Citizen Warriors Unite Against Internet Jihadis


We just received the following message and with permission are reprinting it here because this is one of the best ideas we've heard in a long time. Would you like to do something practical to help prevent the spread of jihad? Check this out:

"As a citizen warrior myself, I thought I might pass on a project I am working on that you might be interested in. There is an organized effort to pull Jihadi videos off of YouTube and we are having some success. Obviously the more people involved the more success we will have. In March we pulled down 1,600 (or more) Jihadi videos, in April we pulled down another 500. We work on five or six videos from a specific YouTube user, and when we get three videos removed they pull the whole user account with all the videos hosted with it.

"It all started at Quoth the Raven, YouTube SMACKDOWN headquarters. I do regular posts on my site Got War Porn?. StarCMC of StarCMC's Enemedia Roundup has a thread rolling over at Free Republic, and I have a thread working at I have also heard that the Gathering of Eagles has started a thread.

"The YouTube SMACKDOWN is super easy for regular people to do, and it only takes a few minutes to flag a couple of jihadi videos. This is something all citizen warriors can do to help fight the spread of jihad.

"Thanks for your time,



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