An Index for the Quran


PETER FRIEDMAN, owner of Friedman Aviation Enterprises in Concord, California, has created an index for the Quran. Most books have an index, which makes it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. Peter made one for the Quran. And he's allowing us to make this freely available to everyone. It is on Google Docs as a PDF document.

We've got two different versions here, depending on which numbering system your Quran uses, Roman or Arabic. Download and print the one that matches your Quran:

Look up chapter (sura) and verse to find what you're looking for in the Quran. Thank you, Peter Friedman, for this useful tool.


Anonymous 10:54 AM  

I find this pretty helpful too:

Anonymous 7:51 AM  

I would like to get your "An Index for the Qur'an" however, I refuse to use Google for anything until they stop colluding with the NSA, the State Department, CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security to spy on, document, and otherwise stomp on American's privacy rights. In other words, I have joined the boycott against Google.

I have blocked Google: Adsence, Adwords Conversion, Affiliate Network, Ajax search apl, Analytics, Custom Search Engine, Friend connect, Website optimizer, and widgets from my computer, as well as the regular Google search engine and Google Earth and no longer watch YouTube Videos, created, owned and operated by Google.

I was very sad after I clicked on the link to this document to find it was not a pdf file, but instead was in a Google Document on line site.

Is it possible to get this Index for the Qur'an in pdf format? If not, then I will forego the requirements of Google to register with them in order to obtain this.

I do appreciate your efforts in getting this out to the public as it is a valuable tool for those of us who are fighting the war against Shari'ah law and Islam in our communities.



Citizen Warrior 11:55 PM  

I understand Devita. I just wrote to the author of this index, Peter Friedman, and he said you can just email him directly and he'll send you a PDF file:

planesafe at aol dot com

Anonymous 9:33 AM  

This is an INCREDIBLY biased version of the Qur'an.

I am a Christian and still find that this is actually a very ugly use of the book. There are also many passages in the Old Testament used by Christian fundamentalists and used during the Crusades by various Popes - surely these too should be condemned?

Citizen Warrior 1:42 PM  

I invite you to read about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Click here to see a good comparison list. And read the comments too; we've added more resources.

Short answer: The violence in the Old Testament is descriptive. The violence in the Koran is prescriptive.

Anonymous 6:11 AM  

Thank you for the index. I find it very useful. There is however one minor irritant. Why are you using the phrase "Index for the Quran with Arabic Numerals". There is no such thing as Arabic Numerals. It was stolen from the Hindus of India just like Muslims stole from the Jewish and Christian belief systems and incorporated it into the Koran. Why not say Indian numerals.
Thank you.

OzUnited 9:38 PM  

I have just come across your Blog "Citizen Warrior" and congratulate you on a sensible, intelligent approach. Here in Australia we have the same challenges with Islam, albeit still in the early stages. We have a great opportunity to stop Islam in its tracks, but most Australians are simply too apathetic to pay attention. I have launched a Call to our Federal Government to initiate what we call a "Royal Commission of Enquiry" into Islam in Australia and, being short on funds, seek word-of-mouth publicity in every possible way in order to attract as many registrations of support as possible. Should you like to know the details of our action, the address is Kind regards, Peter Forde

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