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Citizen Warrior 9:09 PM  

Somebody asked me how they can use this without having to come back to this page every time.

Yes, you can put this link in your bookmarks, or if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can save the link to the Bookmarks Toolbar. Then when you want to buy something on Amazon, go to Amazon using this link rather than any other:

Thank you for your support.

White Deer 4:35 PM  

I only recently found your site and I am sitting here groaning at the fact you're an Amazon affiliate. I bought all my books for next semester from Amazon just a few days ago. If I'd found your site last week, I'd have used your link to get them. :(

Is there any way to donate directly?

Anonymous 2:37 AM  

Hello CWs can anyone tell me how or where to post a video so it can be seen ,I already have one but its lost in the depths of YouTube and i really want to say a few things in my own way about this 'cult 'called islam.
cheers dudes,

Citizen Warrior 12:54 PM  

It is really easy to post videos on YouTube. Just try it again. And send us a link so we can see it.

Anonymous 9:02 PM  

Below I am quoting a comment on the right side of your webpage. Are you familiar with Dr. Bill Warner and his work? I've been learning from his material for a few months before finding your site. He says the Qu'ran is confusing to understand on its own due to its dualistic teachings unless we first understand Mohammed (from the Sunna, ie: Sira and Hadith).
In your opinion, do you think people will understand Orthodox political Islam and the threat of migrational jihad to other cultures and ways of life by the reading of the Qu'ran? (alone).

Also, I just purchased your book Getting Through. Thank you for all you do.

Kansas City.

"The general confusion about the nature of Islam makes us collectively unable to make informed decisions. You can help end this confusion by reading the Quran. Stop believing what other people say and find out for yourself.
Take the Pledge: Read the Quran. Then convince everyone you know to read it too."

Citizen Warrior 11:13 PM  

Yes, I'm familiar with Bill Warner's work, and I highly respect it. In fact, when I suggest people read the Koran, I usually suggest they read Warner's version -- either A Simple Koran or An Abridged Koran. He adds enough context to make it understandable. And it's written in plain English.

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