Concessions are the Establishment of Sharia Law


Bill Warner of Political Islam comes up with brilliant insights as a matter of course. His book, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, is an unassuming little volume of 48 pages. And yet, in the first chapter, he made me see something I've never realized before, and it blew me away. Here it is:

Every accommodation non-Muslims make for Muslims moves our culture, our beliefs, and our legal systems one step closer to Sharia law.

The concession itself is the establishment of Sharia law.

Let's look at an example. Around the world, many Muslims react strongly when someone criticizes Islam. Why? In Sharia law, it is forbidden to criticize either Islam or Mohammad. This is a precept of Sharia law.

Forbidding the criticism of any religion is certainly not a precept of a free society or of Western civilization. This means: To whatever degree orthodox Muslims succeed in silencing our criticisms of Islam, to that degree they have imposed Sharia law on non-Muslims.

Do you know what this means? When the U.S. government stops using words that even imply that Islam might have something to do with terrorism (out of their fear of offending Muslims), what has happened? Orthodox Muslims have successfully imposed Sharia law on the U.S. government. This has already happened. Read about it here and here and here.

The primary directive of Islam is not to convert everybody, but to bring everybody on Earth under the rule of Sharia law, whether they like it or not. Ridiculous, right? How could it possibly happen? And yet, it is already happening right under our noses. Here are some examples of the Western world allowing Sharia law to be applied in their own countries:

1. The UN passed a resolution banning criticism of Islam.

2. In Britain, female Muslim medical staff don't have to follow legal rules of cleanliness.

3. Also in Britain, Muslim women can no longer get a divorce like other women in Britain.

4. Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) will not criticize Islam out of fear.

5. A blogger in Malaysia was arrested for insulting Islam.

6. Muslims get segregated toilets in Australia so they don't have to go to the bathroom where non-Muslims go to the bathroom.

7. Germany and Belgium offer welfare benefits to Muslim polygamists' various wives.

8. Scotland allows Sharia courts to operate within their borders.

9. Russia allows Sharia courts to operate, even though it is against their Constitution.

10. In Canada, public swimming pools are closed to non-Muslims so Muslim women can swim away from the defiling eyes of non-Muslims.

The examples of Sharia law being implemented in free countries can go on and on (read more here). The push for accommodations and concessions is unceasing. And if Muslims are pushing for it, you can bet it is Sharia law.

Muslims may not be able to defeat us in war to establish Sharia by force, but they can incrementally gain one concession after the other until we are following Sharia law by our own choice.


Citizen Warrior 2:06 PM  

A reader wrote to me before I posted the article above, and had a really good point. He wrote:

SUBJECT: "It's not just Shariah Law."


A vitally important subject missed by most liberals (in particular) is the effect that Islam will have on the arts. This may seem like a minor aspect to most people who recognize the danger of Islam, but in actuality it is much more important.

(When) and if Islam takes over the World, we will see the death of:

1. The music of Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Mozart and of course Bach.

2. There will be no more (Western) opera or musicals.

3. Almost all literature (that Islam sees as subversive) will be forbidden, including the works of Thomas Mann, all the great writers of English literature, absolutely including Shakespeare, and nearly all great Western literature.

4. The concepts of the Great Western Civilization, as bequeathed to us by the Greeks, will be forbidden.

5. The great paintings and scuptures of Rome will all be dismantled and destroyed.

The world will be bereft of what makes Western Civilization what it is. The droning sounds of Muslim worship will fill the air with its semi-tones of grayness.

This is a message that must be heard. There are a billion reasons to fight against Islam. They are in your public libraries, on your CDs, in your books, on your canvas, in your movie theaters, in college courses, in museums, and the freedom of your ability to think about everything they represent.

This is a world I'm glad that I will not live to see.

I liked his comment so much, I asked him if I could add it to the comments of the article I was then working on (the one above) and he said yes, and then added more:

You can certainly print my point(s). It is time for this to be heard. The liberal West has no idea what Shariah and orthodox Islam means. It means the death of Artistic Western Civilization.

The college professors who coddle Muslim students, adding their own anti-war sentiment and anti-Israel stance...are seeding their own destruction. It is amazing how stupid they are. You want to shake them by the lapel and scream at them: "What you're doing means the death of everything you stand for!"

As an (amateur) concert pianist who grew up as a child playing the great works of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, I've lived with this art all my life. This art expands the soul and feeds the mind. Had Beethoven wrote ONLY his Appassionata Sonata...and nothing else....he eclipsed everything the entire Muslim World has done for over 1,000 years.

"Multi-culturalism for Islam means only Islamic culture."

Anonymous 8:42 AM  

I just read the chapter of Robert Spencers "Politically incorrect guide to Islam" about this subject, describing how little Islam actually gave the Western world and how incredible restricted art, music and free thoughts are.
After this and your recent articles I tend to come back to your motivational article, trying to keep up my motivation and hope. Hard thing to do sometimes.
Would be great to hear if you have some more strategies how to keep going...

Damien 10:21 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

Another thing that I think needs to be stressed is that many of the demands made by Muslims could simply be rejected on church/state separation grounds or freedom of speech grounds. For example, In America, even through Sharia is never mentioned in the constitution, you could argue that even allowing Sharia Courts violate the establishment clause.

Citizen Warrior 12:35 PM  

Damien, I agree, many of the demands made by Muslims could simply be rejected on church/state separation grounds or freedom of speech grounds. And on the grounds of sedition.

All of these things can and should be done, but none of them can be done until more people know about Islam.

Anonymous, about having strategies to keep going: You are obviously motivated, so the only thing that could make you not want to keep going is a feeling of demoralization.

Morale is an important consideration in all tough battles. This is actually my original field of expertise. Check out some of the earliest articles on Citizen Warrior on morale:

Keep Morale High

Morale for the Citizen Warrior

Also check out

Anonymous 11:12 AM  

Tank you for this topic and also for the briliant comment. I have translated and posted both on my Blog.

I salute you!

An iranian in Germany.

Tim Singleton 8:36 PM  

Well, my name is Timothy Singleton and I can guarantee you that I will never bow before Shariah law.

Mohommed was a pedophile and a murderer. Winston Churchil had the right measure of Islam when he said there was no greater retrograde force within the sphere of human affairs than Islam.

Child brides, forced genital mutilation, teaching jihad to children, beheadings of reporters by children warriors...and this theocratic system of government is defended by the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, NOW, and the president. Someone want to explain hy NOW defends Islam?

Critical of Islam? LOL, I am not only critical of Islam, I despise it and that monster who founded it. If the planet ever falls under Islam and Shariah law I have no doubt it will usher in a 1,000 years of constant warfare because Islam is so destructive to human life that it must be thrown off.

I used to believe that Islam was just the religion of Ishmael. That was a lie taught to me by ignorant uneducated Sunday school teachers led by men who claimed authority and inspiration when they had none. The only truth in Islam is that which they stole from the Old Testament. The rest of the Koran is the mutterings of a murdering, monomaniacal false prophet with a thing for pedophilia.

Anonymous 9:05 AM  

In order to stop the hate crime called Sharia, it is necessary to take away Islam's religion status, by telling the truth that it is a counterfeit religion. Otherwise even if laws are passed to outlaw Sharia Muslims will ignore these laws and implement de-facto sharia in their enclaves. We must get to the root of the problem and ban Islam as a relgion, otherwise we will just be spinning our wheels. My article "Demoting Islam's Religion Status" provides a strategic perspective. Martel Sobieskey

Anonymous 5:37 AM  

Our government and especially our muslim president are working hard to lay the groundwork for the islamification of America. This is sedition. Anyone who assists in any fashion should be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Pakistan, or better yet..Saudia Arabia

mi 10:52 PM  

One problem is that a lot of "muslims" don't know what islam and sharia really means. They've been taught nice things like as a muslim you should respect other religions, respect other people's opinion, meet people with love etc. In other words, basic humanist values. They then see any critisism of islam as an attack on those values, and often have the view that it's only a small part of muslims that have fanatic views and that want to push for sharia etc. They don't realise that the reason they are not part of these fanatics, is because they do NOT follow what it says in the koran and what sharia demands of them. In other words, they are NOT muslims, but they don't realise that themselves. Hence an immediate strong defensive reaction as soon as you even just hint that islam is a problem. I recently asked a dear "muslim" friend of mine "i don't agree at all with islam, and i strongly oppose many of its teachings and sharia laws. i am 100% for critisism of islam, sharia, muhammed etc, just like critisism of anything else. do you think i should be punished and burn in hell?". she had no response. i then said "if you do (im pretty sure she doesn't), that's pretty sad. if you don't, you don't agree / believe in what the koran teaches, and you're therefore not a muslim". again, just silence.

Anonymous 1:01 PM  

When you look at how much the Jews have contributed to the Arts and Sciences, it makes you realise how odious the comparisons of Judaism with Islam. Compare the freedoms of secular democratic Israel with the lack of freedoms of theocratic Iran and Saudi Arabia. It really is a no-brainer.

Anonymous 8:58 PM  

We, the Citizen Warriors, must keep encouraging each other. Islam will never stop in its quest to implement its Global Sharia Law.

We have to educate the Useful Idiots (those who are ignorant of what Islam actually is) and do so regularly.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Unknown 9:26 AM  

Hi Tim. I agree with you completely. Under the darkness of Shariah, the world would be plunged into a dystopia that even the greatest thinkers wouldn't have imagined. We, the India fear and hate it from the bottom of our souls. We were ruled by Muslims for nearly 800 years. Never again! Never again!

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