The World's a Mess (But We Can Fix It)


THERE ARE a lot of problems in the world. But you can do one simple thing to help solve most of them: Support the Girl Effect.

When you help a girl, you help produce a cascade of positive side-effects, but pertinent to our purposes here, it also helps curb Islam's relentless expansion. For girls to gain and retain equal rights, Islam's doctrine cannot be fully expressed. So fighting for women's rights is effectively fighting
against Islam's ultimate goal of world domination. Even in free countries, the most effective tool against Islamic encroachment is the application of already-existing rights for women.

Watch the Girl Effect video (below) and share it with your friends (it is two minutes long):

Your friends don't need to know their efforts to help girls will accomplish the goal of curbing the spread of jihad. But it will. The Pentagon has discovered that the level of violence in a town can be predicted by simply looking at the number of girls who go to school in that town. No kidding. Girls are the key. And the key to helping girls is helping their mothers. To whatever degree you empower women by giving them legal rights, to that degree Islam's relentless repression of women is necessarily weakened.

Your friends and family may never know why you are so intense and urgent about the Girl Effect and it doesn't matter — the work needs to be done and in the end we will all be better off. The only loser will be the insidious Islamic memeplex.

This is a positive, life-affirming, inspiring way to defeat Islam's relentless encroachment. Your friends will probably be relieved that you are finally into something so uplifting. Go to the Girl Effect website and get involved. Recruit your friends and family into the cause. This is a purpose we can all get behind. Join the Girl Effect on FaceBook to get updates.

Read more about how helping girls can save the world in the book,
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

Let's do this.


People Don't Always Think Like You


IF YOU ARE a citizen warrior, you try to share what you have learned about the core teachings of Islam with your fellow citizens, and you have no doubt come up against a level of resistance that seems perplexing.

Seth Godin, author of many books on marketing, including Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, said in a recent blog post:

When you're trying to sell your idea, it's natural to assume that the people you're selling to think the way you do. If you can only show them the facts and stories that led you to believe what you believe, then of course they'll end up where you are... believing.

The problem, of course, is that people don't always think like you.

Go watch some videos of people of different political ideologies talking about why they support a candidate other than your candidate. These people are stupid! They can't conjugate an idea, they have no factual basis for their beliefs, they are clueless, they are ideologues, they are parroting a talking head who knows even less than they do! (And those epithets apply to anyone you disagree with, of course). In fact, they're saying the same thing about you.

Same goes for diehard fans of the other brand, or worse, the clueless who should be using your solution, but don't even care enough to use your competitor's product.

If they only thought like you, of course, and knew what you know, then there wouldn't be a problem.

The challenge doesn't lie in getting them to know what you know. It won't help. The challenge lies in helping them see your idea through their lens, not yours. If you study the way religions and political movements spread, you can see that this is exactly how it works. Marketers of successful ideas rarely market the facts. Instead, they market stories that match the worldview of the people being marketed to.

We can't be stupid about this. We can't just blurt things out willy-nilly and then decide our listeners are wrong for not joining us. People already have a mindset. We must reach
through that mindset and change it. In order to do that, we must avoid putting the person on the defensive. We can't defeat them in arguments. We can't make ourselves out to be an opponent. We must be on the same side.

We cannot ignore the already existing beliefs in the other person's head. We have to show them that we share core values with them, and then help them understand what we understand.

Learn more about influencing your friends:


Questions for Every Muslim


The following was written by Bill Warner and originally published December 14, 2009

WHEN YOU STUDY the incident of Major Hasan at Fort Hood, you realize that there were some questions that needed to have been asked. But, no one knew what to ask, since the wrong questions might seem, well, politically incorrect. No one wants to be politically incorrect. We don't want to offend.

If you look around you will find that no one is asking any Muslims hard questions. Never mind the Major Hasan types, no one asks questions to the Muslim at work. It turns out that there are many questions that each and every Muslim should be asked. These are simple ones that deal with the core of Islam. Every Muslim knows the answers.

"Do you believe that the Koran is perfect?" This is not offensive. Muslims must believe that the Koran is perfect, without error. They also believe that it is eternal and universal. Most of all, it came from the lips of Mohammed.

"Is Mohammed the ideal Muslim? Should Muslims pattern their life after Mohammed?" Again, don't worry that Muslims will find this awkward. Mohammed is admired, looked up to, and idealized. He is the perfect father, husband, friend, warrior, wise elder and best companion that could be.

These questions establish the Islam of the believer. Every Muslim believes that the Koran is perfect, and Mohammed is the ideal human.

Islam is only partially based on the Koran. Far more of a Muslim's life is governed by Mohammed than the Koran and Allah. Why is this so important? The practical way to understand Islam and what Muslims believe and think is to know about Mohammed. This is very good news. Anyone can understand Mohammed's life.

However, once you get to know Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, Islam becomes problematic. From the first days of being a prophet Mohammed not only preached a better way of life, but he attacked all those who did not believe him. He created a new type of human being called the kafir, usually called unbeliever, but this is not an accurate translation. A kafir is the worst person in the world; an unbeliever is just someone who does not believe. A kafir can be mocked, deceived, tortured, enslaved, murdered, robbed, raped, and plotted against. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

Now we are ready to ask a Muslim another question. "Am I a kafir?"

The only answer is yes, but that is not the answer you will get. If you are a Christian you will be told no, you are a person of the Book. That sounds nice, but if you don't believe that both Jesus and Mohammed were the prophets of Allah and that the Gospels are false, then you are a Christian kafir. They also might say that you are a non-Muslim, but that is not what the Koran says. The Koran says that you are a kafir.

Now we come to more questions that should be asked, but most people do not have the knowledge to ask them, since the questions are based on knowing Mohammed's life. As an example, Mohammed repeatedly advised Muslims to deceive kafirs if it would advance Islam. So: "Have you ever deceived a kafir?" is appropriate to ask.

Mohammed assassinated kafirs, tortured, enslaved, robbed and plotted against them. His entire life as a prophet was an attempt to make kafirs submit to Islam by any means possible. It is proper then to ask: "How do you feel about what he did?"

If you are a Christian, ask: "Over 60 million Christians have been killed in jihad. Christians are persecuted daily in Islamic lands. Have you ever apologized for this?"

If you are a black American, ask: "Islam sold slaves on the West coast of Africa, the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean. You enslaved over a million Europeans. Why do you never take any responsibility for slavery?"

If you are a Jew, ask: "How do you see the war against Israel as jihad?"

The other reason we do not ask questions is that we have become a nation of deceivers under political correctness. We don't ask Muslims any question that would make them feel "uncomfortable."

It is completely reasonable to ask anyone about their ideology. Christians, Jews, liberals, conservatives and every other ideology have to answer questions about what they believe. Why not Muslims?

That is the true question for kafirs: "Why are Muslims the only people in the world who don't have to be asked difficult questions about what they believe?"

All Muslims must answer questions about Islam, questions about Mohammed and the Koran for the only way to know a Muslim is to know their Islam.

Bill Warner

copyright (c) CBSX, LLC Use and distribute as you wish; do not edit and give us credit.


What About Islam?


I WAS WATCHING the FrontLine program, Target America, and it is impressive to see the skill with which the Jihadis successfully put the United States in a no-win double-bind, one after another. When Reagan began his presidency, for example, hostages had been held in Iran for more than eighteen months and Americans felt helpless to get them back. The U.S. had initiated an arms embargo on Iran and we had urged the world not to sell them any weapons (they were at war with Iraq at the time). And the U.S. had been urging every government leader to make no deals with terrorists. This was the ardent stand of the United States. Then the U.S. made a deal with terrorists by selling weapons to Iran in exchange for freeing hostages! Why? Basically out of intense frustration. At that point, they would have tried anything. Iran had successfully put the United States in a double-bind. If the U.S. did nothing, it looked weak and impotent, the U.S. government would be abandoning its own citizens, and the Jihadis would win. But when the U.S. found a way to get the hostages back, the only viable option they thought up made the U.S. president look like a lying hypocrite, and America lost respect and credibility with our allies. I was thinking of writing an article about the infuriating cleverness of Jihadis, and I was wondering what I could use to illustrate what they're doing. And then it came to me in a flash: The movie, What About Bob? In the movie, Bill Murray plays a psychiatric patient who drives his psychiatrist crazy (Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfus). I just watched it again and the parallels are amazing. Bob uses the same techniques on Dr. Marvin that Jihadis use against the United States and Europe, and with similar results: Bob successfully fools everyone except Dr. Marvin, and Dr. Marvin becomes infuriated and helpless, but unable to stop it. Bob is able to cleverly insert himself into Dr. Marvin's life without his consent, and able to turn Dr. Marvin's friends and family against him. As I watched, I kept stopping to write notes every time I saw a parallel. Here are my notes: 1. Bob's stand is: I am suffering. Islam's stand is: We are an oppressed people, we are under attack, we are the underdog, and we are suffering. Bob takes any and all normal events in life and he suffers from them. Jihadis take anything their enemies do and turns it into "oppression." And if their enemies do nothing offensive, Jihadis create opportunities to be affronted. Read any mainstream Muslim publication, like the Muslim Public Affairs Committee newsletter, and you will see a strong theme running through almost every article: Muslims are oppressed and persecuted (and therefore must "defend" themselves). I subscribe to several pro-Muslim e-mail newsletters, and this is such a strong theme. Every little "hate-crime" they can come up with proves that Muslims are an oppressed minority. I recently read this: In the year 2007, the number of hate-crimes in the U.S. committed against someone because of their religion was 1400. Here's how the hate-crimes break down by religion: Anti-Jewish 969 Anti-Catholic 61 Anti-Protestant 57 Anti-Islamic 115 Anti-Other Religion 130 Anti-Multiple Religions, Group 62 Anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. 6 (Source: FBI Hate-Crime Statistics) Over the course of a year, and with 300 million people in this country, that's a pretty low incidence of hate-crimes against Muslims. But their perpetual position is that they are an oppressed minority. 2. Bob uses every technique he can find to keep pushing for what he wants. And he uses the one tool that gives him the most leverage with normal people: Pity. Evoke genuine pity, and you can pretty much gain any concession you want. Stealth jihad uses this principle constantly. Jihadis try to portray themselves — just as their leader Mohammad did — as innocent victims of wrongdoing. Then, having aroused pity, they seek a concession of some kind. They continue gaining concessions and giving none. Islam is a ratchet: It only goes one way. 3. Bob uses deceit masterfully. Bob hires a hooker to portray Dr. Marvin's sister to get through on the phone (when Dr. Marvin is on vacation and is not taking calls). Bob impersonates a detective and lies to the operator to get information about where Dr. Marvin is vacationing. Islam has a principle called taqiyya, which means "religious deception." They can and do lie to non-Muslims and they have Allah's permission to do so as long as it serves the cause of Islam. In the movie, Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, there are several good examples, captured on film, of a Muslim leader speaking to Western media, saying one thing, and then speaking to their fellow Muslims saying just the opposite. You see them speaking peace and tolerance to Westerners and two days later vigorously preaching jihad against the West to their fellow Muslims. This is taqiyya. Probably the single most important reason Jihadis have gotten away with so much is because they use deceit masterfully. 4. Bob pushes for concessions because he is special, unique, weird. And Bob captures everyone's attention and doesn't let them go about their normal lives. Muslims do the same thing. In Norway, for example, Muslims are agitating for a law that would make it illegal to serve alcohol in discos on certain nights (because they are uncomfortable around alcohol). Hege Storhaug, the co-founder of Human Rights Service, rejects such a proposal. "All the time they have special rules," says Storhaug, "and we reject special requirements. We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere. People force religious opinions on others. In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society...All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements. We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus etc." One way to try to gain a concession is to simply ask. Another way, and far more effective is to ask and give a good reason why an exception should be made for you that would not be made for others. Bob had "special needs" because he was agoraphobic or afraid of sailing or deathly afraid of germs, and people went out of their way to accommodate him, conceding things to him they would never concede to a normal person. Islam does the same thing. And they often succeed (read more about what kinds of concessions they have gained). They press for concessions because they are oppressed or because they are unique (they have particular needs because of their unique religion), or because they've been wronged or persecuted or whatever. 5. Bob seems really nice to everyone but his enemy. People usually recognize Bob is unusual, but they think he is innocent. But Dr. Marvin sees what he's doing and how deliberately and insidiously he's doing it. By the skillful use of taqiyya, Muslims — even Muslims we know to be bloodthirsty killers — are considered "really nice people" by those who don't know better. (Read a good example of that here.) Islamic countries are often very friendly to Western countries while at the same time whipping up national hatred against those same Western countries on Islamic television stations, and funding global jihad against those same countries. 6. Bob uses public embarrassment to force concessions. When he arrives in the small town where the well-respected Dr. Marvin spends his summer vacation, Bob starts yelling at the top of his lungs in the middle of the street, "Dr. Marvin! Doctor Leo Marvin!" He keeps yelling until he has everyone's attention and Dr. Marvin can't simply ignore him and get away, which is what he was planning on doing. Jihadis try to embarrass organizations into doing what they want. They will go to court even though they know will lose, they will get the press involved. They'll do whatever it takes to embarrass people or companies or governments into conceding. Radio stations have fired good people because the station didn't want to deal with the public embarrassment of a lawsuit. Politicians restrain themselves and go out of their way not to say anything honest that might be offensive to the super-sensitive Muslim-advocacy organizations, because those organizations will do what they can to embarrass the politicians. Jihadis have wormed their way into training programs for police and intelligence agencies and intimidated them into not saying anything that might lead to public embarrassment, demonstrating again and again that the Muslim organizations will use public embarrassment to silence critics of Islam. 7. Bob uses Dr. Marvin's enemies against him. There is a husband and wife in town who are angry because the rich city doctor came and bought their dream home out from under them. Bob gets these people to help him, and they do it to help ruin Dr. Marvin's life. Islam is actively converting and recruiting disgruntled convicts in prison — people who are already enemies of the society. Iran sends soldiers into Iraq in order to kill U.S. soldiers, but Iran also supplies Russia and China with oil, so if the U.S. wants to do something about Iran, we will have our two biggest enemies to contend with. In essence, Iran uses our enemies against us. Closer to home, those of us who are in the process of alerting our fellow citizens to the danger of Islamic supremacism have enemies among our own fellow non-Muslim citizens. The blind multiculturalists in the media actively fight against us, trying to discredit anyone who criticizes Islam, and the Jihadis use those enemies against us. I get a newsletter from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) that brags in almost every issue about how they are bringing this suit against this person or sending press releases out about this or that grievance, and you can see from their wording that they are hitting every hot-button they can think of to gain sympathy from our "enemies." 8. Bob exploits all of Dr. Marvin's weaknesses — his egotism, his desire to win his family's love and approval, his failures and embarrassments, his family's kindness and innocence, his family's resentment against Dr. Marvin's pomposity — Bob exploits it all to get what he wants. Jihadis exploit Westerners' weaknesses, too. One of our "weaknesses" is our reverence for life. Jihadis will hide behind civilians during a battle, knowing Western soldiers will not open fire. Here's another example of this principle, from DhimmiWatch:

"Palestinian jihad fighters have even used Christian sites and people as shields against the Israelis. In Spring 2002 they appropriated Bethlehem’s Manger Square as a base of operations, knowing that Israeli forces would not attack them there and would face international opprobrium if they did. This activity precipitated the siege of the Church of the Nativity in April and May of that year. After launching attacks against the Israelis from Manger Square, a group of jihadists fled into the church, where they remained for 39 days — secure in the knowledge that Israel would not attack a Christian holy site. Meanwhile, they desecrated the church."
Jihadis are masters of exploiting their enemy's weaknesses. They immigrate into free countries and then use the democratic process and rights of free speech to agitate against those freedoms and seek to subvert the democracy, as illustrated in the ironic picture at left. They also exploit the multicultural beliefs of the resident population in order to wage jihad by gaining concessions. 9. Bob is absolutely relentless. He doesn't let up. Neither do the Jihadis. Jihadis keep infiltrating, they keep immigrating, they keep agitating, they keep killing, they keep intimidating, and they will never stop on their own. They've been doing it for 1400 years, and they are determined to keep it up until the whole world acknowledges there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is His Messenger. 10. Bob makes sure every response Dr. Marvin makes will backfire. He ensures that no matter what Dr. Marvin does to return to his normal life or solve his problem, it will not work. This brings me back to Target America. Each successive president through the seventies, eighties, and nineties tried many different ways of dealing with the Jihadis, and every attempt backfired. The Jihadis made sure they set up a situation where no matter what the U.S. did, it would go badly. The same infuriating frustration Dr. Marvin feels is what I saw on the faces of all the presidents in Target America as they tried and failed to deal successfully with hijackings and captured hostages and bombings. 11. No matter what he does, Bob makes Dr. Marvin look like the mean one and Bob look like the innocent, underdog victim of Dr. Marvin's apparently bad-tempered selfishness. Osama bin Laden's plan was to run planes into the Twin Towers in the hopes that the U.S. would overreact, counting on the fact that the violent overreaction would cause Muslims around the world to unite against the West. Many people think that's exactly what happened. Muslims flew planes into the Twin Towers, killing thousands of office workers, and in the end, the U.S. looks like the mean one to a lot of people, and Muslims look like the underdog victims who only need potable water and a little compassion from big, bad America. 12. Bob causes Dr. Marvin's wife and kids to sympathize with Bob against Dr. Marvin. They all try to look out for poor Bob. They push for Bob to get what he wants. This is analogous to Jihadis causing multiculturalist Westerners to sympathize with Muslims and turn against their fellow countrymen who are trying to protect us all from further harm. So we have one group of people in the U.S. who want to make sure we're no longer vulnerable to attack by Jihadis. And then we have another segment of the U.S. who wants "no more war," wants to "give peace a chance," and wants to stop "racial profiling." In other words, Jihadis have successfully turned some of our own people against each other. They have manipulated the situation so some non-Muslims are pushing for the Jihadis to get what they want. This is not just happening in America, it is happening in free countries all over the world. 13. Bob keeps provoking a hostile overreaction from Dr. Marvin and then appears to be the innocent victim of Dr. Marvin's cruel insensitivity, and then he leverages that to gain concessions. If Dr. Marvin doesn't respond, Bob escalates or persists in his provocation until Dr. Marvin can't take it any more and bursts out in anger. One memorable example from the movie is the dinner scene. Bob moaned with pleasure while he was eating. He kept moaning and saying, "This is so delicious!" And he kept it up until Dr. Marvin suddenly yells at him to shut up. All of Dr. Marvin's family looks at him with anger and embarrassment. Bob looks like the innocent victim of Dr. Marvin's irrational rage. I quote from William Bennett's Why We Fight: Moral Clarity and the War on Terrorism:
"From the beginning, the Palestinian strategy was, and still is, to provoke outrages to which Israel has had no choice but to respond with stringent countermeasures, thereby supplying endless footage of Palestinian casualties and eliciting fresh pressure by the West to accommodate ever-escalating Palestinian demands. Israel's commitment to peace stimulated in the Palestinians not a spirit of reciprocal amicableness but an appetite for more..."
14. Bob knows full well what he's doing, but successfully appears innocent to everyone but Dr. Marvin, who sees right through him but can't get anyone else to see it. Those of us who have been trying to alert our fellow Westerners to Islam's relentless encroachment are having a very difficult time. Islam appears innocent to many people, and to them, we are suspect. We must be racists or bigots or Islamophobes. This assessment effectively shuts their ears to accurate information about something real enough to cause over twelve thousand deadly attacks since 9/11. 15. Dr. Marvin clearly expects the problem (Bob) to go away, but he will never go. He keeps insinuating himself more and more thoroughly into Dr. Marvin's life. Almost every non-Muslim I talk to about Islam's relentless encroachment or Islamic terrorism expects someone to take care of it and expects the problem to go away. But it isn't going away. It's getting worse. Islamic supremacists are insinuating themselves more and more thoroughly into Western societies. 16. Bob is skillful, but conceals it. Dr. Marvin comes up with a brilliant scheme to admit Bob into a mental institution, but the institution can only legally hold Bob for 24 hours before they let him go. They can keep him there only if the staff agrees Bob needs to be institutionalized. Dr. Marvin is sure everyone will see Bob is crazy, but they don't. Within a few hours, they release Bob. Bob completely charmed the staff, telling jokes and cracking everyone up. Like Bob, Islam is skillful, but conceals it. The more I learn about the clever infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into mainstream American life, the more impressed I am at the long-range planning and the skillful, sophisticated understanding of the American mind. (Read more about that here.) One branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They have successfully fooled most people in America that they represent moderate, peace-loving Muslim Americans. Read about what they are really up to. 17. Bob is in it for the long haul. Eventually, Dr. Marvin loses his mind, goes off the deep end, and he becomes violent and irrational, mainly because nobody else sees what Bob is really doing except Dr. Marvin. Jihadis find every crack in the wall they can find and work their way in, and they twist every event and utterance to their purpose. They will not stop, they will not tire, and they have nothing else to live for. This is it. This is the meaning of their existence: Islam must win. Islam must dominate all other cultures, all other religions, all other governments. Allah wills it. They have infiltrated our schools by giving donations to colleges and then using their seat on the board to exert influence (creating a campus culture of Islam-loving, America-hating students). Jihadis are offering the British government and banks on Wall Street money to help them through the present financial crisis, but with strings attached — the money is "Shari'a compliant" which means, among other things, that there is a built-in written agreement that a certain portion of the money goes to particular charities — charities that support jihad against the West. Jihadis have created "legitimate," mainstream organizations that lobby Washington and "represent the Muslim community" to governments and to the media, and yet have a secret agenda, revealed at the recent Holy Land Foundation Trial, of conquering America from within. The list goes on and on. They are in it for the long haul, and they absolutely will not stop, ever. They won't grow tired or give up. If they are going to be stopped, we must stop them. And we had better do it with more success than Dr. Marvin had with Bob. To get rid of Bob, out of mad frustration, Dr. Marvin tries to blow him up, but Bob ends up "accidentally" blowing Dr. Marvin's vacation home to smithereens, and then marries Dr. Marvin's sister! Bob won. Dr. Marvin lost. We've got to do better. Would you like to entertain yourself while watching a demonstration of Jihadi techniques? Watch What About Bob? And while you're watching, see if you can come up with ideas we can use. What would you do if you were Dr. Marvin? Come back here and leave your ideas in the comments. This is serious business and we need all the smart ideas we can get.


Tolerance Should Go Both Ways Or Neither


I JUST READ something by an unknown commenter. She said:

"I'm as intolerant of the Koran as it is of me."

Her statement seems so fair. So reasonable. And yet to those who know what the Koran says, her statement is thoroughly anti-Islamic.

If you want to find out how intolerant the Koran is of you, I recommend reading the book. It's not very long, and nobody else's opinion will matter after that; you will have firsthand knowledge and can speak with authority. This is the version I recommend if English is your first language:

Read The Koran To See What Jihadis Are Reading


Don't Slack Now — Our Efforts Are Working


WE'RE IN a difficult fight. Many of our own fellow citizens are resistant to hearing about Islamic Supremacism, and until a large number of us know about the terrifying brilliance of Islam, we can't protect ourselves from its relentless encroachment.

In any difficult fight, it is important to celebrate the successes, to keep up our courage, to prevent discouragement. And to answer this need, in a recent article at, Phyllis Chesler listed some of the recent successes in the free world:

1. Canada explicitly spelled out in its citizenship guide for immigrants that it will not tolerate barbaric practices, spousal abuse, honor killings, or female genital mutilation. This is a specific injunction against the importation of Islamic practices.

2. Canada recently sentenced Yusef Al Mezel for
threatening serious violence against his daughter.

3. Britain just created a special police unit to deal with honor killings. They are empowered with the authority to find and bring back any British citizen who has been taken against her will to "a foreign country such as Pakistan. The special unit can hide potential victims of honor killings with a witness-protection-like program.

4. Scotland Yard has begun to reopen legal cases that they now suspect were honor killings (they didn't have such a category at the time the case was first tried). Europeans are reawakening their desire to protect the hard-earned rights of their citizens — including the daughters of Islamic immigrants. They're slowly finding the limitation of blind multiculturalism, and discovering we in the free world have a culture and it's worth defending.

5. New debates are arising across Europe about how much Muslim encroachment should be allowed and where the line should be drawn, particularly on issues like welfare handouts, honor killings, the building of new mosques, wife beating, and forced marriages.

This barely scratches the surface. The tide is changing, as you can see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. It is slow-going because so few non-Muslims know anything about the teachings of Islam. As more people find out, the momentum will increase.

So don't stop your efforts. We're having an effect. But you know from personal experience that a vast majority of our fellow citizens still know almost nothing about Islam, and some of what they think they know is dead wrong. So keep up your education and persuasion efforts.

Some people have told me the media needs to do it. They implied, "I'm just one person and I can't reach a vast audience, and since that's what we need, it's futile to try." But
nobody made a greater mistake, wrote Edmund Burke, than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.

Here's how it's going to work: You educate your friends and family, even if it takes a year. Some of them educate
their friends and family. The process starts to accellerate. The market for this kind of information will grow, and the media will respond (they follow the money), and the process will accellerate even more. As more people understand what's happening, the pressure on politicians will increase to change policies to protect our freedoms.

This process is already well underway. What can you do to help? Start here: What One Civilian Can Do To Stop Islam's Relentless Encroachment.


Free Obsession Viewing


I RECEIVED the following message from the Clarion Fund. Their offer of free viewings of Obesession makes it really easy to share information with people you know. The offer ends December 10th. Let's take full advantage of it. This is better than sending someone to YouTube to watch parts of the film. This is a professional website with more information on the subject easily available right there. Here's Clarion's message:

THIS YEAR, America has witnessed an increased number of radical extremist incidents. The recent tragedy at Fort Hood is only one of many alarming plots carried out on our soil. The threats are very real.

This Thanksgiving, we commemorate the one year anniversary of the attacks in Mumbai.

We must pause on this day to acknowledge our liberties and recognize those that actively seek to destroy our values. To mark this day, the producers of the award-winning Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West are making the film available for free viewing online.

The free stream campaign will run from Monday November 23 until December 10 at

This campaign follows a highly successful free stream of The Third Jihad to mark the anniversary of 9/11. Over 35,000 viewers watched the film over the course of the 2 1/2 week campaign.

Together, these films represent the best educational tools available for informing the public about the true threats of radical Islam.

But, in order to spread the message, we need your help!

We greatly appreciate your help in making this campaign a success. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions feel free to contact me at

Nechama Abramson
Marketing Manager
Clarion Fund Inc


This Month: Terror in Mumbai


MY FRIEND Surind reminded me that HBO is showing a documentary several times this month on the 2008 Mumbai attacks. And if you don't have cable, you can watch it online. To find out how, see Surind's blog: SURIND.

Watch it with friends and family. Use it as an opportunity to share with them what you know, or at least share with them the least they need to know. Prepare ahead of time.
Make it count. The one thing we need to focus on is educating non-Muslims about Islam. This is a great opportunity to move ahead on that goal.


Set Your Watch Alarm For 10:03 AM


I RECEIVED the following article from a British citizen warrior and thought it was worthy of reprinting, which I am doing with permission. I think the idea has merit. It has an intelligent, potentially viral quality to it. What do you think?


The idea in the following text is being set forth for consideration by all who mourn the deaths of those who died at the hands of Islamic Supremacists on September 11th, 2001 on United Airlines Flight 93. I must emphasize at the outset that the approach is intended solely as a form of memorial and an aid in the healing process and is not meant to be interpreted as any form of political or religious communication. As many are aware, actions of a political or religious nature are forbidden in most workplaces. When others pick up this approach and hopefully disseminate it through blogs, websites and other media, it is hoped that they would keep this important point regarding the nature of the activity in mind.


United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into the ground in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11th, 2001 at 10:03:11 AM. Substantial evidence exists that the crash was preceded by a revolt among the passengers and crew against the Islamic Supremacist hijackers who had earlier taken over the airliner. This was the first time in recent history in which the intended victims of an Islamic Supremacist assault have been able to resist and thwart their plans.


The people who took part in this act of resistance and died deserve to be memorialized. Therefore, we encourage everyone to set their watches to alarm at 10:03 AM, on a daily basis, as an audible form of memorial. This alarm can also serve as a reminder, at that time, to reflect upon the sacrifice which was made by the Flight 93 crew members and passengers.

Of course, we realize that the crash took place at 10:03 AM (Eastern Standard Time), meaning that some people in other time zones might view a more appropriate time to memorialize would be in their own respective times which would correspond with 10:03 AM EST. However, a pursuit of such an option would significantly confuse things. Therefore, we urge that you honor the time of 10:03 AM, irrespective of the time zone.


In presenting this idea for implementation, it is important that we examine the potential effect of a watch alarm going off at 10:03 AM in various settings. First and foremost, on Mondays through Fridays, most people at this time would be out in the “real world”. Most likely they would be at work. Other options include being in a bus, subway, train or airliner. On weekends, they could possibly be at a movie, sports event or religious activity. The possibilities are numerous. In each of these instances it is highly probable that the person wearing the alarming watch will be accompanied by someone whom they already know. It is also reasonable to presume that this nearby person will ask the wearer of the watch why the alarm went off. This would, in turn, give the watch wearer the perfect opportunity to explain the memorial purpose of the alarm. If the explanation inspires the listener, they, too, may begin to set their own watch at 10:03 AM. And so on.

It is conceivable that many people who hear the alarm (as in a work meeting) and are unaware of its meaning may quickly view it as an insignificant interruption. Two alarms from two different people going off at the same time in the same setting changes the picture entirely. This will cause everyone to realize that something is going on. It will also show each respective wearer of the alarming watches that they are not alone in their state of mourning. Depending on the type of setting, such a situation may lead to an exponential increase in the number of watches alarming at 10:03 AM.


Multiple watches simultaneously alarming in most non-work settings would not seem to pose a problem. If some people object, so be it. This now brings us to the thorny question of work environments which are "politically correct" (quite prevalent in Europe). Supervisors or Human Resources personnel may (incorrectly) say that the watch alarm is "offensive" political or religious speech and cannot be tolerated. As stated above (and hopefully in any distributions by others of this concept), this activity was intended at the very outset as a way in which a person can cope with their grieving over this specific incident on September 11th, 2001 and assist in healing. As such, an employee in such a situation could argue that a company in such a situation is trying to interfere with their psychological and spiritual health and well being. They could point out that no employer would be disrespectful of the coping mechanisms of an employee who recently lost a family member. With this in mind, we could ask on what basis would they have to interfere here? Who defines the time limits of mourning? Who can say how long it takes to recover? In fact, it is possible that some of those who alarm their watches will actually be personal friends or family members (distant or close) of the non-Islamic Supremacist individuals on Flight 93. A quick internet search can reveal details regarding their respective lives.

Of course, a politically correct employer who provides time for fellow Islamic Supremacist employees (if any) to take time out of the work day for multiple prayers would seem to stand on flimsy grounds in objecting to the watch alarms. The watch wearer could invoke similar claims of religious rights, if a company makes religious concessions to others. After all, the border between mourning and religious beliefs can be quite porous in some individuals. However, this action is specifically intended to be of a “mourning” nature and does not have a religious emphasis. Whether an individual goes that extra step into the religious realm, in the face of various pre-existing religious practices in the workplace being practiced and tolerated is up to them.

There is also the possibility that, quite coincidentally, some people at work who have their watches set at 10:03 AM could be doing so to remind them to perform some medically necessary task, such as taking a vitamin or checking their pulse. The performance of this task could have actually been prescribed by an understanding physician or even an itinerant natural healer. An employer's interference in this, or any other health matter, could be viewed as highly questionable.

Regarding an employer's objection to alarms based on their "interfering with work", the question could be raised to them as to whether they are willing to stop an even worse interference: the ringing of employee cell phones. It would be interesting to see how employees would react to a cell phone prohibition, particularly when considering that so many people are dependent on them for making family arrangements and so forth.

The key thing to do when considering potential employer resistance to watch alarms is to check your employee handbook first. Then, consider the above text and contemplate a suitable response in advance of being questioned. Effective mourning need not require that an alarm run continuously; even one or two "beeps" could have the same effect.


The ultimate effect of all of this is that individual members of the general public will gradually become aware of a considerable amount of sympathy among their fellow citizens for the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93; people who successfully thwarted the heinous plans of Islamic Supremacist hijackers. At some point, this level of sympathy being expressed in daily life will be impressed upon the media and government officials who control much of our public discourse. Effectively, us mourners will finally break out of the limiting internet realm and become visible in the outside world on a daily basis. This is exceedingly important. We need a way for others to outwardly perceive, or at least deduce, our feelings. When people actually "see" that others in the outside world share their own perspective, they will become emboldened and more likely to speak up regarding their own mourning. But as it stands with this writing, people are afraid to "stand out".

It is regrettable that some would view the watch alarms as a political or religious tactic. Again, it must be emphasized that the intent is solely to memorialize and assist in the healing process. If this idea is incorrectly promulgated as any form of political or religious action, employers would have ammunition to ban it.


The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing


AZ ZAQQUM wrote a book called The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing. We liked her approach so much we asked her to write an article for us about it so we could post it. Let's all use the book to help educate people about Islam. Share it with people. Read it and use her funny comments to help make your sharing more entertaining. Here is Zaqqum's article:

MY NAME is Ms. Az Zaqqum (not really) and I wanted to make a difference in my own way. No, it probably wasn’t the most politically correct way, but it was time that someone did it, so…

I decided to write the first book (in over 1400 years of Islamic history) on the humor of Islam.

"The Humor of Islam...You'll Die Laughing". The title is a sarcastic twist on an Islamic Sharia law that forbids laughing too much. Which made me laugh too much.

Daniel Pipes said it was "Daring, fun and funny." Others worried they might catch Fatwa-itis...(be on someone’s Fatwa list).

George Carlin said there were 7 words that can’t be used on TV. Have the 8th and 9th words become
Islamic and humor?

I used actual ancient Islamic texts. I didn’t make them funny, they’ve always been funny. And they still make news.

The French want to ban the burka, many Muslims say the burka is Islamic. The ancient texts say the burka was invented because Muhammad’s companions were watching his wives pee. You can see how that Hadith worked out. Someone should tell them that the companions are dead and we now have indoor toilets.

There’s a Hadith that describes how Muhammad died. An angry Jewish woman served him a poisoned, talking lamb chop. The moral of that Hadith? Don’t piss off a Jewish women! And yes, the lamb chop did warn him.

The 5 prayers? That’s not from the Quran, it’s Hadith. A man told the prophet; I kissed a girl and I liked it. He was told to pray 5 times.

Islam means Submission to Allah, not Muhammad. There are literally millions of Hadith. Islamists say we don’t understand. I say we are being abused…by bad Hadith. Maybe their mantra should be changed to: Muhammad is the prophet — and Allah is his homie.

We should know the difference between the Quran and Hadith. If it’s not in the Quran, it's not from Allah. One should not listen to men in dresses unless they wear cute shoes and pretty lipstick. And...

If Muslims don’t like living with Kafurs because we oppress them, they must go live in an Islamic country, or go to hell (4:97). That is in the Quran!

My goal is to inform and entertain the Western World with the humor of Islam and make interviews with the ACLU and Islamists much more entertaining.

You can find a humor book on every religion, except Islam. I challenge anyone to read this book and not find the humor of Islam, and it all starts with a Hadith. I end the book with current news stories. It ends where it all began, with a Hadith.

As for some of the pictures, my mother was the photographer, our two dogs and I were the models. I hope you enjoy it. I had to self publish (censorship and Fatwa-itis suck). Yes, I did make up the word; FATWA-ITIS...fear of fatwas.

I donate a portion of each book sold to the Wounded Warriors.

There’s never been anything like this book in the entire history of Islam. Please take a look at my website:

Most Sincerely,

Ms. Az Zaqqum


Taking Action In Sherman Oaks


YESTERDAY I received the following email:

I want to thank you for encouraging me to start an ACT for America group out here in the San Fernando Valley. I have been very passionate about the issue of radical Islam and the Islamization of America for a very long time. Now that I am leading a chapter, I have more of a cohesive purpose to vent out my desire not to be one of those 'good people who do nothing.'

We just had our sixth meeting and I am excited about the ACTIONS we take at each meeting. The group members seem to like them also as when I report on our successes at the next month's meetings, they applaud... ;-)

At any rate, I wanted to tell you that I'm very excited about our upcoming meeting on October 12th out here in Sherman Oaks, CA. Through the very generous auspices of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, we are having the incomparable, Robert Spencer for a talk and a book signing! I am floating on air at the good fortune of being able to have such an esteemed expert at our group.

We are doing everything we can to spread the word and take actions to help stem the tide of a takeover of our country from within.

I thought you might be interested since you were the one who originally suggested I might start an ACT group. Thanks so much for the wonderful recommendation.

Chapter Leader
San Fernando Valley
ACT! for America

IF YOU ARE frustrated, if you feel strongly that something must be done but you don't know what to do, the best thing I can recommend is that you join ACT for America. Read more about it here:

The Most Practical Thing You Can Do To Defeat The Third Jihad

Get Active, Get Involved

Whoever Is Most Organized Will Win


Did You Report On That Day?


ON THIS DAY, we have a memorable song for you, entitled On That Day. It is from a not-very-popular album by Leonard Cohen. First, the lyrics:

Some people say
It's what we deserve
For sins against God
For crimes in the world
I wouldn't know
I'm just holding the fort
Since that day
They wounded New York
Some people say
They hate us of old
Our women unveiled
Our slaves and our gold
I wouldn't know
I'm just holding the fort
But answer me this
I won't take you to court
Did you go crazy
Or did you report
On that day
On that day
They wounded New York

And a short article about the song (
original post is here):

Bruce Springsteen took on the topic practically as if it were commissioned for his 2002 album "The Rising," but it took pop's most authentic poet to stare the subject of Sept. 11 straight in the face.

"Some people say it's what we deserve," Leonard Cohen sings on "On That Day," a little noticed track that appears on his overlooked 2004 album "Dear Heather." Cohen eschews metaphor but maintains a moral distance. "I wouldn't know," he sings, "I'm just holding the fort — since that day they wounded New York."

An unlikely Jew's harp twangs against the song, which could be Cohen's idea of ironic counterpoint. The slight song — it barely breaks the two-minute mark — sounds all the more mournful in his inevitable foggy baritone.

Like all the great poets, Cohen covers immense ground with a few well-chosen words and a couple of half-finished thoughts. "Did you go crazy or did you report," he asks, "on that day they wounded New York?"
On the album's liner notes, he makes sure to include a dictionary definition of report: "To present oneself: report for duty."

Death and destruction in the twin towers was such a blinding catastrophe — like the sun exploding — that artists couldn't look at it long. Cohen, in his song, without dwelling on anything, in fact, cuts it short, suggesting we look to ourselves.

And now, the song, as sung by Ken Middleton:

Let us never forget that day. And if you haven't yet reported, it's not too late.


Bloody Cartoons


SURIND RAJ just sent me a link to a video that is well worth watching. It is long: Fifty-two and a half minutes. But it goes into some interesting depth about the infamous riots that broke out when some cartoons of Mohammed were published in a Danish newspaper.

The video is entitled Bloody Cartoons. Check it out.


A Chance to Fight


I JUST got an email from The Cheerleaders. They are a group of hackers who have successfully shut down several jihadi websites. They just asked me to get the message out that with 30 UK people, they could "kill online extremism in the UK stone dead." Because of their track record, I believe they could.

If you live in the UK and you'd like to get involved, join one or both of these:

Cheerleaders on FaceBook

Cheerleaders on Twitter

The British government has done very little to stop jihadi activities online. Jihadis have been relatively free to post propaganda, communicate strategies and coordinate plans online. With a little help from thirty British citizens, The Cheerleaders plan to put a stop to this. Join today.


What Are We Fighting For?

This is one of the most inspirational speeches on film. Samwise Gangee says it all:

Click here to watch the video.


Push Them To Read The Quran


IT'S NOT very difficult to read the Quran. A child can do it. With the work they've done at CSPI making two versions easily readable by Westerners (and completely unscrambled), there is no excuse. The biggest issue facing Western civilization is the relentless aggression of Islamic supremacists, waging jihad by many means, including by gaining concessions, intimidation by violence, and outright murder.

And they continually and openly say they are doing it "in the name of Islam." And Islam has a only a few central holy books. The most central is the Quran.

Non-Muslims need to read this book. Non-Muslims need to be educated about Islam. A lot of the Quran is devoted to how Muslims should deal with non-Muslims.

In the effort to educate my fellow non-Muslims about Islam, I have been experimenting with different approaches. I've been trying to discover what's the best way to get my point across persuasively. One especially effective approach is to aggressively try to sell them on reading the Quran for themselves.

This approach does three good things. First, it reveals that I am both knowledgeable and confident. I'm so confident in what I'm saying, I want them to read the source and decide for themselves.

Second, it brings out in the open the fact that I have read the Quran and they haven't. This gives everything they say the feeling of obvious ignorance, and everything I say the feeling of evident knowledge.

Here's what I've discovered: As soon as I start trying to sell people on reading the Quran and describing what's in it, the whole tenor of the conversation shifts from a kind of arrogant dismissiveness to a respectful openness to what I'm saying. It's magic.

And the third good thing about this approach is that, it's all you would need to do. If they read the Quran, you need no longer tell them anything else about Islam.

Convince them to read A Simple Koran or An Abridged Koran, and explain why these are good books. Even your description of these books is a powerful display of your wealth of knowledge on the core subject and their total lack of knowledge about it.

For example, here's what I said recently to a friend of mine. We'd had a brief conversation in person, but it was cut short by circumstances, so I followed up with an email. I wrote:

What I meant to say is that there are good people who are Muslims, but in order to be a good person as a Muslim, you have to be a lousy Muslim (not follow the teachings of the religion). If you don't believe me, you really should read the Quran for yourself. Go to the source, man. It's not hard to understand, and it is not at all vague. It says exactly what it means. There are no clever parables to decipher, no symbolic language, no metaphorical prophesies. It is full of straight-up commands written by a single person. Direct. No room for misinterpretation.

I recommend a book called A Simple Koran. It is simple in the sense that it is made to be understood by Westerners. But it is the entire Quran written in modern English. It is hard to get through the first three-fourths of it (because it is incredibly repetitious and boring) but things really heat up at the end. It will blow your mind. No kidding.

Don't assume any more, and don't listen to raving maniacs like me any more. Find out for yourself.

In that second-to-last line, I referred to myself as a raving maniac to soften the harshness of accusing him of assuming he knows about Islam when he doesn't.

So anyway, try this approach and see how it works for you. If you haven't read the Quran yet, you really need to do it. Trust me on this. It will put your conversations on a whole new footing. After you read it, push people to read the Quran for themselves.

UPDATE: We have created a pledge. If you haven't read the Quran yet yourself, please take the pledge and read the Quran. If you have, use this pledge to help you convince your friends to read the Quran. Get them to take the pledge:


Cut Off The Jihad Money Supply


POSTED APRIL, 2009: U.S. CITIZENS: A new bill has been introduced which has the potential to strike a decisive blow to the worldwide jihad. "This bill is in the first step in the legislative process," says GovTrack. "Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee."

The new bill is called "H.R. 1476." It is also called the "Open Fuel Standard Act of 2009."
Why is this bill so important? Because it can introduce competition into the fuels market. Right now oil has a monopoly. Read more about why a new flex fuel law is so important.

"Powerful people on both ends of the political spectrum – from President Obama to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – have called for implementation of flex fuel technology," says Lisa Piraneo, Director of Government Relations for
ACT! for America. "Flex fuel vehicles already exist and they only cost about $100 more than the same car in a gasoline-only version. It is a simple and inexpensive modification that should be standard in cars, like seatbelts or airbags.

"This important legislative proposal is plain common sense, good for our economy, and good for our national security as it is a huge step in the direction of reducing our dependence on oil from nations that wish us harm." The following are AFA's recommended actions you can take to help make this bill a new law:

  1. Please contact your Representative (in the U.S. House of Representatives) TODAY, via letter, e-mail or phone call, and ask him/her to sign on to H.R. 1476 as a COSPONSOR. If you learn that your Member of Congress is already a cosponsor – BE SURE TO SAY THANK YOU! Click here for contact information for your Representative.

  2. If your Member of Congress serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, please also request that H.R. 1476 be attached to the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy Security Act, a larger energy bill that is scheduled to be voted on by the Committee in the immediate future. (For list of committee members, see below).


Bill number:

H.R. 1476

Bill name:

Open Fuel Standard Act of 2009

Date introduced:

March 12, 2009


Representative Eliot Engel (D-17th/NY)

Current Cosponsors:

Representatives: Allyson Schwartz (D-PA); Bruce Braley (D-IA); Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD); Steve Israel (D-NY); John Barrow (D-GA); Bob Inglis (R-SC)

Committee of Jurisdiction:

House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Summary of Proposal: Requires that auto manufacturers ensure that not less than 80 percent of automobiles manufactured or sold in the U.S. (by each manufacturer) operate on fuel mixtures containing 85 percent ethanol, 85 percent methanol, or biodiesel.


Members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Democrats (36)

Henry A. Waxman, 30th-CA (Chair)
John D. Dingell, 15th-MI
Edward J. Markey, 7th-MA
Rick Boucher – 9th-VA
Frank Pallone, Jr. – 6th-NJ
Bart Gordon, 6th-TN
Bobby L. Rush, 1st-IL
Anna G. Eshoo, 14th-CA
Bart Stupak, 1st-MI
Eliot Engel, 17th-NY
Gene Green, 29th-TX
Diana DeGette, 1st-CO
Lois Capps, 23rd-CA
Mike Doyle, 14th-PA
Jane Harman, 36th-CA
Janice D. Schakowsky, 9th-IL
Charles A. Gonzalez, 20th-TX
Jay Inslee, 1st-WA
Tammy Baldwin, 2nd-WI
Mike Ross, 4th-AR
Anthony Weiner, 9th-NY
Jim Matheson, 2nd-UT
G.K. Butterfield, 1st-NC
Charlie Melancon, 3rd-LA
John Barrow, 12th-GA
Baron Hill, 9th-IN
Doris O. Matsui, 5th-CA
Donna M. Christensen, VI
Kathy Castor, 11th-FL
John P. Sarbanes, 3rd-MD
Christopher S. Murphy, 5th-CT
Zack Space, 18th-OH
Jerry McNerney, 11th-CA
Betty Sutton, 13th-OH
Bruce L. Braley, 1st-IA
Peter Welch, At Large-VT
Republicans (23)

Joe Barton, 6th-TX, Rnk. Mem.
Ralph M. Hall, 4th-TX
Fred Upton, 6th-MI
Cliff Stearns, 6th-FL
Nathan Deal, 9th-GA
Ed Whitfield, 1st-KY
John Shimkus, 19th-IL
John B. Shadegg, 3rd-AZ
Roy Blunt, 7th-MO
Steve Buyer, 4th-IN
George Radanovich, 19th-CA
Joseph R. Pitts, 16th-PA
Mary Bono Mack, 45th-CA
Greg Walden, 2nd-OR
Lee Terry, 2nd-NE
Michael J. Rogers, 8th-MI
Sue Myrick, 9th-NC
John Sullivan, 1st-OK
Tim Murphy, 18th-PA
Michael C. Burgess, 26th-TX
Marsha Blackburn, 7th-TN
Phil Gingrey, 11th-GA
Steve Scalise, 1st-LA


How a bill becomes a law:
1. First the bill is introduced. This one was introduced Mar 12, 2009.

2. The bill is then referred to a committee. That is where HR 1476 is right now.

3. Then the committee gives their report to the House and Senate. This has not happened yet. HR 1476 is still in committee.

4. Then the bill is voted on in House and Senate.

5. Then the bill is signed into law by the President.

Let's get this bill to the final stage. Tell everyone you know, and urge them to take the two actions above. Don't let up until it has become law.


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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