Let's Put on the Pressure: Our Representatives Need to Feel Our Commitment


AS I SAID recently in another post, passing the Open Fuel Standard Act is crucial and urgent. We are pouring hundreds of billions of dollars a year into the pockets of orthodox Muslims who are using the power of their money to fulfill Islam's prime directive. We must do something about it, and we must do it now!

The passing of the Open Fuel Standard is the best first thing to do, and it is also the easiest and cheapest, but there is not enough popular interest in it, so the representatives aren't showing much interest either. We must light them up with interest!

The immediate goal is to get more cosponsors for the bill. If you haven't used ACT! for America's tool for writing your representative yet, please do it now. It will literally take less that three minutes of your time and you don't even have to know who your representative is! Click here to do it.

But there is much more you can do. And much more you can get everyone you know to do. Start here:

1. Email your representative directly, and write your own letter (ACT! for America's is written for you).

2. Call your representative.

3. Subscribe to updates about the bill.

4. "Like" the Facebook page, and share its posts with your friends and family.

5. Educate yourself about the Open Fuel Standard so you can help persuade others to contact their representative.

Let's put on the pressure. Orthodox Muslims have been using their money to buy influence with representatives and with the media. This bill will not be passed unless we insist on it. We need massive action on this, and we need it now. Drop what you're doing and let's make this happen!


Anonymous 4:17 PM  

Or we could drill for oil on our own continent? Seems easier to me than shipping it over.

Citizen Warrior 5:43 PM  

The following is an excerpt from an article in the Wall Street Journal by James Woolsey and Anne Korin:

Oil is a fungible commodity with a global price. Even if the U.S. did not import a drop of oil — or if all, instead of just most, of our imports came from Canada and Mexico — we'd still be vulnerable to the vagaries of the oil market and price manipulation by OPEC.

In 2008, when the world price of oil rose to $147 a barrel, truckers in Britain struck against the huge resulting diesel price. The price skyrocketed even though the United Kingdom was then producing virtually all its own oil...

The cartel that dominates the global oil market sits on 78% of the world's conventional oil reserves. The reason it accounts for only about a third of world oil production is because it is a conspiracy in restraint of trade. When non-OPEC countries drill more, OPEC simply drills less and drives prices back up. If demand is reduced through a one-time improvement in efficiency, OPEC again drills less and prices zip back up...

To outmaneuver OPEC, the market needs to be able to react dynamically. That means giving purchasers of fuel the ability to choose a different fuel at the pump if it's cheaper that day than gasoline or diesel...

One very good way to accomplish this is for Congress to adopt the Open Fuel Standard Act...

Brazilians already have this option: During the oil price spike in 2008, with 90% of their new cars fuel flexible, they bought more alcohol fuel than gasoline.

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