How I Became Islamophobic


The following was written by a British college student. The original article is posted here.

My University in London used to be a Polytechnic. Before that, it was a parking lot. By gradients then, the same space has become progressively less functional over the ages, and it now blights the cultural life of an otherwise charming town.

In appearance, the main building resembles a very old-fashioned, inner-city high-school. The campus is tiny relative to normal universities. There is no green space nearby and we are surrounded on all sides by busy roads. The website calls it ‘cosy, modern and artful’. In reality it is compact, ugly and depressing.

I didn’t need to attend this place. I received very good A-level results. Warwick University was among the first institutions to offer me a place. I turned them and others down because I wanted to attend somewhere further away from the small, boring town in which my parents live. More specifically, I was determined to live and study in London.

What I had in mind was the London I saw on television; a stuffy, slightly upmarket New York in effect, with intelligent men and aspirant women supping cocktails and espresso, you know the kind of place. What I have become used to since I arrived here is a city of burkas, terrorism, homophobia, black-tar heroin, and prostitution; a magnificent metropolis half-destroyed by a single cultural minority.

You may think, dear general reader, that the panic and hysteria over Islam is unwarranted or driven by third-party interests (oil politics, Jewish Nationalism, Racism etc…). The ‘me’ just a day or two into freshers week would completely agree with you. The ‘me’ now wants you to listen carefully and without prejudice as to why this is not the case.

I realise now that the present epoch is a contest between two starkly different futures: One in which the West is Islamised and the other in which the West is restored. The first is a nightmare of which some of us already have a taste, and which we are fully prepared to fight to prevent.

I’ll give you three examples of the trend from personal experience…

During my first year of study, I was resident in a student halls with many other people, most of them Muslim, most of them British-born. Throughout this year I witnessed (and on occasion, suffered) cultural bullying of a type I never imagined existed. This was the bullying routinely talked about on racist websites, and which I had always assumed to be Islamophobic fiction.

Here’s a question for you: In what situation do you think it is appropriate to label a women you don’t know a ‘slag’? I’m sure, assuming you are a decent and rational person, that you would only imagine yourself using such language during a fit of rage over something like a terrible betrayal, or after being physically attacked by a female stranger…

Well, the non-Muslim women of my block grew used to hearing this word in retribution for such crimes as wearing shorts on their way to netball practice. They became used to hearing it when they went out in groups to local nightclubs and when they returned home in the early hours of the morning. They hardly blinked when such slurs were screamed out of windows, day-in and day-out, and it went unreported.

Here’s another question for you: In what situation do you think it is justified to spread lies about people you barely know?

Well, lies of the most serious and defamatory kind were routinely spread about non-Muslim students by Muslims that year, via intranet email, graffiti and loud insinuation. The women (the ‘slags’) were alleged to be infected with sexual diseases. The boys were alleged to be homosexual and/or riddled with AIDS. The ‘evidence’ for such slurs were the lifestyles of the Kaffir – their attending of parties, easy laughter and congregating with people of the opposite sex etc…

Here’s a second example…

On St. Valentine’s Day during the second year, the Student Union decided to propose a Valentine’s Day Singles Ball to which men would come wearing badges saying ‘single’ to meet women who would be identified likewise. It sounded quite silly I remember thinking, but if people enjoyed it, who cared?

You don’t need me to tell you who cared about it, and who eventually protested loudly enough for the Ball to be cancelled. It was the ****** University Islamic Society, a sprawling and powerful mafia with tentacles reaching into every aspect of student life. They thought the ball would encourage promiscuity and so they lobbied against it.

Again, nobody said a word.

A third and final example I’ll give of my awakening is the most serious. You might well dismiss what you’ve read so far as ‘anti-social’ behaviour and no worse than that of other social groups, but not this occasion:

I was sitting in class one day, near the back of the room. The lecturer had finished talking and now we were told to discuss amongst ourselves the things we’d heard. A group of Muslim men just across from me were apparently uninterested in the lecture that day as they commenced to discuss videos they’d been emailing each other instead. It took me a short while, but I came to understand that these were decapitation videos. After hearing words and descriptions that I never want to repeat, I nervously looked over at the faces of the men and saw sick, sadistic smiles curling up their bearded faces.

At the end of that year, I was a fully developed ‘Islamophobe’. I can’t and won’t deny what I witnessed and what I saw others go through. And more than this, I won’t help the taboo to survive which allowed for these abuses to go unreported.

If there is one thing my University made clear during Fresher’s Week, it was the ‘multi-faculty policy on discrimination’. In lengthy assemblies, we were told that no ‘discrimination’ of any kind was tolerated longer than it took for those responsible to be expelled.

A climate of fear, no less palpable than that of totalitarian dictatorship was cast over us all.

You’ll notice that I haven’t provided you with the name of my University. This is because I am currently studying there and do not wish to be beaten to a pulp by students. I wouldn’t trust the staff or security to help me in such a situation. This University is Islamic territory now.

The people I hope to reach are those who might have any illusions about the determination of the Muslims to enforce their way of life onto the rest of us. It is not a ‘Zionist fabrication’. It is not a ‘fantasy’ of White Nationalists.  I am a perfectly liberal guy, and have a zero-tolerance policy for racism.

The threat is real.


Speak Your Mind About Islam Day: Thursday, June 6, 2013


The declaration below was written by a British citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. Let's show our solidarity with the British.

Just this past week we were shocked to witness, in broad daylight, on London streets, the ambush and barbaric murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier, husband, and father of a young child. Lee was ambushed by two men, one of whom spoke directly to the camera afterwards. This man made it clear that his motivations were based upon Islam and the numerous verses in the Quran that call for violence against non-Muslims.

Afterward, individual citizens from the UK and around the world flooded social media with their sentiments about Islam, the false narrative that it is a “Religion of Peace” and the blatant falsehood put forth by Prime Minister Cameron that the teachings of Islam had nothing to do with this brutal assassination. Several citizens have since been arrested by the government of Great Britain for comments they made under the influence of grief and anger. These actions by the government are an attempt to suppress free speech and must not be tolerated. We ask that you stand with these persecuted individuals as a unified people.

In response to the British government’s attempts to suppress free speech, we wish to declare Thursday, June 6th, 2013 “Speak Your Mind About Islam Day”.  June 6th is a day of great significance for the free peoples of the world.

In the 1940’s, American, Australian, Brit, Canadian, Frenchman, Indian, Russian, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and countless others were bound together by the common goal of eradicating forever the vile ideology of Nazism. On June 6th, 1944, segments of these diverse allied forces bound together and stormed Fortress Europe marking the beginning of the end of the ideology of Nazism as a force among men.

Let June 6th 2013 once again be that day for us.

On Thursday, June 6th, 2013 we ask that you flood social media with your thoughts on and knowledge of Islam as a clear and unmistakable message to our governments around the world that we will NOT be silenced by blasphemy laws, statutes on “community cohesion”, or threats and acts of intimidation carried out by our governments in an attempt to silence us on the issue of Islam and its undeniable ties to religiously motivated acts of terror around the world. Our overwhelming numbers and unified voice must make it clear that we will become increasingly UNGOVERNABLE, without becoming violent, on the issue of Islamic terror. An assault on one will be treated as an assault upon us all; we will stand together as one voice. Political careers will pay a price at the polls for the condescending act of telling us that Islam is what we all know it is not.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. Keep it civilized — nothing positive comes from mob-like behavior.  
  2. Focus on the ideology of Islam, not individuals.
  3. No profanity or ad hominem attacks — they cause people to tune out the message because of the messenger.
  4. The goal is to unite us, garner group support for the cause, and put our governments on notice that we will not be silenced.

Please share this now with every blogger and social media group you know about.


What Should We Call Non-Muslims Who Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?


I've heard many terms — dhimmi, dhimmwit, libtard, moron, ostrich, drone, Chamberlain, blind multiculturalist, stupid, foolish, mindless, ignorant, naive, etc. — but none of these are good enough, and some of them are terrible. All of us now reading this were once unacquainted with even the most elementary facts about Islam. And there are liberals who understand it and conservatives who don't, so partisan terms don't really fit either.

And since our primary goal here is to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam, and since it would really help to have more people knowledgeable enough about Islam to join our side, one of our sub-goals should be reaching those who have not yet been reached by the bad news. Calling them derogatory names probably won't help us reach them, even if we're not saying it to their face, but only in our thoughts. It will likely ruin our rapport with them, weakening our ability to influence them.

I've used the term, "uninitiated" but that could easily be misconstrued. I have sometimes used the more neutral term "unawakened," but even that seems judgmental.

I propose the term, "innocent." Not in the sense of "without guilt" but in the sense that he "has not yet lost his innocence." He's still innocent, like a child before he has discovered that bad people exist in the world.

A person who is still unaware of the true nature of core Islamic texts has a rude awakening coming, and he may not want to lose the nice world he's been living in — a world where some day we will all coexist in peace and harmony with each other, a world where all religions are basically the same, a world where we can all work out our differences if we just try hard enough because everybody is basically good.

And can you blame him? Don't you wish sometimes you could go back to the world you lived in before you had seen a video of a beheading? Or the Twin Towers collapsing? Or before you had read enough about Islam to have the horrifying comprehension that those "crazy extremists" are not crazy extremists after all, but sincere believers who are simply following the mainstream teachings of a major religion — a religion with 1.5 billion adherents? It's a harsh, overwhelming realization that cannot be undone.

I don't know about you, but I sometimes miss that innocent world I used to live in. And I don't envy the chilling revelation in store for those who are still innocent.

But it must be done.

And I think we will find it easier if we call these people simply "innocent" and empathize with what we know they will have to eventually face, rather than slander their character with derisive terms.

You might be thinking, "What about the politicians who insist Islam is a religion of peace?" The answer is: "If they know better — if they know Islam is not a religion of peace — we already have appropriate names for them: Liars and traitors." But if they are genuinely uninformed about the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine and believe "Islam means peace" and that nothing in Islamic texts justifies terrorism, then they are innocent. Dangerous, but innocent.

What do you think? Do you have a better term? Do you think using insulting names helps our cause? Let us know in the comments below or email me and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you tell me otherwise).

UPDATE: After many suggestions, which you can see below in the comments, someone wrote:
Why don't we say they are 'unacquainted' with Islam? This is an accurate, non-judgmental term that may make them ask, "What am I unacquainted with?" That could open a door to an open, and initially at least, dispassionate discussion. It also points to their lack of knowledge without making is seem like an insult.

There is nothing morally wrong with my being unacquainted with the fellow who lives down the street and there is nothing morally wrong with them being unacquainted with the true nature of Islam.

I think that's the best one so far.


Stop the Oppression of Women in Muslim Countries


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Indiscriminate Multiculturalism

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What We Do


Someone recently wrote to us and said, basically, "this is all just talk. If you aren't organizing local grassroots action, you're wasting everyone's time." And we realized for those who are new subscribers or visitors to Citizen Warrior, we should provide an overview of this site.

We are providing only one small part of a larger campaign. Local grassroots action is a vital element. Without it, this would, in fact, be nothing but hot air. Organizing local grassroots activity is not our forte here on Citizen Warrior, but fortunately, there are plenty of effective organizations doing just that. We refer you to ACT! for America in the U.S., the Q Society in Australia, ACT! for Canada, etc. (Find the ACT! chapter in your country here.)

We have a list of practical actions you can take if you'd like to do something about orthodox Islam's relentless encroachment into free societies:

What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam

At the top of our list is joining a local grassroots action group. What we provide on this site is mostly the human relations element for the counterjihad movement because we all need to be effective in reaching and influencing people in power, even at the local level. And we all need to be able to reach and educate our fellow non-Muslims and get them participating in this cause, but, of course, if you've tried this, you know it is sometimes very difficult to say anything to people about Islam. Communication and psychology happen to be our specialties (the two of us who run this site).

So we've written articles on how to approach a conversation about Islam. We've got methods you can use to influence people other than a back-and-forth argument. And we've created a list of answers to common objections that we all run into when we try to broach this subject.

We've created some other tools for counterjihadists. For example, we created a place where we can talk to each other about what works and doesn't work in trying to reach people: Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims. And a site you can share with your not-yet-informed friends — a site with good information but without any embedded judgment about the information (so it's easier for an uninitiated reader to take in): Inquiry Into Islam.

We believe all of us have at least one skill that can contribute to the counterjihad movement. Whatever it is, we should find out what it is, and use it to marginalize and disempower orthodox Islam.


New Leaflet: Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity


A fourth leaflet has been created by an excellent writer who wishes to remain anonymous. You can read about how he uses these leaflets to educate the public by clicking here. The new leaflet is entitled: "Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity." You can download the PDF here:

PDF of Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity

Print it out and use it freely. Ideally you would print on both sides of the paper and cut it in half, giving you two small leaflets per page. The front has the picture shown here (wanted poster) and this is what it says on the back side:

In March 627 AD, the tribe known as the Banu Qurayzah were besieged and isolated by their Muslim attackers led by Muhammad. They twice offered to leave their stronghold but Muhammad refused their request. He insisted they surrender unconditionally and subject themselves to his judgment. Compelled to surrender, the Qurayzah were led to Medina. A third (and final) appeal for leniency was made to Muhammad by their tribal allies, the Aus. Again Muhammad refused. Instead he orchestrated a sentence of death to be placed on the Banu Qurayzah by appointing a man with a grudge against them to pass judgement.

About 800 men were led to trenches dug in the Market of Medina and there they were beheaded, their decapitated bodies buried in the trenches while Muhammad watched. Male youths who had not reached puberty were spared. Women and children were sold into slavery, some being distributed as gifts among Muhammad’s companions. Muhammad himself took the most beautiful as his sex slave.

These actions are shocking enough in themselves but that Muslims should revere this man as their prophet is truly chilling. It goes a long way to explaining the typically awful treatment of non-Muslims by Muslims around the world today and ever since the dark dawn of Muhammad’s religion, Islam.

Nor was this the only atrocity carried out by Muhammad and his followers. Opponents and critics were assassinated, tortured, and torn limb from limb by camels. Yet even today, Muhammad’s example of conduct is viewed by Muslims as the one that should be followed by all Muslims. How scary is that!

Here’s a little challenge for you, do something brave today: look up the Banu Qurayzah on Google and read about what happened. Look up Muslim persecution of Christians. This is persecution of some of the most defenseless people in the world today; small communities living in a sea of Muslim hostility, in places like Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Somalia. Places where non-Muslims show enormous courage. Out of respect for their courage show a little of your own.


How You Can Fight

This site is called "Citizen Warrior" because the fight to stop the spread of orthodox Islam is something we cannot leave to military and intelligence agencies. We need them, of course, and they play a vital role in dealing with physical threats, but this is an ideological battle as well. That is, part of the battle — maybe even most of the battle — is taking place in our own heads. We will win or lose depending on what is in the minds of most of our fellow citizens.

If most non-Muslims believe Islam is peaceful or that all religions are basically the same, we will be vulnerable to the relentless Islamic pressure to yield concessions, orthodox Muslims will exploit our Achilles' heel, and we will lose. If enough non-Muslims know what it says in core Islamic texts, the relentless drive of orthodox Muslims to gain political power will be thwarted at every turn and the threat will be contained. We will consistently win those battles.

But so far, schools, politicians, and media are all failing to fight this battle. That leaves ordinary citizens to do what needs to be done. You and me.

So the biggest task ahead of us is educational. No, it's more than education. It's persuasion. It's influence. People need to be reached. People need to be informed about Islam's basic principles. But many resist and reject the information. That's why this is not a simple educational project for most people. We need to find ways around the resistance. We need to get through.

The first and most important principle of influence is to gain and maintain rapport. When you lose rapport, you lose the ability to influence.

In a communication discipline called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, otherwise known as NLP, you can find lots of good books, DVDs, seminars, and audio programs about gaining rapport.

"Try a brief experiment to demonstrate the importance of rapport for yourself," wrote Andreas and Faulkner in their book, NLP. "Think of a communication situation in your life where you were unsuccessful at getting what you wanted with another person — whether it was characterized by conflict or just frustration. Now think of another communication situation where you did get what you wanted — both you and the other person were satisfied with the result of the interaction. Now compare the two for the presence or absence of rapport. When people make this comparison repeatedly, they find that their communication successes are characterized by rapport and their failures by a lack of rapport. Rapport is a fundamental prerequisite for all effective communication. If you don't have rapport, you simply will not be effective with other people."

As citizen warriors, our number one task is to get more people to accept the facts about Islamic texts. This is how you can fight. We must be effective with people. So the first skill to master is gaining and maintaining rapport. Start here:

Gain Rapport to Help Get Through to Them
Rapport Comes Before Influence
The Magic of Rapport

When you are good at keeping rapport with people while talking about Islam, please share with us what works. Help other counterjihadists succeed in this vital task. Share your discoveries here: Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims.


To Follow Religious Teachings


Young Mohandas Gandhi
Gandhi read the Sermon on the Mount while he was in England studying law, and he was profoundly impressed by it. Gandhi was a Hindu and they don't have anything like it in the Hindu texts. Gandhi talked to Christians about the sermon because he was inspired by its implications, but many of the Christians gave him a lukewarm response. They seemed to feel that the idea of turning the other cheek or forgiving enemies wasn't something to be applied in "the real world."

Gandhi thought otherwise. He applied it and made history. Gandhi took that principle and made it the cornerstone of his successful nonviolent resistance movement in South Africa and then in India. And when women in America were struggling to get the vote, they followed Gandhi's example and succeeded too. Martin Luther King was also inspired by Gandhi's example.

Gandhi's earnest endorsement of the religious teachings found in a religious text and then sharing it with believers of the religion is similar to what is happening all over the Muslim world today. Muslims are reading the Koran and going to their fellow Muslims saying, "Did you know we're supposed to be covering our women, striving to seize political power, deceiving and terrorizing infidels, and waging war against them until the whole world follows the law of Allah?"

Often (fortunately), they also get a lukewarm response. But, of course, many of them are reading and following those teachings, and they, too, are making history. More people now die annually in the name of Islam than died in the 350 years of the Inquisition (source). More people have been killed in the name of Islam than have been killed by any other ideology or religion by far (source).

Like Gandhi, these enthusiastic Muslims are following the teachings of a religious book but, of course, the teachings of each religion can be quite different. A devout Jain doesn't eat meat. A devout Buddhist follows the Five Precepts (abstains from killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct, and becoming intoxicated). A devout Christian forgives enemies. A devout Muslim tries to make Islam the dominant religion on earth, by peaceful means if possible, by force if necessary.

I don't see how this problem will ever go away. I hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem possible to eradicate all Korans and Hadiths from the face of the earth. And as long as these texts exist, it seems likely that somebody will find them and follow them.

But the destructive impact of Islamic teachings can certainly be restricted and restrained. And you can help. The more of us involved, the more successful we will be. Here are thirty things an ordinary non-Muslim citizen can do to help contain the embedded danger in Islamic texts: What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam.


Islam Coexists?


There is an enormous irony contained in the Boston Marathon bombing. When the jihadi Tsarnaev brothers car jacked a Mercedes, it had a "Coexist" bumper sticker.

The Coexist bumper sticker is the religious symbol of the multicultural crowd — you know — all religions are the same. Well, the leading symbol of those who want to Coexist is the star and crescent Islam. And exactly how well has Islam coexisted with all of the others? What kind of neighbor has Islam been over history?

Start with Mohammed. We know an enormous amount about Mohammed as a neighbor to Kafirs (non-Muslims), pagans, Jews and Christians.

When Mohammed was in Mecca before he became a Muslim, he was a good neighbor who was prosperous and helped to settle disputes. But, that all changed when he became the prophet of Allah. Once he became a public preacher of Islam, he became an irritant to his neighbors. You see, not only did Mohammed know what was right, he demanded that everybody do everything his way, Allah’s way. He was a neighbor who was always right and you were always wrong. Not only were you wrong, but your parents and grandparents were wrong. Mohammed no longer settled arguments; he created arguments. After 13 years of this, the Meccans told Mohammed to leave Mecca.

So he went to the town of Medina, which was half Jewish. And what kind of neighbor was Mohammed to the Jews? Put briefly, two years later, Medina was Judenrein (cleansed of Jews). When he arrived, there were three tribes of Jews. In rapid order, the first tribe was driven out of town, bereft of their goods. Then the second tribe of Jews was exiled. They were lucky. The last of the Jewish tribes suffered the most. The women were enslaved and sold wholesale for money to purchase horses and arms for jihad. For the rest of his life, Mohammed used slavery to help finance his jihad. The children were kidnapped and adopted into Muslim families to be raised as Muslims. Then the 800 male Jews were all beheaded.

But wait. Mohammed was not through coexisting with the Jews. Later he left Medina and went to Khaybar and attacked them. Mohammed crushed them, took their wealth and put them to work under the Sharia to work as dhimmis and give him half of what they earned.

That was how Mohammed coexisted with the Jews.

But Mohammed was not through with coexisting with the Arabians. He attacked the Meccan caravans. His jihadists killed, kidnapped, stole, assassinated and fought the pagan Arabs at every turn. Mohammed’s coexistence policy with the Arabs was jihad. This went on until every Arab became a Muslim.

After Mohammed has made every soul in Arabia convert to Islam, he turned his coexistence policy to the Christians north of Arabia in Syria. He attacked the Christians the losers became dhimmis just like the Jews.

Dhimmis are the way that the Sharia allows Kafirs to coexist within a Muslim society. The dhimmi is a third class non-citizen who pays special taxes and has no real civil rights. A dhimmi could not testify against a Muslim in court, for instance.

Look at how Islam coexisted with Africa. A coexistence clue is that Arabic has one word, “abd”, that means both black slave and African. Context must supply which meaning is used. Islam ran the slave trade on the West coast, East coast and Mediterranean coasts of Africa. Islam sold every slave that was brought to the Americas. Conservative estimates are that 120 million Africans were killed in the jihad that produced all of the slaves in Africa.

How did Islam coexist with the Buddhists in what is now Afghanistan? Jihad annihilated every single Buddhist and their libraries and monasteries.

There is a massive data base of the coexistence between Islam and the rest of the world at It catalogs more than 20,000 jihad attacks around the world since 9/11 2001. Here is a chart of the data of the top 4 nations as victims of jihad:

Put another way, this is how Islam coexists today with Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. It practices jihad against all non-Muslims, Kafirs.

The idea of coexist has a social ring to it, we’re all one big happy family. But how do we talk about all religions and not get into which one is right or best? Well, there is an easy way to do it. If you are not a member of a religion, the only thing you care about is how you are treated by those who belong to that religion. In short, you only care about the ethics and character of the adherent.

All of the world’s religions have an ethical code that is rooted in the Golden Rule. Islam does not have a Golden Rule. Mohammed’s life is the perfect example of how not to be a good neighbor. How do you coexist with a neighbor who has the ethical choice of jihad of murder and deceit?

What do religious leaders in American think about coexisting with Islam? They love it. Coexist is the mental mush that fills the heads of the useful idiots that go to the Family of Abraham religious dialogues. The ministers and rabbis who go to these dialogs know as much about Islam as what is found on the Coexist bumper sticker. Really, their ignorance is astounding. They are there to coexist and the imam is there to dominate. Dhimmi Christians and Jews want to tie, the Muslim wants to win.

But the mental mush of coexistence is not just in the heads of the dhimmi religious leaders, it also fills the heads of law enforcement and military. Under Bush and Obama, all of those who actually know something about Islam inside the military and law enforcement have been eliminated. FBI and military training files have been purged to satisfy the Muslim Brotherhood. So our protectors are forbidden to study the war doctrine of political Islam. They are prevented from naming the enemy and studying them.

There is only one way to coexist with Islam over time. Islam must submit to Kafir civilization and we must never submit to Islam, not even in the smallest detail. This means we must all know the smallest details of Islam and that begins with the knowledge of Mohammed and his wars against all Kafirs.

First published in American Thinker:


Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
copyright (c) CBSX, LLC,
Use as needed, just give credit and do not edit.


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It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

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