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WHEN YOU ARE sharing what you know about Islam's relentless encroachment on the free world, it often helps to have something compelling to share. Below are two shareable items to use in your campaign to influence your friends and family.

The first was sent to me by a friend in Hawaii, entitled "Terrorism That's Personal." It is a set of 12 professional photographs of Muslim women who have been horribly scarred by acid thrown on their face. The damage done to these women is terrible to see. Shocking.

Nicholas Kristof, one of the creators of the
Girl Effect and a New York Times op-ed columnist, traveled to Pakistan last year. He wrote: "I’ve been investigating such acid attacks, which are commonly used to terrorize and subjugate women and girls in a swath of Asia from Afghanistan through Cambodia (men are almost never attacked with acid). Because women usually don’t matter in this part of the world, their attackers are rarely prosecuted and acid sales are usually not controlled. It’s a kind of terrorism that becomes accepted as part of the background noise in the region."

If you have have the stomach for it, view the pictures
here. And share them with people you know. But when you do, make sure you give them some practical actions they can take to do something about it. Whenever you horrify someone, give them something they can do about it. It is unkind to do otherwise. With that in mind, here are the photographs: 12 Images.

If those images don't motivate someone to want to stop the atrocities, I don't know what will. I also recommend you read and share Nicholas Kristof's original article (and video):
Terrorism That's Personal.

The second item I want to share with you is from one of my favorite columnists, Phyllis Chesler. In a recent article, she wrote:

The other day, a twenty-year-old woman was sold at an open auction in Badani Bhutto, Pakistan. Her brothers divided up the money. No one condemned this shameless and abominable act.

It is an act that haunts me.

For a long time now, similar kinds of people (yes, mainly Muslims) have invaded — no, immigrated to — Europe, where they have continued to engage in polygamy, arranged child marriage, forced veiling of women, honor-related violence, including honor murders (17,000 honor-related crimes of violence have been estimated to occur annually in the UK alone), and female genital mutilation. According to my new (and about to be published) study, honor murders in Europe are especially savage — even more so than in developing Muslim countries.

You can read the rest of her article here:
Battling Against the Islamification of the World.

These two shareable items demonstrate the need to give women and girls human rights in Islamic countries. The situation is urgent, and anyone with normal human feelings will immediately know something needs to be done.

If you're talking to a friend who doesn't want to hear about Islam, simply direct them to the Girl Effect or share with them the book, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Your friend's efforts to empower women and protect girls will help curb Islam's ultimate goal, and it will be effective even if your friend never learns a thing about Islam.

Read more about how to influence your friends: Think Small Bits and Long Campaigns.

At the back of
Half the Sky is a short section called Four Steps You Can Take in the Next Ten Minutes that has practical things you can do right now to help empower women. It has been reproduced online here: Four Steps.
Learn more about influencing your friends:


Anonymous 5:31 PM  

According to my new study, honor murders in Europe are especially savage

That's not surprising. Examples must be made to prevent assimilation by women other than the victim. That's not necessary in Sharia-law or Sharia-lite countries, where there is no way to escape.

Damien 2:45 PM  


I'm not surprised by that either. What's really shocking is how little is being done to stop it.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion 4:59 PM  

Thank you for the article. This is not a "religion" that people practice in a prayer life. It is a political, social, cultural force of evil that effects any community or nation which allows Muslims. How the left claims to be for "equal rights" and promotes this evil is typical hypocrisy. The left only hates Christians, conservatives liberty, and human rights. The left is blinded by hate for Christians and conservatives. Only conservatives and Christians can stop the Muslim culture of hate for women - the left only claimed to be for women's rights in an effort to destroy the nuclear family to usher in communism.

What a sick world. Here in the USA, we must maintain Western Civilization and put a stop to all Muslim immigration. I want to see all Muslims deported and recognized as a danger to the liberty of Western Civilization. They're people infected with an evil ideology of hate. It's awful to consider their practice of slavery and how they treat women. Savage.

Citizen Warrior 7:10 PM  

Susie Q,

I like some of what you said, but I have to take exception to at least one of your statements: "the left only claimed to be for women's rights in an effort to destroy the nuclear family to usher in communism."

My mother is a liberal and fought hard for women's rights, but she never had a desire to destroy the nuclear family, nor is she in favor of communism.

I think it's possible SOME liberals have that desire, but I doubt if most of them do. Any liberal reading such a statement will automatically disregard anything else you say, because if they are a liberal and yet not interested in the destruction of the nuclear family or communism, they can know for a fact you've overstated your case, and you've lost them.

I'm sure even many, like me, who are on your side will think you've overstated your case and we will automatically think less of anything else you say.

This is an important issue for our cause. We are not clearly divided along liberal-conservative lines, and we should act accordingly. There are many liberals who would join with us in our cause if the issue was not hindered by the liberal-conservative division.

More important for you personally is the impact of the thought-mistakes on your own life. Two of the most common mistakes people make in their thinking — and I'm not singling you out; all of us have done it — is to assume you know the motives of others, and to overgeneralize.

But each of us can remove our habitual thought-mistakes. And the more we do, the easier it is to bring people to our cause.

This is HOW to clean up thought-mistakes.

The process is good for a great many things, including improving your ability to communicate with people who don't agree with you, and increasing your morale during setbacks.

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