Citizen Warriors Unite Against Internet Jihadis


We just received the following message and with permission are reprinting it here because this is one of the best ideas we've heard in a long time. Would you like to do something practical to help prevent the spread of jihad? Check this out:

"As a citizen warrior myself, I thought I might pass on a project I am working on that you might be interested in. There is an organized effort to pull Jihadi videos off of YouTube and we are having some success. Obviously the more people involved the more success we will have. In March we pulled down 1,600 (or more) Jihadi videos, in April we pulled down another 500. We work on five or six videos from a specific YouTube user, and when we get three videos removed they pull the whole user account with all the videos hosted with it.

"It all started at Quoth the Raven, YouTube SMACKDOWN headquarters. I do regular posts on my site Got War Porn?. StarCMC of StarCMC's Enemedia Roundup has a thread rolling over at Free Republic, and I have a thread working at I have also heard that the Gathering of Eagles has started a thread.

"The YouTube SMACKDOWN is super easy for regular people to do, and it only takes a few minutes to flag a couple of jihadi videos. This is something all citizen warriors can do to help fight the spread of jihad.

"Thanks for your time,



Anonymous 12:37 AM  

Removing terrorist videos from YouTube is a huge task. We need citizen warriors in the worst way to help get them down.

If one only has five minutes a day we'll happily take it. Those five minutes make a difference in this world and there is a payoff for those participating - you get to feel "useful" in this GWT.

We don't care which site you visit to do the dastardly deed. We are all dedicated to the task.
We hope to see you soon, and CitizenWarrior - THANK YOU for posting Celebrimbor's message!

Anonymous 12:49 PM  

This is great news and a great idea for everyone to participate in. Thanks for sharing this.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't flag Jihad videos

they must be left alone
to assist global conquest

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never be paranoid

sitting in cybercafes
in the Paris banlieues

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you are invincible

you will never be caught
you have strength of the prophet

Anonymous 3:03 PM  

Hi CW,

I also wanted to alert you to an important project I am working on, and am encouraging others to work on as well. It won't cost a thing. With the recent attacks on journalists who were taking pictures of mosques as they were standing on PUBLIC sidewalks and streets, (you can read about it on my blog) I have decided to start a Mosque Blog Burst and need as many bloggers as I can find to partner with me.

The idea is to take your camera and go stand on a PUBLIC street or sidewalk and take pictures of mosques, Islamic Educational Centers, Halal shops, Bakeries, Muslim Student Centers, CAIF offices, or madrassas.

Send me the pictures with your blog address and I will post the blogger's address on my sidebar under the banner Mosque Blog Burst.

It is time to take a stand that the tax paid streets and sidewalks as well as chater and public schools ARE NOT OFF LIMITS simply because an Islamist claims we are standing in "Muslim's spaces" as they did in the two incidents I spoke of earlier.

They must get used to our American culture and we would never hear of a leader of a Christian Church or Buddhist temple attacking a person who was taking a picture of their establishment!

If you think this is a great idea, and another activist project to work on contact me at

Islam teaches that the entire world belongs to them and us "kafirs, dhimmis, infidels and unbelievers" are standing on muslim spaces.

What better way to show them that this is a lie than to stand on our tax paid streets and sidewalks taking pictures of anything in public view which is quite legal, permissible and is done every day in America?

Plz join me in the Mosque Blog Burst!


No Compromises When You're Right!

Anonymous 4:19 PM  

Don't know if you've written about this or not, but I just stole this off the "Girl on the Right" blog:

"All those videos about death to the Infidel that kept getting taken down at YouTube? They’ve found a new home at MohammedTube."

Haven't checked it out, I don't really want to know, but thought I'd get the word out.

Cheers, One of Us

Citizen Warrior 11:46 AM  

It looks like MuhammadTube has got more anti-jihad stuff on there than pro-jihad. In fact, I didn't see any pro-jihad videos on there, but some were in Arabic, which I don't read, so maybe those were pro-jihad.

Anonymous 3:24 AM  

Isn't it better to leave the videos for the world to see? For people to make up their own minds? I firmly believe that the majority of people will see how demented jihadists and islamists are simply by observing what thay say and do. Let them dig their own graves.

Citizen Warrior 12:09 PM  

I understand what you're saying, but I believe the Smackdown effort is trying to save lives. If these videos are motivating Muslims to escalate into active jihad or showing them how to build bombs or whatever, then it could potentially save lives to take them down. And it make help slow the spread of the ideology.

Anonymous 6:49 AM  

Muslims do not go to Christian sites to view Jihadi videos. Sadly mohammedtube is no longer. It was a great resource educating people about jihad and had many videos archived.

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