A Manual For Citizen Warriors


In association with the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, we have published a handbook for citizen warriors entitled, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam.

The book has a section on different ways to approach conversations about Islam, and another section on how to educate people in other ways besides arguing. The book includes Answers to Objections and The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam in their entirety.

Our mission is to make it universally understood that Islam is not a religion of peace, and that core Islamic doctrine outlines a clear political goal: The global application of Sharia law.

This mission is much harder than many of us expected. Our new manual should make our task easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Click here to get the book on Amazon.

We would love to hear from you about anything that you think might make the book more helpful (suggestions for the next revised edition, in other words).


dymphna 6:23 PM  

Is it going to be on Kindle??

Anonymous 5:54 AM  


Citizen Warrior 11:37 AM  

Yes, Dymphna, it will be on Kindle. I will announce it when it is. I love my Kindle too.

Anonymous 12:29 PM  


John Rgood 7:41 PM  

This is a great book! I've been reading like a maniac LOTS of books regarding Islam. Not just the readily avialable stuff. I try to get a full spectrum. I read and comment on craigslist-religion-forum. From there I try to find objective reputable data to questions and answers presented in the forum. There are pro-Islam and anti-Islam alike. This book is great to charge up my mental battery and keep on fighting against the horrible ideology found in Islam.

José Atento 1:57 PM  

I have finised reading it, and I will read it again. Very good tool to have at hand.

Thanks for all your effort.

Citizen Warrior 12:10 AM  

I appreciate that, Jose. Is there anything we could do to make it more useful?

José Atento 3:10 PM  

"Is there anything we could do to make it more useful?"

I am not sure how to answer your question. After going through your blog it is evident to me you have a very good way of presenting the issue, as you say, the "prime directive."

One thing though I wanted to ask, if you allow me to translate some of your posts, or portions of them, into Portuguese. With full acknowledgment, of course.

Citizen Warrior 5:27 PM  

Thanks, Jose. The question is about the book itself. We've tried to make the book useful for people who are sharing what they know about Islam with their fellow non-Muslims. If there is anything we can do to alter that book to make it more helpful for that purpose, we want to know.

About your translation question, we are open to the idea. Contact us at citizenwarriorgeneral@gmail.com.

Traeh 1:12 PM  

I just posted the following as a comment at Jihad Watch, and will try to repost it periodically:

The Citizen Warrior website, together with the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, has published an important book, Getting Through, about the most efficient ways to persuade non-Muslims of the problems with Islam and how to do so with methods other than arguing.

In addition to Citizen Warrior, Bill Warner is a big shaker and mover in the counter-jihad movement in Tennessee. Warner has a Ph.D in physics. His short booklet on Islamic law has sold many thousands of copies and has been extremely influential with the Tennessee legislature.

Here's a brief and important video excerpt in which Warner responds to an audience question with an answer about face to face ideological war (as distinct from internet activism):


Here's Warner's website: http://www.politicalislam.com

Warner publishes three versions of the Qur’an, all made understandable by accompanying extracts from the earliest Muslim biographies of Muhammad. He offers 1) an unabridged Qur’an; 2) a Qur’an with all the repetition removed, about half as long; and 3) a “Two Hour Koran,” the shortest of the three versions. He also publishes digests of the Hadith, the earliest Muslim biography of Muhammad, and related subtopics. They are available for purchase at his website, but also at Amazon.com, if you search under "Warner, Bill".

Citizen Warrior 2:08 PM  

Thanks Traeh!

Anonymous 9:48 PM  

I have just finished the book and will be reading it again...and again! I have heard SO MANY people ask, "what can we do?" Well, here is the answer. This has to be the best instruction I have seen on how to educate our fellow Americans! I can not wait to speak to my Pastor and start the conversation off about Scientology! Read the book to find how effective this can be. Great Job, CW. I am passing out additional copies to several friends and one has indicated he is starting a multi-week class for key people, based on the contents of the book.

Citizen Warrior 12:24 PM  

We appreciate that. Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous 6:06 PM  

Citizen Warrior is awesome! I recently found this Site and I am so thankful for the in-depth information it provides and how it presents said material in a religious neutral tone.

Congrats to Citizen Warrior for stepping out and taking the initiative to build this blog over the years!

Let's all put our minds together and spread the word about the destructive nature of Islam. And let's do it in that awesome religious neutral tone!

Peace out!

Anonymous 2:47 AM  

The blind will never see the threat,
The ignorant will not acknowledge the threat, The informed will eliminate the threat!

Zackery Martel 3:39 AM  

The blind can be made to see. The ignorant can be filled with knowledge. And together we can eliminate the threat more certainly.

Anthony Duhe 11:11 PM  


Fretted 8:57 AM  

http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ Another tool in the fight against Tyranny and the Islamic state

Jill Dobis 10:54 AM  

Can you please make this available in Kindle format? Would love to read it, and kindle version is usually more affordable.

Poliwatch 6:40 PM  

I've been educating myself on Islam from all kinds of blogs and books and following Pamela Geller etc. I so much want to inform as many people as I can, about Islam but, getting a bit leery about the threat of 'hate speech'. So, I'm going to read your book and hopefully get some ideas how to forge ahead 'safely'.
Is it just me or is there a growing danger of being held to account for hate speech?
Seems to be gaining momentum with Liberals and Liberal leaders.

Zackery Martel 12:03 PM  

We would love to hear back from you about your experiences informing people.

I don't know if it is growing more dangerous to talk about Islam, but more people are doing it, so it is definitely more of an issue than it used to be. The world is in a conversation about what should be allowed to be said about Islam. Just like any other important cause, there are people with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.


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