Allies and Coordinated Effort


The number of people who understand Islam's prime directive is no longer inconsequential. It has been growing steadily since 9/11. The most curious among us looked into it and began sharing what we were discovering with others, and our numbers have increased, and are increasing faster as more of us take up the task of educating.

And communications networks have grown organically (and sometimes created deliberately), and are beginning to be effective. Among the people in the counterjihad movement, things take very little time to reach everybody. When a particularly good article or video comes out, for example, it gets mentioned on counterjihad Facebook pages, blogs and email newsletters, is shared by lots of people via email, and written about in major counterjihad online publications like Jihad Watch and the ACT! for America email updates. The word gets out to almost everybody, and fairly quickly.

There are now enough of us and our networks of communication are good enough that we can start focusing coordinated efforts at limited political and educational objectives.

If you were going to choose just one objective for the entire counterjihad community to focus on, what would it be?


Muslim Charities, Jihad, and Non-Muslims


Follow the link below to see a one-page PDF document by Kinana about the role and relationship of Muslim charities, jihad and non-Muslims.

It is important for non-Muslims to understand the way zakat works because the "peaceful Muslim neighbors" who go to the mosque to pray and pay their zakat can be more clearly seen for what they are: Contributors to Islam's prime directive.

Click here to view, download, or print the document: Zakat, Muslim Charities and Non-Muslims.

More of Kinana's short essays can be found here.


We've Got a Mission For You, Should You Decide to Accept It


We need to harness the energy, the intensity, the panic and anger people feel when they discover that Islam is not a religion of peace, and that its influence is growing worldwide. It freaks people out. They don't really know what to do. We need to channel that energy in the direction of informing the misinformed. And doing this intelligently and skillfully.

This is our most urgent task. Too few people are becoming informed because those who find out are so freaked out by what they learn that they turn the misinformed away from this information instead of bringing them in. People find out and then try to tell others about orthodox Islam, but their intensity seems hateful and fanatical to the misinformed (people who are as yet unacquainted with orthodox Islam).

So your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go to other counterjihad sites like Jihad Watch or Atlas Shrugs or Bare Naked Islam, and interact in the comments. Tell people what they can do about Islam. Tell people they should try to inform their fellow non-Muslim citizens, and tell them how. Leave links. Quote articles. Answer people when they seem to be searching for answers. Argue in favor of getting through to the innocent and misinformed people of the world, and doing it with compassion and courtesy.

And when you see people are discouraged or demoralized because nobody will listen to them, help them overcome their demoralization. Often this is the real problem. People are so frustrated and discouraged when they fail to get through to people, they become angry at every misinformed person they talk to, which prevents them from getting through to anybody except those who already know, which makes them even more frustrated and intense, which makes it even more difficult to talk to people.

If you do this (go to counterjihad sites and help people successfully talk to the people in their lives about Islam) and someone argues with you and you don't know how to reply to them, feel free to email us and we'll help you with a response.


The Case of Eric Allen Bell


The following article was written by Greg Hamilton on his blog, The Malsi-Tung Social Virus. It articulates an insight we could use at least some of the time when we talk to people unacquainted with Islam.

At the beginning of 2012, Eric Allen Bell (EAB) was a staunch defender of Muslims and Islam in America. He was making a documentary about the resistance of people in Murfreesboro to a mosque with a capacity for 45,000 people being built in their town. EAB was firmly on the side of the Muslims for, as a man with strong liberal views, this was a clear case of reactionary prejudice against a minority culture. By the end of 2012 EAB had become an outspoken critic of Islam and firmly committed to opposing its growth and influence.

What had happened to change his mind? What processes had caused such a reversal of sentiment towards Muslims and Islam?

We can understand a significant amount about EAB by looking at the typical configuration of moral foundations for liberals. As I have shown in a previous article, the liberal character is strongly influenced by the Care foundation. This Care foundation is triggered by perceived threats to vulnerable groups such as minorities, immigrants, gays, etc. The liberal often stands in opposition to what he sees as the dominant culture that he belongs to and stands up for sub-cultures that do not sit easily within the dominant culture. The liberal is uncomfortable with dominance and seeks to compensate by helping and protecting the interests of supposedly weaker elements.

It was this Care foundation that was at work when EAB was supporting the Muslims of Murfreesboro to build their mosque. They were the weaker, non-dominant party in the conflict and a typical beneficiary of liberal goodwill and protectiveness based on the Care foundation.

It is almost impossible to change people’s attitudes when they are aligned with moral foundations in this way. The intuitive part of the mind is extremely quick and powerful and uses the ego to rationalize the emotionally moral position that is habitually adopted by someone. In his book, The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt calls this “the elephant,” the automatic and habitual aspect of the brain which “leans” one way or the other on controversial and emotive issues. We judge according to intuitions, then look for respectable reasons to justify how we feel.

Nonetheless, EAB did change his position, so what happened?

Well, it just so happened that EAB took a ride in a taxi driven by an Egyptian Coptic Christian. EAB asked him if he was excited about the removal of Hosni Mubarak, to which the taxi driver replied “no, I am very worried for my family and other Coptic Christians.” EAB inquired further and discovered a little bit more about the plight of non-Muslims in Muslim majority Egypt.

The plight of the Copts triggered Eric’s Care foundation since he is a person who is genuinely concerned about the treatment of vulnerable people. He was able to switch sides emotionally and see Muslims in the role of persecutors rather than the persecuted — which is how he had habitually seen them until then. It is this emotional shift that counterjihadists need to foster in those still blind to Islam’s depredations. Liberals are dominated by their Care foundations and you have to find ways to trigger this foundation to effect a change of perspective. You will get nowhere talking about threats to the dominant culture as liberals frequently see this as paranoia or scaremongering. The “elephant” will be extremely quick in finding ways to defend against a different way of looking at things. But once you have triggered the Care foundation on a different target, the mind becomes receptive to information which confirms the emotional position. Intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second.

This is one of the lessons to be drawn from moral foundations as expressed in the liberal mind. Trigger the emotions of the Care foundation in relation to vulnerable groups suffering from Muslim persecution and the liberal mind will become far more receptive to information critical of Islam and Muslims. This is one of the reasons why Raymond Ibrahim's monthly report on Christian persecution and Political Islam's Bulletin of the Oppression of Women are so valuable.

Once this emotional shift has occurred, the way is open to a more honest look at the teachings of Islam and the character of Muhammad. EAB had both the integrity and the courage to do this — even as a high-profile figure with a great deal to lose by doing so.

Liberals have traditionally seen themselves as occupying the moral high ground and tend to treat people with different views in a condescending manner. They have often been the people drawing attention to the hypocrisy of others. But the tables have now turned and it is the counterjihad movement who should be calling liberals out on their hypocrisy: Why do they turn a blind eye to the persecution of minorities in Muslim countries; to the human rights abuses between Muslims; to the status of women in Islam? Why do they claim to be in favor of universal human rights yet give Muslims immunity from their critiques? Why do they lack the courage to ask themselves probing questions about the compatibility of Islam with universal human rights?

But still, until their Care foundation is redirected towards the victims of Islam they will always find ways to avoid dissonant information; to argue (however absurdly) that it's none of their business; to believe the fairy tale accounts of Muhammad's life and character (in books by authors like Karen Armstrong, for example) and the implausible accounts of Muslim multicultural tolerance in the Middle Ages.

Footnote: It is significant that the crucial exchange in the above account took place in the relative intimacy of a taxi and during a non-confrontational conversation. Such encounters open us up to new ways of looking at the world and allow us to experience different emotional reactions to our personal norms. Once we are engaged in a heated or tense debate our animal brains are locked in combat and we are unable to alter our perspective. This is a hopeless position from which to effect change in others. It is also noteworthy that the taxi driver expressed a poignant personal response to the Arab Spring which triggered the opening up to a different view of the situation to the one Bell had previously held. This echoes a quote from Goethe:
What's uttered from the heart alone will draw the hearts of others to your own. 


Islam in a Nutshell Brochure


The Counter Jihad Coalition in California put together a brochure entitled "Islam in a Nutshell." Here's what the creators of the brochure said about it:

What we have found is that many people still do not know Islam. And they do not want to take much time to learn it. This simple short brochure gives a good summary about the doctrine in 10 minutes of reading.

I always carry some with me wherever I go. And pass them out at church, work, grocery store, cleaners, etc. My cleaners today asked me for more as he said people like them.

This is a simple tool you can use. Print out the PDF documents, fold them into brochures, and keep them handy. It provides good information with brevity, and web addresses for more information.

Islam in a Nutshell (PDF document)


A Reasonably Fair BBC Interview With Robert Spencer

From BBC Radio, a 44-minute program that pitted Robert Spencer against one of the leaders of an organization called Hope Not Hate. You can listen to the program on the Infidel Bloggers Alliance here: BBC Interview with Robert Spencer. The interviewer is trying desperately to support the position that Spencer should not be allowed to come speak at an EDL rally at Woolwich, where Lee Rigby's brutal beheading took place a few weeks ago. He had an imam on the show in order to refute what Spencer said about Islam. The imam failed miserably, and his failure was probably the strongest confirmation possible that Spencer was telling the truth.

Someone selected out the best part of the interview. You can listen to it by clicking here. Listen to at least the first 6 minutes to hear an imam completely unable to respond to the interviewer's request. The interviewer had the imam on his show specifically for the purpose of refuting the verses Robert Spencer quotes from the Koran about Islamic intolerance and the Koran's obvious Islamic supremacism. The imam, of course, didn't have an Islamic leg to stand on. The texts are, in fact, intolerant and supremacist. Islamic texts are dangerous to non-Muslims. It's not an opinion; it is a fact.


Prevent 9/11 From Being Hijacked


The following is a message from Freedom Annie:

9/11 is rapidly approaching, and we will once again remember what so many lost with the treacherous acts of terrorism on American soil.

This was an assault on freedom everywhere; not just in America — a cold and calculated plan to commit jihad against our freedoms on a global scale, for the world to see. This assault was to bring us to our knees as they attempted to behead our way of life and bring us under their tyrannical rule.

We must all stand together around the globe in one voice and say No More!

We must stand up and be heard.

We must speak out in one voice to say we will not allow these brutal acts of terrorism to bully us into submission. We must stop their agenda to dominate the world with Sharia Law in our own countries. We must hold tight to our freedoms, our liberties and our rights to live free. We the people can and will be heard, but you must act now.

Let’s flood our social media with this message! Let's "Speak Up About Jihad" on 9/11 to counter the Muslim attempt to hijack 9/11. The Political Action Committee (AMPAC) that is sponsoring the “Million Muslim March” is now called the “Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13,” according to its Facebook page.

AMPAC says the march on DC is also a chance for American Muslims to stand up and “fight the injustices being committed” against them — to demand their “civil rights be protected by our government.”

Here is a novel idea for AMPAC: Why don’t you march on DC on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on the U.S. soil and denounce the “extremists” in your religion who kill in the name of Islam? Why don’t you march and condemn the actions of fellow American Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev one of the Boston bombers? Why don’t you call out the despicable human rights violations against women that Sharia law condones?

No, instead AMPAC organizes a march for civil rights on a day we remember the murderous attacks brought to us at home by Muslim fundamentalists.

Let us begin preparing now to flood our social media with clear, calm, understated but solid information about jihad on 9/11. Start collecting images and facts, articles and videos that say most clearly to everyone what jihad is, and how Islamic doctrine motivated the attacks on 9/11. And on that day, unleash the torrent of the very best of your collection for everyone to see. This year, let’s prevent 9/11 itself from being hijacked.


Pamphlets and Leaflets to Hand Out


Flyers by Civilus Defendus

Ebook: Blueprint For the Destruction of Islam

Educational leaflets

Informative Fliers From Crusader's Armory

Pamphlet to hand out at protests

Brochure: Eight Frequently Asked Questions About Islam

Leaflet: Wanted For Crimes Against Humanity

Islam in a Nutshell brochure

Muslim Charities, Jihad, and Non-Muslims

Behead Those Who...

What Does It Mean When a Woman Wears a Muslim Headscarf?

Jack Rainbow's leaflets


Pamphlet to Hand Out at Protests and Elsewhere


The following is a pamphlet someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) wrote for the protest in Manchester, Tennessee. It is meant to be printed on both sides and folded in half. You have the author's permission to use it in any way you want.

Basics of Islam pamphlet (PDF document)

Hand it out at your next ACT! for America or Q Society or English Defense League meeting. Hand it out at protests. Hand it out to your friends and family, at your synagogue, temple or church.

For more leaflets, check this out. Also see these informative flyers by Civilus Defendus. And this brochure by Islam Monitor.


How Do You Get Someone to Take a Look?

I remember listening to a recording of a humorous speaker using the analogy of a guy who slowly loses his hair until he has only one hair left on his head. He shampoos that hair and combs it lovingly every day. But one morning when he wakes up, he looks down at his pillow and sees what was his last remaining hair sitting there on the pillow. And he cries out, "My God! I'm bald!"

When I look at all the information pouring in from Turkey to Bangladesh, from Britain to Australia, about the relentless encroachment of orthodox Islam, it seems that anyone should be able to easily see that Islam is a dangerous ideology and something should be done about it.

People who don't see this seem like the guy with one hair left, unwilling yet to recognize that he is going bald.

But then I realize that all this "information pouring in" is not being seen by those who are still unacquainted with Islam. If the only thing you read was the Huffington Post and the New York Times, Time Magazine and Newsweek, and all you watched was CNN and MSNBC, you would feel that you had a very good grasp of what's going on in the world, and yet you would have a very different view than readers of Jihad Watch or Citizen Warrior. From that point of view, anyone who thinks Islam is the problem would appear much like the sexist, racist bigots of yesteryear, so you wouldn't listen to them, further cutting you off from your last remaining available source of the information that could potentially pour in.

How do we open this closed door? If you try forcing the door open, the person could respond by reinforcing the door.

It's possible the door cannot be opened from outside. Maybe it has to be opened from within.

What would motivate a person unacquainted with Islam to open the door to the hideous, frightening, enraging information waiting to pour in and forever shatter his innocence? That is the question we should all be pondering. That is what should be keeping us up at night.

I want to hear it. What can you say or do that will motivate an unacquainted person (a person who thinks Islam is a religion of peace) to open his door and look on the other side? Because we don't really have to convince people. Once someone sincerely tries to find out whether or not Islamic doctrines are peaceful, they will discover the disturbing nature of Islam.

We've heard from many people over the years telling us that they were tired of hearing a particular person in their lives speak "badly" about Islam, so they started reading up on it so they could prove the person wrong. But of course, they discovered the terrifying truth.

This makes our task easier, in a way. We don't have to convince people that we know what we're talking about. We only need to make them curious enough to look into it. The facts speak for themselves.

So again I'm asking you — how can this be done? What have you tried before that worked? What do you think might work? Leave your answer in the comments below or email it to me and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you tell me to post your name), and later I'll compile these answers into a post that future newbies can use as a resource — because once they become acquainted with Islam, the first thing most people want to do is share their mind-blowing new understanding with their friends and family, most of whom will think they've lost their minds. They will need help. Let's give it to them.


An Unseen Error in the Multicultural Ethos


Defenders of indiscriminate multiculturalism see criticism of Islam as a kind of ethnocentrism, and therefore consider the criticism a moral crime and an error of cognitive simplemindedness. Ethnocentrism means judging another culture based on the values and standards of your own culture.

But committed multiculturalists fail to notice that these criticizers of Islam (or at least most of them) are not criticizing all other religions; but only Islam (and maybe Scientology), which should lead them to recognize that the criticism is something other than mere ethnocentrism. And they haven't noticed that Islamic texts are themselves extremely ethnocentric.

I came across a good summary of the ethnocentrism of Islam on the excellent blog, The Malsi-Tung Social Virus. I suggest you subscribe to it. The author doesn't post very often, but when he does, it is excellent reading. Here's his summary — information that would cause smoke to spew from the ears of most indiscriminate multiculturalists:

Cultural superiority:
  • Jahiliya is the doctrine that every culture preceding Islamisation is in a state of ignorance
  • The Bible and Torah are viewed as merely corrupted versions of the Koran and are full of error. Their only merit is that they point toward the coming of Muhammad
  • All forms of non-Muslim culture are inferior or evil: democracy, music, figurative art, free thought, drinking alcohol, mixing of the sexes etc.
  • Muhammad is the final messenger of God and what he teaches supercedes all other beliefs
Legitimacy of Islamic domination:
  • Warfare against non-Muslims is fully justified in order to bring (or force) the superior (and only true) way of life of Islam to them
  • Muslims in mixed societies are to be seen as superior to non-Muslims and they are justified in exploiting, deceiving, and plotting to overcome the non-Muslims
  • The dhimma pact underwrites the justified domination of Muslims viz a viz Jewish and Christian communities living under Muslim domination. The inferior status, absence of legal protection, and resumption of persecution following any (perceived) failure to uphold the dhimma pact are all justified because Muslims have both a right and a duty to dominate non-Muslims 
Imposition of Islamic law upon all people is a moral duty:
  • Jihad is the sixth pillar of Islam. It is not simply defensive but a moral obligation upon all Muslims to replace all other culture and religion with Islam
  • Warfare against non-believers is to be understood as a gift to them as it brings them into contact with the only true religion of Islam
Internal controls: 
  • To leave Islam is to challenge its truth and supremacy. This is an insult to Islam and anyone doing this is “no better” than a non-believer (kuffar) and hence deserves to be killed.
  • To question Islam or Muhammad is to be guilty of doubting the truth of Islam. This is an insult to Islam and warrants a death sentence.
If this is not ethnocentrism in its most virulent form, what is?

As the author, Greg Hamilton, writes, "There are real and profound differences between cultures...Anthropologists developed the concept of cultural relativism in order to help them gain more accurate insights into alien cultures." An ethnocentric anthropologist's observations probably wouldn't be as accurate as an open-minded, non-judgmental anthropologist's. But as Hamilton points out, cultural relativism "is obviously a useful and valid doctrine in the context of anthropology but where it has become extremely problematic is in the transfer to the political domain."

Yes. If you politically grant concessions to Islam because you don't want to appear ethnocentric, you have allowed an extremely ethnocentric culture to override your less ethnocentric culture — for the purpose of avoiding ethnocentrism!

Or, put another way, tolerance should not mean tolerating intolerance. It's a self-defeating proposition.

If you can get this message through to a committed multiculturalist, after the smoke has stopped spewing, she or he may look at the situation differently in the future. That's all we need.


Scientology and Islam

Criticizing Islam Successfully to People Who Don't Want to Hear It (by talking about Scientology's similarities)

More on Using Scientology to Criticize Islam

Still More on Talking About Islam by Talking About Scientology

The Information Slipped Right In

Creating a New Parallel Religion


Pushing Back

In response to a previous Citizen Warrior article (Informed and Determined) we heard from Alan Kornman of The United West. He writes:

Terrorist Hunter is a great book and should be required reading for everyone who seeks a greater understanding of Islamic doctrine and theology.

Your last paragraph is what we have been putting into action at The United West for several years. Tom Trento, Director of The United West,  has built a network of Islamic doctrinal educators from coast to coast. In addition to our outreach and academic work, Tom Trento and his team have built an acclaimed radio show at WNN 1470 in Boca Raton, FL reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners every day. Video and radio have become TUW's  trademark for information dissemination and education. Here are some videos of our interactions with the followers of Islam exposing humiliating behaviors they do not want made public.

The Tom Trento Show:

Tom Trento confronts Jew Haters at Florida Atlantic University —

Dearborn, MI An Emerging No Go Zone of Islamic Hate and Intolerance — Filming while non-Muslim, assault,  and the court case a year later plus increasing violence in Dearborn.  

Tom Trento Interviews Hamas Supporter Lauren Booth — This video is a practical lesson on how to engage a Hamas supporter.

Alan Kornman
The United West
Regional Coordinator

I think this difficult work needs to be done and I'm very glad The United West is doing it. What do you think?


Madonna the Stealth Counterjihadist


During a recent concert to raise money for women, Madonna spoke in favor of education for girls. Watch the video below and notice that this effort, this direction, this impetus accomplishes the goal of marginalizing, discrediting, and disempowering orthodox Islam without even mentioning the words "Islam" or "Muslim."

By doing it this way, she was able to reach a lot of people. She probably wouldn't be allowed to speak again at a major venue like this if she had mentioned Islam. That's not right, of course, but that's the way it is until far more people are acquainted with the disturbing nature of Islamic ideology.

To those of us who have learned about Islam, Madonna was forcefully criticizing Islam in her speech. To everyone else, she was criticizing cruelty and injustice. The end result is essentially the same.

She was speaking at the Chime for Change concert, which raised more than four million dollars before it even took place. Imagine what would happen if we all got behind the goal of education for girls in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. What would happen? Orthodox Muslims would try to stop it, of course. They are already trying, and their brutal hands are covered in the blood of innocent girls.

But in the context of this completely positive goal (educating girls) those brutal actions (motivated by orthodox Islam) outrage almost everyone. Think about what happened when Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban for going to school. She was on the cover of Time Magazine! It made people aware of the situation — the kind of people we've had difficulty reaching — and motivated them to do something about it.

People will be outraged by the brutal actions of orthodox Muslims and will demand some way to make sure those innocent girls are not killed or burned with acid for simply wanting to go to school! At that point, we have them on our side rather than unwittingly on the enemy's side. They will be pushing for the same changes we are pushing for (because enabling girls to get an education simultaneously marginalizes, discredits, and disempowers orthodox Islam).

When people don't like us talking about Islam, it's usually because they think of Muslims as persecuted minority underdogs. They don't like to see the weak trampled on by the strong. A great majority of people in the world have a strong revulsion to the powerful crushing the powerless. So when we cast the issue as weak girls being oppressed, injured and killed by armed fundamentalist Islamic men, we use that strong revulsion for good instead of evil. Think about it.


Thursday, June 6th, 2013 is "Speak Your Mind About Islam Day"


What would happen if this became a universal response to attempts to restrict freedom of speech? What if instead of newspapers being intimidated when Muslims riot over a cartoon, for example, if newspapers joined together and simultaneously reprinted anything that causes riots? It would probably eventually end the rioting, but for sure it would protect the individuals. There would not be a target; it would be happening everywhere at once.

British people wrote about Islam on Facebook and Twitter in response to the brutal beheading of Lee Rigby and were arrested for it. The right response for all of us is to write about Islam on Facebook and Twitter until the internet quakes. Let it rip. Freedom of speech is under attack by orthodox Islam, and freedom of speech must prevail.

Read more about "Speak Your Mind About Islam Day" here.

Here are some images you can share on Facebook:


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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