Women's Rights is the "Decisive Point"


Using the strategy of "concentrating forces at the decisive point," which you can read about here, the question is, "What is the decisive point?" In a military battle, one good criteria for a decisive point of attack is where the enemy is weakest. In our goal of marginalizing, discrediting, and disempowering orthodox Islam, what is the biggest weakness of Islamic doctrine?

Answer: Women's rights.

In the time and place we now find ourselves, the most effective place to attack — the most effective place to discredit orthodox Islam — is on the topic of human rights for women. Islamic doctrine, as applied in Muslim-majority countries all over the world, and even as applied by immigrants in free countries, measurably and inhumanely restricts women's rights. Islamic fundamentalism and human rights for women are incompatible. Where you have one, you will not have the other.

But when we concentrate our forces on this decisive point, we must do it in a way that unites a huge majority of us, including some of those who still naively think Islam is just one of many similar religions. So this has to be done skillfully.

I believe that's what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has done with the documentary, Honor Diaries. The production value of the film is very high. The women chosen for the film are acceptable to mainstream multiculturalists. The film doesn't feel anti-Islam. I think most of the people who see this film wouldn't feel it attacks Islam. And yet it effectively exposes orthodox Islam as a cruel, outdated, extremely misogynistic ideology that should be marginalized, discredited, and disempowered wherever it shows its ugly head.

In other words, Honor Diaries has the potential to push a major axiom of the counterjihad movement into the mainstream. The film may cause this fundamental position of the counterjihad community to shed its "fringe" stigma forevermore.

The approach is brilliant and the film is outstanding. We should use it as a weapon against the ignorance that now keeps our population vulnerable to creeping Sharia.


Walter Siruk 9:57 AM  

The extreme misogyny of Islam is explained about some in the book THEY MUST BE STOPPED by Brigtte Gabriel. For in it she exposes that "Across the Muslim world, even in moderate Islamic countries, women's rights are almost nonexistent...Women in Islam are considered unclean, deemed inferior even to dirt."

Anonymous 7:51 AM  


I have admired your blog for years now. I also believe that women's rights will be the decisive point in winning against Islam, but I wonder if it is really the most effective place to start when combatting the social structure in Islamic societies.

I say that because 1) women have very little power in those societies. If we start by trying to empower them, we have a loooong way to go.

2) Islamists are hell bent on keeping women down. If you try to give them school, they will shoot them in the face. Islamists are prepared to fight against women's rights.

3) Since women have so little power, they are limited in what they can do most of the time to create further change outside themselves. It is a struggle for them to just go to school or not get beaten. They have little resource to advocate for anything in society.

So, I wonder if it not more effective to pay more attention to the men sidelined by Islamic societies. For even though men collectively gain power over women in Islam, individually, many are slighted.

For example, I read of a story where a successful man in Saudi Arabia was required to give all his money to his father because the court mandated that a son could not disobey his father. And sometimes men who want to marry a woman are unable to do so because her family will not allow it. I wonder if it is worthwhile to try and give these people resources to advocate against their social system because as men, their families will not hunt them down and kill them and they have more ability to advocate in public and they may be able to gain support more easily because they are not inherently threatening the way women are to Islamists.

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