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THE MAPPING SHARI'A PROJECT sends trained people into mosques in the U.S. to find out whether or not they are calling for jihad. In other words, do the leaders of the mosques urge their followers to follow the strict teachings of Islam, including the call to undermine the United States government and to eventually overthrow it? For the majority of the mosques they've investigated so far, the answer is Yes. (Read more about U.S. mosques.)

To advocate jihad is sedition, and anyone doing so in the U.S. ought to be imprisoned or deported. Allowing it to occur is self-destructive multiculturalism. When the Mapping Shari'a Project finds a mosque advocating jihad against the United States, they give that information to law enforcement officials.

This is one of the most practical actions I've heard about anyone taking to defeat the relentless Islamic political encroachment.

You can listen to the president of the Society of Americans for National Existence, David Yerushalmi, explain the Mapping Shari'a Project to Michael Savage, by clicking on the link below. The interview is about 13 minutes long.

I asked the Mapping Shari'a Project if the information they provide has led to the arrest or conviction of any Jihadis, and they said,

"We cannot publicize what if any are the end results of our leads provided to federal and local authorities but we can confirm that all Serious Incident Reports of direct or palpable threats are reported to the authorities. While the top brass in DC among the FBI and HS are foolish at best, the guys on the streets know the score and that is one real reason we have not had an attack in 7 years. Your assistance in getting the word out is appreciated."

To read a more detailed example of how the Mapping Shari'a Project operates and what kinds of things they find, read this article: More Dangerous Than Bombs: Jihad By Subversion.

Even if they didn't give information to any law-enforcement officials, their work is important. They're gathering evidence that can help to eventually change the way free governments around the world successfully put as stop to what we could call the Islamic invasion.

Here's an article on the Mapping Sharia Project: Over 400 Radical, Anti-US Islamic Centers Exposed.


Thorum 4:55 AM  

Great post!! This issue is VERY important!! Hopefully everyone interested will lend their support to Mapping Sharia.

Christina 9:38 AM  

I am thrilled to have just found this site. Citizen, thank you so much.

Citizen Warrior 1:25 PM  

Thanks, Christina!

Anonymous 12:41 PM  

In fact muslims are maibe 2% 5% of population here in erope. But they still rule over us native european. We are tired of their arrogance. I always liked american culture, as opposite of many people that live in Europe. I don't know if in Europe we will be able to fight and to save Europe or we will end under sharia laws, acting like dimmies or pseudo-muslim (left wing removed freedom of speech to right wing, claiminng that right winged people don't deserve that right), but Americans save yourself and your beautiful country.

Unknown 7:11 PM  

Sory, but most Americans are blind in their believes that Islam is about the religion. Islam is political doctrine and all its followers should be recognized as the foreign agents.
About the Muslim violence around the Globe; Who provide them rights to kill - no one, and they try to take that right by force. Because of that we have no choice, but stop them by force right now.

Hairy Jerry 8:20 AM  

Does the author feel the same way about Dominionists? Dominionists are Christians who want to overthrow the USA into a Christian theocracy.

There is a strong Dominionist movement in the US Airforce.

Anyone who has ever watched Ken Hovind, Ray Comfort or Kirk Cameron know that Christians lie too. They may not know they lie, just like many Muslims, they tell the same lies that they were gullible enough to swallow, but in the case of the three men above, they lie with malice and forethought, a deliberate intent to deceive.

The 'Church' of Scientology members also lie, as does many Mormon church members, conveniently burying the nastier aspects of their church, history and operations. The Catholic Church makes up so called 'miracles' so they can create saints out of terrible people, like Mother Teresa who refused to give medicine to those in her care. She believed people get closer to God by suffering, so she ensured those in her care suffered. And let us not forget the Catholic Churches hiding of pedophiles from prosecution, breaking laws in many countries in order to protect priests and the Church.

Almost all religions are designed to increase, spread and proselytize. Islam is no different. It's just that most of Islam is a more fundamental religion that is more violent.

Karlosleeds 7:38 PM  

Agree that most religions have their skeletons and don't help societies move forward, but Islam is a particularly vicious and pernicious religion. We could do with the same project in the UK - I live in Yorkshire and we have a huge number of mosques and organisations promoting sharia - they need to be stopped

Karlosleeds 7:45 PM  

All religions have their skeletons in the closet and generally makes society try to move backwards to whenever or whatever their 'prophet's' thought and believed was rational and good conduct at the time (which is invariably irrelevant in a enlightened technological society). Islam is the post pernicious and worrying due to its early opposed views on modern society and its ability to create more and more blind followers - children are taught the Quran is the word of God from day one and are susseptible to the rational conclusion of its teachings - sharia and a global caliphate. This must be stopped

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