How to Stop Lavishing Our Enemies With Money


ACCORDING TO military strategists, if you can successfully concentrate force at the decisive point, you are likely to win the battle. For almost ten years we've been looking for the decisive point in the struggle against Islam's relentless encroachment on the West. And we've finally found it.

The core of our problem is that orthodox Muslims in Iran and Saudi Arabia have far too much money to push their agenda. They've used that money to buy influence in the media and in American politics.

And the reason they have so much money is that they have a monopoly on America's transportation fuel. Americans — the biggest buyers of oil in the world — have no choice in our fuel. We must buy gasoline. We are forced by our lack of choice to lavish our enemies with money.

This is it. This is the nub, the core, the pivot point of the global jihad.

Fuel choice is the decisive point. We must get the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 passed no matter what.

Right now, it is possible to pass this bill. But as Saudi money continues to infiltrate and influence American politics and media, there will soon come a time when we will find it impossible to pass an such a bill. The window of opportunity will be closed. Our situation is urgent.

Please join us in making this goal a reality. There are many ways you can help. Start here.


Satya 9:56 AM  

You have been pushing this message of fuel since long, but this time you made a decisive blog with such content.

Obama termed Reorientation strategy for Pakistanis yesterday.

Similarly there is two point factor

1 - Decisive points and focusing in that (which is this blog about)

2 - Reorientation (its to do with whole way of looking at islam and which is this blog is about)

So now two core points are emphasised. Let us push this most strongly, urgently and in many ways as possible.

Anonymous 2:42 PM  

Yes, if it had not been for the oil Islam would have been a spent force by now.

Islamists know that oil will not last forever so they are investing their petro-dollars to acquire as much power and influence beforehand.

Hence e.g. the push for the Solar Maghreb ... this would have at least Europe over the barrel again!

Worse still if Europe becomes Eurabia it would be powered up via Solar Maghrebs.

Using petro dollars Islamic lands are trying to acquire as much Western Green Technology as possible.

Western Green businesses are seduced by the petro-dollars in the same way that Western heroin users are addicted to the Poppies of Afghanistan.

So we have yet another problem emerging ...

But, yes, the sooner we weaken the influence of the Islamic petro-dollars the better.

Anonymous 12:23 AM  

With petro-dollars Qatar has had to come to the aid of Egypt – the tourist industry has collapsed in the ‘Arab Spring’.

It goes to show how much Westerners have assisted Islamic lands by arriving there as tourists.

A tourist boycott of Islamic lands by Westerners could be significant in a holistic strategy on “how to stop lavishing our enemies with money” to reduce the economic power of these nations, along with a focus on oil.

Western governments should be spending as much as possible on Green Energy to reduce the temptation of Western Green Energy Technologists to tender their services in Islamic lands.

Politically, in terms of strategic counter-jihad focus, a complimentary focus point would be the Copts in Egypt.

There are more Copts than Palestinians yet the oppression that Copts are subjected to has very low visibility.

In an unusually hard hitting article, the otherwise mild mannered Raymond Ibrahim pulls no punches in his latest article: “Islamists Project Islam's Worst Traits onto Christians”:

Also, Westerners are falling over themselves to applaud Wael Ghoniem but where is his Facebook and Twitter revolutionary power when it comes to assisting the Copts?

Therein lies another focus point …

gsw 6:37 AM  

"With petro-dollars Qatar has had to come to the aid of Egypt – the tourist industry has collapsed in the ‘Arab Spring’."

And with our tax-dollars the G8 will be supplying them with everything else they need!

ciccio 8:05 AM  

In the good old apartheid era days, South Africa was far more threatened by oil sanctions than the west ever was. They laughed at it and built the town of Sasolburg. The biggest coil-to-oil plant the world has ever seen. Still operating today, the country would go bust without it.

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