Just One Thing: Education About Islam


We don't need to concentrate on anything else until this first thing is done: educate the people, get better at educating the people, and give them practical things to do with their motivation once they are educated.

We have a list you can use to help you (a list of actions ordinary citizens can take to help marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam) at WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com. For example, you can encourage your friends and family (or anyone you meet) to sign a petition, and while you're explaining why it's a good idea, they will be learning about the disturbing nature of orthodox Islam.

We have many decisions to be made and new policies to instigate. We need to change immigration policies, policies to stop madrassas from teaching hatred, policies to stop building mosques and preaching hatred in them, policies to eject orthodox Muslims from government positions, policies about how Islam is taught in schools and who approves those teachings, policies about who is allowed to be a "chaplain" in prisons (many orthodox Muslims have converted prisoners — it is a hotspot of new recruits), and so on.

None of these new policies can come about until there is a public will to protect ourselves, and that public will cannot come about until a lot more people are educated. It needs to happen and it needs to happen now. Start here: The Least You Need To Know.

And for more advanced coaching, go straight here: Tools to Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam.


habjdb 5:39 PM  

It seems like I recently read something about President Obama signing an executive order recently to allow increased numbers of Palestinian refugees even those who are backers (or members?) of Hamas into the U.S.? Is this true..I am still researching? We have an immigration center nearby in Clarkston GA. Thanks!

Citizen Warrior 9:16 PM  

For that kind of information, go to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Ask your question there. Someone will know all about it.

amit 4:54 AM  

Many muslims are trying to deceive non muslims into thinking Islam is a religion of brotherhood. It is utterly false as my links will show you. It is of a highly reputed Sunni academy and shows how much Arab supremacy is encouraged by islam. Indeed wherever muslims go, they try to establish an elite class which claims arabic origin. So much arab worship is in islam, that even far away Indonesian and malaysian people try to link their genealogy to Arabs
Obviously its a local and supremacist cult
here are my links
they are real widespread practices in muslim world. Is the West ready to become a second class, lower status race in its own land, if God forbids , islam prevails.
The whole civilization is at stake.
We need the last crusade to save humanity!

Unknown 9:11 PM  

you are absolutely right , this has been ordered by abama in Dec. 2009. Still tthere are no signs of concerns or voice of oppose from within US or other arganisations from the world

Traeh 12:15 AM  

Occasionally your articles say,

"we have such and such at whatyoucandoaboutislam.com" or "we are putting together this program over at this other website..."

Are you a "we"? Are you a group putting this site and the other connected sites together? You are not a single person putting this together?

Citizen Warrior 12:23 AM  

Traeh, you are the first person who ever asked that question. And we've been doing this for nine years.

I am the writer. I do all the actual writing. But another person works with me on this, coming up with ideas, bouncing ideas off me, talking with me about proposed articles, helping with editing, thinking outside the box, providing new and unexpected bodies of information, and in fact, the other person came up with the idea of Citizen Warrior to begin with. We are a great team and work well together.

So sometimes it seems like just one person, and that's because all the writing is done by me. But there are two of us who comprise "Citizen Warrior."

Traeh 10:25 PM  

Thank you citizen, good to know.

River Fred 12:22 PM  

Yes it is true, Obama allocated something like 27 million to immigrate thousands of Palestinians to the U.S. includsing Hamas supporters, they will receive subsidies for housing, education, health, etc.

Another mosque near you, isn't that great!

River Fred 12:27 PM  

Keep up the great work educating the public. To bad we can't get these publications in public schools to counter the whitewash versions of Islam as required reading in some schools. Everyone should read "The Life and Religion of Mohammed" by J.L. Menezes to understand who Mohammed really was.

Kerry 9:37 AM  

CW may be a "we" of two but trust me, they are backed up by a LARGE army of anti jihadists!!

Anonymous 5:03 PM  

Here in Los Angeles, every small store and now gas stations are all suddenly being owened and operated by these people, my guess is that our islamic loving traitors in our government are also giving them small business loans as well.....

Walter Sieruk 10:45 AM  

The Greek philosopher Plato is one of the contributors to Western Civilization. He may shed some light into the subject of those people who are shackled in the chains and darkness of Islamic thought. In Plato’s REPUBLIC he gave an allegory of a cave where “the condition of men living in a sort of cavernous chamber…Here they have been from childhood, chained by leg and also by the neck, so that they cannot move and see only what is in front of them.” This can fit into what the Imams do in the mosques and how they brainwash the young people in the madrassa’s by always programming Islamic doctrine into their victims and not exposing them to other worldviews. Furthermore, even in Islamic tradition when Muslims have their newborn child the father whispers words of the Quran into the infants ear so that that Quran verses are the first thing the newborn person hears. This programming process takes place all their lives. These are some of the chains that keep them bound in a mosque [cave]. The chains do not let them reach out for dialectic reasoning and let them examine the evidence both for as well as against, or even question whether Muhammad was a true prophet of God or not, and if the Quran is a hoax or not. As the chains and darkness of the cave blinds and holds the prisoners back from reality, so Islamic propaganda holds back the cognition to reason with the question if Islam is true or not. They are forbidden from even thinking to question Islam. Furthermore, if a Muslim by some miracle wakes up to the truth about Islam, it would be like the man in Plato’s cave allegory who was released from his chains and taken outside to the real world. At first direct light would be painful and disorienting, it would take some time for him to understand what the truth is all about, he even might cling to the shadows and still for a time believe some of the illusions to be real. But he would finally come to know “what he had formerly seen was meaningless illusion.” And that was “what passed for wisdom in his former dwelling-place.”And that the other cave prisoners also needed to see the light [the truth] for he “was sorry for them.” and he would re-enter the cave just to rescue them. Nevertheless, the cave prisoners wouldn’t understand and “if they could lay hand on the man who was trying to set them free.” And if they could “they would kill him.” Likewise, when someone escapes from the shackles of Islam, those still in the darkness of this religion would not understand and if possible kill him for leaving Islam, and even more so if he were to try to enlighten them about the truth about Islam. For these people in Islam are chained to an empty imitation of truth and godliness.

Walter Sieruk 10:57 AM  

An important question: is the Quran the Word of God or is it a fabrication of a man. Thus, is the Quran the truth or a fiction and a hoax? The jihadists use many verses from the Quran as the Main source of justification for their violence, mayhem and murders. There, the question is clearly given on pages 145 through 157 in THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey in which he wrote a section on the Quran with its self-contradictions. Just two of the many he cited are the following “The Quran differs on whether a day is a thousand years or fifty thousand years in God’s sight’ and “Who was first to believe? Abraham or Moses [Sura 6:14 versus 7:143]? The above is inconsistent and illogical. Further, Morey wrote about “The fact that Judaism and Christianity broke up into different sects was used in the Quran to prove that they are not of God [Suras 30:20-32. 42:13, 14]. Yet Islam has broken up into many warring sects and therefore cannot be true if the Quran is right.” Moreover, Morey in his book shows many more contradictions and absurdities in the Quran, there are and how Muhammad incorporated extra Biblical and Jewish folklore along with pre-Islamic Arabian myth and parts of Zoroastrian and Hindu stories into the Quran. Furthermore, the Muslims claim that “the Quran is the direct, literal word of God unmodified in any way by the Prophet who uttered them at the bidding of God.” Nevertheless, in the book UNVEILING ISLAM by Ergun Mehmet and Eethi Caner has shown that the Quran was modified in the following account on pages 45. “Muhammad felt the need to improve on the words of Allah, since he changed Allah’s wisdom for his own on several occasions. A hadith tells of the nonchalant emendations of Muhammad:’ On a number of occasions he [a scribe] had, with the Prophet’s consent changed the closing words of verses. For example, when the prophet had said ‘God is mighty and wise ‘ Adbollah b. Abi Sarh suggested writing down ‘Knowing and wise’ and the Prophet answered that there was no objection. Having observed a succession of changes of this type, Adbollah renounced Islam on the grounds that revelations, if from God could not be changed at the prompting of a scribe such as himself. After his apostasy he went to Mecca and joined the Qorayshites.’ Other writers reveal that later Muhammad and his people did go war with the Qorayshites and he personally killed Abdollah. Obviously Abdollah knew too much and Muhammad wanted Abdollah’s knowledge to die with him.” In conclusion, the Quran is not only a fiction, it’s also a hoax.

Walter Sieruk 10:19 AM  

A claim by Islamic scholars as well as jihadists is that no one can produce something as beautiful as the Quran in the way the words are arranged and thus it can only be of God. This claim should be answered.
First, all someone has to do is examine some of the great works of literature to fine much written beauty. Such as the Greek epic poet Homer with his Iliad and Odyssey and then Virgil who produced the Aeneid has beauty. Even one of the non-Bible books in the Apocrypha called The Song of Three Children is also very beautiful. Thus just because someone sees a work that is written in great beauty doesn’t mean it’s inspired by God.
Second, the scholar Edward Gibbon wrote after an examination of the Quran that it is an “incoherent jumble of fable and precept and declamation which seldom excites a sentiment or an idea, sometimes craws in the dust and is sometimes lost in the clouds…” The writer Thomas Carlyle wrote the Quran is “A wearisome jumble, crude, incondite [with] endless iterations [and] longwindedness…” Likewise, the philosopher David Hume was NOT favorably impressed after reading the Quran.
[Source of the three scholars mentioned – Secrets of The Koran: Revealing Insight Into Islam’s Holy Book .56,66, by Don Richardson]

Furthermore, the following should be taken into consideration.

Of course the Muslim who reads the Quran will see great beauty in the way the words are arranged. This is, in part, because of the power of suggestion after being told so many times that the Quran is so beautifully written. That’s an old brainwashing method, repeating and being told that same thing again and again. Since he or she is always being told the same lie will end up believing that lie. In addition to that, the Imams try to discourage their people from reading other works, such as the Bible, so then they don’t have much or anything to compare or contrast the Quran with. Of course there are some Muslim’s that do read other works, but they are exceptions and they read other things only after they were already brainwashed by the Imams. In short, the Muslims can’t read the Quran objectively because their Imams have programmed them to have a strong bias towards it.

Unknown 7:39 PM  

Haven't you people heard about Snopes.com? The claim that President Obama issued an executive order allowing thousands of Palestinian refugees is totally false. Don't take my word for it, read it here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/palestinians.asp

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