A Concession That Should Not Be Granted


MUSLIMS LIVING IN the West are waging jihad by gaining concessions. And one of the concessions they've been easily attaining in the free world is permission to build mosques by the thousands, usually funded by Saudi oil money, and controlled by Jihadis.

Western countries hardly think twice when Muslims want to build a mosque, because Westerners think of mosques as simply "places of worship." But Jihadis consider mosques on foreign soil to be staging posts for further encroachments into the country with the ultimate goal of establishing the law of Allah in that new land.

In other words, Western countries are allowing Jihadis to build forward bases for their military infiltration
. That might sound like fear-mongering, but it's a plain fact that even Jihadis don't try to hide. Jihad is preached in mosques, and it is not the exception, but the rule. Seditious material is for sale and given to mosque-goers all over the free world. (Read more about the kind of messages promoted in mosques in the United States and Britain.)

In short, a mosque is a military outpost in the invasion of a non-Muslim country.

The book, The Mosque Exposed, is written by two ex-Muslims, S. Solomon and E. Alamaqdisi. In it, they write, "...in Islam...the mosque is always the center, the beginning, and the end of all Islamic affairs..." As Fatwa #26159 says:

"For a mosque is symbol of the presence of Islam, the heartbeat of the Muslim community, an educational outlet where the community is taught to combat evil, ignorance and apostasy. It is a university as well as a court, from where the laws of Allah are promoted, it is a symbol of authority within that community and ultimately within the state and beyond, for the Apostle of Allah said Islam rises and nothing rises above it, for it is the uppermost."

A mosque is just a building. But in Islam, the mosque is the center of their religion, and in Islam the religion is totally encompassing in a way non-Muslims can hardly imagine. As Solomon and Alamaqdisi write:

"Islam cannot be defined only as a religion in the Western sense of the word, neither can it be termed as a faith only. It is a whole encompassing system. It is first and foremost a socio-political and socio-religious system, as well as socio-economic, socio-educational, legislative, judiciary, and military system, cloaked and garbed in religious terminology, with regulations that govern every aspect of the lives of its adherents and their relationships among themselves, and with those that are non-Muslims.

"The main institution that plays a central role in the Muslim community directing their lives and almost everything related to that is the mosque."

Muslims are required to emulate Mohammad in all ways, and Mohammad used the mosque as a home-base where jihad was declared, where fatwas were made, where indoctrination took place, where raids and attacks were planned, where the planning and building of the Islamic State took place, where military orders were given, and it was in the mosque where Mohammad gave his death sentences to the enemies of Islam.

It says over seventy times in the Qur'an that a Muslim should follow Mohammad's example.

Given all that, a new policy should be established in democracies around the world: No more mosques can be built. And the ones that already exist should be closely monitored. When a mosque is found to promote sedition, it should be closed. A new mosque is a concession that should not be granted.


Anonymous 12:13 PM  

Dear Citizen Warrior,

Your article, "A Concession That Should Not Be Granted" is essential for our National Security. Your suggestions to prevent building future mosques, monitoring the existing ones, and shutting down those guilty of sedition is absolutely essential for our national security. You deserve the highest respect and appreciation for these insightful recommendations. It is a tragedy of negligence that our politicians and national security apparatus have not implemented these long ago.

You state, "a mosque is a military outpost in the invasion of a non-Muslim country". You are absolutely correct and your point has been proven a million times over during the last thousand years right up to the present. Unless and until we forbid mosques the United States will continue "drifting" into extremely dangerous territory.

All Americans should stand up to commend and applaud your courage in telling what the truth actually is, and pointing out how our national security has been seriously jeopardized by the "mushrooming" of mosques in the USA. Mosques truly are the staging areas for the conquest of infidel countries, and this point cannot be overstressed.


Martel Sobieskey

River Fred 5:33 PM  

The politically correct will destroy America. I am proud to be politically incorrect.


Citizen Warrior 4:51 AM  

Congressional Candidate Vijay Kumar wrote an excellent article detailing the Islamic meaning and use of mosques:


It's well worth reading.

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