Behead Those Who...


Charles the Hammer wrote a very informative leaflet which can be printed on a single page, front and back. "The target audience," says the author, "is law enforcement officers and the politically powerful (if they did their job we wouldn't have to do what we're doing). If it is spread in a town, those whose job it is to serve and protect should become concerned enough to look into it and learn a thing or two along the way."

He suggests you hand them out to everyone, but especially to police officers and public officials.

"If someone is alarmed by the leaflet, the best thing the person handing them out can say is, 'If you're really concerned about this leaflet, give it to a police officer.' If the police start getting many copies of these leaflets from 'concerned citizens' we just might start getting through to those in power."

The leaflet can be shared online and there are many excellent links in it.

You can print or download the PDF file of the leaflet here: Behead Those Who...

A message from Charles Martel:

Islam causes terrorism no more than smoking causes cancer. Many people who smoke will not get cancer. And there are many other things that cause cancer other than smoking.

Perhaps you think this illustration is unfair. We are told that Muhammad said and did some good things. Let's assume that's true. Can we find out the truth about anyone by only look at the good things they've said and done?

If you do look at Muhammad, be sure not to just look at the good things he said and did, look at the questionable things as well. This is important because time and time again Muslim's are told by Islamic leaders and their most respected religious texts, to follow Muhammad's teaching and example. The following is a good place to start:

Charles the Hammer said: Someone recently wrote to me saying the leaflet was too big and because it was too big people wouldn't read it. I can understand how they might get that impression because it does look big when it is viewed as a spread. I wrote back with the following:

"The first and most important step in trying to get people to read anything is the attention step. It does not matter how accurate the information is if people do not read at least some of it.

So I highly recommend folding the leaflet in half, so that potential readers see either the title or the picture. Once they see either, the leaflet has definitely got their attention. Whether or not they read it then is up to them."


Anonymous 1:24 AM  

PDF version is not working for reason.

Citizen Warrior 12:04 PM  

I just tried it and it worked great. Try it again, or try it in a different browser. Or email me and I'll send it to you directly.

Jeanne H 6:00 AM  

Downloaded and printed. Well written and concise. Thinking about it and decided to put a couple copies of various pamphlets provided on in a folder to keep in my car. "Have info, will share' is my new motto. Although I feel like many others, unsure about my ability to carry on a conversation with non-believers as I fully respect that the way I present the info needs to be structured to 'share interesting info and not scare potentially interested persons'. All the info shared on this website provides ideas for these conversations, and these pamphlets are awesome too. Thank you!

Citizen Warrior 1:23 PM  

Thank YOU.

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