The Bare Bones Message


What is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims. That's it. That's the only message we need to get across. When this sinks in, it changes everything. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but from that point on the person will see the world with new understanding. From that point on, the person will no longer be bamboozled by the amazing amount of nonsense uttered by so many in the media. From that point on, the person is no longer a "useful idiot" (inadvertently supporting a cause that takes away freedom, rights, and the lives of innocent people).

The message we need to get across is simple, but it's still too much for many people to emotionally cope with. It ruins the life they once had. It shatters their innocence forever. Because of this, they will immediately try to find a way to dismiss this simple message. The first and easiest thing to say is, "Other religions have violence and intolerance in their texts." If you have no answer to this, they will be relieved. They can safely put the issue back out of their minds. "Everything is okay," they'll think, "Islam is just like other religions." There are other versions of this same objection. For example, Christianity is just as bad, all religions are evil, there are extremists in every religion, etc. (We have answers to these objections here.)

However, if you answer the objection successfully, the next thing people will usually come up with is, "Most Muslims don't follow the texts." That's somewhat true, and it's a good thing! But it doesn't change the fact that the texts themselves are dangerous to non-Muslims. It doesn't make the problem go away. Other versions of this are: Only extremists or fundamentalists take the texts literally, not all Muslims are terrorists, I know a Muslim and he's really nice, etc.

Just like getting any horrible news, people will try to deny it. That is the first line of emotional defense. They'll try to find a way to escape from the terrible news and its implications. But if you can prevent someone from escaping the hard fact, you will have done all you need to do. Reality will teach them the rest.

There is a lot we can say about Islam. But it's good to be clear about the most important fact to get across, and to stay focused on it: What is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims. Get this to sink in.


Elsa 5:24 AM  

I agree totally. Almost every breath I take, every move I make would be condemned in an Islamic world - and that's what they're aiming for.

Walter Sieruk 8:04 AM  

One of the ways Islam may is defined is that it's a religious, poltical, cultural system of tyranny that controls the minds and lives of millions of people around the world. Thomas Jefferson stated a noble idea when he said "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Anonymous 8:20 AM  

This truly is the bare bones message that we need to get across to everyone, everywhere! The core texts of Islam are not only hostile towards Jews, Christians, polytheists and every other non-Muslim religion, they are also hostile towards atheists, secularists, and everyone else who might question, criticize, or just refuse to accept Islam as the ideal way of life. You say that your goal is to "marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam," but I think your goal should be to show everyone, everywhere "What is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims." Someone might say that what is written in the Bible is dangerous to non-Christians, too! I think the difference is that the Bible proclaims a day when God will judge the world and separate the sheep from the goats, after which He will create a new earth in which only righteous dwells, but he calls his children to love the whole world like he does in the hopes that all will repent and become the children of God through faith in Jesus Christ before that great and terrible day. It is much different with Islam and this is what the West needs to know. Islam teaches that if people will not become Muslims that they do not deserve to live and it is the Muslims duty to get the whole world to submit to Islam in the here and now by whatever means necessary, including violence and force. I for one will never submit to Islam because it is not in agreement with the Bible and it is not the ideal way of life, period.

Citizen Warrior 12:16 PM  

I am not a Christian, but I disagree that the Bible is dangerous to non-Christians. The nature of the texts is different. Islamic commands are "for all time."

Citizen Warrior 5:07 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Just a few little answers I have for some of the comments on the blog today. You may not to care to use them, but these are some ideas I have that may draw some comment.

Anyone touched in negative ways by Islam will forever remember the experience. As one of these people I have tried for years to inform my family, friends and fellow citizens of the great danger in Islam. It turns out that I am regarded as the problem and I am a nuisance for bringing the subject up. People don't want to hear the message and I end up being a bringer of doom and a pain in the neck. I am the problem and not Islam and this is exactly what Islam wants them to think.

Moving within our society with their taqiyya and friendly manner and being helpful and kind they lull the people into a sense that anything a victim may tell them is all racism and this is backed up by our government and politicians and yet, speaking with soldiers who have served in Afghanistan or in other Middle Eastern countries, they know a different story about Islam. They relate the cunning and the lies of these people and are these soldiers are left with a sense of "What the hell are we doing here". They come home in many cases, horribly mutilated with missing limbs and with mental problems which will never go away. They all say, "Just leave them alone and they will kill each other out of existence". They are left with no compassion for these people. I can understand this feeling, a feeling of hopelessness that all they have suffered is for no good reason. When they come home and see the next lot of young men leaving on another tour of Afghanistan they want to scream out "Don't go, don't go". I know this feeling too. I was in combat for four years as well. I was brutally kicked and smashed and robbed and lied about and left with nothing, just like a soldier in any theatre of war but it was in my own homeland.

The ordinary Muslim belongs to the "group" which in itself gives them strength within the group. They are basically tribal and intermarriage is constant, to preserve the family or group and their possessions and money and animals and women in this order. Their women dress in medieval clothes such as our nuns wore in our society up to about 50 years ago. The church had updated itself, although perhaps reluctantly - but Islam has never done this in any age. Their doctrine in the Koran is the Abrahamic Law, one of violence and where a father may kill his son etc. The practice of intermarriage has caused profound changes in the brain, just as smoking "pot" can cause schizophrenia and or persecution complexes together with the exclusive training in the Madrash from the age of two years, with the total exclusion of females and where the doctrine of Islam is the only subject taught. Some little boys are bolted down to the floors in the Islamic Schools and is it any wonder they become the terrorists we see today? They are like robots and cannot think for themselves. Mothers send their sons out to murder and suicide in the hope that she can gain a place in that Paradise. Very sad indeed, and also very sick.

To be continued...

Citizen Warrior 5:07 PM  

Here's more of the same email message:

There is little room in their education to study the ARTS. Who will teach them? Their masters know only what they are teaching to the new generation. Art, History or Music are considered Satanic by many Muslims. For one moment in time, this did not occur in Turkey. They had been blessed with democracy and it opened the windows and let in the sunshine in and Sophia and knowledge flourished just as it had for many centuries. But forces today do not want their people to be free and will do anything to prevent the people of Turkey to enjoy the democratic process and usher back the black and dark days of Islam. Turks in general want their freedom and democracy and I fear they will have another fight on their hands. The government has jailed the old guard of Army Officers who have sworn to protect the right of the people and to defend their democratic rights. Attaturk left the Army to protect the rights of the people. But, they have one by one been jailed to the disgust of many of my friends in Turkey today. To think that twenty or so years ago, Turkey had a female President. Now, we have a president who wants to go back to the Ottoman Empire. Well, we know what happened to that lot. Gone, gone, gone.

The women are on par with an animal in Fundamentalist Islam, and for the exclusive use of the men of the tribe to be bought and sold like the other animals. Women are chattels - nothing more. They are owned by men. I have seen little girls in Turkey today, kept from school by the father to work on the farm with the mother. He has the power of life and death over the children. No one would know if they lived or died in some of the most isolated places on earth. They have no rights and will never learn to read or write just like their mothers before them even though education is compulsory in this country. This happens in the remote areas and it is very sad. On the other side of the society, women attend university, go to the disco, wear the bikini and are equal to their men. These are the women and the men too who don't want their women to go back to wearing the veil. This is what the president of Turkey Recep Erdogan wants for the women of Turkey to do, and is a part of the reason for the riots in Turkey today. It annoys me that our media is treating this event unfolding in Turkey as another Arab Spring. It is not. The "Arab Springs" have been against one another, Suni against Shite, and they end up with the same people running the show all over again with nothing changed. But, many Turks are of European stock and are not Arabs. Turkey was the head of the Holy Roman Empire and was not Arabic at all - only by conquest. Most of Turkey today was once Greece, and was the birthplace of St. Paul the Apostle and St. Nicholas and many others of course. It produced many of the Greek philosophers who gave us the foundations of democracy. It was the leading light of the Ancient world. It is of course against a pro Islamic president and his party, but it is basically a call for the renewal of their democracy and not to fall back into the world they thought they had left behind almost one hundred years ago.

I notice one of your comments said that Islam was supremacist, and this is very true, but no more than Japan. If any person reading this column can remember or has studied the War with Japan there are many parallels. The same female submission, no intermarriage and interestingly, Japan even today will not take in any refugees or Boat People. To this day families in Japan go to great lengths to keep the Japanese "PURE" and their women should not marry Korean or Chinese and have specialist detectives to go through the family trees to make sure there is no other blood but Japanese in their family. Sounds a little like Islam. A neurotic belief that they are the best of the best.

Citizen Warrior 5:08 PM  

Still more from the same email:

As to the defense by Muslims that they don't understand the Koran themselves, well - please become educated. Perhaps they don't understand it because it was written by a person who "heard the voices". Desert dwellers who live in desert regions do suffer from "desert" illnesses and claim to see the Mirage and going sometimes for days without food or water can drop the blood sugar levels to a degree that they become disoriented and imagine things that are not there and hear voices. Even Jesus - it is said, when he fasted for forty days in the desert, had a meeting with Satan. These things may be similar to a diabetic having a diabetic coma. The desert is said to play tricks with the mind and sitting around the camp fires with their pipes in hand and nothing to do but dream of the promise of Paradise, filled with virgins, and young boys with skin on their backside like a peach, and if they have a dutiful, but now old and ugly wife, she can be rewarded for a lifetime of slavery by being allowed to watch her husband ravish the little boys and virgins in this Paradise. This is what the Koran is about in part. Surely this is the "stuff" of pipe dreams.

And fundamentalism it is true to be the basic and original doctrine of a religion or sect. However, with Islam we cannot compare it to other religions as Islam is using the text of the Old Testament and in many instances a Violent testament and which has no place in a modern world. Other religions have updated, but not Islam. And the followers of the Buddha are on a totally different wave length, and one that is about love and joy and is the only religion that really educates its followers in many ways.

Christianity follows the New Testament - a New Way. The Way of Jesus and brotherly love. As a Jew, Jesus wanted to review the Old and Violent religion of his forefathers, and he and his followers wanted a new way for us to live. Jesus said, all we have to do is to "Love one Another". And this is where Christianity and Islam part ways.

(And I just want to say I was born into Christianity, but I have my own spirituality now and am only relating my opinion of Jesus and His church. I think of Him as a very, very good man whose vision for us was also hijacked by the early Church which bore no similarity to the words of Jesus. I think many others feel this way as well. It is our church too and perhaps we need to take it back. It is also a top heavy organization).

One is now a religion of violence and blood and the other would like to have a world of brotherly love for all. And so with the Christian ethos in mind, we have never been prepared for the challenge of Islam. Islam is hijacking our traditional values and golden rules to use it against us. They have learned our ways and they know our vulnerabilities which in our own societies are our strengths. The Greeks gave us the Law, and no functioning society can carry on without it. It is the Law that sets us apart. Islam has Sharia. A violent law by men for men.

There have been many hints for us to follow in novels, and in film and in the histories of the Middle East. But, today's people don't seem to read books anymore. The art of reading is going. Our children cannot concentrate on things for a sustained period. Our society allows them to drink to excess and to drive cars at the same time killing themselves and others. And none or us or not many of us have been prepared for what we all face today. And, like the Roman soldier Horatio standing at the gate of his city willing to defend it with his life, we don't seem to understand who the enemy is. It is not clear to the multitude who this enemy is to the citizens. They have been sheltered and spoiled and only care for their own comfort. Not all are this way, because it is so difficult to give them the message about the danger in Islam in our midst. No one has given us any guidelines and our politicians are leading us to the abyss like the Lemmings.

Citizen Warrior 5:08 PM  

The final installment:

And so I feel like Cassandra, standing at the gates of Troy, crying out to her people to beware of Greeks bearing gifts. She had been given the gift of prophesy by Apollo, but he had cursed her with no one believing a word she said. I feel like her, being regarded as a mad woman screaming my message to my people, but they have blocked their ears.

I must add that whatever I am feeling about the effect of Islam and the riots and wars, we now begin to see discontent in South America, England, and other places on our earth that I believe there is something else afoot. Something as yet unknown. The poor and the poverty stricken all around the world are crying out for help and how will we address their genuine need. We had long seen the poverty in South America and in Mexico and Asia and Africa and it seems that much of the problems we have are due to organized crime syndicates and our inability or our uncaring attitude to this world phenomena. It will catch up with us if we don't stop and listen to their pleas for help. Perhaps it will mean we have to manage with less to give them a little more. What do the rest of you think? It is a problem that will not go away no matter how we try to ignore it. Or how many movie stars will get behind it in the name of the United Nations - or are they the problem? Have we outgrown the United Nations. We spend billions of dollars on it and they certainly seem to be top heavy in administration and property ownership. Maybe they are too top heavy and we need to take another look at this organization as well.

Anonymous 10:30 AM  

islam condemns free speech, in N America, for N Americans ...
islam condemns Human rights in N America, for N Americans
islam condemns democracy/ for N Americans in N America
islam condemns N America, N America laws, govT..
as stated thru out the islam foreign political jihad ideology book, Koran
islam is illegal, criminal, treasonous, traitorous in N America, against N Americans ..

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