Think Small Bits and Long Campaigns


THE MOST important thing a citizen warrior like you can do to help defeat Jihadis is to educate and persuade everyone in your circle of influence. Educating and persuading is sometimes delicate business, and the people you talk to may have pre-existing reasons to reject your point of view before you even finish your first sentence. Because of this, it helps if you think in terms of small tidbits of information. A little at a time. And over a long time.

Opinions are usually changed
slowly. Over many months, a person can completely change their opinion about something. But an opinion is almost never changed in an argument. In fact, one of the best ways to make someone a passionate believer in what they already believe is to make a really good argument against their opinion, mercilessly attacking it with facts.

But a few interesting facts here and there, casually delivered, interestingly presented, can alter a person's opinion over time without them ever thinking they've been influenced. As far as they are concerned, they changed their
own opinion, and that's the best result you can have.

This makes your task much easier than trying to argue with people, or getting into heated debates. All you have to concern yourself with is what interesting fact you can share today.

You get into brief conversations with people all the time. Often they ask you, "What's new?" These are perfect opportunities to mention an interesting tidbit. "I was just reading a book last night by this lady who disguised herself as a Muslim and filmed secret Jihadi meetings right here in America. You know what she found?"

Something like that makes a person curious. S/he will want to know more. Or, if not, no big deal. You've planted a little seed.

I've often started great conversations with people by saying something like, "I was reading a book on Muhammad yesterday and I'm totally surprised about something. Muhammad is not like any religious founder I've ever heard of. Did you know he once ordered a Jewish rabbi to be tortured for information about where the rabbi hid some jewels? Or that he personally ordered the beheading of 600 captives? It's amazing! Can you imagine Buddha or Jesus doing something like that?"

It's a tidbit. It often gets a good conversation going. And even if not, you've added a small bit of information that can change an opinion over time, or make someone more open to information in the future
information s/he might have deliberately refused to accept before.

Think in terms of what is interesting. What is surprising? Find good stories that will be interesting for people to hear.

While you're reading or listening to audiobooks or watching DVDs, look for juicy tidbits you can share. Even write them down.
Think small. Find something you can say in a couple sentences. Ideally your conversations would be driven by the other person's curiosity. Say something very short and interesting, and let them ask you more about it.

If you have conversations like this with people, over time, some of them will come to think differently about Jihad and about concessions to Islam. You've just added a new voter who is no longer fooled by religious deception (taqiyya).

As you do this, when you find a good, juicy tidbit people really respond to, come back here and add it to the comments on this page. Let's get a good collection we can all use. What tidbits work the best for you?


Anonymous 3:39 PM  

The concept of 'Taqiyya' has amazed my Jewish and Christian friends. Both the Judeo-Christian religions have a great respect for the truth, believing that G_d is the ultimate truth.

'Thou shalt not bear false witness..'
'The truth will set you free' etc.

They find the challenge of a 'religion' that encourages deceit and spreads itself by lies totally gobsmacking.

Citizen Warrior 5:14 PM  

It IS totally gobsmacking! I love that word.

Robert Marchenoir 6:21 PM  

Simply intelligent.

Jason 4:23 PM  

I pointed out to people in a room that if Islam got its way in our country, to picture the signs overhead of our highways, with 'us' hanging by our necks from them, just for being who we are. I think I got their attention with it. Vivid imagery of what our world would be like, the same images that we see from that world, I think, are the most vivid if you make people picture them happening here, and I know for sure that that's what got me thinking seriously about Islam and looking at it to discern if it was a threat for myself. I'm very thoroughly convinced.

Citizen Warrior 4:58 PM  

Jason, thank you.

You should participate at Talk About Islam Among Non-Muslims. Start with your comment here. This is the kind of thing we need.

Zackery Martel 5:29 PM  

I recently asked a reader, "When did you first discover Islam is not a religion of peace? How did it come about?"

He replied, "I don't really remember, but bits and pieces (yeah, the Religion of Pieces) were forwarded to me and I picked it up a little bit at a time..."

I thought that was an encouraging response for those who forward emails and post on their Facebook pages. A little at a time gets the job done.

Anonymous 1:15 PM  

The bits and pieces work best. I strongly suggest avoiding the Qur'an but target their ideal man, Mohamed.
Surprisingly, within six months, it is they who are emailing me info (although old stuff).

Citizen Warrior 8:11 PM  

That's excellent. If you do it in small enough pieces, and casually enough, they'll think they've come to the realization on their own, and that's the best way for it to happen. You don't get any credit, but you've done a really good thing for all of us.


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