If You Have a Gas-Only Car, You're Already Paying Jizya


Americans paid $80 billion for oil in 1999 and they paid $900 billion ten years later. This is equivalent to a "33 percent increase in income taxes across the board."

The cause of this increase is OPEC. When they decide on their production levels, it is for the purpose of raising or lowering the world price of oil. They have chosen again and again in the last ten years to raise it.

We're paying a lot more now than we were paying then — for the same product. It doesn't seem like we've been spending that much on gas, but the money we pay for oil doesn't only go into our own car's gas tank. The "income tax" is across the board. Rising oil prices increase the cost of everything shipped somewhere, which means just about everything.

And just like in Muhammad's time, they are using the kafirs' jizya to pay for jihad.

In the article, Achieving Energy Victory, Robert Zubrin writes:

Until the Saudis started racking up billions in inflated oil revenues in the 1970s, the Wahhabi movement was regarded by Muslims the world over as little more than primitive insanity. Without rivers of treasure to feed its roots, this horrific movement could neither grow nor thrive.

It is the Saudis’ unlimited funds — over $200 billion in foreign exchange earnings in 2006 — that have allowed them to buy up the faculties of the Islamic world’s leading intellectual centers; to build or take over thousands of mosques; to establish thousands of radical madrassas, pay their instructors, and provide the free daily meals necessary to entice legions of poor village boys to attend.

Those boys are indoctrinated with the idea that the way to get into paradise is to murder Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, and Hindus (not to mention moderate Muslims). Graduates of these academies are today killing American soldiers in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Arab oil revenues have underwritten news outlets that propagandize hatefully against the United States and the West, supported training centers for terrorists, paid bounties to the families of suicide bombers, and funded the purchase of weapons and explosives. We have been subsidizing a war against ourselves.

And we have not yet reached the culmination of the process. Iran is now using its petroleum lucre to fund its nuclear program and to insulate itself from economic sanctions imposed on it. Once produced, Iranian nuclear weapons could be used by the Iranian regime itself or be made available to terrorists to attack U.S., European, Russian, or Israeli targets. This is one of the gravest threats to international peace and stability — and, again, we are paying for it ourselves with oil revenue.

Our responses to these provocations have been muted and hapless because any forceful action on our part against nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran could result in the disruption of oil supplies that the world economy is utterly dependent upon.

We cannot stand up to our enemies because we rely upon them for the fuel that is our economic lifeblood. We pay them for their oil and they make war on us.

In light of these realities, U.S. energy policy for the last three decades has been a scandal. The time has come for change. To liberate ourselves from the threat of foreign economic domination, to destroy the economic power of the terrorists’ financiers, and to give ourselves the free hand necessary to deal forcefully with them, we must devalue their resources and increase the value of our own. We can do this by taking the world off the petroleum standard and putting it on an alcohol standard.

There is a bill in the House of Representatives right now that aims to do just that. Please go to OpenFuelStandard.org right now and find out how you can help put America on an alcohol standard.


Damien 3:27 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Thanks, I just subscribed.

Anonymous 3:18 AM  

Yes, we are already paying Jizya.

Furthermore, I wonder how much Qatar is paying towards the Nato bombing of Libya?

Nice way to get us to waste yet more money! Note that we are not allowed to simply eliminate Qaddafi with a well directed missile - we have to bomb hamstrung. Makes one think if this is not just another Qatar manipulation.

Islam is on a campaign to cripple the West economically ... and Western business interests who use anti-free market government regulation to stop competition from alternative fuels for powering our vehicles are forcing us to commit civilizational suicide.

Tom 9:58 AM  

Is there any way to help with the Open Fuel Standard act from outside the US?
I'm from the UK and so can't vote for it or anything like that.

In a way, I wish the peak oil theories are true and that we'll run out of oil in 50 years - sure we'll be plunged into the dark ages, but there'll be no more uber-rich Islam nutjobs trying to bomb people around the world on a daily basis.

Citizen Warrior 10:56 AM  

Tom, yes you can help. Educate the Americans you know and urge them to call their representatives. Also, when you see an opportunity, help educate Americans online by making comments on articles.

Thank you for your help!

Damien 1:48 PM  


Well, in addition to educating people who live in America, and persuading them to support it, you could try to get something similar going in the United Kingdom. If you have the time and money, maybe you could start an organization to lobby parliament and try to get something similar to the open fuel standard made into law where you live. The UK may not be as big an oil consumer as the US, but every little bit will help.

Lumberjackmak 12:00 PM  

All America has to do is help build Keystone XL , create jobs in the US and get a reliable ethical supply of oil from your pro American neighbor Canada. China is beating you to the resource, how silly you are to ignore this huge deposit so close to you. Between our oilsands and your natural gas reserves you don't need Saudi oil at all.

Citizen Warrior 1:52 PM  

Drilling our own oil or getting it from Canada improves our trade balance and generates North American jobs, so it solves two big problems. But it doesn't solve three other big problems — the price of fuel, our vulnerability to OPEC's whims, and the unbounded wealth making its way from our wallets to radical Muslims.

If we drilled all our own oil, OPEC would still control the price of oil, and therefore would still have the ability to cause worldwide recessions, so it is an incomplete solution, which is completed by the Open Fuel Standard.

The two solutions together help solve all five problems, and they all need to be solved.

People often say, "Well, if we drilled our own oil, we wouldn't have to pay OPEC's price." But the only way this would be true is if we had a North American company that was willing to sell oil to American consumers at a better price than the company could get for its oil on the world market. Or if the government forced the company to sell it to us for less than it could get elsewhere. That seems unlikely.

Therefore, the world market price for oil will determine what Americans will pay for gas. And OPEC is such a large cartel, its production level determines the world price. OPEC deliberately keeps the price high and makes it spike higher occasionally, sending America into one recession after another, and draining us of our wealth.

JAMJAM 7:17 AM  

I remember listening to someone a very long time ago who said they were there in Alaska when a very large deposit of oil was discovered back in the 1960's or 1970's. This discovery would have kept all of the U.S.(I don't remember if Canada was included) sustained with gasoline and oil for 200 years. We wouldn't have to depend upon foreign countries for fuel. The U.S. government told the workers to destroy every shred of evidence of this discovery and I think threatened the workers. It was a very long time ago that I heard it so I may get a few facts mixed up but I do remember the large oil deposit discovery that could keep us going for many many years and the fact that the government told those people to destroy all evidence of the discovery.

Citizen Warrior 3:12 PM  

Even with a massive new oil discovery, it doesn't help very much in lowering prices. Several big oil finds have happened in the last few decades (Norway's, for example) but the price of oil is determined by the global market. If the price of oil is high globally, American oil producers pumping American oil will still sell it to Americans at the global price. What we need is true fuel competition, as described here:


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