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I WAS TALKING to a man the other day who had already told me (months earlier) he doesn't believe the Muslims he knows follow the Islamic teachings I told him about, and he is skeptical of my assertion that the Koran is strewn throughout with messages hateful toward non-Muslims and encouraging violence against them. And he feels that our U.S. laws will protect us anyway. I'm telling you this so you understand the mindset of the man I was speaking with.

So the other day, I said, "Remember I was telling you I'm reading a book about L. Ron Hubbard?"

He said, "Yeah, I remember."

"Well I finished it and I'm reading another biography of Hubbard. The guy was amazing in his audacity! Remember the Freedom of Information Act?"


"When it passed, Scientologists discovered that the U.S. government had lots of information on Hubbard and Scientology, and almost none of it was favorable. So Hubbard decided to infiltrate government organizations so they could change or destroy that negative information."

"What do you mean?" my friend asked. I had suddenly gotten his attention. "How do you 'infiltrate' the government?"

I liked his interest. I could tell this conversation was going to be instructive. I said, "Hubbard assigned a bunch of loyal Scientologists to get jobs at the IRS and other government offices. And then they proceeded to find documents on Scientology and either steal them or change them or shred them. Unbelievable! I mean who even thinks of doing something like that?!"

"Yeah, that's amazing!" he said. He looked genuinely dumbfounded and appropriately outraged.

Then I dropped a bomb on him. I said, "The Muslim Brotherhood has done the same thing."

"What? What do you mean?" I had taken him by surprise.

"They have infiltrated government organizations," I said matter-of-factly.

"What for? What would they do?" I could tell he had never heard anything like this, and really couldn't imagine what a "real" religion would want to accomplish by infiltrating government offices.

My answer wasn't as good as I would have hoped. I wished I had been better prepared with examples. But I will be next time. What would the Muslim Brotherhood do in government offices? I said, "All kinds of things that might help Islam advance in America. I told you the clear goal in Islamic doctrine is an Islamic world, remember? Well, the devoted ones intend to accomplish it. So, for example, one guy fairly high up in the U.S. government was caught trying to get a known Islamic terrorist organization off the FBI 'watch list.' Others have gotten jobs at the FBI instructing agents on how to be careful not to offend the American Muslim population. Others have gotten jobs as interpreters in security agencies. And we only know about the ones who got caught, of course. Nobody knows how many have infiltrated without getting caught."

After that, I said something else interesting I read about in Hubbard's biography. Sometimes, you've got to just let things sink in and not push too hard. But some new information got through in that conversation. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. Step by step, inch by inch, we are converting unwitting enemies into allies for the cause.

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or Japanese Bushido to help you get information about Islam to penetrate your listener's defenses.


Anonymous 12:08 AM  

Just out of curiosity, have solid ties to the Brotherhood in these cases been established?

The folks I would speak to on this would demand substantiation if I made a claim like that...


Anonymous 10:33 AM  

Good stuff, way to approach the argument from a different angle. Most people can agree scientologists are pretty weird so that was a perfect approach. Might have to use this in the future. =)

Citizen Warrior 11:50 AM  

Arctic Patriot, yes these solid ties have been established. I barely scratched the surface in my comments. Read Infiltration and The Muslim Mafia for all the substantiation you need.

Here's a little about the Muslim Mafia and their infiltration activities. And here's something about the Muslim Brotherhood's U.S. network and how it's organized to Islamize the West.

Anonymous 12:47 PM  

Citizen Warrior-

Thanks for the references; I will check them out. I appreciate it. They'll help me out a lot.

Thanks for taking the time to provide them, and keep swinging!


Citizen Warrior 12:20 AM  

In an interesting article on, the author says this:

The church adopted its scorched-earth policy toward critical journalists back when Paulette Cooper published “The Scandal of Scientology” in 1971; she was subsequently slapped with 19 lawsuits, as well as subjected to a harassment campaign with the stated intention of seeing her “incarcerated in a mental institution or jail.”

Read the rest: Going Clear

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