The Key to Today's Global Jihad is Oil Money


Money is the power behind jihad. This has been the case since Muhammad began his raids on caravans. Look at the graph below. Before Muslims started gaining plunder, their numbers hardly increased for 13 years. Once the money started coming in, Islam's success rate skyrocketed.

Plunder from raids was only part of the cash flow. They also confiscated goods from the Jews they expelled from Medina (and the Jews they slaughtered, taking their women and children as slaves).

The other very crucial part of Islamic cash flow has been jizya taken from dhimmis. Jizya is a tax on Christians and Jews. As long as they remain subordinate and pay their non-Muslim tax, they are allowed to remain Christians and Jews under Islamic law.

All of these forms of income are parasitical. They take wealth from non-Muslims and use it to advance the cause of Islam.

The exploitation of oil's monopoly of the transportation fuel market is the modern version of jizya. The non-Muslims of the world paid OPEC nations over a TRILLION dollars last year (nine of the twelve OPEC nations are Muslim countries). That number should make you sit down to catch your breath. It is a literally incomprehensible sum of money. 

Just like the use of jizya in Muhammad's time, Islamic fundamentalists are draining the wealth of non-Muslims, trying to keep them weak and struggling, while strengthening and enriching their prime directive.

This can be stopped with fuel competition. Petroleum must get so much competition that we strip it of its strategic status. This will cause oil prices to drop, which will cut off money now going to build madrassas around the world and funding suicide bombers and sleeper cells and mosques that promote hatred and violence, etc. — fuel competition will cut off money now funding jihad

Many abundantly available fuels can successfully compete with oil better than ever before (because of the Save the King Foundation). The single most effective thing we can do to marginalize, discredit, and disempower Islamic fundamentalism in the world is to give those fuels a chance to compete with oil in the fuel market

In America, an Open Fuel Standard bill has just been introduced into Congress. It will make fuel competition a reality in the United States. If you are an American citizen, please urge your Representative to co-sponsor this bill. Learn more about it here.

The key to jihad is money. The key to curbing jihad is cutting off the money.


Anonymous 9:52 AM  

graph like Bill Warner!


Citizen Warrior 4:53 PM  

That graph IS Bill Warners!

Anonymous 9:25 PM  

But he was not focusing in money issue with this graph. He was talking of political aspect (money is part f it which you highlighted). That after 13 years islam spreads because of submission and duakity principle and the graph is worth studying as mohammed is ideal for muslims. first they can strart peacefully and befriend nonmuslims but the read core is violent jihad... the destiny

Anonymous 12:42 AM  

Again another excellent article.

Jamie Glazov interviews Anti-Jihadist on

The comments by Anti-Jihadist about the Western apathy are relevant ... Political Correctness and the Western Left are the barriers to us stifling our inadvertent funding of Jihad.

Citizen Warrior 2:20 AM  

I know he wasn't focusing on money when he used that graph. But I was. Jihad and money go hand in hand. The violence was committed to spread Islam. And the violence was committed to gain plunder, to gather wealth and power.

The politically correct and the Western left need to be sold differently on the flex fuel imperative. Talk about the environmental benefits, helping Third World farmers gain a better living growing biomass, etc. As long as they stop funding jihad by using alcohol fuels. They can do it for their own reasons. The outcome is the same.

Anonymous 2:06 AM  

Yes, Citizen Warrior, I agree fully that the Politically Correct and the Left need to be sold the idea of alternatives to oil on a different basis whatsoever.

If we can get past the government regulations that protect Western oil interests the Green Consumer could bring the oil business to its knees.

For their Alpha Egos and Villas and Mistresses and Expensive Toys, Western oil executives are betraying the West by using governments to regulate and protect their interests.

This is not a free market but a type of business-fascism.

So again, the Enemy is within us - the powerful Western oil interests that force us to buy oil (through government regulation impeding the free market mechanisms) from Islamic nations and Leftists like Chavez.

The other danger is European tax money going to fund Solar Maghreb.

Again, Western tax payers will be funding the Islamic Scimitar that will behead them.

Actually any form of Western tax money going to assist any Islamic nation is simply sharpening the Sword of Allah (with apologies to Damocles).

Anonymous 9:27 PM  

invest in CABND!!!!!!! look it up!!!!! what's the matter with the world?? we're self destructing and 99.9% of the world's inhabitants is CLUELESS!! EVERYBODY... WAKE THE f*** UP!!!!

Anonymous 8:46 AM  

In my view

Everything of Camelmans (creature with human body and brain of Camel) pack must not be abandoned by humans.
As Petrol is nearly as important as water is.
A. There is provision forced buying of water (at a reasonable Price in Camelland cult).
B. Petrol (of Desertland) must be declared as planet property.
Since, it is as important as water and is world property, so the custodian of oil in camelands should be UN.
UN should pay Camelmans reasonable money as royalty, so Camelmans have enough to raise camel and milk it and there is no resentment of Camelmans against humans.
With half dollar a day Camelman can live, stone, rape, keep easily and be happy.
Let there be Camelmans Sanctuary like Elephant Sanctuary and humans have minimum access.

Anonymous 10:00 AM  

thanks for letting your idea behind the graph

Anonymous 2:02 PM  

A quarter of the US debt today is due to the wars it has engaged in since 9/11.

Perhaps therein is the victory of the Islamist zombies of 9/11.

About a quarter of a million people have lost their lives in the resulting wars, but only about ten thousand of these are Westerners (soldiers, aid workers etc).

So for every infidel killed so far, even if we include the 9/11 victims, we have a kill ratio of about twenty to one in favour of the infidels.

Not a great kill ratio from a ‘holy warrior’ point of view, surely?

However there is a consolation factor for the male muslim martyr.

Assuming half of the dead non Westerners are males, the vast majority being muslims, we are looking at about one hundred thousand ‘martyrs’ requiring 7,2 million virgins in the service of ensuring the Eternal Orgasmic Pleasure of the male martyrs.

Allah will have to ensure he can supply these else he might be in big trouble from the lustful martyrs streaming into heaven for Eternal Sex!

Anonymous 2:56 AM  

No doubt, Qatar, Hell’s Headquarters On Earth, must be delighted with its manipulations of the West!

Having successfully urged Nato to bomb Gaddafi, with the illusion of sending six fighter planes into the coalition (have they ever been used at all?) they have used Western tax payers’ money to help remove an obstacle to a greater Islamist cause.

Worse still they have succeeded in pushing to the limits a desperate leader who still has the potential of causing grave damage to Europe!

See: Gaddafi vows revenge on Europe

Lockerbie after all is his style!

And Europe is not China! The Chinese would have finished him off with the first missile launched!

So how does Qatar, manage to do this?

How does a spit of sand, a cess pit of human rights violations, get away with Al Jazeera and its line up of Useful Celebrity Idiots from Fisk to the Rest!?

How on earth is Qatar any better than Bahrain from a human rights point of view? Almost half of the people in Qatar are infidel immigrants, in servitude to the muslims! Vulnerable to being beheaded, limb amputated, and used for sex by the ‘superior’ Arab males whilst their zombified muslim wives look away in case they anger their muslim husbands and not get to heaven!

So how come they do not have the ‘Arab Spring’ turbulence, why is such turbulence only the right of the majority Shias in Bahrain and not equally of down trodden infidels in Qatar?

Love them or hate them, one cannot but recognise Qatar’s impossible capacity to deceive and bleed us of our money!

Anonymous 5:59 AM  

More on how the Islamists are draining us financially …

I recall the Val Plame incident, not clearly reported on the whole, perhaps also because it was very odd.

For a while not much has been said about it.

Then the movie “Fair Game” came out and the hidden agendas become far clearer.

For some reason Bush and Cheney were obsessed with going to war in Iraq, and were bent on fabricating the evidence of weapons of mass destruction. The arrogant despot that Hussein was tried to pretend that perhaps there was something there – a stupid threat to keep the West at bay.

Bush probably did it for revenge (Saddam Hussein tried to assassinate his father) and Cheney & Co for sheer greed, manipulating Bush’s desire for revenge and using his business connections to win massive war related contracts.

If nothing else Hussein was at least able to contain Al Qaeda, and if nothing else at least that can also be said about Gaddafi, despite Lockerbie. Once the rebels have overcome Tripoli, Al Qaeda will be Roaring at Europe in Islamic Jihad!

When we consider the Enemy Within, it is not only the naïve Politically Correct and the romantic Western Left dreaming of a Utopia that built a 20th Century pile of almost a hundred million corpses thanks to Stalin, Mao and others.

The Enemy Within is also all those who out of greed or other agendas compromise our Western Civilization.

Better a Saddam Hussein in place, without weapons of mass destruction as the Plame intelligence suggested, than the Iraq of today which will disappear into an Al Qaeda Black Hole once the Americans have finally left.

If muslims want to fight each other, persecute each other, and perform genocide against each other – let them! Why on earth should we waste a single Western cent or worse still a single Western life?

Like the well-intentioned useful idiot of an Italian, Vic, who met his death at the hands of Islamists in Gaza – and the delicately beautiful and noble Karen Woo, who would be sanctified immediately if a compassionate god truly existed!

Let the Islamic war god and his warlord prophet rescue muslims, from war and tsunamis alike.

Infidel Britain gave more aid to the Indonesian tsunami victims per capita than any other nation!

And as a whole, the Infidel West gave more aid to the Indonesian tsunami victims per capita than the oil rich Islamic Middle East.

We have enough evidence unfortunately to recognise that humanitarian missions in Islamic lands make us only look even more like the fools we are as far as muslims are concerned (consider Kosovo and Somalia as but two of many examples).

How Vaughan Smith’s Nato liberated Kosovo wife is not withholding sex from him after he advocated that ISAF medivac choppers should be fair targets in war can only be because she is muslim. Why would she care about infidels?

Trying to care for muslims only raises the Collective Conscious Contempt that muslims have for infidels when we act out of the compassion that drives all great religions - with the exception of Islam.

So Western oil imperialists who use government regulations to impede competition from alternative fuels, the military-industrial complex who encourage wars for the wrong reasons, and crooked politicians like Bush and Cheney who have deceived us – they are all the Enemy Within.

We can still understand the Politically Correct as the well-intentioned naïve, and the Western Left as delusional romantics – but we should not be forgiving towards those of us who betray us out of sheer greed!

Crooked politicians like Bush and Cheney, but also mercenary journalists earning their living off farcical ‘human rights promoters’ like Al Jazeera!

Walter Sieruk 10:50 AM  

A claim by Islamic scholars as well as jihadists is that no one can produce something as beautiful as the Quran in the way the words are arranged and thus it can only be of God. This claim should be answered.
First, all someone has to do is examine some of the great works of literature to fine much written beauty. Such as the Greek epic poet Homer with his Iliad and Odyssey and then Virgil who produced the Aeneid has beauty. Even one of the non-Bible books in the Apocrypha called The Song of Three Children is also very beautiful. Thus just because someone sees a work that is written in great beauty doesn’t mean it’s inspired by God.
Second, the scholar Edward Gibbon wrote after an examination of the Quran that it is an “incoherent jumble of fable and precept and declamation which seldom excites a sentiment or an idea, sometimes craws in the dust and is sometimes lost in the clouds…” The writer Thomas Carlyle wrote the Quran is “A wearisome jumble, crude, incondite [with] endless iterations [and] longwindedness…” Likewise, the philosopher David Hume was NOT favorably impressed after reading the Quran.
[Source of the three scholars mentioned – Secrets of The Koran: Revealing Insight Into Islam’s Holy Book .56,66, by Don Richardson]

Furthermore, the following should be taken into consideration.

Of course the Muslim who reads the Quran will see great beauty in the way the words are arranged. This is, in part, because of the power of suggestion after being told so many times that the Quran is so beautifully written. That’s an old brainwashing method, repeating and being told that same thing again and again. Since he or she is always being told the same lie will end up believing that lie. In addition to that, the Imams try to discourage their people from reading other works, such as the Bible, so then they don’t have much or anything to compare or contrast the Quran with. Of course there are some Muslim’s that do read other works, but they are exceptions and they read other things only after they were already brainwashed by the Imams. In short, the Muslims can’t read the Quran objectively because their Imams have programmed them to have a strong bias towards it.

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