Definition of Multiculturalism


MULTICULTURALISM is a philosophy that appreciates ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages people to learn from the contributions of those of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism. In fact, it's wonderful. It makes the world a better place. It enriches everybody. But wholesale, indiscriminate, across-the-board, reckless multiculturalism is incomplete. It is missing one simple distinction, and that makes it blind.

Multiculturalism is great. Blind multiculturalism can get us into trouble.

The missing distinction is mutuality. It's great to tolerate other religions or ethnic customs if the people following those religions and customs also tolerate ours. It is self-inflicted abuse to tolerate them when they do not tolerate ours. And it is cultural suicide to tolerate a religion that actively tries to undermine or destroy ours.

It is a crime against humanist values to let them be taken away (one small concession at a time) by a less-tolerant culture simply because the less-tolerant culture is more insistent, aggressive, and relentless.

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Anonymous 4:13 PM  

Great one, well put and succinctly said.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
tolerate intolerance

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
allow sharia law

to conquer your country
jail citizens who complain

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
your culture is supreme

you must KILL all writers
who expose its many failings

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves

respect other cultures
trying to destroy yours

Citizen Warrior 11:19 PM  

We don't have to throw out multiculturalism. We only have to include our own culture in the appreciation. Multiculturalism simply says that each culture may have many elements in it that deserve respect and appreciation. What blind multiculturalists have done is to leave out our own culture. It says, "Every culture deserves our respect and appreciation, except ours."

The blindness is driven by a rejection of the arrogance of those who have considered their own culture better than everyone else's in every respect.

But trying to oppose this extreme position with the opposite extreme position still misses the reality of the situation, which is that not all cultures are equal, not all cultures allow equal amounts of freedom or human rights, not all cultures allow equal amounts of free speech and rights for women, and not all cultures allow for equal opportunity for economic abundance.

Some cultures are better, in some respects, than others. We should appreciate and be open to other cultures, and here in the West, we are — and we are more open than probably any society has ever been in history, and that's one of the reasons THIS culture, our own culture, is superior to any other culture in at least this one respect (and there are others).

To take an example, does anyone think Saudi Arabian culture is more open to other cultural influences than we are?

No, they aren't. Not even close. Which means we are more open than they are. Which means when it comes to this particular value — openness to influence by other cultures — we measure higher. Our own culture is BETTER. (Gasp!)

Our Western culture is not perfect, and we should never become so arrogant as to think so, but it has many fine qualities. So whenever multiculturalism devolves into hating Western culture, it is as limited and ignorant as LOVING Western culture and hating all others.

But your point, Matthew, and I think you're correct about this, is that if you had two equal cultures and one hated itself but was open to other cultures, and another culture that loved itself but was closed to other cultures, the self-loving culture would be more likely to survive. Especially if it was infiltrated by a politically aggressive culture like Islam.

Ramachandra 4:29 AM  

Tolerance for an intolerant culture like Sharia-Koran based Islam will lead to the end of the tolerant culture.

Non-Muslims are understandably concerned about the teaching of the Koran in mosques in the United States and the world. Too many Koranic verses direct hate against non-Muslims and call on Muslims to engage in violence against non-Muslims.

Only a benign, reformed Islam, based on the teachings of Rumi can be acceptable in civilized society.

There should be zero tolerance for Sharia Islam.

Anonymous 4:07 PM  

the quran and any thing to do with it should be banned in AMERICA and the whole world it is full of hate and killing of other people down with all the mousque. when they start burning churches maybe people will wake up

Ralph Musgrave 11:02 AM  

“MULTICULTURALISM is a philosophy that appreciates ethnic diversity….” Evidently the morons who advocate multiculturalism have not worked out that when mixed, people of different ethnicities inter-marry, and ultimately we end up world-wide ethno uniformity. I.e. multiculturalism does not “appreciate ethnic diversity”: it destroys it. Doh!

As to the idea that multiculturalism “encourages people to learn from the contributions of those of diverse ethnic backgrounds”, well the idea that we should look at and learn from the best that other cultures have to offer was around decades and centuries before that crass word “multiculturalism” arrived.

I was taught Roman history, Latin, French, etc long before the above daft word arrived. And two centuries ago, the British aristocracy went on regular trips to Italy to pinch their ideas on art, architecture, etc.

Doh again.

Crankcase08 10:52 AM  

This article says at the start: "MULTICULTURALISM is a philosophy that appreciates ethnic diversity within a society and that encourages people to learn from the contributions of those of diverse ethnic backgrounds."

That is incorrect. Ethnicity is not a factor of multiculturalism, for to promote such a notion is to suggest that culture is bred within the genes.

Multiculturalism is the imposition of many cultures within a society, community or region. By it's very essence it is a tool, devised by the Frankfurt School (of Marxism), to destroy western society and the Nation-state, the intention being that a Communist order would arise from the ruins. Multiculturalism has also been employed by corporate globalism as a tool to divide society and destroy the Nation-state in order to facilitate the free movement of labour and capital on a global scale.

Anonymous 4:45 PM  

We are all living in on one Earth that my God and the Jews God and the Muslim God Allah created. All those Gods I mentioned for the different religions that go with each one is the SAME GOD. There is only ONE GOD and that is the GOD of everyone and of every religion. So the members of jihad need to realize they are not superior and their God is not superior over everyone on the Earth. This world won't be able to habitable if people just want to have their culture to be superior over everyone. We must live with everyone and Love each other because we ALL are GODS CHILDREN.

Citizen Warrior 1:18 PM  

That's fine. Now what will you do about a group of believers who are committed to making their religion the dominant religion of the world, and who are willing to kill to make it happen? Do you defend yourself? Do you try to protect other religions from being destroyed? Or do you love and forgive while they pass laws limiting your freedom of speech and religion, while they intimidate people into limiting the expression of their religions, or while they slice off the heads of people who believe differently? What do you suggest?

Anonymous 12:22 PM  

You may think multiculturalism is benign, respecting all cultures, but it's not. Each region has its culture, that's what binds a country together, what unites the people, something they have in common, something shared. Multiculturalism says we have to have all cultures in one country, all separate, all with their own values, standards and religion, all with their own idea of how to behave. This then leads to a society full of divisions, ethnic and religious ghettoes, the opposite of integration. Only when outsiders [immigrants] are integrated and adopt their host culture can there be harmony. This isn't to disrespect other cultures, it is to value one's own. What has happened is the European political class got sold on multiculturalism as a creed, and anyone dissenting to it was automatically a racist. The British aren't racist generally, we just have the same portion of idiots as any other country, but the population are being inexorably driven into the hands of racists, the extreme right, because no one else says this must stop. If no one else defends the British culture and way of life, the product of centuries of development, small wonder people are attracted to the extreme rightwing who appear to be the only ones with the courage to speak out. Across Europe the far right are gaining ground, and we should be aware that this is how fascist starts and succeeds in capturing a country, this time it could be a whole continent. And when Europeans decide they have had enough, Muslims will be the target, including all the peaceful, law abiding, modern ones as well. When fascism takes over, the radical nutjobs win, although they will be the first to be hung from lamp posts. It's starting to get nasty already, and the political class hasn't a clue what to do, so they cling to the old doctrine they've learned, and mouth the same nonsense, and the right gains again. Every country is entitled to its own culture, it's what makes the world fascinating and worth travelling to experience. You can't expect every culture to coexist in one small country without inter-ethnic friction and eventually warfare.
Integration is what Britain has gained from for centuries, people even 'Anglicised' their names to become British, and we have a wide range of ethnicites across the board, including in our media. But the islamists hate people getting on, they want us to be divided, so they can continue to hate, because hate is all they have to offer.

Anonymous 11:41 PM  

Allah is not a God, he is a lower case g-god and is not the same person as the one true living God, Jehovah.

Mark 8:30 PM  

Who was it who wrote that 'multiiculturalism, is tribalism recycled'. I think Wolfgang Bruno about ten yrs ago.
It doesn't free and appreciate all, into 'diversity'. It is in fact the same as 'progressivism- which doesn't but make all
plebians into poor men. In other words, it doesn't elevate the possibilities for most, but reduces the possiblilities for all- the great leveler. Similarly, 'multiculturalis' simply levels all cultures and beliefs as 'equal' and I dont mean under the law. It robs the necessary competition to raise the bar for all by taking away the bar and putting one up that 'celebrates' 'diversity' as if that were the only goal worth considering. Consider why the progressives and multiculturalists all want open borders... they want to water down the 'differences' by pretending the are only destructive. So rather than live with the creative tensions of people living up to standards and measureing beliefs according to the standards that raise the bars.... they take away the standards, and lower the bar and then with tyranny implied and infered, it is then made into law.

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