A Parable For Our Time


I HAVE HAMMERED on one theme — that we only need to focus on educating the public about Islam. And the reason I have hammered on it is because many people who have awakened to the terrifying brilliance of Islam are looking for something else to do about it.

But educating our family and friends is the vital first step. Once a large percentage of the population is aware of what's in the Quran, everything else that needs to be done will be easy. Until that point, everything else that needs to be done is damn near impossible. How we understand Islam will determine the policy decisions we collectively endorse or resist. That's why we created The Pledge.

Many of us underestimate the power of simple knowledge. But the fate of Flight 93 illustrates what a big difference a little knowledge can make.

What was the difference between the passengers who passively allowed the Islamic supremacists to fly their three planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the passengers on board Flight 93 who aggressively stopped their plane from reaching its intended target?

The only difference was that the passengers on Flight 93 had
a little knowledge of the true intentions of the hijackers.

When enough non-Muslims in the world know the true intentions of the Islamic supremacists, Islam's relentless encroachment will be stopped.


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