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Yesterday, I was talking to a man who implied that if we only had a good enough negotiator, we could settle the conflict between Israel and Palestine. And I realized anew that the West's conflict with the Islamic Military ("radical Islam") cannot be solved until enough of us understand what's going on. That is, until enough of us understand the goal and methods of the Jihadis and the extent of their support in the wider Islamic community (and the tremendous support of their religious doctrine).

Because until that understanding is widespread, every solution we try will only concede more to the Jihadis. And as they gain concessions, they gain advantage. They don't concede anything back. It's all loss on freedom's side and gain on Shari'a's side. They take the concessions and push for more, and the West still keeps conceding, thinking they're dealing with people who have a sense of fairness and reciprocity.

The simple solution is "no more concessions for Islam." If every democratic country stopped right now conceding anything to Islam, the problem is mostly solved, and what's left of the problem would be isolated and manageable. But until a majority of the population of a country really understands the problem, no politician in that country can afford to take that stand.

What this means is that YOU are a crucial warrior in this fight. You, the citizen warrior. You have your circle of influence, and it is critical that you do all the influencing you can.


Pastorius 12:35 PM  

Hi C-Dub,

You said: If every democratic country stopped right now conceding anything to Islam, the problem is mostly solved, and what's left of the problem would be isolated and manageable.

I say: It seems to me, the reason we make most of the concessions we make is not because of an actual fear of Islam, but instead because of Leftism and Political Correctness.

For instance, we don't drill our own oil, because we have a belief in the sacreness of Gaia (Mother Earth) and we don't want to "destroy the balance of nature."

That is absolute silliness.

We aren't afraid to drill our own oil because of Islam. We are afraid to drill our own oil because of our fear about a fairy tale (to use Armistage's phrase) that we made up in our own heads.

Same thing goes for destroying the Mosque in which Sadr holed up with his fellow Jihadists.

We didn't destroy the Mosque and the Sadrites, not because we were afraid of them, but because we were afraid we couldn't live with ourselves if we did it.

We have bought Pacifism. Pacifism is an absolutely idiotic ideology, especially the absolutist pacifism which is so popular on the left these days.

Citizen Warrior 1:20 PM  


I don't think we make concessions out of fear of Islam. Not at all. Jihadis within our borders constantly lobby and demonstrate and protest and push for concessions, and in order to get votes, politicians concede.

And in order to fulfill their commitment to make all cultures feel accepted, ordinary citizens vote for politicians who don't single out Islam as a religion to be wary of.

The combination of pushing by Islamic political groups and innocence (ignorance) of ordinary voters means Islam keeps getting concessions.

Not enough people know we SHOULD be wary of Islam. As you know, is a political force with a long-term strategy and it is gaining concessions and thus gaining political power. If Islam gains too much power, the free world will lose its freedoms and something precious will be lost.

People do not vote for politicians who seem bigoted or racist or Islamophobic, and the majority of people don't understand that refusing to concede anything to Islam is none of those things.

And voters don't understand this because a knowledge of the scope, goals, or methods of the Islamic political encroachment is not widespread in the free world.

We can't rely on anyone else to inform the public. Politicians want votes, and mainstream media wants to be politically correct (and make all cultures feel accepted). Nobody else is going to do the job. It's up to us.

Lucas 5:54 AM  

Seems to me that some people DO know what Islam is all about, and are only firing pre-emptive shots at those who want to expose it.

Citizen Warrior 7:31 AM  

That's a useful perspective, Mats. I just saw a film yesterday put out by a Muslim group talking about Islamophobia. They showed a Muslim American congressman being asked about his patriotism, and the narrator of the film interjected a comment saying the question was clearly "racist and xenophobic."

The question was neither. It was a question informed about the doctrines of Islam, one of which is that your allegiance to Islam takes priority over your allegiance to anything else, including your country. That's an important consideration for a politician. Will you, as a politician, be working for the good of Islam or the good of the country when those two interests conflict?

Anyway, it seemed that the narrator's comment was a kind of pre-emptive strike. She was trying to strike down legitimate criticism unfairly, but for a manipulative reason rather than an ethical reason.

Anonymous 1:20 AM  

Israel lives right on the front lines of jihad. For this sliver of western values barely holding its own the cultural desert, an island the size of Manhattan which represents less than .05% of the Islamic Middle East, terror has always been a daily reality. The caliphate is very clear about all of this. Conversely, the average resident in an emerging Eurabia is easily paralyzed when they find themselves treated to the same kind of jihad shock & awe campaign. A world which refuses to awaken & see that that this is political masquerading as religion, a policy of annihilation aimed at ALL infidels, not just Jews singled out for nazified hatred, is a world whose denial puts every country at risk. All who deny the enormity of what we are all facing are like those drowning, those who will drag down even the strongest of the swimmers to drown along with them, as Eurabia continues to unfold on schedule.

Anonymous 9:14 PM  

I think the key take away here is that we need to gather allies, coordinate efforts, and concentrate our force at a decisive point.

Now, if that decisive point is your circle of influence so be it.

Starting something as simple as a Facebook page is a way to gather allies etc.

The biggest pain in getting the message out is the Leftest denial. People are willing to stick to the mantra that "Muslims are nice people".

It's ridiculous.

Citizen Warrior 12:04 PM  

Well said. I would add this, however: overgeneralizations are the enemy of us all. Some people on the Left understand the problem. Some on the Right don't. We don't need things like this to divide us and the Left-Right divide only serves our enemies.

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