How Non-Muslims Have Been Disarmed


IF EVERYONE in the free world had read the Koran already, almost all of us would be united against orthodox Islam, as the Parable for Our Time attests (once the passengers on board Flight 93 had a clue about the true intentions of the hijackers, they immediately acted to defend themselves and their fellow Americans).

Orthodox Muslims do not want us to unite against them. They don't want to arouse our defenses. So they routinely employ methods to disarm us. These are the methods they use:

1. They present Islam as a multiculturalist paradise. For example, they depict Muslims, Jews, and Christians all getting along in Andalus (Muslim-occupied Spain). They have insinuated this point of view into PBS television programs, history textbooks in American schools, and elsewhere.

In their depiction, they make sure they give special attention to two prominent Jews who were in positions of authority during that time (in Sharia law, non-Muslims cannot be in a position of authority over Muslims).

The historians neglect to point out that the following year, those two Jews were assassinated by Muslims for having the effrontery to be in positions of authority, or that Sharia law was immediately reasserted, followed by a brutal pogrom that left 5000 Jews dead.

The result of the successful infiltration of public television and textbook editing is that when non-Muslims are told about the efforts of orthodox Muslims to Islamize the world, many of them think, "what's the big deal? Life under Islam would be a multiculturalist paradise." They have been disarmed just as effectively as the frightened passengers of the planes that plowed into the Twin Towers when they were told they were merely being held for ransom.

2. They try to make Westerners feel guilty, and they exploit already-existing guilt. Orthodox Muslims say things like: Your troops in Arabia defile our sacred land, the Western world attacked us unprovoked during the Crusades, you support Israel so you're responsible for the deaths of innocent Palestinian children, your "people" have been historically cruel to other minorities — slaves and Native Americans, for example.

They use whatever they can because people who feel guilty are less willing to defend themselves and more likely to try to appease (to make amends for perceived sins).

3. They cry racism, bigotry, hate-speech, Islamophobia, even if it doesn't make any sense. For example, if an orthodox Muslim makes this public statement: "We must kill the Jews and drive them into the sea," it doesn't seem to bother any outspoken Muslims. But if a non-Muslim quotes a Muslim saying that, the non-Muslim is accused of racism, bigotry, hate-speech, or Islamophobia.

It doesn't make any sense, but it works. An accusation of racism is taken very seriously in the media and by the public in general.

Orthodox Muslims know very well if we can't talk to each other about a threat, we can't very well defend ourselves against it. So these accusations are effective ways to silence (and thus disarm) most people who would publicly criticize orthodox Islam.

4. They try to move so slowly it is unnoticeable. I once read a book by a cavalry soldier who was posted out on the Great Plains in the early 1800s when the Apaches still had the upper hand. He said he was out on the prairie camping with a small contingent, and he was on guard duty for the night. Despite his vigilance, Apache warriors were able to get within several feet of their camp without being noticed, when they suddenly attacked.

How did they do it? They disguised themselves as bushes, and they had extreme patience. They moved so slowly it was unnoticeable. Every time he turned his head, whoever was behind him silently moved up just a couple of inches.

Orthodox Muslims are using the same technique with their stealth jihad and waging jihad by gaining concessions. Each concession seems like such a small accommodation, we go along with it, and yet the concessions are adding up.

5. They evoke pity. As I have described in great detail here, the most effective way to disarm good-hearted people is to elicit pity, and orthodox Muslims do this constantly, portraying themselves as the downtrodden, the persecuted, the abused. It's so effective, some have even faked "hate-crimes" to evoke pity.

The antidote to all these methods is to push people to read the Koran. When enough people in the free world have done so, these methods will be seen for what they are and they will lose their power to influence. And as the people aboard Flight 93 demonstrated, we will be united against them, we will fight back, and the third jihad will be defeated.

Your mission, then, is to get everyone you know to read the Koran. Let's roll.


Robin Henry 2:31 PM  

True, we need to inform ourselves completely about the threat of Islam and then advise others.

We need to fight them on every front and hopefully convince some of the more intelligent muslims that Islam is man-made to serve his own interests and is evil.

Anonymous 9:18 AM  

I didn't really get your point here. Are you saying that the Qur'an is supporting these ideas you mentioned above?
Or suggesting that Muslims are just calling themselves Muslims to serve their own interests, and Qur'an is against this kind of 'Muslims', and is warning us from them?

Citizen Warrior 4:14 PM  

Manayer A -

The Quran and Mohammad's example make it very clear that nobody is allowed to criticize Islam or Mohammad. The ideas I mentioned above is how orthodox Muslims stopping non-Muslims from criticizing Islam.

In a modern, pluralistic, multicultural society, with Muslims in the minority, those five techniques are how to get the job done.

The reason I wrote the article is to make it clear to us non-Muslims what they are doing because much of the suppressing influence of those techniques evaporates once you see what they're doing and why.

Walter Sieruk 8:05 AM  

Yes , that little boy who is holding up a sign that reads It's not ok to bash Muslims" is right. For in reality the truth is not about "bashing Muslims" but about exposing the dangers of a false religion which deceives them and leads them astray from the reality of the truth. This false religion does the wicked thing of teaches the people under control many false doctrines. What a pity the Islam leads so many people on the wrong path. Furthermore, some Muslims or Christians might find the internet site answering-islam. to be very interesting.

Walter Sieruk 8:11 AM  

One of the many different things this is all about is exposing the truth about the many dangers of Islam and not about "Muslim bashing" or "Islamphobia" but about Islamorealism or thuth exponding.

Anonymous 8:31 AM  

Blogger Manayer is a perfect example of why non-Muslims need to read the Quran. Manayer obviously does not know what the Quran (Islam's main book) or the examples of Mohammad (found in the Hadith) or Sharia (Islamic law) says. I believe Citizen Warrior is saying that Muslims are using the tactics defined above to get gullible non-Muslims and ignorant Muslims to give in and submit to Islamic rule. We need to stop giving in and and submitting because it won't end until Islamic law is the law of the land and everyone is required to submit to the religion of Islam (in it's totality) or die resisting. The truth about Mohammad, the Quran, and Islamic law (which Muslims believe cannot be critically examined) needs to be known by all so the non-Muslim world can freely resit Islamic rule over all other laws and religions. We need to wake up, open our eyes and resist - before it is too late!

Anonymous 10:47 PM  

Thanks for the site. Do you know about Peter Hammond of South Africa? Check out his lectures on Islam.

Anonymous 8:59 AM  

So how does one convincingly persuade people that terror TV Islamist Emir owned Al Jazeera buying Current TV is dangerous and should not happen?

Citizen Warrior 3:32 PM  

Good question. We've got to get good at persuasion and influence. Here are some tools that might help:

Tools For Our Educational Mission

This is not an easy task. But many things that are worthwhile are not easy.

Anonymous 7:54 PM  

Nothing worthwile is easy CW. Just dropping a Thank You for another great article


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