What's the Game Plan?


What are we doing on Citizen Warrior? What are we aiming for? It's a good idea to revisit this question from time to time.

Our main focus is on helping you, the reader, educate people you know about the problem of Islam.

The outcome we're aiming at is a population that is no longer fooled by the nonsense about Islam communicated in the media and by politicians.

This better-educated population will create a growing base of support for news outlets and politicians who speak honestly about Islamic doctrine. As Robert Spencer points out, right now "it is political suicide to speak honestly about Islam." We intend to create a condition where it is not political suicide. Once that happens, people everywhere will be emboldened to speak honestly about Islam in public.

Until enough people understand some basics about Islam, the public solutions supported by the general population will be ineffective.

This work is almost entirely one-on-one. The bulk of this education must happen between you and people you know. When the number of enlightened people reaches a critical point, the general awareness will expand rapidly as the media and politicians gain the courage (because of sufficient support) to educate the rest of the population.

That's the plan. The first step is to reach the people in your life who don't yet get it.

We post two kinds of articles on Citizen Warrior: Those you can share directly with people, and those that will help you more effectively (and more enjoyably) educate people about Islam's prime directive in your conversations with them.

For many of the posts to share directly, we will also post them on a more share-friendly site of ours called Inquiry Into Islam. Please subscribe to that blog and share those posts as they get published.

And we have many resources available to you already: Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam, most of which have been published in a manual.

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence. Subscribe to Citizen Warrior updates here. You can send an email to CW here


Anonymous 7:31 AM  

The proof is in the San Bernardino massacre. The murder's neighbors were very suspicious of the couple next door. They were so suspicious that they thought of calling the police. They suppressed these feelings because of political correctness. They did not want to be scapegoated, be ostracized or be stigmatized for being a racial profiler. (A term used on the police for action that does not really exist, but fabricated and exaggerated by the Left and the liberal media for ideological agenda purposes.) The result of the Left's suppression of free thought was death of 14 people and many injured.

We must eradiate and denounce these lessons of fear that were and are being taught to us by the liberal media, liberal institutions of learning and the liberal politicians. These scatological names and words used by Muslims and Liberals on people who disagree with them should be challenged every time used: Haters and Racists.

Yet, remember these are just names and depending on the situation can be badges of honor as was Yankee Doodle Dandy. However, more important is that we must also remember the fear of not being politically correct can be deadly as we saw in Sam Bernardino and Fort Hood.


Unknown 8:38 AM  

I thought the comment of whites not wanting to learn about brown's 'religion' quite condescending. When I think of Islam, I've never thought about color. I've thought of how evil they are and what they stand for. I've learned as much as I can about Islam so I can pass this information along with regards to the killings, genital mutilations, the wanting to kill Americans, etc. But the sad reality is, most have blinders on and don't want to hear about it, or don't want to believe it can happen here, to them. They are trying to stay in their little 'safe place bubble' of ignorance. Just recently, I was conversing with a 15 year old on Pinterest who commented on my Pin with regards to evil Islam. She tried the old, 'Islam is peaceful, they love woman and treat them like queens,' etc. Those that wish to continue to be brainwashed, well, then there is not much we can do for them. For those that understand their ideology, we have prepared ourselves for the possibility of what might happen. If the others don't want to open their eyes, then they will be left out in the cold and I won't feel guilty when they learn the hard way.

Citizen Warrior 1:00 PM  

Yes, absolutely. Islam has nothing to do with color, as is the case with every religion. It is an ideology, not a race. All races can be (and are) Muslim.

Shane Mann 2:08 PM  

I find it hard to convince liberals that Islam is a religion of war and misogyny and that it is foolish to take in large numbers of muslims from muslim majority countries where jihad and sharia law are popular. One would think that any intelligent person would see the idiocy of taking immigrants from muslim countries like Pakistan and Somalia, but it is just too hard to get through the brainwashing most liberals have received in high school and college about Islam being a religion of peace and that it is wrong to ever discriminate. I'm afraid it will take many more successful jihad attacks against the USA for these liberals to admit the truth about Islam being a very violent and intolerant religion.

Citizen Warrior 2:58 PM  

Shane, it isn't just liberals. There are many conservatives who don't get it either. And it won't take more terrorism to get through. We've had enough already if that was going to work. It will take more skill on OUR part. Those of us who know Islam for what it is need to "up our game." We need to become more persuasive and convincing. The facts are not enough. We're dealing with very fundamental worldview issues and we can't be casual about how we're communicating. We need to use "skillful means" as the Buddhists put it. Start here:

Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam

Unknown 9:48 PM  

I am a college educated intellectual. I am peaceful and show love and respect to all people- however, Muslims represent a threat our founding fathers could not have conceived of when they wrote the US Constitution. When they talked about freedom of religion they were really talking about the freedom to not belong to the Church of England. Our President is either naive or being politically correct when he talks in public about his concern for discrimination against Muslims in this country. I have trouble enough with some of the Baptists in this country but at least they're "manageable." I don't share the same optimism about Muslims. The more we tolerate their presence in our communities the more we put ourselves and our families in danger. I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect myself, my friends, and my family- whatever. I can be contacted at observer_w@yahoo.com. God bless those who are willing to do what it takes...

Anonymous 9:37 AM  

Muslim Sharia-adherents are directed by their prophet and holy book to oppress/commit jihad against Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims in order to convert the world to Islam for the sake of Allah, thus guaranteeing a place in a fairytale paradise and those 72 virgins (Mo’s sex fantasy.) Everywhere they attain power they create misery and everywhere they have yet to attain power they stir up hatred and instability, all started by a hallucinatory, sadistic, pedophile, psychopath,”the perfect man. “ Islam is proof of the depth of depravity humans are capable of descending to.In case you don’t get it yet read the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira (their Bible) for yourself and see the many texts that call for the murder of those not like them (infidels.)
Suggested reading- “It’s All About Muhammad” by F. W. Burleigh, “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” by Rev. J. L. Menezes.

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