Blueprint for Jihadists


If you excerpted the parts of Islamic texts on jihad, you would get a short how-to book. That is what follows. The article below might be called, How To Wage Jihad in a Nutshell, Updated For The 21st Century, taken from the pages of Islam's texts.

In the texts, it is clear that if you're a believer, it is your duty to spend your time and money getting the whole world to follow Islamic law, no matter how long it takes and even if you have other things you'd rather be doing. It is your duty. Allah expects it of you, and there are serious consequences in the afterlife if you don't. For those who choose to accept Allah's mission, here are the instructions:

1. As a formality, always invite infidels to convert to Islam before you do anything else. They just might choose conversion rather than hostilities, and if they do, you've saved yourself a lot of time and money.

2. Probably they won't take you up on your offer, so if you already have your own Islamic state, find a way to provoke a hostile response from an infidel country. Keep provoking until you get a hostile response. Don't start outright war. Just provoke.

3. When you get a hostile response, use it as an excuse to escalate hostilities with that country. But make sure you call it "defending Islam." Never think of it (or portray it as) an aggressive war, either to your own people or to the infidels. Only do this when you are sure you will not be wiped out by the enemy's aggressive response.

4. When you aren't in a position to defeat the infidel country militarily, make peace treaties with it, without actually intending to keep the treaties. Use a treaty as a way to prevent the country from attacking you while you gain enough strength to defeat it later. Pour any extra money you have into building up the power of your Islamic state and military prowess.

5. Use deception against the infidels. Lie to them. Pretend to be their friend, but never actually allow yourself any friendly feeling toward an infidel. Portray yourself in such a way that prevents them from trying to suppress you while you gain strength. Always remember, every Muslim in the world, wherever he is, is your brother. Every infidel is your enemy.

6. Do whatever you can to increase the ratio of Muslims to non-Muslims. For example, have lots of children. Try your best to convert infidels peacefully to your religion. Men can marry up to four wives. Try to marry widows and convert infidel women to Islam and marry them. Gain a Muslim numerical advantage.

7. Undermine the infidels in any way you can without weakening your position. This is your most important activity when not actually in battle. In modern days, this might mean using the press to your advantage, trying to capitalize on any division you might perceive within the infidel country, immigrating to the country and trying to undermine their laws and pressing for Islamic concessions, strongly suppressing any criticism of Islam, giving money to organizations that will lobby for Muslim rights and organizations that will use the laws to put legal pressure on anyone who might slow down your jihad from within, using the internet to your advantage, infiltrating and invading into every place you can use to your advantage, taking full advantage of any freedoms and rights available in that country to eventually use them to undermine those freedoms and rights (by establishing Sharia law) once you gain the reins of power. All of this is jihad. Jihad is not only fighting on the battlefield and killing. Jihad is total war.

8. Make jihad your overarching mission in life, but keep it a secret from the infidels, because revealing it would weaken Islam. In fact, try to convince the infidels that you only want peace. Devote your life to jihad, and use all the time and money you can spare to forward the cause. Nothing is more important than jihad. It is the supreme act of religious devotion, it proves your faith, and it is Allah's favorite act of worship, and that's why the only way a man can guarantee himself a place in heaven is if he dies while fighting in jihad.

9. If you cannot fight on the battlefield, fight in anyway you can, including giving money, or giving support to jihad of whatever kind. In modern days, it might include going on web sites that criticize Islam to make comments that persuade the infidels it's not true, or at least confuse them enough they won't be motivated to do anything about it, going into the streets and protesting loudly whenever anyone criticizes Islam, even for something minor like a cartoon, etc.

10. Find any infidel allies, even unwitting ones, and use them to advance the cause of Allah. Later, when the country has become an Islamic state, you can hang the infidels who helped you if you like. But for now, use them. For a modern example, if there is a prevailing notion in infidel lands that all belief systems must be respected, then use that to try to get Islamic propaganda into infidel schools, on their public television programs, etc.

11. Do not try to convert people to Islam by force. Your goal is to convert governments to Islamic law. Once a government becomes an Islamic state, if the population converts to Islam, fine. If not, then the new Islamic government will make a lot of money on the "infidelity tax" (the jizya — a tax on dhimmis, the subjugated non-Muslims). This is a good source of revenue you can then use to fund further Islamic expansion. The goal is universal Sharia law rather than trying to force every person to be a Muslim.

There it is. That's the blueprint in a nutshell. That's what it says very clearly in the Islamic texts, along with repeated warnings that if you don't believe, and if you don't put your faith into action, you're going to burn for eternity.

So now, what should infidels like you and me do about this? What good does it do to know the game plan of the devoted Muslims following strict Islamic teachings?

First of all, now that you know about it, you can help thwart their plans, in many different ways and in many different places. There is no need to list every possible action you could take (although here's a start). The number of possible actions are almost infinite and new opportunities will arise constantly. The knowledge of the game plan lends itself to innumerable possible ways to thwart it.

The important thing is to know what is being planned, and that they are deliberately hiding their intentions — that's part of the plan.

The most important thing you can do about the jihad threat is inform your fellow infidels. That's one of the hardest things to do, and it is also something the jihad warriors are trying to make even harder with their cries of Islamophobia, hate-speech, and racism. But it needs to be done, and you need to be one of the ones doing it. There aren't many of us right now, and we're in a race against time. Jihadists are recruiting new warriors every day. It is crucial that each of us who are "in on the game" alert those who aren't. And the sooner the better.

When all of us are in on the game, it will be very difficult for the jihadists to fulfill their goals. Until that time, it is relatively easy for them.


Dinah Lord 8:52 AM  

Hi CW - great post. Linked you!


Incognito 8:40 PM  

Beautifully put!!

Walter Sieruk 9:50 AM  

Actually Homeland Security begins with us,the Americans citizens. This is twofold. First, we should live in fear because on any jihadists threats and thus be afraid to go to diffenent places and do different things. For to be scared to go places and do thngs would make the jihadist emeny happy. So we should not and must not live in fear. Second, everthoughit's important that we must not be afraid to go places and do things to still need to keep aware of our surroundings and be on the lookout for thing that seem not to look quite right. As in "What's wrong with this picture ?" For example, that Tee-shirt venter at Times Square at NY, NY, who saw some smoke come out of that parked van and then let a police office know about it. As it has been said "If you see say something,say something." To put this in another way, the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson applies ,in a way,even more now then in his own time. For Mr. Jefferson stated "Let the eye of viligance never be closed."

Walter Sieruk 9:58 AM  

Of the many negative ways that Islam may be defined one of them is that Islam is a tyrannical system of religious/political mind control that has much power over the minds and lives of many people around the world. With this stated Thomas Jefferson had a good idea when he said "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Peaceful Muslim 4:45 AM  

You have misunderstood the fundamental truth of Islam, my religion, which is peace and love towards mankind.

"If you kill 1 person you have killed all humanity"

Does that sound violent to you?

Please keep civil and dont spread propaganda..

Citizen Warrior 4:53 PM  

I doubt if our "peaceful Muslim" will read it, but for everyone else, here is the answer to the above comment:

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