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IN A BIOGRAPHY of L. Ron Hubbard entitled, Bare-Faced Messiah, the author wrote, "On 25 July 1968, while Hubbard was still in Bizerte, the government in Britain finally decided to take action against Scientology. Kenneth Robinson, the Health Minister, stood up in the House of Commons and announced a ban on Scientology students entering the UK. 'The Government is satisfied,' he said, 'having reviewed all the available evidence, that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it. Its authoritarian principles and practices are a potential menace to the personality and well-being of those so deluded as to become its followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them.'"

When I read that, I was thinking to myself, "Why couldn't they investigate Islam and reject it as socially harmful, attributing disgraceful motives to all who oppose it, and its authoritarian practices a potential menace to its followers?

The answer is obvious: Because Islam is an "established" religion. It has been around awhile and has lots of followers. The British government could get away with banning incoming Scientology students because Scientology is new and has relatively few followers.

And this got me to thinking about something someone suggested to me awhile ago: What if we started a new religion? I don't mean sincerely starting a religion, but creating what looks like a real religion, but with the same basic principles as Islam, but with different names. A website could be created that looks like the central headquarters of the new religion, outlining all the tenets of the religion.

Then we could write and speak about this new religion without getting any flak at all. Europeans who find it increasingly difficult to criticize Islam could switch to criticizing the same things about this new religion. They couldn't get into trouble because there are no adherents to this new religion, so nobody would be offended. And nobody else cares if you criticize a new religion.

I think if you criticized an unknown or new religion — if you criticized the exact same teachings as Islam, but didn't call it Islam — it would help people see the teachings for what they are. It would get outside the cultural immune system that makes the whole subject of Islam taboo.

To give you an idea of what this might be like, someone has invented a religion to make fun of Scientology. The new religion is called "Tarvu." Check out their web site. Its purpose is different — it just makes fun of Scientology. But we could create a web site that seriously parallels the core principles of Islam, but without any reference whatsoever to Islam itself.

Let us know what you think of this idea. Email us or leave a comment.


Damien 8:17 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

It might work, to a large degree. The only problems with your idea that I can see, other than the fact that people might spot the ruse, is that it wouldn't do anything to educate those who know next to nothing about the core teachings of Islam. If they don't know what Islam's basic principles are, its doubtful they will see the connection or understand what we're getting at.

Anonymous 10:14 PM  

That idea has substantial merit. The problem is making sure the general public doesn't know it's a satire like Tarvu is.

davlon 9:37 AM  

It's fine if people suspect that it's a satire. Many will read the horrible and sick tenets of the new cult and then be prompted to find out if Islam really dictates these same ugly tenets. When they learn that they are accepting in Islam what they find revolting and unacceptable in the new cult, they will begin to wake up.

River Fred 11:25 AM  

I don't think that will work, best to expose Islam and Sharia Law for what it is.

Dr. Larry 1:25 PM  

There would need to be a comparative religious component to the website to validate the doctrinal teachings.

1683 AD 1:33 PM  

Good approach. I would only suggest that the website proclaim that its owner(s) have the sole authority to designate membership. That would preclude anyone proclaiming themself to be a member and then charging those who speak honestly about this new religion from being charged with "hate crimes".

Citizen Warrior 1:39 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

"I think you would get beheaded."

Citizen Warrior 1:40 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:


Citizen Warrior 1:42 PM  

Another emailed comment:

At first thought not a bad idea.

Evil feeds on itself as the world turns, anything (idea) that justify s itself, finds other forms through which to do so. Like issues of same sex marriage (for example) it wears down resistance to objections to it, through constant media coverage and reasons arguing (fairness issues) to justify itself and pass laws to do so.

Sharia law says basically to cut off the hand of a thief, Well like it or not, there would be a lot less thief's in fear of the consequences. How many people have been robbed? And how many would like to see tightening of laws to protect themselves from thievery? Theft issue alone may support a law that opens the door to a host of rash undermining of the Democratic process and of the Constitutional law of a Nation.

Respectfully I would say it may work in reverse.

Citizen Warrior 1:42 PM  

Another comment:

"My little brain thinks it is a terrific idea, but who has the free time to do it? Or the skills?"

Citizen Warrior 1:43 PM  


"That's smart CW"

Citizen Warrior 1:45 PM  

And another:

Sounds like a Winner! After a few Religious Fruitcakes got together and reported talking to Angels, Lo and Behold, The Mormons came into existence! They went West to avoid Persecution (actually to have more wives). That Parallels Islam somewhat. Would Love a Religion that Revolves around God only, no Prophet, no Messiah. Just God. I know from personal experience that their is a Creator! A Son of God, I find hard to believe, just like a Prophet that Marries a 6 Year old and Beheads 300 Infidels in one Day. We should get together and do this. A Religion that firmly believes in the Creator only but makes Fun of others discreetly, but not Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists etc. Just a protection against Scientology and Islam. And any other Religion that teaches harmful Doctrines or Religions that are Political or Deadly against Apostates.

Citizen Warrior 1:57 PM  

Another emailed comment:

What a great idea. It reminded me of the battle plan we had in the Australian infantry for a country, the name of which I have forgotten now, but which was obviously China. It was done for the same reason, to plan for a possible attack from China, but not to offend them with our plans.

Citizen Warrior 3:38 PM  

Another email:

"I think that's a great idea!"

Citizen Warrior 3:39 PM  

And another:

"I FIND IT A GREAT IDEA... we would need posters and flyers: an some counsellors..."

Citizen Warrior 3:49 PM  

Another emailed comment:

I think that's a great idea... It's a shame you have to resort to such deeds but with the political correctness of out society goin the way it is...... I feel that you have a GREAT IDEA... Press on.... AND fight the GOOD FIGHT...

F***W*T TW****R 4:05 PM  

Yup. Brilliant. :-D

Anonymous 4:40 PM  

An excellent idea.

Dianne Mueller 4:50 PM  

I love the idea; I use the analogy all the time to make a point when other tactics have failed. The folks in mainstream will get the "joke" but then be offended that you tried to trick them. I'm getting further (as you seem to do) with facts.

Damien 6:52 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

In response to one of the comments sent to you, I don't think its reasonable to compare opposition or support of gay marriage with opposition to sharia or the teachings of Islam. For one thing, anyone who understands classical liberal values and is willing to objectively look at Islam, will see how it clashes with classical liberalism. In particular, sharia is the antithesis of classical liberalism, in so many fundamental ways. Just compare sharia with the US constitution, especially, the bill of rights and thirteenth and nineteenth amendements. On the other hand, its pretty hard to see how gay marriage violates the principals classical liberalism.

Citizen Warrior 9:42 PM  

Here's another email:

I think its a wonderful idea and should happen immediately. Islam is a terrible ideology & should be banned but since some are so stupid to not see the harm it has done to the worlds peoples the parallel might open their eyes.

Citizen Warrior 9:42 PM  

And another:

"Sounds like a great idea!"

Citizen Warrior 9:44 PM  

And another email comment:

"hi. i would rather practice tarvu than islam. better to worship an octopus than a pedophile. as for doing this as a big project to get out the truth about islam, i think this would be funny, but not necessarily the best way to get the word out. thanks for the great work you are doing."

Manish 1:33 AM  

Hi Citizen Warrior,

I had mailed you few months back this idea of New Religion.

Then we had a small discussion on it and then it was over, but i saw merit in idea not because it originated from me but because it has a potent and we could together shape it. Like after i mailed you, you alo replied few corrections.

Like it can be good to make fun of but we cannot directly raise it as againts islam.

The key we discussed was that like we can then tell, "whosever after accepting this new religion quits then he will be punished with 'xyz'"

We discussed in mail that it suudently occurs in screen to many that there is a new religion and Mr. 'Xyz' says that he willgive us salvation.

All so slowly gather in this online site. A scripture too is created and whosover says -ve of scripture must be punished to death! This new religion is holy and word of 21st century God who wants to reach effectively more and more and God is free to select the medium of His reach.

One can critise principles of islam without stating it and say that this new religion does not accept it and if one lives by this then he will be punished! including death!

ideas may keep flowing and we can add how to frame it.

Care has to be taken to let it emerge and form quietly and then make a volcanic eruption in internet.

Manish 1:42 AM  

Principles can be attacked by principles.

And that is core in this parallel religion.

And this principles do speak of huanity and against islam but not directly. this new religion will also include inhumane principles followed elsewhere but with caution as we are not entering deeply into issues. But definietly islam can be taken as deep studies have already been made in quran.

This new religion will not abuse women but making mockety of islamic principles it will give eual platform for females to participate and even make them leader. But leadership is very latent part as now we can't name the participants (as that is the order by this new messengerof god)

Citizen Warrior 1:51 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I think this idea is close to brilliant, but will the PC politicians get the point? They all seem pretty thick to me. And if the Islamics decide you are making fun of their beliefs they'll be a major uproar. But it's certainly worth thinking about carefully.

Manish 1:52 AM  

They should make uproar! nd they are not allowed to uproar!

But one can't make this religion come out without foundations and just begin because idea is good..

Manish 1:56 AM  

"No problems can be solved at level of which it was created. One has to go at another level" - Einstein.

So definitely this new level playing game is key and it has another level to see at problem and is like aerial view - lets us see the fun! and truth! at same time

Manish 1:59 AM  

perhaps even this blog post would have to be deleted

we all have to follow our messenger and keep the secrecy in beginning so that foundations are strong


Citizen Warrior 2:05 AM  

The politicians will do whatever gets them voted in.

My thought was that the usefulness of this idea would be for us personally speaking with others, one-on-one, about tenets of a made-up religion. Tenets that are completely unacceptable. And when it is clear that you are both absolutely and unequivocally against this terrible made-up religion, THEN you say it is exactly like Islam.

It is a way to get the information in before it is rejected "at the door." Right now, as soon as you mention the word "Islam" to people, they automatically decide you are a hater or a racist or something terrible, and will not listen. You can't get enough information in to change their minds because they've already put you in a box and nothing you say can get through.

So this made-up religion would be to use in THOSE personal conversations ONLY. Not to put on TV. Not to try to convince politicians.

This is a lousy example, but it came to mind: Amway distributors used to tell you they were Amway distributors and they would invite you to a little presentation at their home to try to convince you to be an Amway distributor too, because the more distributors they had in their "downline" the more money they would make.

But after awhile, Amway distributors found that nobody would come to their meetings any more. As soon as they mentioned the word "Amway" everyone had something else they would rather be doing. So Amway distributors stopped mentioning the name "Amway." They spoke of "business opportunities" and were very vague about it so you would come to the meeting where it was all explained FIRST, and THEN they would finally tell you it was Amway.

This new approach was more effective. It allowed them to get past being rejected before someone even knew what it was about.

That's similar to what's happening with us. You say the word "Islam" and you can hear the iron doors of their minds slam shut immediately. They can no longer hear you. You are out of reach.

This new religion idea is a way to get enough information into someone's mind before it slams shut — so much information that hopefully it will not slam shut, and they can simply go from there, learning on their own.

The information is abundantly available, but if someone doesn't WANT to know it, they won't ever find out.

Anonymous 10:36 AM  

The simplest way of disarming any religion is to get people to understand their belief in their God is only a belief and that the certainty of their particular God is erroneous. Until we can prove God as a certainty, all religions are equally not proven to be certain.

Anonymous 1:26 PM  

Great article & most enjoyable to read thanks!

Citizen Warrior 1:56 PM  

Someone emailed me this comment:

I like this idea The thing is the new religion and website would have to be angled to appeal to students/slackers in order to become a big fad in the way of, say, the Church of Sub-genius Bob, or learning to speak Klingon. The new religion would need to attract a lot of adherents for the parallel to Islam to achieve any relevence or effectiveness.

In order to speed things up I think it would be possible to combine this pseudo islam with horror writer H.P. Lovecraft's fictional sect, the Cult of Cthulhu, whose principal prophet is "the mad Arab Abdul alhazred." Lovecraft may even have had Mohammed in mind when he invented alhazred.

A quick Google reveals that there are many sites devoted to Cthulhu worship. Most of them tongue in cheek (I hope.)

Citizen Warrior 1:58 PM  

No, you wouldn't have to get adherents for the idea to be useful. You could simply have a web site that has the details of the "religion" and people could use the names and details to share it with their friends and family. No believers are necessary. No publicity is necessary in mainstream publications.

Citizen Warrior 1:58 PM  

Another email comment:

"Kinda of a great idea. Too too much criticism directed at the "new religion" and practitioners could shout foul just as Islamist do. After reasonable time period with much published critism, go openly compare the two religions starting with each's origin. I continue to honestly believe that if Mohammed were alive today, he would be locked up in a institution for the criminally insane."

Citizen Warrior 1:59 PM  

Ideally, there would be no "practitioners" of this religion, but the people we are talking to do not need to know how many followers it has anyway. We'd be sharing with them the ideology, not the demographics.

hellosnackbar 6:23 AM  

Theoretically a good idea;but somewhat fraught with difficulty.
I believe that denigrating Islam through the web without pejorative language;but pointing out thr plethora of idiocies contained therein is the way to go.
Everyone I speak to regards Islam as a fascist,totaliarian,supremacist political ideology in religious fancy dress.(that statement upsets most believers;but when they rise to the bait citing evidence to the contrary results usually in baseless, pejorative,inane responces.)
Mohammedans have an unfotunate propensity to conflate hate with contempt;and amazingly have recruited PC ideologues to support them.
The latter fools have not the wit to realize that they themselves are victims of an ideology imported from Germany in the 30s.
What is needed is for the MSN to
publish articles critical of Islam
using the substantial evidence available.(it's all over the web)
And the politicians of all democracies to marginalise it as
exactly what it is.(see above description).
I believe the corner has been turned; due to the appearance of anti-Islam demonstrations in Europe and the sudden rise of web sites laughing at Islam.
But we need to keep the pedal down
CW you do a great job!
Laugh at them in their fancy dress!
Ask them to reserve a few virgins
for you in their celestial brothel!
Greet them with "hellosnackbar" in an exaggerated effeminate voice.
Mock them whenever you see them.
Freedom if it means anything is the right to say what others don't want to hear.(George Orwell)
Ask them how some non corporeal
entity indulges in sexual congress
at Allah's place.
Ask them why they talk to themselves 5 times a day?
There's so much material available
to poke fun at them on a 24hour basis;that eventually the pressure will tell.

Citizen Warrior 2:16 AM  

Someone just sent this email:

THIS IS AN INSPIRED IDEA and please start today to fulfill it. Within my bones I know this will change the parameters of conflict, and mark the beginning of Islam's ebb.

Personally you have struck a chord in me, for my father in Pasadena related that Hubbard once told him "I think my stories could take on life as a religion." And so they did. And destroyed my sister's family.

Having taught creative writing plus world history, I see the multitude of possibilities in your idea. Please tell us you will start completing the bridge before our next Independence Day, okay?

Anonymous 12:22 PM  

Obviously it wouldn't replace CW and other such sites, but it could snag some readers who wouldn't look at a counter-jihad or other Islam information type of site.

I would imagine the success of Tarvu is that people know it's a satire, but you could create dramatic tension and lead people's interest along if you don't reveal it, and also if you don't pop the site on the public as a fully matured religion, but instead unravel it as it develops, spinning the story and history of the unfolding of Islam and telling it recast in modern terms like the modern remakes of Pride and Prejudice.

So for example, you can start off by saying that one day you were off your meds and weren't feeling well, so you went into your closet to try to get some peace. Then a ghost came to you and kept telling you to write, but you couldn't imagine what he wanted you to write, and what he wanted with you.

Then when the experience stopped, you were really depressed and thought you were going crazy or possessed by a devil, but when your mom came home, you told her about it, and she said, no, not my son. I'm sure that was a message from God. You, my son, are a prophet.

So you make the story close enough so the things that need criticizing are obvious, but different enough so that it doesn't give away immediately that it is about Islam. And since it will unfold slowly, like a TV program, it will take some people more time and others less time to put two and two together, but in the meantime, they can be objecting to the faults of your new religion, thus developing in the minds of the public the arguments about things they will later learn are also part of Islam.

Anonymous 6:10 AM  

Yes. go for it!

Unknown 3:37 PM  

We should all also play the same victim cards that muslims play - make it clear that you feel offended by halal meat for example, when you buy your next kebab ask "is this meat halal?". if the answer is yes, then say "oh, sorry, i cannot eat this because i feel offended by meat that's been cursed in the name of a violent death cult like islam", and go next door and buy some ham instead. Or make it clear that you cannot swim in the same pool as muslims, because you feel offended, the water feels dirty, that's your religious conviction. Refuse to have a muslim cab driver, because, just like they refuse to take onboard dogs, you feel offended by that thick unhygenic beard, or you feel offended by male cab drivers, because according to your religious conviction, only females should be allowed to be cab drivers.

You see the pattern. Play THEIR cards in reverse, and always claim it's your RELIGIOUS conviction that makes you feel these terribly offending feelings.

Traeh 11:05 PM  

I think it's a brilliant idea that could go in several different directions.

wri7913 4:17 PM  

I've thought of this idea but in a different direction. Make a movie showing a barbaric religion with the same ideology as Islam. Show everything including history of this religion and how it started. The movie would be about how this religion is slowly overtaking the world and turning everyone into its mind drones. At the end of the movie, show what amounts to people at Mecca marching around the black rock.

Names would be different and the ending scene would give a huge clue which religion its tied to. This is done in movies all the time to denigrate groups Hollywood doesn't agree with.

Anonymous 7:08 AM  

Brilliant! Do it! What have we got to lose?

Citizen Warrior 12:20 AM  

In an interesting article on, the author says this:

The church adopted its scorched-earth policy toward critical journalists back when Paulette Cooper published “The Scandal of Scientology” in 1971; she was subsequently slapped with 19 lawsuits, as well as subjected to a harassment campaign with the stated intention of seeing her “incarcerated in a mental institution or jail.”

Read the rest: Going Clear

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