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Someone recently wrote to us and said, basically, "this is all just talk. If you aren't organizing local grassroots action, you're wasting everyone's time." And we realized for those who are new subscribers or visitors to Citizen Warrior, we should provide an overview of this site.

We are providing only one small part of a larger campaign. Local grassroots action is a vital element. Without it, this would, in fact, be nothing but hot air. Organizing local grassroots activity is not our forte here on Citizen Warrior, but fortunately, there are plenty of effective organizations doing just that. We refer you to ACT! for America in the U.S., the Q Society in Australia, ACT! for Canada, etc. (Find the ACT! chapter in your country here.)

We have a list of practical actions you can take if you'd like to do something about orthodox Islam's relentless encroachment into free societies:

What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam

At the top of our list is joining a local grassroots action group. What we provide on this site is mostly the human relations element for the counterjihad movement because we all need to be effective in reaching and influencing people in power, even at the local level. And we all need to be able to reach and educate our fellow non-Muslims and get them participating in this cause, but, of course, if you've tried this, you know it is sometimes very difficult to say anything to people about Islam. Communication and psychology happen to be our specialties (the two of us who run this site).

So we've written articles on how to approach a conversation about Islam. We've got methods you can use to influence people other than a back-and-forth argument. And we've created a list of answers to common objections that we all run into when we try to broach this subject.

We've created some other tools for counterjihadists. For example, we created a place where we can talk to each other about what works and doesn't work in trying to reach people: Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims. And a site you can share with your not-yet-informed friends — a site with good information but without any embedded judgment about the information (so it's easier for an uninitiated reader to take in): Inquiry Into Islam.

We believe all of us have at least one skill that can contribute to the counterjihad movement. Whatever it is, we should find out what it is, and use it to marginalize and disempower orthodox Islam.


Elsa 5:31 PM  

It's so easy to belittle: you're all hot air, just talk, rather than ask positively: what do you do? how do you contribute? how do you fit with other efforts. let me know. tell me.

I know how hard people find it to reach people closed to listening about Islam. I've recommended your site, and your book, to quite a number of frustrated individuals. We need every tool we can get.

Unknown 11:28 AM  

One step I'd propose is that "we" develop a tight, nicely written description of a flavor of Islam we could live with, and give that description a name. Elsewhere on the site someone proposed "JRM" which doesn't seem quite right, but it's a start. Armed with such a term and definition we could all start putting friendly, persistent pressure on Muslims in our communities.

Have I missed something? Does this site have a forum for discussion and brainstorming?

Citizen Warrior 12:28 PM  

We have a kind of forum here:


And you'll see in the left sidebar a link to another forum.

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