Orthodox Islam's Relentless Encroachment


MAINSTREAM MEDIA focuses on terrorism because acts of violence are supremely newsworthy. But terrorist violence by Jihadis is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the radar is a huge political movement going on right under our noses, undermining freedoms and aiming relentlessly at gaining concessions for Muslims everywhere.

This sounds very rabble-rousing and extreme, but it is nothing of the kind. We have no need to try to
guess their purposes Jihadis state their goals openly and fervently, and they have one primary goal. It's a goal Allah has given all Muslims, and to which Allah expects full participation: The establishment of the law of Allah throughout the world.

Islam is a
political religion. It makes the attainment of political goals a religious duty.

Allah said (through Mohammad, and written down in the Qur'an) he does not want his followers sitting around meditating or spending their lives in a monastery. Allah expects good Muslims to
demonstrate their devotion and faith by working toward a time when the whole world "submits" to Allah.

There is no more important goal in Islam and everyone has a part to play.

Muslim women can give birth to as many healthy children as possible (helping to gain a numerical superiority) and raise them to be devout Muslims; the Imams can keep their listeners motivated; Muslim merchants can support jihad financially; warriors can fight; Muslim lawyers can sue anyone who criticizes Islam, hackers can shut down web sites that try to expose Islamic teachings, and Muslims with charisma can lure people to the faith and hoodwink the enemies of Allah (anyone opposing the movement toward Islamic domination) with taqiyya.

There is no better way to show Allah your devotion than jihad, according to the Qur'an. As far as Allah is concerned, actions speak louder than words. It doesn't matter how you feel. It doesn't matter if you'd rather just live a good life. Allah expects you to fight for Islam wherever you are and even if you don't feel like it, and to fight in whatever way you can.

When Muslims do not have the political power to impose their will, they are charged with the task of
gaining that power. In democratic countries, the task is the constant, unrelenting pressure to gain concessions. This blog illustrates what kind of concessions I'm talking about.

Each concession may seem small, but they are adding up. Meanwhile, the Muslim population is growing in democratic countries.

Read more: Waging Jihad By Gaining Concessions.

Also: The Islamization of the West.

Many people recognize what is going on, of course, and some are even effectively doing something about it. You can read about these heroes at Citizen Warrior Heroes.

If you'd like to do something to reverse Islam's relentless encroachment, start here: What Can a Civilian Really Do? There is quite a bit you can do, right where you are.


Anonymous 9:01 AM  

Your article, "Islam's Relentless Encroachment" is pure genius. You state, "Islam is a political religion. It makes the attainment of political goal's a religious duty." That nails it like E=MC squared in physics. It is a formula that unlocks the light in our minds and lets the truth shine through.

Every person in our 16 intelligence agencies should memorize this phrase as well as all of our educators and students nationwide, as well as all of our politicians This is the magic bullet that will defeat Islamofascism. It must immediately replace the intellectually dishonest tautology that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

One can read 10 books about Islam and may still miss the essential point you have given. No one is going to read 10 books. They will become better informed if they read your highly digestible article because they will have a concise perspective from which to make accurate decisions in the future. This is why I rightly call your article "Islam's Relentless Encroachment" pure genius. You have extracted the essence of the quandary and made it understandable for all. Please forward this article to all our intelligence agencies because up to this point they have missed the essential point by a mile.

Citizen Warrior 11:17 AM  

This adds a clarification to the article. It is from The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies:

"The main finding of the last 19 years since the Soviet collapse is that Jihadi-led terrorism has become a central threat to democracies worldwide. The debate among Jihadi Salafists since the Khartoum conferences in the early 1990s wasn't between those who advocated violent Jihad as a concept and those who rejected it, as many experts in the West continue erroneously to affirm. The gist of that Jihadi debate was between two schools, as to which enemy to target and how.

Combat-Jihad (al Jihad al Qitali) is a tool, a weapon, not a sui generis doctrine by itself. As I advanced in my first post-9/11 book, Future Jihad, the realist school - the classical Wahhabis and the Muslim Brotherhood - advocated a reserved attitude towards engaging the West militarily before being able to achieve strategic parity with the West. Unfortunately, a number of analyses in the West confused this strategic approach with an alleged commitment to non-violent means. Hence, we've had a very poor understanding of Jihadi penetration for more than one decade. Today we see the emergence of a similar understanding within the Western counterterrorism community, which argues that the classical Jihadists are philosophically non-violent, thus they can be partnered with liberal democracies against the philosophically violent Jihadis such as al Qaeda.

Such a fundamental mistake in analysis and understanding can affect national security doctrines in the West and lead them into more serious and erroneous assessments in the future: for the debate among Jihadis is not about the use of violence or not. It is about when to use it, against whom and under which conditions. If that level of analysis is missing in the West, then another decade may well be lost in unsuccessful and futile attempts to find the "good Jihadists" and enlist them against the "bad Jihadists."

The split within the Jihadist community is not about the philosophy of violence because Jihad is not only and always sheer military action. There are Jihadi goals to attain, and Jihadi "qital" (combat) is only one means to achieve these goals. The Salafists (Wahhabis or Muslim Brotherhood) can decide not to resort to Qital as long as they are making progress in changing the balance of power to their advantage. But as the balance is changing, they will move to the next stage and use all means at their disposal, including Jihadi Qital.

The analytical mistake committed by some in the CT community is to single out a "moment" in Jihadi strategy and think it is "the" Jihadi strategy. Hence we are witnessing the proliferation of academics' and experts' calls to "engage" with the non-violent Jihadis as if the latter were a category in itself. In fact, this is a truncated reading of the whole process of Jihadism. Worse, it is also a maneuver by the Jihadists in their war of ideas to ignite trends within the realm of their enemies (liberal democracies) which would actually slow down the process of containment. In short, what some call "engagement" is in fact a successful move on behalf of the long term Jihadist to obstruct the West and other democracies from moving forward in their own campaign.

Read the whole article...

zebulon9 2:07 AM  

"All islam in 2 pages"
What could you imagine more complete and shorter? Only 2 pages to read and you"ll know enough stuff to be capable to destroy any imam argument.

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