed. Making fun of Mohammed using animations. I have seen many Mohammed cartoons, but hardly any animations. These animations could be about Mohammed and general cultural atmosphere in his time. In islamic culture, some particular things are taboo. For example, pigs and dogs are considered dirty. So the creators of such animations should explore such haram topics in Islam. With many open source tools available these days, some counterjihadist artists can easily create such animations. When these animations go viral on the net, they will create a great psychological impact.

Criticizing Islam in rational manner is okay. That's important too. But counterjihadists need to use the good cop/bad cop routine with Muslims. Muslims don't play fair. They practice taqiyya. Counterjihadists need to reply in kind. We can  have both a rational critique of islam, and dirty tricks like these animations and the economic boycott I talked about.

We need to attack Islam from many different directions. You can explore these ideas further on your blog. Don't need to give any credit to me. Publish them as yours. Fighting Islam is more important.  

Also I liked your blog post on fighting stress. I used to feel too stressful thinking about Muslims. It was affecting me psychologically. Then I started doing lot of physical exercise. That helped me fight the stress. We need to be strong physically and mentally to fight Islam. Its a long battle.


Islam's War Against Buddhism


The following was written by Dhammajarat and originally published in FrontPage Magazine here.

Courtyard at the Maha Bodhi Tree
“Allahu Akbar!” The tinny P.A. system tore asunder the pre-dawn peace and quiet.

I was jolted in my mind, almost like experiencing a car wreck, suddenly and without any warning. This totally incongruous sound intruded upon and encompassed everything, causing even the birds to rustle in the darkness.

It was just after 4 a.m. I was seated underneath the holy Maha Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, in the state of Bihar in India. It was a few days past the full moon of May 2004, a few days past Veesak. This was my second visit to this unparalleled location, the site of the Lord Buddha’s attainment of full Enlightenment over 2,500 years ago. Now, towards the end of my 10 day stay, I had applied for and been granted the great honor of permission to spend the night within the Maha Bodhi compound.

My plan was to spend the entire night practicing seated meditation, walking meditation, and circumambulation of the great Maha Bodhi Stupa. The air was warm and my practice was going very well as I alternated between the three practices, as the hours passed.

The beautiful waning full moon light filtering through the glistening leaves of the Maha Bodhi Tree, the soft fluttering of the leaves, the serene quiet, took me back to that time long ago when the Buddha himself had sat very near this same exact spot.

Or so I thought...

The mussein’s call to prayer for the faithful of Islam, here in this most sacred location to all of Buddhism, ripped me back to modern reality. I was stunned! How could this be? Here in one of the most significant spots of Buddhism, loud speakers come on at four in the morning every day, to shock and intrude upon meditators and Buddhist practitioners using this spot for that which it has to offer in its most special way?

How could this be allowed? It is…

The Muslim call to prayer seemed to go on and on...20 minutes to a half-hour later, the scratchy recording thankfully ended and quiet returned.

My concentration was thoroughly blown. Instead of following my breath, I found myself looking at the great distraction and paradox I had just experienced.

I thought about Mecca!

Could any other religion intrude itself there in the holiest of places to Islam, as the tenets of Islam had so intruded itself here in the holiest place of Buddhism?

No way! I could imagine immediate death being visited upon anyone that would even try — that is, if they would be admitted anywhere close to the Muslims’ holy Kabah — let alone be allowed to set up a loud public address system that would broadcast the message of another religion across the courtyards of the Grand Mosque, or any other Moslem religious site. The hypocrisy was astounding.

After awhile, I ceased to be so shocked and began to calm down. I began to see that this was merely a continuation of a long and sad trespass against Buddhism perpetrated by the faith of Islam.

In my previous visits to India, I had visited every site that was specific to the actual life of the Lord Buddha. At every location the pattern was the same: Just the partial foundations remaining of what had once been great Stupas or elaborate religious universities of Buddhist learning and practice. Even the place of the Buddha’s birth had been destroyed and buried, with modern day excavations only now giving some restoration.

I had learned from guides on location, and then from further studies once I returned home, that these locations had all been laid to waste in the early Moslem invasions of India, starting in the 900’s by Turkic hordes issuing forth from what is now Afghanistan, and continuing for over a thousand years until the Mughal era. A prolonged and calculated assault, an assault designed to wipe an entire belief, an entire religion, off the face of the Earth. The long history of Islam, being spread by the sword and by fire, had left its indelible mark on these wonderful peaceful, harmless, legacy sites of Buddhism.

I learned how the monks and nuns and religious students were slaughtered without mercy and piled up and burned, and all terrified survivors were driven like dry leaves before a strong wind, out of the region of India entirely, wherever this Islamic wind blew.

I was told this is how Buddhism actually came to Tibet and Southeast Asia, by Buddhists fleeing for their lives! My faith had been rendered a refugee faith via the tender mercies of Islam.

I learned how Islam was particularly unkind and brutal to Buddhists, because to Moslems the Buddhist represented the most reprehensible type of human personality: the “atheist” holding no monotheistic God image as their object of worship and veneration. We were worse even than the far more numerous Hindus, with their vast pantheon of multiple gods. The Buddhists, to the Muslims, only worshipped the image of a man, and no God higher.

Apparently they did not bother to look into the philosophies of Buddhism any more deeply. That was enough for the sword to come down and the fire to be applied. And so they have over the centuries until today.

I remember, some years back, before the gripping situations that we face today had quite come in to focus for many of us, I followed the story of the great Buddhas of Bamiyan, in sad and war torn Afghanistan. The Russian war was over, and the rein of the Taliban was in full force, but they were not content to merely rule the people with an iron hand by the strictest applications of Sharia law. They had to physically erase the “infidel” past, as well.

I remember shedding tears as I saw the footage of those magnificent Buddhas, the tallest ancient statues in the world, being reduced to rubble by explosive charges and artillery shells. I remembered hearing on the news footage, that same cry of “Allahu Akbar!” — as the dust of Bamiyan settled to reveal the emptiness of the destruction. The same cry that destroyed my meditative absorption under the Bodhi Tree.

Now, I pray we never hear this call in this our home, America. Not until and unless Islam totally and completely reforms itself after over a thousand years of ravaging and sweeping all others before it.

I feel, through my direct experiences of it, that Islam has not changed its ways in the least. In fact it has become more aggressive now than at any time since its period of greatest expansion in the 900s to the 1200s. “Modern” Islam seeks to return humanity to those very same times – a revival of the dark ages of Islamic slaughter, mayhem, and pillage — all in the name of Allah.

We Buddhists must realize that we, and our cherished practices, would be swept away entirely and crushed utterly, should Islam ever gain ascendancy in this world in which we live. Islam is the only belief that propagates itself thus — by the sword.

And it is very patient.


Dhammajarat is the pen name of a Buddhist author.

Read an article about the difference between fundamentalist Buddhists and fundamentalist Muslims: Are All Fundamentalists Dangerous?


Why We Must Reach Out To People Who Are Against Us


WHEN YOU talk to people about basic, easily-validated information about Islam, more often than not you will get an argument. But the strange thing is the person will argue with you and yet clearly not know anything about Islam.

Why is this? What is happening? I mean, this doesn't exist for other things, does it? If the person doesn't know anything about how to fry chicken and you do, more often than not the person will listen to you politely and thank you for the information.

Why do you get such a different kind of response about Islam?

Because the person you're talking to has already gotten a great deal of "education" about Islam from mainstream media. Mainstream "news" organizations not only present themselves as unbiased, but they all agree with each other on Islam. I don't know if that's because the Islamic PR machine is so effective, or just because somehow the "anti-Islam" position has been associated with conservatives and most people in the mainstream media are liberals, or what. But the upshot is that the person you're talking to has heard everyone in authority that he listens to — NPR and PBS and NBC and CBS and ABC and even the last two presidents — all presenting an identical point of view. Namely, that Islam teaches peace and terrorists are just wackos who have mistakenly attributed their violence and political actions with Islam, but really it has nothing to do with Islam, and besides, most Muslims are peace-loving people, and they are a persecuted minority so not only should we not criticize them, but we should bend over backwards to make them feel welcome in this country because that's the kind of people we are.

When someone gets the same message from so many different sources, and only hears people with your point of view in little clips on mainstream news — clips long enough to make the person look like a madman, but short enough to give the commentator something to belittle — then they feel completely certain their point of view is right.

That's why he will argue with what you're saying about Islam, even though he actually knows nothing about Islam.

But we need to talk to these people. We need to reach them and influence them and convince them. I know it is hard work. I know it can be upsetting. But it needs to be done. If it isn't done by you, it probably won't get done at all with the people you know. And then all those people with that point of view are not only not on our side in this fight, they are actually unwittingly fighting on the side of the enemy (the orthodox Muslims who are working to achieve Islam's prime directive).

In the book, True Enough, the author points out something very interesting and illuminating for us in our struggle: Back in the day, there were only a few media outlets and they were all very similar. You'd see things you didn't agree with. So people might have been confident in their opinions, but you didn't see so much absolute certainty about "facts" that are just plain wrong. People don't argue as much about opinions now. They argue about facts. They each have totally different and completely opposing facts. As the author put it, we're living in a post-fact society.

The media has fractured into an overwhelming number of more specialized sources of information. People pay attention to what they're interested in. They watch what they like. So now they are getting much more selective exposure to information, and much less exposure to anything that disagrees with what they already think. People do the same thing with their friends. They tend to hang out the most with friends who agree with them. They talk about the most important issues most often with people who agree with them.

Someone who doesn't agree with your views on Islam has lots of apparent evidence that you are pathetically misguided, and that is one of the most maddening things about it — this attitude of condescension. You have read books and articles about Islam, studied it, learned all about it, you may be an expert on it, and someone who knows almost nothing about it is being condescending to you! Wow. It's enough to make you pop a vein.

But this is also a major reason why we must personally reach into their worldview and influence it, because normal exposure to their usual information sources will prevent any good information about Islam from ever reaching them.

We must overcome our anger and frustration and really connect to these people. This is our only hope. We need them on our side. When you bring just one person to your understanding of Islam, you are doing a double good: You're adding another soldier to our army and you are removing a soldier from their side at the same time.

Study the answers to objections. Participate in the new forum, Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims, gaining and giving help and advice, and keep trying. Failure is not an option.


Al Quds Day – the UK agrees yet again to host a racist, Islamist event

The following was written by Babs Barron, reporting from London:

Al Quds (Jerusalem) is allegedly the third most holy site in Islam.  Strange, then, that it is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur'an or ahadith. 

Some background:

Before the Six Days War between Israel and her neighbours in June, 1967, Jerusalem was supposed to be an international city, holy as it was to three religions, and administrated by the United Nations so that Jews and Christians as well as Muslims could have access to their holy places.  However, the envisaged administration by the UN did not materialise.  Instead, upon Israel's declaration of statehood on 14th May, 1948 and the resulting attacks on her by her Arab neighbours the 1,500 residents of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City were expelled and a few hundred taken prisoner when the Arab Legion captured the quarter on 28th May. The Arab Legion also attacked Western Jerusalem with snipers. Arab residents of Katamon, Talbiya and the German Colony fled.  Arabs were also displaced in the battle.

As a result of the 1948 war, the old walled city of Jerusalem, which contains the Western Wall (the only remaining wall of the second Temple), fell into Jordanian hands.  Jordan took control of all the holy sites and forbade Jews from entry to the Old City.  They severely limited access of Christians to their holy places too.  Israel retained West Jerusalem.

Half of the 58 synagogues in the Old City were either razed or converted to stables and hen houses over the next 19 years, including the Hurva and the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue. The Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives was desecrated.  Its gravestones were used to build roads and latrines and many other historic and religiously significant buildings were demolished and replaced by modern structures.

Jordan was urged to remain neutral during the Six Days War, but it attacked West Jerusalem on the second day.  The Jordanian army should have listened to that advice because Israeli forces captured the Temple Mount after hand-to-hand fighting and extended its law and jurisdiction to East Jerusalem and some surrounding areas, incorporating them into the Jerusalem Municipality.

In time-honoured fashion, Arab/Muslim belligerent self-pity and incapability to let go of grudges ensured that successive Palestinian governments have made the very most of their defeat by Jews in 1967. The Palestinian propaganda machine reminds the world of Palestinians' "right" to Jerusalem (Al Quds) with monotonous regularity. Added to this, disturbingly, alongside the growing antisemitism in the West as a result of Islamist propaganda in newspapers like the UK Guardian, this specious "right" to sling out the Jews once more from the city which was their seat of government during Biblical times and where there has been a Jewish presence since before the Muslim prophet was conceived, seems to have gained some traction.   It will come as no surprise to the well-informed reader that the message rings out loudest and most clearly from the Western capital city which is known for its welcome to all things Islamist and offers them freedom to spout their odious ideas – London.

Al Quds Day is an annual day chosen by the late Ayatollah Khomeini to call for Israel (and for that you may also read "Jews") to be destroyed. It is usually "celebrated" on the last Friday in Ramadan which this year fell on 17th August.  Islamists and their fellow travellers and haters love a good parade and of course it was marked all over the world by marches and demonstrations against Israel, liberally seasoned (if past occasions are anything to go by) with the belligerent self-pity and antisemitism I have mentioned above.  Devout Muslims are enjoined to hate Jews because their prophet did, even though they may never have met one and will almost certainly have benefited directly from the Jewish contribution to Muslim welfare and to all mankind.  They hate Jews even more, of course, because Jews are cleverer, more resourceful and their military is more powerful than any Arab army which has ever been foolish enough to try to wipe them out.  Muslims are not particularly clever at learning from experience and invariably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and they do have a ridiculous penchant for repeating the same behaviours which they know will not work and telling themselves and their people fairy stories that they have achieved victory. All this, were it not a hairsbreadth away from the usual Islamist inspired violence, would make this Al Quds Day spectacle one of ridicule rather than concern.  In previous years, for example, we have been "entertained" by poster girl convert extraordinaire, Lauren ("I have read three pages of the Koran") Booth, among other clowns.  

This year we were reminded that the event is bankrolled by the Iranian Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and is advertised by a series of advertisements by them on the sides of London buses (but see below for the result of a campaign to have those advertisements removed).  This means, of course, that Transport for London was willing to accept money from an Iranian-funded, terror-supporting organisation.  I would imagine that that is against UK law.  You would think that Transport for London would have been more careful, but they seem to have cared little so long as the advertisers stumped up the cash.

A friend, when he heard of the plans to advertise the Al Quds hate fest on the sides of London buses, wrote to Transport for London:

"I am appalled by your even considering doing advertising Al-Quds day on London buses, let alone go ahead with it.

"Quite apart from an utter lack of respect and no sense of timing – have you forgotten that these Olympics mark an anniversary of the murder by Islamic terrorist of Israeli Jewish athletes in Munich? – the utter insensitivity of this almost beggars belief.  What effect do you think this has on Jewish and other communities in London and elsewhere which sees you giving open support to Islamists?  What effect does this have on social cohesion?  This, taken at a previous Al-Quds day in London, is but one example of what your advertisement endorses:

"You have been well and truly hoodwinked by the IHRC.  Did you know that it is an Islamic charity which supported the tyranny of Ayatollah Khomeini?  

"Did you know either that the charity supports Sheikh Abdul Rahman, who was the spiritual leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, which were were consolidated into Al Qaeda?  He was an associate of Bin Laden, and his teacher,  Abdullah Azzam. Having moved to New York to fundraise for Al Qaeda, the Blind Sheikh was convicted of various charges arising from the  the World Trade Center 1993 bombings and was imprisoned several times in Egypt in 1970 and 1981 for 3 years. He left Egypt in 1990 after facing security restrictions and being put under house arrest for a year. Three years after arriving to the US, he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to a life sentence.

"These, then, are the people your buses show you to be supporting.  By inference, your allowing them to advertise so contentiously about a gathering which threatens social cohesion makes it seem that British people support them, but the majority of us most certainly do not.

"No matter how much you received for advertising in this way on behalf of this egregious organisation, please keep your collective soul intact by taking down the advertisements – so insulting to many London and UK citizens.  You have been had most consummately and running these advertisements during the Olympics is ill-judged and insulting to the Israeli athletes who were murdered by people who held the same ideology as them.

"Yours faithfully"                                   

And he received the following form email from one Nigel McDonald.  He and I know of others who got an identical reply.  From the lack of reference to the concerns in my friend's email I doubt that McDonald even bothered to read it:

From: Nigel McDonald []
07 August 2012 14:44
Subject: RE: Al-Quds Day advertisement

Thank you for your email regarding the Islamic Human Rights Commission campaign.
 CBS Outdoor UK sought advice from the Committee of Advertising Practice and the advert complies with Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines and does not breach any UK ad regulations.

If you wish to make a formal complaint regarding the campaign, please contact the ASA directly.

Advertising Standards Authority                 
City Place                                         
71 High Holborn
Tel: 020 7492 2222

The ASA will confirm receipt of the complaint and advise you on how it will be proceeding.

Thank you for taking the time to contact CBS Outdoor UK.


Nigel McDonald

Subsequently however (although not without many more letters of complaint, representations to MPs etc) the advertisements were withdrawn, although far too late.  The Al Quds hate fest went ahead in all its mouth-frothing ignominy.  I also found out Transport for London promised that it would review its procedures so as to make sure that offensive advertisements would not be accepted again. Transport for London also apologised for the offence caused.

For one person's eye-witness account, complete with photographs, please go to Richard Millett's blog here.  Note that he was advised to leave subsequently by the Metropolitan police.  Note also the first comment below the line to the article, where the poster says that it is his right to demonstrate but, of course, he shows absolutely no awareness that along with rights come responsibilities. 

The UK is sleepwalking into dhimmitude

London has just hosted a tremendous Olympic Games. The UK government and London dignitaries made much of the universal brotherhood which is the Olympic ethos.  Yet in the following week, apparently without any awareness of the contradiction and insult, London played host to as egregiously nasty a collection of haters, antisemites and supporters of Islamist terror as you might find anywhere on earth.  This is not coincidence.  Islamists and their fellow travellers, Jew-haters and supporters of Islamist terror are made more comfortable and welcome in London than in almost any other Western city.  That must be the case when even London buses announced support for their iniquitous endeavours. 

The UK government's twisting itself out of shape to accommodate Islamists and haters of every stripe grows more and more alarming.  I wonder whether this march – in support of a dictatorship which makes no secret of its antisemitism and its desire to wipe out the only democracy in the Middle East because it is a Jewish state, and uses the plight of the Palestinians as an excuse to whip up the masses – would have been allowed to go ahead if Jews, Zionists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and other faiths and peoples were perceived to be as violent as Muslims when thwarted and as prone to act out in response to imaginary offence?


UK Muslims Call for a Political Jihad Against Imran Firasat


Imran Firasat asked me to publish his letter on Citizen Warrior, and I am glad to do it. Here it is:

Dear Editor,

Imran Firasat, unafraid
This is Imran Firasat, a Pakistani ex-Muslim from Spain. You must remember me; I am the one who lodged a formal petition to the Spanish authorities for banning the Quran in this country for being a book which is violent and incompatible to the humanity and laws.

As you know, my petition was forwarded to the next level and is still in process, as it is being studied by the constitutional commission of the Spanish parliament. But the Muslims around the world feel offended and provoked once again, as they usually are. Today I have found an extremely ridiculous article on the website of a Muslim group/organization based in UK which calls “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK”, calling for a new kind of Political Jihad against me and all those who oppose Islam. Here's a link to that article for the convenience of your readers:

In this article, the history of Spain has been described by the sad Muslims; how Spain was captured and governed by Muslims and how the Muslims lost the rule on Spain. This shows that the pain of losing the rule of Spain still exists in the hearts of Muslims.

Later in the article, the author says: “Today Muslims in Spain are under attack once again, this time not by Christians, but strangely by an ex-Muslim, Imran Firasat, who has lodged a formal petition to the Spanish government to ban the Quran.”

The author complains that I am an Islamophobe and that the Muslims didn´t take necessary actions against me which they should have taken. This Islamic group allowed to be based in UK also expresses its anger against the Spanish authorities who took my petition to ban the Quran to the next level.

They also compare themselves with Jews, and compare the Quran with the Torah, by saying that this same thing wouldn´t have happened if someone asked for the ban on the Torah. After expressing their anger against me and the Spanish authorities, this Muslim group leaves a clear message to the Muslims for embracing the way of Jihad through these words: “Learn from our history and defend your faith against anybody who attacks it, whilst you are still strong enough to do so”.

Then the Muslim author representing this Radical group invents a new way of Jihad which is to become a Political Muslim. Here let´s have a look at the exact words found on their site: “If you fail to become a political Muslim, then you have failed the religion of Islam, we need to stand up and defend ourselves and get politically active, before it’s too late. Let’s not weep tomorrow for something that we did not do today.”

My Conclusion

Dear editor, I would like to leave a message through your site to this radical Muslim group, “Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK,” and to all those Muslims who think that this world is their property and they can rule anywhere and whenever they want. Let me tell them that now there is not only one Imran Firasat, but millions of more Imran Firasats, ready to fight against the demon of Islam. We are not afraid of the Islamic Jihad ideology and we will not be cowed by Muslim threats of killing or violent behavior.

We will not let this creation of the devil (Islam) exist on our would-be peaceful earth. Islam has to be defeated. No matter how many kinds of Jihad you invent or how cunningly you try to pretend to be good, this world is not going to be fooled anymore by Islam, as Muhammad and his false creations have been exposed. Now it is just a matter of time until Islam becomes part of history.

Imran Firasat (Spain)


United We Stand


A few days ago I posted something someone sent me via email called Liberals Against Orthodox Islam. At the time, I wrote to the woman who sent it to me and said, "Excellent! Was it written by a liberal?"

I loved her answer and asked her if I could have permission to publish it, to which she has agreed. Her answer was, "Yes, I wrote the document. I'm a liberal and I live in Germany. I want all liberals to wake up and face reality. Conservatives can't win the fight against the totalitarian ideology called orthodox Islam on their own. When liberals realize the totalitarian nature, they will stop protecting devout Muslims. This must be the primary objective. Only truly moderate Muslims are our allies. We should reject blind multiculturalism and embrace multiculturalism based on tolerance and mutual respect."

Her web site is Indoctrination Watch. Please share it with all your friends and family who are, perhaps, on the "blindly multicultural" end of the spectrum.


Why a Liberal Film Maker Changed His Mind About Islam

Eric Allen Bell
Please read this article and share it with your multiculturalist friends: The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam. It is a documentary film maker, Eric Allen Bell, sharing his story about how he changed his mind about the counterjihad movement, and about how his efforts to share what he learned with his colleagues was completely thwarted by their unwillingness to listen to anything he said. His story is worth reading and worth sharing broadly.

Near the end of his story he makes it clear he is not a conservative. Bell writes, "I still oppose the invasion of Iraq. I still feel that all wars should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. I still think that George W. Bush was one of the worst things to happen to America in my lifetime."

And yet in almost the same breath, he writes something that will fry the brains of many liberals who read it. And I believe that while the brain is frying, perhaps the mind may open. Bell writes:

Where do I stand on Islam? Let’s look at its founder — a man who raped a 9 year old girl, a slave owner, a leader who ordered people to be tortured, for adulterers to be stoned, for countless nonbelievers to be beheaded, a killer, a warmonger who spread his “religion of peace” by the sword, a man who suffered from hallucinations of voices telling him to do violent things, a tyrant, a homicidal maniac perhaps the equivalent of 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens. And this sadistic lunatic is considered to be the “ideal man” in Islam. What more needs to be said about Islam than that?

So in this climate where innocent people are killed when Korans are burned, when there are riots and bomb threats and killings over cartoons that offend Muslims, when a novelist such as Salman Rushdie is advised by Indian intelligence authorities that it is unsafe for him to enter the country to attend the world’s largest literary festival, when Muslims outside the festival threaten violence such that the festival organizers decide to cancel even patching in a video of Rushdie for the conference, in a world where a man, Theo Van Gough, was shot a couple dozen times in broad daylight, then stabbed, then had a sword rammed into his heart on the sidewalk of a European street simply for making a 10 minute film about the mistreatment of Muslim women — in such a world that is constantly terrorized by Islamic militants whose insanity is co-opted by an army of Liberal bloggers who make excuses for them — who tell us that 911 was probably our fault — what will become of my documentary when I finish it?  

Read the whole article here.


Liberals Against Orthodox Islam


The counterjihad movement just keeps getting better. Here is a 115-page informative PDF document entitled, "Why All Democrats Need to Start Speaking Out Against Islamic Indoctrination and Supremacist Islam." Here's the table of contents:

1. Manifesto against totalitarianism
2. Islam, orthodox Islam and Islamism
3. Getting a better understanding of Islam
4. Online resources used in this document
5. The incompatibility of Islamic doctrines with fundamental Western values
6. Major concerns related to the indoctrination pandemic
7. The unrestricted export of Islamic doctrine to the free world
8. Why conservative Islam critics need to welcome liberals into the movement
9. Developing strategies to counter Islamic indoctrination and protect human rights

Check it out and share it with your liberal-leaning friends and family: PDF Document.




Not all people who are against Islamic expansion unfairly overgeneralize. But someone who thinks so is overgeneralizing.


Stockholm Pro-Freedom Rally Distorted in Mainstream Media


An injured policeman is helped to an ambulance after being
hit in the face by missiles thrown by orthodox Muslims
and their supporters.
The following was written by Elsa Schieder (read more about her here):

There has been a first — a meeting, a rally, in Stockholm of many major anti-jihad groups. People like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were there, flew from the States to be there.

And then ...

Sometimes something just pushes my buttons — like the utter intentional misreporting of the Stockholm pro-freedom anti-jihad rally by the mainstream media.

The rally was smeared as "far right" (not once, but 4 times, in a short article). That the rally was counter-jihad was mentioned, but put in quotes ("counter-jihad") — as if that's not what we're really about, as if we only pretend to be anti-jihad.

Then of course there was the reference to "anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people," but of course no reference to the many more killed by Islamic fanatics, like the more than 3000 in the little incident in New York involving 2 airplanes and a couple of buildings. Of course, as well, there was no mention of the fact that Anders himself claims to have been inspired by ... Al-Qaeda.

On and on and on  —  a mass of lies and distortions. So the police, in the mainstream report, had to keep the "far right" group and another group apart. Why? Nothing is mentioned in the article. But it's obvious — the other side (positively designated as anti-racist, more than once) was violent. Several people in fact had to be arrested.

To find out why, I had to turn to very non-mainstream media (anti-jihad media, in fact) — Robert Spencer's JihadWatch and Pamela Geller's AtlasShrugs. It's also only there that I learned that a policeman may lose an eye — due to the screaming, raging "anti-racist" group, not the supposedly far right one.

For accurate information, turn to:
Aug 5 news
Aug 5 news

What do the distortions let us know? What powerful forces we're up against.

All the best to all of us who care to preserve Western freedoms,


PS. This makes it all the more important to hear about us as people, as in the teleseminar sseries I'm putting together.

PPS. For the mainstream version of the event, here are a couple of sources:


Quotable Quote From a British Writer


“This is what makes people in this country wary of Islam in many of its forms, in one place or another: the centrality and inescapability of religion, the loss of freedom of thought and expression, the harshness of sharia (Islamic law), the patriarchal suppression of women, including their inequality under sharia, the medieval punishments for apostasy, adultery and even theft, the insistence on a cruel form of animal slaughter, the violence and anti-Semitism of many sacred texts, the disinclination to integrate with the host culture and finally one can argue the incompatibility of theocratic Islam with democracy. To find all those things alarming as possibilities is not to be Islamophobic or racist. It is to be reasonable from a western point of view.”


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