Not Without My Daughter


SALLY FIELD PORTRAYS an American woman who is married to a man from Iran. He decides to take his family back to Iran for a vacation, but then decides to stay. She is outraged, but she has no recourse. She is shocked to discover there is nothing she can do. She is his wife, and Muslim law (which is strictly followed in Iran) says he has the right to tell her what to do, and if she wants to leave the country, she has to leave her child. Children are the property of the husband.

This is a true story. It puts you inside a country following Islamic law, allowing you to feel the horror a woman from a free country would feel to have so many rights taken away. For Islamic fundamentalists, part of the practice of their religion is to live in a country following Sharia (Islamic law). This includes an enforcement of the principle that wives and children are the property of the husband and father.

In the movie, we see through the eyes of an American woman, and we are as shocked as she is. It is hard to believe somewhere in the modern world women have so few rights.

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Watch the movie Not Without My Daughter to see why women's rights are so important and how it is in direct opposition to the goals of Islamic fundamentalists.


Unknown 7:05 AM  

I really enjoyed your review of this film. I've read Betty Mahmoodys book on which the film was based and the follow up called 'for the love of a child'. Unfortunately there is a lot of scepticism surrounding how legitimate the book is, so it was refreshing to read the review of someone who believes her story fully and understands the importance of highlighting the issue of womens rights.

Citizen Warrior 12:14 PM  

Whether her particular story is true in every particular, it portrays the plight of women from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, many places in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Maldives, Indonesia, North Africa, and even in some of the no-go zones in Europe!

Islam is repressive to women. Read some of the basic fundamentals of Islam here.

Anonymous 2:56 PM  

I was in Iran when it was under the Shah and free. Iranians were the friendliest, most hospitable people! After Khomeini it sure changed as indoctrination also incurred. When Khamenei became the new ayatollah, it got worse and driving overland to Europe was impossible... for Americans. Our Canadian drove one of vehicles back through and saw bodies hanging over the main roads. He asked "Why were these men and women hung?" The response, "This is Iran, there is law but no justice."

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