Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam


The single most important task we need to accomplish is to educate our fellow citizens about Islam's prime directive.

For many people who remain ignorant about Islam, the only way their ignorance will be breached is through one-on-one conversations, because the sources of news and information they select, and the friends they hang out with, all reinforce their ignorance.

For your personal friends and family members who remain ignorant about the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine, you are our only hope. You must reach them and change their minds. That is your mission. This will require all you have, and more. You will have to reach in and become more than you ever thought possible.

But you're not alone. Tools and resources are available to help you. Here they are:

1. A list of different ways to approach a conversation about Islam.

2. Other methods you can use to persuade besides a back-and-forth argument.

3. Support and insight from your fellow counterjihadists.

4. A link to send to your not-yet-informed friends: Inquiry Into Islam.

5. Something to focus on in your conversations: Get them to take the pledge.

6. Something to help you in your ongoing discussions: Answers to Objections.

7. An organized group for political action.

8. Practical actions you can use to influence and educate others.

9. Pamphlets and leaflets to hand out.

Use these tools and resources to do the one thing that needs to be done: Educating our fellow non-Muslims about Islam. Once we've done that, the rest will be relatively easy. Concessions will be undone. The attempted encroachments of orthodox Islam will be blocked. Islam's reach will shrink. The tide will turn, and the Islamization of the free world will begin to reverse course.

Most of the material linked to above has now been published as a book: Getting Through.


Amit 12:30 AM  

but in this link there is also attempt to make educate/shame the muslims.. i guess this is also imp. you always focus on non-muslims. But do you agree here:

What might work, something that has not been tried, is what I personally call 'shaming the Muslims out of Islam'. Islam is a horrible and shameful ideology, unfit for the civilized world. But most Muslims, who are average human beings, do not know what is actually in the Quran and Sunnah, or, they have never analyzed the contents of Islam's fundamental texts critically. They have no idea what it means to be a true Muslim and how shameful it is in the modern civilized conscience. If they are made aware of the true nature of Islam, they will leave this barbaric and dehumanizing cult in large numbers. Islam will be condemned to the dustbin of history where it always belonged.

Kimberly 3:59 AM  

Holy cow, I had no idea from where the personal attacks would come when I began this process of broaching the subject with people around me. I am reminded this morning that this is a battle, and that I had better be tough or I won't be able to participate. To end positively, many have been receptive, albeit cautious, which is very appropriate.

Citizen Warrior 12:34 PM  

Amit, I like your idea. There are so many non-Muslims that don't know what's going on, I feel compelled to warn them, as many of them as I can, as quickly as possible, so I don't ever consider the task of convincing Muslims to leave their religion. That seems more difficult to me, so I never recommend it. But if you can do it, I hope you are successful.

Citizen Warrior 12:37 PM  

Kimberly, I had the same shocking experience. I could not believe it that my own loved ones, my own family members, would be so against me when I first started telling them what I was learning.

I don't know if toughness is the thing you need to focus on. Maybe it is, but maybe it would be better to focus on improving your approach. There are so many good resources for learning better rapport skills, better persuasion skill, even better marketing skills, that you would literally make a lifetime study of it, and constantly improve your ability to reach people. Take the negative feedback as a message that says, "A different approach is needed."

Gaye 7:26 PM  

How do I get family and friends to read, research for themselves, or listen and learn about the dangers of islam to all non-muslims around the world. The aim to KILL ALL NON-BELIEVERS, billions of humans, or the subjugation of some humans thereof!
So many just hide their heads in the sands.

Citizen Warrior 2:50 AM  

Gaye, that is the question. That's our most important mission. How can we get people INTERESTED in this topic? We've got to make it easy for them, fascinating, compelling, not offensive or horrifying at first. All that hard-to-take stuff can come later. First fascinate them.

Read about advertising and sales. Our task is really similar to a marketing task. How do you bring people in and intrigue them? How do you present your message so they will REACH for it rather than be repulsed by it?

Use the tools, and as you come up with approaches that work, share them with us here.

Anonymous 10:35 PM  

Anonymous September 13, 2012 4:40 PM
I have seen rampant false "but look what we do" comments on line by people who think they're being
progressive and free thinking. This
is morally and intellectually lazy.
I find it offensive as a citizen of a Western democracy that this potentially self defeating rhetoric
is mindlessly spewn forth by immature idiots with no real intellect who have gotten no facts
or given any serious thought to the
issues. I am female and very aware
of and angered by our sexism which
is sometimes covert and subtle as we pay lip service to equality for women and HAVE LAWS DEMANDING IT! I would never equate it with the treatment of women in the Islamic world (which is a direct result of
Islamic doctrine and law.)To do so is to disregard what I would imagine is one of the most extreme and large scale occurances of human right abuses in the
history of Mankind. The shortcomings of Christianity are
irrelevant to the tyranny, violence
and evil that is Islam. And don't
cite things that happened hundreds
of years ago. We have developed into a modern society with values
including rights,justice,equality
and human decency. When we fall short of our ambitious and noble
goals for this society that does not make us as bad,cruel,violent,
unjust and barbaric as Islamic theocracies are. One cannot help but notice that the US detractors
with their ignorant yeah buts have nothing negative to say about the Islamic world. They know next to
nothing about Islam. I've heard many people say the West has made
these societies what they are. Its
not our foreign policy it's Islam.We didn't force it on them(it was there long before the USA
was even created )but they would force it on us if they could.These
stupid and dangerous comments make me angry. Military and foreign policy decisions made by elected politicians(that many Americans may object to,not know about until after the fact and over which they
exert no direct control)are not the same thing as violent mobs of citizens taking to the street or huge crowds cheering for the deaths of Westerners or Israelies.
Shoving someone is not worse or the same as shooting someone. To insist it is is thoughtless and dishonest. I can't give this behavior a free pass especially
when those who espouse ths garbage
are so arrogent and sure they're
seeing through the status quo and
challenging the powers that be. Abbie hoffman is turning over in his grave.This is a great blog and
the only informed and intelligent
discourse I"ve seen or heard about this very important issue.Thank you!

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Anonymous 8:16 AM  

Amit's suggestion is unexpected, inspiring albeit naive. The common mistake is taking for granted that Muslims share the basic values of the west. They do not, and what's more they cannot. It is like playing checkers with 1 player on the red squars and 1 on the black. Same game but they never meet. Amit's idea is inventive but a waste of energy and time - just like negotiations with Iran. Islam is in our face and it is a fast-paced snowball that is already difficult to deal with, both because of above naivity, politicians that want 2 B politically correct, and thirdly because of leaders that apparently have hidden agendas. The only solution is to spend large amounts of energy bringing facts to as many local leaders as possible with the aim to have info filter up. We are in a time of what I refer to as"Political Science Fiction." What is transpiring today would have made a great Azimov novel 25 yrs. ago. This jihad is not new, but a continuation of the historical omni-present aim of Islam to convert, subjugate, and kill.

I salute the initiative here. Good luck to us all.

jonny 6:20 AM  

It is naive & completely unrealistic. Note that many of these self-professed moderates always say, "Most Muslims do not hate Christians & Jews!" Oh really? Delusion or outright lies?

Anonymous 2:15 AM  

You can't argue with or change a closed mind. These people reject science, they hate women, they think children are fair game for men to rape, they excuse their barbarism as instructions from their 'prophet' who was a murderous paedophile who instructed his army to rape and kill all women and children after they over ran a city. Islam is a toxic cult and time hasn't mellowed it, it is still as deranged as in the 9th century, while we all live in the modern 21st. Jesus preached peace and love, Mohammed preached ate and death. I choose no god.
Europe has been overrun by Muslims due to the addled, ineffective political class who thought multiculturalism was a good idea, rather than apartheid by a different name. They have encouraged separate ethno-religious communities which don't see themselves as Europeans, but as occupiers biding their time. Already sharia is being introduced, already our animal welfare has been traqshed in favour of the barbarity of halal. How much further? The working class have woken across Europe, the far right are seen as the only ones who say it how it is and are gaining support. Soon there will be a bloodbath, unless a solution is found, and I don't hold out much hope of that.

Citizen Warrior 2:10 PM  

This is not about reaching or influencing Muslims. It is about reaching and educating our fellow non-Muslims.

Anonymous 5:39 PM  

My children think I'm racist because I won't to make people aware of what Islam is.

Citizen Warrior 9:58 PM  

That is a fairly common reaction. Your children don't know how to interpret what you're doing. It may take a little time for them to understand. We've written a manual that might help you with the process. You can read about the manual here.

Furor Teutonicus 5:26 AM  

The problem I have found with most of the public, friends, etc, is that it is like trying to talk sence into a pscysophrenic. (I do it as a job now.... !!).

You can spend a whole shift talking sence into them, and getting them to accept that "XYZ" is a sensible way to deal with the world around them.

Nex morning, you go in, and they are back at square one. As if last shift never happened.


Anonymous 5:40 AM  

Islam is not a race and so how can one be accused of racism?

Anonymous 3:58 AM  

Good luck to you guys, I admire your efforts, but how can you compete? Muslims are more than willing to spend billions and billions of dollars to spread their islam around the world, even to mars. Every time you fuel your cars you support islam.

Citizen Warrior 3:30 PM  

You are absolutely right. We see the breaking of the oil monopoly is the single most important thing to ending orthodox Islam's rampant spread. It can be done:

We Can Bankrupt the Global Jihad

Anonymous 11:46 PM  

My friends say same to me ...

Anonymous 1:26 AM  

Because Islam pushes the idea as being racist is seen by the West as the ultimate taboo almost. Over last 10 years I used to have questions buzzing about my head that I felt I shouldn't, as the answers I felt I might find were un-pc. Then after Lee Rigby got murdered something kinda clicked. I researched Islam and Muslims, read lots of websites and also The Third Choice by Mark Drurie. Within a short time, all those questions suddenly had answers that made perfect sense. The way things are, the way they live, the attitudes they have ... all answered by knowing what's in the Koran and who wrote it. It all drops into place so easily.

Kono Nwa 7:07 PM  

Thanks for all your hard work, as we say in Oz "pushing s**t uphill". Without the valiant efforts and assistance of your site and some others, the fight against the deeply-controlled ignorance which is Consensus Reality would be ever so much harder.

My personal awareness of the dangers of the Islamic belief system was sparked by my Mother who, in response to my feel-good comment about the "Religion of Peace" adorned with the usual platitudes, replied with scorn. She was elderly, and living in Berlin at the time, nine years ago. Knowing her well, I couldn't believe that she of all people would reply with such toxic venom. She was a very well-educated professional who had functioned successfully at all levels.

So, out of respect for her, I decided to do a little bit of research, and very soon became aware of the dark cloud that has been hanging over rational humanity (for all its faults) since the death of a self-declared prophet 1382 years ago. After much study and many solitary hours researching the Quran, the Hadiths, and the Sira, along with tons of related data, I fell well-qualified and knowledgeable-enough to convey my message of preparedness and pre-emption, but firstly, I don't have the necessary politically-correct social skills and secondly, no-one wants to know.

So thanks again for putting it all together in one easy-to-access site for those of us who may be finding the struggle towards the light of reason, and sharing that light with others, just a tad too hard.

TruthHurts287 9:03 PM  

Hi Folks,

My favourite initial eye-openers to inform and warn of islam.


Three things about islam video (8 mins) (EXPOSING THE REAL NATURE OF ISLAM/MUSLIMS) -

The link for the video, 'what islam is not' what islam does as it gets to different % of the population - 'acting' nice when in minority but showing the evil,more and more, in stages -


Free Audios exposing islam - introduction to political islam, mohammad, basics of islam, jihad, islam and the jews, islam and the christian, the dhimmi, slavery, ethics, koran, submission and duality, tears of jihad, conclusion GOOD TO COPY AND PASS ON OR LINK TOO-


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