What Should We Call Non-Muslims Who Believe Islam is a Religion of Peace?


I've heard many terms — dhimmi, dhimmwit, libtard, moron, ostrich, drone, Chamberlain, blind multiculturalist, stupid, foolish, mindless, ignorant, naive, etc. — but none of these are good enough, and some of them are terrible. All of us now reading this were once unacquainted with even the most elementary facts about Islam. And there are liberals who understand it and conservatives who don't, so partisan terms don't really fit either.

And since our primary goal here is to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam, and since it would really help to have more people knowledgeable enough about Islam to join our side, one of our sub-goals should be reaching those who have not yet been reached by the bad news. Calling them derogatory names probably won't help us reach them, even if we're not saying it to their face, but only in our thoughts. It will likely ruin our rapport with them, weakening our ability to influence them.

I've used the term, "uninitiated" but that could easily be misconstrued. I have sometimes used the more neutral term "unawakened," but even that seems judgmental.

I propose the term, "innocent." Not in the sense of "without guilt" but in the sense that he "has not yet lost his innocence." He's still innocent, like a child before he has discovered that bad people exist in the world.

A person who is still unaware of the true nature of core Islamic texts has a rude awakening coming, and he may not want to lose the nice world he's been living in — a world where some day we will all coexist in peace and harmony with each other, a world where all religions are basically the same, a world where we can all work out our differences if we just try hard enough because everybody is basically good.

And can you blame him? Don't you wish sometimes you could go back to the world you lived in before you had seen a video of a beheading? Or the Twin Towers collapsing? Or before you had read enough about Islam to have the horrifying comprehension that those "crazy extremists" are not crazy extremists after all, but sincere believers who are simply following the mainstream teachings of a major religion — a religion with 1.5 billion adherents? It's a harsh, overwhelming realization that cannot be undone.

I don't know about you, but I sometimes miss that innocent world I used to live in. And I don't envy the chilling revelation in store for those who are still innocent.

But it must be done.

And I think we will find it easier if we call these people simply "innocent" and empathize with what we know they will have to eventually face, rather than slander their character with derisive terms.

You might be thinking, "What about the politicians who insist Islam is a religion of peace?" The answer is: "If they know better — if they know Islam is not a religion of peace — we already have appropriate names for them: Liars and traitors." But if they are genuinely uninformed about the disturbing nature of Islamic doctrine and believe "Islam means peace" and that nothing in Islamic texts justifies terrorism, then they are innocent. Dangerous, but innocent.

What do you think? Do you have a better term? Do you think using insulting names helps our cause? Let us know in the comments below or email me and I'll post it for you (anonymously unless you tell me otherwise).

UPDATE: After many suggestions, which you can see below in the comments, someone wrote:
Why don't we say they are 'unacquainted' with Islam? This is an accurate, non-judgmental term that may make them ask, "What am I unacquainted with?" That could open a door to an open, and initially at least, dispassionate discussion. It also points to their lack of knowledge without making is seem like an insult.

There is nothing morally wrong with my being unacquainted with the fellow who lives down the street and there is nothing morally wrong with them being unacquainted with the true nature of Islam.

I think that's the best one so far.


Anonymous 6:42 AM  

naive fools

Anonymous 6:52 AM  


Anonymous 7:41 AM  

I prefer the term delusionists

Walter Sieruk 8:03 AM  

The question is "What shall we call non-Muslam who believe that Islam is a religion of Peace? " The answer is the word is 'Ignorant.' For such people have not really studed the subject of Islam. First, the Quran in Sura 47 teaches that "When you encounter the unbelivers strike off their heads, untill you make a great slaughter among them..." Lilewise,in 9:112 of the Quran it also teaches "The believers fight in Allah's Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed." Theses are just two of the pamy places in the Quran that teach violence and killing. Second the actions of many Muslims throughout the world who engage in the violence and murders of Islam militant jihadism have proven the Islam is a religion of violence by their own actions.For those violent Muslims are inspired to violence becomes of the teaching s of the Quran as well as other written works of Islam. Also the violence if Islamic misogyny against girls and women because of the teachings of Islam. In short, the non-Muslam who in their ignorance call Islam "a peaceful religion" are just useful fools for the forces of Islam

bill 9:42 AM  

For political or religious purposes, a person who claims to be a muslim or is known beyond reasonable doubt to be a muslim should always be called muslim or a description that includes the word "muslim" or a word that leaves no doubt that the person is a muslim, such as Jihadist.. I do not understand how the word Islamist came to be used to describe someone who is also a known Muslim unless Muslims did this to take a valuable word out of the non-muslim vocabulary. I think the word Islamist would have been a excellent word to use to describe a person who leans towards Islam but can not be proven beyond doubt to be a muslim. I assume that the word Islamist can not be the word we are looking for. It appears to me that the terms orthodox muslim and Islamist are used to mean the same thing. We also need a word to describe a suspected or known muslim who is pretending not to be a muslim for the purpose of stealth jihad. I assume that description may be stealth jihadist or covert jihadist. Also, I believe that all muslims are orthodox muslims (unless they are radical or otherwise misguided)or they would not be muslim. Also "radical muslim" or "misguided muslim" can only mean a muslim who is not a true muslim, but should be considered a muslim (by non-muslims) because they believe they are muslim. A muslim terrorist ("terrorist" for the politically correct) is not a radical mulism but is in fact a muslim terrorist. I'LL end my rambling with this: saying that "not all muslims are terrorists" conveys as much significant information as saying "not all americans are members of the U.S. Military" (i.e., none). Bill Coleman. vin 5 ron et yohaa period con.

Citizen Warrior 11:49 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:


As I got your drift the word "innocent" came to me before I saw you land on it. Along my way to substantial agreement with you the word "carrier" came to mind. I grope for something that does not convey guilt and is not so easily dismissed without provoking a question. "Carrier"? Of what?. "Vector" may be too technical and carry (!) more guilty baggage. But then "innocent" also raises the question, "innocent of what?".

An epidemiologist or other life scientist might have the answer. I may be wrong, but i think we in the well-bathed West all carry near lethal bugs our natural resistance holds at bay. We need a hammer against the auto-immune meme "Islam is only a 1st Amendment protected religion and is innocent of its crazies".

It's difficult to resist, as we must, broadcasting our animus against leftist fools, putting flaming arrows in the quiver, something along the line of Andrew McCarthy's "Willful Blindness". But that kind will not be reached unless and until--if ever--they're shocked, betrayed or hurt (al a the six in The God that Failed). Leaving Walter Duranty with the Pulitzer is a monument to them.

That said, "carrier" may convey innocence and imply danger without the stigma of "vector".

My $0.02

Always grateful for your amazing work, insights and leadership,

- Anonymous J

Citizen Warrior 11:54 AM  

Someone emailed this:

How about "The Unaware," or "The Uninformed."

Citizen Warrior 11:59 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Blissfully Ignorant?

Citizen Warrior 12:00 PM  

Someone emailed this:

In the older days it was called among religions, a lost soul, or you were a saved soul. This brought forth a point of discussion as to what state a person was in. Today it has been replaced with (ARE YOU) politically correct, or NOT politically correct. For the none thinking what ever is politically correct is safe ground to be standing on. For all others it is uncharted grounds for ridicule and suspicion, or enlightenment. Somehow the truth eventually will set one free, or saved from lies and deceit. A point in the right direction would be to take the skillful point of being lost, or saved and busting the bubble of being politically correct all at the same time. A good solution to be thinking about. Are you safe?, or saved? A (+ or -) reaction..From what? some may ask. From Islam! ,,,,,,It may open doors of discussion.

Citizen Warrior 12:01 PM  

Someone emailed this:

Useful Idiots. Or perhaps ignorant fools. More likely Progressive multicultural stupid people.

Citizen Warrior 12:03 PM  

Kay Ohana emailed this comment:

Actually, I think they are useful idiots. Innocent is not the correct word, because they "don't want to know the truth."

I have lost about half my family and friends, because I send them article after article about what is going on with the Muslims in the USA and in the world and they for the most part refuse to even read them. They consider me paranoid, an Islamphobic, and hateful. I suspect they think I am making it all up and they don't even bother to read their newspapers. They live all over the world, France, Kenya, So. Africa, and it makes no difference, their attitudes haven't changed a wit in over 2 years. One person a life long friend, insist and persist in claiming, "I refuse to believe that Islam is what you claim, because I am not a hateful person." Thus implying I am a hateful person. Hating the ideology of Islam and hating the poor souls born into and stuck with it are two very different emotions.

Citizen Warrior 12:05 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Because they don't have any real arguments when confronted with the truth Liberals resort to personal attacks, childish name-calling, lies, and shrieking, "Nah-ah! Nah-ah!" I always "educate" them that Liberal/Progressives have historically been used by tyrants as useful idiots to spread the tyrant's empty rhetoric. They are Liberal/Progressive useful idiots for the global jihad. And, hey, Lenin coined the phrase, not me.

Citizen Warrior 12:10 PM  

Ramachandra emailed this:

How about "well-meaning but uninformed" or "well-meaning but ignorant" or
"well-meaning but uneducated"?

Citizen Warrior 12:16 PM  

Mahindra emailed this comment:

islamophiles? islamophilic? naive , NAIVISTS, naive americans, naive and innocent americans, naively innocent americans,

actually there are quite a few subcategories of those who do not know or dont want to know or are too lazy to know....hmmmm wondering how we can
lump them together into a nice ball and put a label on them that is sort of neutral ,non derogatory, but cajoling and encouraging them to get off their fat butt and read and learn more.

islamophile ( compares to hellenophiles), but may be a slightly strong term in opposition to islamophobes ( which of course is a silly contrived word, since phobia is irrational, but there is nothing irrational about worrying about islam given its bloody historical track record and current track record...just go to www.thereligionofpeace.com which is tracking it's daily violence globally...and still not a complete list, cos i suspect that many accounts in non english papers are not reported to the religionofpeace folks)

i don't want to sound rude, but i would estimate (by local extrapolation) that 75% of americans are too lethargic or caught up in other mundane activities to bother to read up a bit about islam. This is proven by the recent poll taken ( forgot the source that i read) that even after the boston jihadist bombing 80% of americans polled still think that there is no direct relationship between islam and terrorism ( oh they think it is a fringe group of bad apples that is besmirching the name of islam lol )

to give you my personal experience ( out of a myriad experiences ,since i have been abroad and also living in the US for many years ), i recently had a patient who is a very educated man, an engineeer and a big shot in a large corporation...and our conversation gravitated towards the boston bombing. He made a statement that " he could not understand how islam which gave rise to a civilization where science and art and music were way ahead of the west when we were in the dark ages could end up with people like the boston bombers and how so many islamic countries are so poor, and most likely it has to do with the western imperialism (notwithstanding his involvement in corporate capitalism which has imperial exploitative interests in 3rd world countries lol). I delicately inquired as to his knowledge of islam and shariah and was appaled that he like many educated people have not done his due homework and still thinks that islam is peaceful in its tenets and that they believe in the same God like everyone else and that the only difference is that they pray 5x/day and have to go visit mohammad in mekka during their life time (the islamists are careful to emphasize the same god illusion and also to present islam as mere harmless rites and rituals!)

(to be continued...)

Citizen Warrior 12:17 PM  

More by Mahindra:

i think the internet is a wonderful tool to reach billions, or at least a single crusader(pun intended ) like You ( or me) can exponentially increase our efforts of educating others ...sadly the younger generation in america are also clueless ( which is another nice word to use, altho a bit caustic ! CLUELESS .....I notice that in the local ActForAmerica meetings most were elderly retired people and we hardly have any youthful representation. Meantime the Muslim Stdent Association is doing dawaah and outreach and propaganda to all the college students in the US of A ! imagine that...and further islam has infiltrated our schools and their text book giving our youths a sanitized version of islam and making them islamophilic)

I digress...back to finding an appropriate word somewhat akin to 'islamophobes' which the islamists have cleverly inserted into cyberspace and our national psyche...

naive american,
innocent americans,
naively innocent americans,

for some segment: clueless americans, lazy and clueless, nonchalant, lackadaisical and clueless (pretty strong indictment for some segments)

i am also wondering what % of the population is uninterested (which woud be another category) or could'nt care less (disinterested?)

p.s. what about a % of americans who know the danger and aspirations of Islam and yet for business or financial or political reasons keep selling us the Islam is peace BS and further muzzle the intelligence community from even mentioning the word islam ( Eric Holder comes to mind and you know who else ..we wont name names), should we use the term 'traitor', treason, appeasers, neville chamberlains? etc. should we call a spade a spade? (mayor bloomberg has business investments in islamic countries and appears quite islamophilic....my jewish friends call him judenrat lol)

I guess we can't quite find a magic catch all term akin to islamophobe


Citizen Warrior 12:19 PM  

Elsa emailed this comment:

I like the term, innocent, but it leaves out, innocent of what? So I'm still looking for a term that works for me.

I agree that name-calling is not good - though I have created the term, Petrified Chicken, as an alternate meaning of PC (usually taken to mean, politically correct). But I don't mean for Petrified Chicken to be generally used, I just created it to encourage people to recognize the role of (usually unrecognized) fear of Islam in political correctness.

Islamo-innocents (in contrast to Islamophobes)? How's that?

PS. To see the first Petrified Chicken award winner:


PPS. Thank you for raising this important point: that we need a powerful name for those you are calling the innocents.

site: http://WorldTruthSummit.com

Citizen Warrior 12:19 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Other discriptors: uninformed, misinformed, misguided, redirected, overcorrected, altered;
Living in denial due to the fear of truth which would burst the bubble they have been existing within believing it shields them from any & all things they do not want to deal with...
(Bubbles are transparent, yet when one looks through them, a distorted image is projected. When someone becomes so accustomed to this way of looking at things, it becomes their reality; similar to brain damage - this distortion is almost impossible to "fix." It will take Devine Intervention to "set them straight.")

Citizen Warrior 12:20 PM  

Robin emailed this:

Novice comes to mind. Benner wrote a book titled "From Novice to Expert" which was essentially about nurses, however the principle is the same.

Those who know little are Islamic novices and hopefully will one day become Islamic experts and see Islam for what it really is.


Central Australia

bill 1:58 PM  

The term "useful idiot" is perfect, but needs to be said with kinder words. Maybe, going to an extreme with the kindness or using a term from nature might work. Is there a species in the animal or plant kingdom where one or more members help predators catch/eat their own kind?

vicspain 11:16 PM  

Not only are they naive fools they are dangerous...

Citizen Warrior 12:08 AM  

Dave emailed this one:

Personally I like the old tried and true "Useful Idiot," but I agree with you that one does not win people over by insulting them. You make a very good case for using the word "innocent" in this cause. It's neutral, un-insulting and still gets the main point across.

Very helpful post.


Dave L

Citizen Warrior 12:20 AM  

Charles emailed this:

I prefer the term "misinformed". This leaves open the possibility of providing accurate information and leaves open an avenue for a non-defensive conversation ("It's not your fault that you have been misinformed--here is more truthful data and here are sources you can consult to further your education and awareness")


Citizen Warrior 12:22 AM  

Mike emailed this:

I think that innocent is great, but idealistic comes to mind too...and not in a pejorative way. Anne Frank was an idealist. That's my 2 cents. I applaud your efforts to educate the populace about the dangers of Islamofascism. Therefore, please include my name if you choose to use my idea!

Keep on fighting the good fight!

Mike Dubose

Citizen Warrior 12:39 AM  

Someone emailed this one:

Hallo Citizen Warrior,

I want to thank you for your articles and congratulate you for all your efforts.

If people still need convincing that Islam is a religion of peace after they see that Muslims are doing then they deserve all that Islam is going to dish up to them.
I have given up.



Citizen Warrior 12:40 AM  

Someone emailed this:

It would be interesting to ask the Boston Bombers car jack victim, who had a "Coexist" bumper sticker what he now thinks...


Citizen Warrior 1:38 AM  

We just received this email:

Hello Citizen Warrior,

How about using the word 'asleep' or 'sleepers' for non-muslims who don't understand the true nature of Islam.

Maybe 'non-believer' or 'unbeliever' or 'abstainer' or 'casualties' 'or 'compromisers' or 'consentors'

How about 'unawakened.' I think that's the best.

We so appreciate all your efforts.


Lynne 1:43 AM  


bill 3:07 PM  

How about "useful innocents" or a/the "deceived"?

Honeybadger 7:11 PM  

How about 'unenlightened"? Whilst they ARE ignorant, useful idiots etc those terms are derogatory and immediately get them offside. If you wish to engage and persuade then the language has to be not so condemning.

Citizen Warrior 12:36 AM  

Someone emailed this:

You make some good points. I think that "innocent" is a good one, but its other meaning will sometimes be troublesome.

Citizen Warrior 11:23 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I appreciate your work and the thought you've put into what you do. Thank you for caring for and understanding our magnificent gift, freedom, and fighting for it.

That being said, I disagree with the term "innocent" for those unaware of the dangers of Islam. It's too general a term that I feel should be used in a different context. The end result of these people's ignorance is potentially so dangerous for other Americans, and people worldwide, that it is far from "innocent". The picture you have in this email shows two older men who appear very ernest while holding up their righteous signs. Frankly, before I publicly held up a sign saying anything at all, I would do at least minimal research to make sure I was correct. These men apparently feel there are "attacks" and "bigotry" towards Muslims but appear not to have looked at the other side of that argument. There is so much evidence of the dangers of Islam that is widely available. How about a sign that reads: "Stop Honor Killings" or "Stop Genital Mutilation" or "Stop Beheading/Stoning/Raping....." ? Ignorance is not innocent.

An American Infidel

Citizen Warrior 11:39 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

What scares me the most, is that so many of the so called main stream (innocents), perceive the informed as racist, & or uninformed bigots. This perception is what is stopping the spread, growth & empowerment of the informed.

Unfortunately there are many among us, who only seem too happy to be perceived in this manner, or are simply incapable of the required self discipline and presentation, that is required to outwit a very cunning enemy. This enemy, who's radical fanaticism, gives them a huge advantage over the family orientated tax paying citizen.

Sadly, I believe, that until the informed, can be better represented & perceived as a whole, our numbers will remain insufficient for the task at hand.


As far as names go, its a hard one, I don't disapprove of 'Innocents' & 'Informed', but feel there may be better, although nothing currently comes to mind.
'Informed' Sounds a little contemptuous.
'Innocents' is innocent & inoffensive in name, but note quite strong enough to convey that innocence on this subject is not a virtue.

...to be continued...

Citizen Warrior 11:40 PM  

Comment continued...

I think we need to address the many reasons of why the populous are not more informed or have no current, immediate fear of Islam & its spread. Then concentrate our efforts on the larger demographics first.

We need to be & appear to be, moderate, intelligent, disciplined people, who are genuinely & rightfully concerned by the current, active & effective plans of Muslim world domination.

We need to be able to disseminate current facts, of why they should be scared, in a form that they can accept, by weening them, till they are capable of a deeper realization & understanding.

We need Charismatic, healthy, intelligent, likable Champions to be the face of our cause. These champions need our full & disciplined behavioral support. One uncouth, violent or uninformed representation does tremendous damage.

* Many are Gullible.
* Many are scared and lack a forthrightness to stand by there Constitution.
* Some choose to keep there heads in the sand, as life is easier that way.
* Some are childish in thought & upbringing, incapable of yet facing & confronting all of life's uglier truths.
* Some are simply weak & will follow & agree with whatever they perceive to be the most popular view.
* Some are simply criminal, fraudulent, and will preach whatever gives them the best & shortest path to reward,
regardless of what they know to be right or wrong.
* Some simply lack common sense & appear to be void of rational thought on matters of race, religion & politics.


Congratulations & well done on your articulate & controlled presentations. Please maintain you fight, we need you and many more like.


Mike Dubose 4:22 AM  

Mahindra, HEAR HEAR!!!

Citizen Warrior 3:28 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

the communists had a name for those who thought they had good intentions -- useful idiots. i think they are people who, because of the social guilt they feel for some reason due to the fact they were raised in the prosperous and free west, hate the values of their own culture and countries. they feel "noble" and more socially "evolved" to side for the supposed underdog, the "misunderstood," or the downtrodden. it makes them feel all gooey inside, brimming with holy self-righteousness that they are better than the "bigot" (also known as the aware citizen who happens to notice that of all the religions in the world, only 1 is responsible for over 20,000 acts of terror in the last decade, only 1 who insists on tolerance without reciprocating that tolerance to others when a minority and violently forces conversion or submission when the majority, who demands that they are a religion of peace (and if you disagree will kill you), who says one thing in english for western consumption and the opposite in their own tongue to their own people).

there is none so blind as those who will not see. when a society becomes so civilized they can no longer fight to protect themselves, they fall to a culture who has not developed to that self-defeating stage. ask the romans about the visigoths.

bill 5:36 AM  

"Peaceful muslims" remain remain "peaceful muslims" until ....... "Peaceful people" leave Islam. I used the term "useful innocents" in a series of comments at this link: http://www.uglyhedgehog.com/t-123090-1.html#2090502 ##Bill Coleman.

Rob 7:15 PM  

One idea i have about how to turn people who refuse to see the truth about islam, to the side of seeing what is true, is to use some techniques straight out of the alinsky playbook, namely, mockery and shaming. Not for the end purpose of mocking them or shaming them, or silencing them but rather, for the simple strategy of bringing them to our side, which is the correct side. Nobody likes to feel stupid, or to be laughed at, or to feel shame. The fact is, that those who insist that islam is a religion of peace ARE being stupid (i would say blinded by PC and the media/elites), because they are not informing themselves properly about a critically important subject. PCism is indeed a powerful hypnosis that affects us all to varying degrees. Someone who is deeply affected by this virus needs something powerful to snap them out of it. Feeling stupid and/or shameful about what one has been standing for could deliver the requisite ingredients necessary to wake people out of this slumber and face reality. What do you think? Thanks!

Citizen Warrior 11:38 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Hmmm, I have been wrestling with terms for different types of Muslims for years now.

I have come up with a few "definitions" as shown below. I am using these in my local

ACT chapter meetings as part of my monthly PowerPoint slide presentations.

Thought i would share them with you...

PowerPoint slide "a"

Islamic Hierarchy:

Hardline leaders – Islamist leaders for Sharia; Salafists and Wahabbists; Anwar al-Awlaki, Osama bin Laden, MB, Morsi.

Militant Jihadists; violence ok for Sharia; Nidal Hassan, MB.

Soft Jihadists – cultural jihad for Sharia ok; no violence; MB.

Believers – Sharia ok, violence by jihadists ok; fear Islamists.

MINOs – little knowledge of political Islam, Koran, radical use of mosques, Sharia law, & jihad; probably peaceful.
Moderate (secular) Muslims: deny Islamic supremacy, jihad, Sharia, mosque-state; considered kafir by Islamists; Zuhdi Jasser, MD.

PowerPoint slide "b"

Un-informed kafir views re Islam:

Islam is not a religion of peace. True.

Devout Muslims emulate Mohammad’s actions and sayings (Sharia) as much as possible; good & evil. True.

They are Sharia-compliant and believe in Islamic supremacy, right to kill kafirs, taqiyya, etc. True.

Moderate (secular) Muslims reject sharia, jihad, Islamic supremacy, & combined mosque & state. True.

Devout Muslims reject moderate (secular) Muslims. True.

pkeyrich 3:47 PM  

Low Information Non-Muslims
Low Information Rationalsts

Low information rationality is a social theory that states that people are information consumers with limited benefits and time for processing and understanding information. Due to the limited benefits and time individuals have for learning new information, individuals use various shortcuts and heuristics to understand information quicker. Simply put, it does not make sense for the average individual to develop in depth understandings of most issues. The theory is often used to explain the limited understanding of politics and scientific technologies by the general public.

Citizen Warrior 12:44 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Why don't we say they are 'unacquainted' with Islam? This is an accurate, non-judgmental term that may make them ask, "What am I unacquainted with?" That could open a door to an open, and initially at least, dispassionate discussion. It also points to their lack of knowledge without making is seem like an insult.
There is nothing morally wrong with my being unacquainted with the fellow who lives down the street and there is nothing morally wrong with them being unacquainted with the true nature of Islam.

Anonymous 12:44 PM  

What would 6 yr old Aisha have said about Mohammed before her arranged marriage to him? Probably a decent guy, her dad Abu Bakr really thinks the world of him so he must be OK. She was "innocent" "prepubescent" and went with the flow because she had no real understanding of the world beyond dolls. When a child acts like a child, its called "innocence." When an adult who should know better acts like a child, it's called ignorance if without malice. With malice I would call it stupidity. Those are the ones who think everyone should remain as stupid as themselves.

Ramachandra 10:41 AM  

How about



ISLAMO-IGNORANTI (Italian touch)

After all, Muslims did coin a new word -- Islamophobia.

Anonymous 4:10 PM  

Perhaps "useful innocents" could be used to describe those who are ignorant of the dangers of Islam. After being educated they could be described as "the Informed", or "educated". The other terms which may be considered to be judgmental or derogatory could be reserved for those people who refuse to learn the truth about Sharia, etc.

Clarice Creager 7:13 AM  

Is this real? I am a journalist, white and Christian I might add, who covers events of the Islamic community in my area as my beat. I have never encountered a more welcoming community with a richer culture. Their beliefs are very warm and loving, and although very different from Christianity, they value things such as loving others. They are not all like the extremists picture in the media like not all Christians are like Westboro Baptist church.

I don't understand how anyone could be so hateful.

Anonymous 6:17 PM  

I would call them Islamic Sympathizers...but Acquainted will win us friends more easily, therefore allowing us to "fix their minds".

Anonymous 6:50 PM  

Clarice is demonstrating Cognitive Dissonance.

"Cognitive dissonance theory is founded on the assumption that individuals seek consistency between their expectations and their reality."

People really want to believe that Islam is good because if they reject their belief and have to embrace the truth about this religion their whole world view is destroyed.

What we are seeing today is the fruits of Multiculturalism.

Dear Clarice, if you believe Islam is so loving and peaceful I encourage you to follow ISIS as a journalist. You'll notice that ISIS does not tolerate Western Journalists that well. Maybe it's because they just don't have "enough" love to go around.

This is not Hate Speech. This is Truth Speech. Deal with it.

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