The Enemy of Us All


A growing movement in Europe is explicitly anti-Muslim (click here to read more about it). This is both good news and bad news. The good news is the problems inherent in Islamic encroachment into Western democracies is being spoken about publicly. The bad news is that some of the most outspoken are white supremacists.

For those of us who are not racists but who see the growing threat of Islamic encroachment, the white supremacists are a problem. People on the other side, the multiculturalists and the Muslims and many of the most ardent anti-conservatives see anyone who speaks out against Islam or tries to educate people about Islamic doctrine as racists and white supremacists and fascists. And, in fact, there are some fascists who speak out against Islam. But we're not all fascists, of course. We're not all white supremacists. We're not all racists. Not by a long shot.

What is racism? It is an overgeneralization. It says because some members of the racial group have a particular characteristic, all members of the race have that characteristic.

The blind multiculturalists also overgeneralize when they say all people in the counterjihad movement are racists. They are making exactly the same mistake they are accusing us of making (that most of us are not making). That is, since a few of us who are working to curb Islam's prime directive are racists, then anyone who says they don't like Islamic doctrine is a racist. It's the same mistake. It's an overgeneralization.

And even those of us in the counterjihad who are not racists often make the same mistake against both Muslims and multiculturalists by thinking that all Muslims believe X, or all multiculturalists are Y.

Another example of the same mistake is "white guilt" (as it is known in America) or "post-colonial guilt" (as it is known in Europe). This guilt is being exploited by many orthodox Muslims. It makes us less able to defend ourselves, and the source of the guilt is the same mistake: Overgeneralization.

America had slaves. That was wrong. But should I feel guilty about that? I've never owned a slave or endorsed the idea. I have no idea if any of my ancestors did, either, and even if they did, it wouldn't matter. Any crime committed by an ancestor does not make me guilty. And any bad action taken by someone with the same skin color as me does not make me guilty either. This guilt — that allows orthodox Muslims to get away with things they wouldn't be able to get away with otherwise — is caused by the overgeneralization (all white people are guilty and have ammends to make).

One of the things non-Muslims dislike the most about the content of Islamic teachings is "kafir hatred," which is, of course, the same mistake again. The doctrine says Muslims are the best of people and non-Muslims are the worst of people. These are overgeneralizations.

On all sides, it's the same mistake, and it makes any productive conversation almost impossible. If you believe you do not make this mistake, I suggest to you that you're probably wrong. It is a natural mental error our brains are prone to make.

How can we get out of this mess? How can we have productive conversations about Islam with our fellow non-Muslims? How can we help school those who are against our cause? The answer is to be specific, and insist on others being specific too.

We in the counterjihad are talking about Islamic doctrine. We must make it absolutely clear that we're talking about doctrine, not people. We're talking about Islamic ideology, not Muslims. When we're talking about a Muslim, we need to speak about a particular Muslim. Our overgeneralizations usually come from talking about a group of people rather than a specific person or an ideology. Any group of people contains individuals. Any group of individuals will be different from each other, will have different levels of belief, will have different levels of commitment to the ideology, will have different understandings and familiarity with the ideology, and will have different characteristics from each other.

And we can speak specifically about Sharia law. This is a very effective way to avoid overgeneralizing.

We can also make a clear distinction between the different kinds of Muslims: Orthodox and heterodox, Jihad-embracing Muslims and Jihad-rejecting Muslims, Practicing Muslims and MINOs.

Do whatever you can to be as specific as possible and avoid overgeneralizations. We must be eternally vigilant with our own thoughts, with our own speaking and writing, and we must carefully and deliberately expose the error when others make it. And when we're pointing it out in others, we should avoid ridiculing them for making the error. The tendency to overgeneralize is a natural by-product of the brain's functional design (read more about that here) and requires constant vigilance from all of us to prevent our brains from making this error.

Overgeneralization gets in the way of good communication. It gets in the way of accurate thinking. It impairs our ability to solve problems.

Overgeneralization is the enemy of us all.


Damien 2:54 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I agree.

There is a danger of over generalizing. Not all Muslims are terrorists, or even part of the stealth Jihad. Not to mention the fact that not everyone in a Muslim majority country is a Muslim, even if the law requires them to be. All religions have heretics and apostates, even when they're teachings are brutally enforced by the state. We shouldn't say that we want to kill'em all and turn the sand to class. We don't want to encourage genocide.

On the other hand, the threat from Muslims Jihadists is real.

one way to win an argument with anyone who wants to associate being anti Islam, with being a racist, is to point out that Islam is not race and that you're not saying that every single person who calls themselves a Muslim, or is of an Islamic background does what their holy book tells them to.

What I like to say is something along the lines of this, "we know that not all Muslims are our enemies, and want us to submit to sharia law, but clearly, large numbers of them are like that. They may or may not be the majority, but clearly they are not a tiny minority as many people believe."

swattox 1:19 AM  

Great and timely posting!

Sadly, the far right have been anle to take advantage of peoples concerns re creeping shariah/ Islamisation because the 'Left/ Liberal' perspective has sold out to the Islamists in the name of 'anti=Imperialism' cultural relativism and multiculturalism.

Historically it is important to remember the great deal of sympathy for the Axis cause held by many in the Muslim world where Hitlers influence is still large today.

A lot of the Media both 'Liberal/dissident' and 'Govt/ conservative' combine on this issue in the name of muliculturalism keeping the peace at home and fear of offending powerfull potential enemies abroad: appeasement in other words.

It is particularly ironic that Islamists and Fascists have so much in common, homophobia anti semitism misogeny.

On the last point it is also ironic that so many 'liberated' western feminist women rush to embrace or defend Islamism.

Shades of Sylvia Plath who wrote 'Every woman loves a Fascist'

gsw 6:32 AM  

It is made more difficult by the fact that propagators of the islamic regime are happy to jump into the conversation with their own slant on what you have said. Twisting everything to racism.

Personally, I have no opinion about anyone I have not yet met/spoken to.
I am unable to judge whether that weird looking man with the beard beating his wife on U-tube is even a real person. However, neither will I claim to like a person I know nothing about, or whinge about how wonderful they all are and how much we owe them.

None the less, when I say "Mo was wrong when he claimed that women were deficient in intelligence - the bell curve shows otherwise!", this can be (and often is) construed as 'criticising a religiously held belief' - ignoring the fact that it insults 50% of humanity - a few muslims are offended.

My point being: It doesn't really matter what you say or how you say it - some people will insist on being offended. So just tell the truth and hope that - eventually - enough people will take the trouble to investigate and find out for themselves.

gsw 5:30 AM  

fear I must in part agree with what Anonymous said...

Muslims (in the west) choose to be muslims, unlike genetic traits it can be changed.

Therefore, since islam is a brutal ideology, supporting it - whether from ignorance or because you agree with it - can only be forgiven children.

One could truthfully say to all adult muslims that they have a responsibility to see that they do not support treason.
In other words: If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Anonymous 3:26 PM  

The problem, as I see it, is the perception of the movement as it is portrayed in the liberal media. Most non-Muslims will not spend the time to research---for themselves---what actual Islamic doctrine is. They either listen to Muslims---who have a self-interest in propagating Islam---or they rely upon left-dominated mass media to inform them.

The threat to individual liberty and prosperity---and to Western nations--IS and always WILL BE the DOCTRINE of Islam that mandates continual "purification" of self---and mankind.

On their face, the Five Pillars of Islam seem innocuous. It is in the methodology of implementation---supported by the Quran and Hadiths---where the devil hides.

On the one hand, it doesn't matter TO ME why someone is against the Islamization of their country--or the world: but on the other hand, "the CJ movement" already has a "public image" problem---created by the words and deeds of some counter-jihadists.

I think we would ALL be best served by speaking-out in the public arena against Sharia, Dhimmitude, Jihad, Honor Killings, and Halal Certification--and make "Muslims" defend their belief in those doctrines. The average non-Muslim "neutralist" would then understand how supporting the CJ movement is actually in THEIR best interest as well.

bill 7:57 PM  

I agree that all muslims are not terrorisrs. But what does that prove? It is like saying that all US citizen are not in US MILITARY SERVICE. The unknown factor is what percentage of muslims would completely leave Islam if they could. I think relatively few. If I were to tell a muslim man that I have more freedom in the USA than he has in his muslim country I think he would be correct to laugh at me. Consider the evil that he can do with the blessing of Islam.

bill 8:06 PM  

I agree that all muslims are not terrorisrs. But what does that prove? It is like saying that all US citizen are not in US MILITARY SERVICE. The unknown factor is what percentage of muslims would completely leave Islam if they could. I think relatively few. If I were to tell a muslim man that I have more freedom in the USA than he has in his muslim country I think he would be correct to laugh at me. Consider the evil that he can do with the blessing of Islam.

AussieMs 5:25 AM  

I live in Australia and as yet our problem is not huge. As a Christian I know to be alert but some comments on threads are so vile, that as the article so rightly points out turns people against what is perceived as bigoted. The fundamental muslim does give me pause for thought. As you may be aware we have quite a problem with boatloads of refugees arriving here with the majority of them being from muslim countries, they deliberately destroy papers and sometimes sabotage the boat so our coastguards will rescue them. What groups can be trusted in Australia that are not full of white supremecists? (I know there will always be some) the moderates here think anyone who opposes something is a redneck and have no compassion. I would rather help the people in refugee camps who are being raped and tortured and waiting for their turn. I try not to think of them as queue jumpers but God forgive me I do most of the time.

JackR 4:49 PM  

Not sure i get it the point here, some extreme leftard wants to pain the EDL as something and we're meant to feel shame? The EDL does not support racism or fascism and have gone to great lengths to remove any of those elements. But like any street movement you dont have control who protests, what they say or wear.

The EDL have joined with the British Freedom Party, both want nothing to do with the BNP who are racist. Western (BFP leader) is pretty much onboard with UKIP policies, except Nigel Farage doesnt want to discuss Islam. Perhaps not to smear his party, but at least he does want to halt all immigration for 5 years.

As an Aussie who follows whats going on over there, im confident the EDL are not racists or extreme right. In fact i find it quite offensive that anything not left is seen as right wing, any thing right wing is seen as extremists.

Its interesting fascists are always seen the biggest danger, without doing the numbers i wouldve thought the left with its communist, marxist socialist ideologies to have a far worse history against mankind.

JackR 5:06 PM  

Oh yeah and one of my favorites Douglas Murray covers it pretty here. He knows the left will try to divide us, and to have any success we'll need to put some differences aside.

Anonymous 7:10 PM  

The problem is sheer ignorance of what Islam teachers. How many people, honestly, would go out of their way to support Muslims if they knew that Muhammad was:

A Child Molester

A Wife Beater

A Mass Murderer

A Polygamist

A Rapist

How many?

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