Muslim Charities, Jihad, and Non-Muslims


Follow the link below to see a one-page PDF document by Kinana about the role and relationship of Muslim charities, jihad and non-Muslims.

It is important for non-Muslims to understand the way zakat works because the "peaceful Muslim neighbors" who go to the mosque to pray and pay their zakat can be more clearly seen for what they are: Contributors to Islam's prime directive.

Click here to view, download, or print the document: Zakat, Muslim Charities and Non-Muslims.

More of Kinana's short essays can be found here.


Jeanne 6:07 AM  

Tried multiple times, can't get into any of the links to the website. Is there a problem?

Citizen Warrior 1:22 PM  

I just tried the links, and they all worked for me. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try a different browser? Maybe you have to sign in to see it? I don't know.

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