Now is the Time: A Perfect Opportunity to Concentrate Forces at a Decisive Point


In the United States, we have a real opportunity to seriously disable and disarm orthodox Islam worldwide. On May 3rd, Representative John Shimkus introduced a bill in the House of Representatives, and passing it would strike a crippling blow against the global forces of Islamization.

The bill is the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (H.R. 1687) and now is the perfect time to push it all the way through into law. The bill would make it mandatory for 95 percent of cars manufactured in the United States to be capable of burning multiple fuels by 2017.

Once this is mandatory, there will be a powerful financial incentive for gas stations to add other options besides gasoline. This will produce real competition in fuel production. The financial incentives will unleash one of the biggest advantages the free world possesses: Its incredible creativity and inventiveness.

The U.S. uses more oil than any other country in the world, and for the U.S. to drastically lower its oil consumption would change everything. Right now, every time anyone in the world fills their gas tank, they are helping fund global jihad. This money is poured into building projects all around the world — building mosques and maddrassas that advocate orthodox Islam with all its intolerance, totalitarianism, and violence. Saudi Arabia's oil wealth allows it to control about 90% of all Islamic instititions in the world (source: PDF document of a Wall Street Journal article).

The same enormous river of money finds its way to college campuses in the United States, and these generous donations give the donors enough influence to make our own colleges a veritable factory that pumps out America-hating, Islam-sympathetic citizens. The money helps finance "terrorist cells" around the world, it pays for weapons that kill Israelis and Coalition troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, it funds lobbyists in America, and so on. This has all got to stop.

There are a lot of things we could do to help reduce our reliance on Islamic oil, and the Open Fuel Standard will not interfere with any of them. And it is possible that the Open Fuel Standard, all by itself, could completely change the game — and it wouldn't cost the federal government a dime!

The bill would give us a choice at the pump: gas, ethanol, methanol, bio-diesel, or whatever inventive R&D people come up with next. The fuels could freely compete with each other, driving innovation, driving down prices, and encouraging investments in research to find an even cheaper fuel. The Open Fuel Standard can happen quickly and only adds about one hundred dollars to the cost of a new car.

What can you do to help? ACT! for America has made it really easy to make your voice heard by your member of Congress. You don't have to be a member of ACT! for America to use their communication tool. Anyone can use it. Click here to get started. You just type in your zip code and it sets you up with an email form already addressed to the appropriate member of Congress. A great letter is already written for you. It literally takes less than three minutes. Immediately afterward, you will get a confirmation letter saying that your message has been sent.

Sending a message to your member of Congress is great, but that should only be the beginning for you. The task we should focus on is motivating others to do the same. As many others as possible. How many do you think you can convince to take action? Fifty? A hundred? Five hundred? Let's see what you can do!

Start persuading your friends now. Send them the link to ACT's communication tool. Post it on Facebook. Share this article: The Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011. Tell them why it's important. If they don't like it when you talk about Islam, don't even mention Islam. Tell them it'll help save us gas money, it will allow for innovation and probably create new fuels that pollute less, it can even help solve Third World poverty (see Anne Korin's video below). Focus on the many positives that they will accept.
Get everyone you know to take action on this, and get them to persuade all their friends to get in on it. Let's focus on this and get it done.

Send your friends a link to Anne Korin's video: Anne Korin on Energy Independence. She packs an amazing amount of clear information in a very short video. Loan your friends a copy of Turning Oil Into Salt. Motivate them to deal with this now. Imbue them with a sense of urgency.

We need to concentrate on this single issue while the bill is in committee. Let's make sure it has sufficient support in the House before it is brought out of committee and onto the floor. This needs to happen now.
Get more information about the open fuel (or flex fuel) standard:

Details of the current proposed legislation: Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011

Support an Open Fuel Standard

The Flex Fuel Imperative

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Damien 2:08 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Good Idea, I can definitively get behind this. Help us fight Jihad and protect the environment. I can't argue with this.

Anonymous 2:17 AM  

I too also fully agree - we need to get off the oil dependency as quickly as possible.

However, there is another danger emerging which perhaps has been put on hold for the time being whilst the 'Arab Spring' is unfolding.

It is called Solar Maghreb and it is another suicidal impulse on the part of the West, this time Europe, to become energy dependent on Islamic lands.


The Islamic Middle East fully understands the potential of solar power, another opportunity to hold the West at ransom.

There is also a lot of wind power being created in North Africa … be aware of this!

Many Western Green consulting firms are pouring their expertise into all sorts of innovative renewable and alternative energy projects in the Middle East.

Petro-dollars are helping Islamic lands get a leg up yet again via the Green Economy.

In that respect these Islamic lands are on the ball – whilst Western oil companies try to slow down the advent of alternative and competing energy sources we are yielding further ground to the Global Total Jihad.

Oil is the New Stone Age …

So given options support all that is not Islamic oil dependent and do not buy shares in businesses that are promoting Green in the Middle East.

Citizen Warrior 11:20 AM  

Someone wrote and said:

"There is more oil in the ground in the Colorado-Wyoming area than Saudi Arabia ever had. I would think that is the quickest solution.

"Alternative fuels are OK too, but not as ready to produce massive amounts."

I responded like this:

"One doesn't interfere with the other. But I think one of the important facts about oil is it is fungible. If the global price of oil goes up or down, it goes up or down for everybody. If an American company is drilling plenty of oil, are they going to sell it in America for half what they could get on the world market? I don't think so.

"And OPEC has such a large share of the global oil production that they can control global oil prices by reducing their output or raising it, as they have many times. So even if America drilled lots of oil, it wouldn't make much difference."

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