Three Cups of Tea


The book, Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time, is about a climber, Greg Mortenson, who attempts to climb K2 but fails, and on his way back down the mountain, he gets separated from his group and wanders alone, half dazed from lack of oxygen, and he gets completely lost. He eventually finds his way to Korphe, a remote village in the high mountain ranges between India, China, and Pakistan. Korphe is considered part of Pakistan. "No foreigner had ever been to Korphe before," writes Mortenson. He was in bad shape, having been so long exposed to the harsh elements, high altitude, and lack of food and water. They nursed him back to health and were very kind to him. When he had regained his strength and was ready to hike back to civilization, he felt obligated to do something to repay these people for their kindness. He had seen that they were very poor and had no school. A teacher came out a few times a week, but the rest of the time, the children tried to learn on their own, sitting as a group on the ground outside. Mortenson promised he would come back and build a school for the children. He went home to raise money for the project. The book is about how he raised the money, how he came back and built the school, and then went on to build another and another in Pakistan and later, in Afghanistan. He is still at it. I liked the book for several reasons. It gave me a on-the-ground view of the area between Pakistan and Afghanistan — the area the Taliban are inhabiting today while they go across the border into Afghanistan to kill Coalition soldiers. The place is a no-man's land. It has never been tamed. All the conquerors who have come and gone in that area have left it alone, or tried to conquer it and failed. It is ruled by individual tribes who live in big walled-off cities, like medieval castles, with men along the top wall manning the turrets with machine guns, guarding the place. But most of the story takes place on the other side of Pakistan, near the Indian border. That's where Korphe is. After building his first school, Mortenson took a trip out to no-man's land to see if schools could be built there. He was kidnapped and held hostage for eight days by one of the tribal leaders, who eventually decided he was okay even though he was an infidel, and let him go. Several times you get a glimpse in the book of the tremendous lack of freedom people have in Pakistan, especially the women, because it is, of course, a Muslim country. The religion dominates everyone's life, as it does anywhere it takes hold. But Mortenson downplays it in the book. He wasn't there to change anyone's religion. He kept his focus on building schools. And in all fairness, Mortenson could not be forthright in his book about the danger to non-Muslims of Islam's teachings or his work and his life would come to an end. Even though he is a Christian, he learned how to pray like a Muslim, and this really helped him keep his head (I mean literally) in the early days. After that, because they could see he wasn't trying to convert anyone out of Islam (a crime punishable by death) and he was doing a good thing by giving to poor Muslims, many of them came to embrace him. After a moving speech by Syed Abbas (a Muslim cleric who had previously ordered a fatwa on Mortenson's head) who had had a complete change of heart and was now giving the dedication speech for the opening of one of Mortenson's new schools, Mortenson said, "I wish all the Americans who think 'Muslim' is just another way of saying 'terrorist' could have been there that day. The true core tenets of Islam are justice, tolerance, and charity, and Syed Abbas represented the moderate center of Muslim faith eloquently." For someone who has spent so much time in Pakistan, Mortenson was incredibly blind or perhaps trying to be diplomatic. I understand completely his affection for the good people of Korphe. They were genuinely good people. And his statement about the "core tenets of Islam" are actually right on the mark. But by "justice" they mean following the law of Allah, which says the punishment for leaving Islam is death, the punishment for adultery is death, a law that says a woman does not have as much right or power as men, a law that says the government must follow Shari'a law or it is an evil government, etc. This is the Islamic meaning of "justice." Tolerance, in Islamic terms, means that "we will put up with your Christian and Jewish worship as long as you are in a permanent state of dhimmitude. In other words, as long as you are in a subjugated position. But we do not tolerate atheism, idolotry, or animism. We do not tolerate homosexuality." This is what a Muslim means by "religious tolerance." Their justification for such an attitude goes something like this: Because Islam is such a superior religion according to the Qur'an, Muslims are being tolerant by not killing all non-Muslims. They consider the dhimmis to be "protected" people. In other words, they are tolerated. They are not killed for their blasphemous ways. That's an accurate description of the core Islamic tenet of "tolerance." And the third Islamic tenet is "charity." Which means temporary kindness to strangers and helping poor or disadvantaged Muslims. But it does not mean open charity to non-Muslims. When is the last time you've heard of a Muslim relief or charity group who were helping Christians or Jews? They help Muslims. That is Islamic "charity." This stems from the fundamental duality of Islam. The world is divided into Muslims and non-Muslims, and different rules apply to each. On 9/11, Mortenson was in Pakistan with George McCown, a man who had contributed money to the school-building project and had come to see what his money had accomplished. The Pakistani people who knew of their work were afraid the lives of their two American friends were in danger when they got the news about the Twin Towers, so they swiftly and carefully gathered around to protect them, and because McCown wanted to go home, they provided him protection while he left the country. Afterward, McCown said, "Thinking back on all of it, no one in Pakistan was anything but wonderful to us. I was so worried about what might happen to me in this, quote, scary Islamic country. But nothing did." When I read that, I thought, "Is he joking?" Yes, there were people protecting him while he got safely out of the country. That's why nothing happened to him in this, quote, scary Islamic country. Those Muslims who knew him took those precautions because they knew better than he did that he was, in fact, in a scary Islamic country. Both McCown and Mortenson were serving the Muslims, giving them money and helping them have a better life at great personal sacrifice. The Muslims, in return, treated them kindly and did not kill them. How big of them. Did they treat the Americans kindly because of Islamic teachings? No. They did it because they were human and the two Americans were doing the Muslims a favor by building them schools. They graciously accepted the favors. The reason I say they didn't treat them kindly because of Islamic teachings is because it says very clearly and directly in the Qur'an that a Muslim should never become a friend to a non-Muslim. Now I'm not saying that some of those Muslims didn't feel actual affection for the Americans. I'm sure they did. But to imply that this shows Islam is not a danger to the free world is a ridiculous leap of logic. Even with all this, I recommend Three Cups of Tea. It is a first-hand account of life in remote villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is interesting and illuminating reading, and his personal experiences in these places is fun to read for its sheer adventurousness. In the second half of the book, Mortenson reveals his growing surprise as madrasses (Islamic schools) started popping up everywhere in Pakistan. He was amazed and alarmed by the introduction of a huge number of well-funded new schools for the poor being built by the Wahhabis. The Wahhabis running the schools chose the smartest, most capable poor boys and taught them hardcore Islamic values (the need for Islamic world domination, the reinforcement of Islamic duality, the identification of non-Muslims as an enemy of Allah, etc.). The Wahhabis had seen the same need as Mortenson saw years before, and they moved in to exploit it. Impoverished Pakistani parents wanted their children to get an education and the Wahhabi schools were often their only option. "Thinking about the Wahhabi strategy made my head spin," Mortenson says. "This wasn't just a few Arab sheikhs getting off Gulf Air with bags of cash. They were bringing the brightest madrassa students back to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for a decade of indoctrination, then encouraging them to take four wives when they come home and breed like rabbits." Read the book. It's worth reading for many different reasons. One of the things I liked most about was that not only do you get a first-hand account of what's happening in a large, influential Muslim country, but you can also vicariously get to know some genuinely good people who happen to be Muslims. It will help you draw the distinction between Muslims (the people) and the Islamic doctrine (the rules those people feel they have to live by). As I've said before, criticism of Islam is legitimate, and for the survival of the free world, it is necessary to stop it from fulfilling its goals. Hating Muslims, however, is not legitimate or necessary. If you'd like to do something to promote or help Mortenson's work, go here: Promote Peace...One School at a Time.


Promote Peace...One School at a Time

In the back of the book, Three Cups of Tea, which you can read about here, Greg Mortenson (the lecturer in the photo) writes, "It is my vision that we all will dedicate the next decade to achieve universal literacy and education for all children, especially for girls.

"More than 145 million of the world's children are deprived of education due to poverty, exploitation, slavery, gender discrimination, religious extremism, and corrupt governments. May
Three Cups of Tea be a catalyst to bring the gift of literacy to each of those children who deserves a chance to go to school."

He has several suggestions of things you can do to help. Here are the three I encourage you to do:

1. Visit for more information, book reviews, updates on events, and more ideas. If you're going to buy a copy of the book, buy it through this web site and seven percent of your purchase goes directly to a girls education scholarship fund in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Buy a few copies for your library if you want to do more.

2. Suggest the book to a friend, workmate, book club, or to any group you're associated with.

3. Make a contribution to the Central Asia Institute (Greg Mortenson's school-building non-profit organization). It costs one dollar per month for a child's education in Pakistan or Afghanistan, a penny to buy a pencil, and a teacher's salary averages one dollar a day. Contribute here:

Central Asia Institute
PO Box 7209
Bozeman MT 59771

Phone: 406-585-7841

His work is worth supporting. It is a practical and uplifting way to help prevent the spread of fundamentalist Muslims schooled in Wahhabi madrassas, while at the same time giving young women an education they wouldn't otherwise get.

Learn more about Mortenson's work: Three Cups of Tea.


The Least You Need To Know About Islam


If you had the opportunity to educate every kafir (non-Muslim) on earth about Islam but with one restriction — you could only tell them three facts — which three would you choose?

Non-Muslims don't need to know everything. Do they need to know Mohammad married a six year-old? Will that help them? Does it really matter to a non-Muslim who has no desire to become a follower? Probably not. But it is very important for a non-Muslim to know about the principle of taqiyya.

Another good choice would be to tell the kafirs what a Muslim means when he says, "Islam is a religion of peace."

There are many possible good choices, but the point is, for national policies about Islam to be changed, the politicians involved will need the support of a large number of their voters. And for that to happen, a lot more kafirs need to know some basic information about Islam.

But as you know, it's a big subject. There's a lot to learn, and most people have other interests and are not going to devote much time to it. So the question I think we should be asking ourselves is: "What is the least a kafir needs to know?"

What three ideas or facts would you choose if you could only choose three?

If you had your points down to three and you were clear what they were, it would be easier to work those points into conversations. And you could become very good at delivering those three points. You would be more effective in those conversations — more persuasive, more convincing, less likely to provoke a negative reaction.

Not only that, but if you give enough information to get someone interested, their own desire to learn will spur them on. You don't have to tell them everything. In fact, if you try, they will probably resist the information. You just need to say enough to arouse their interest, and say it well enough to be convincing.

This is important. Where the rubber meets the road in this work is our one-on-one conversations with people who don't yet understand the danger we're in. In those conversations, we can gain new allies, or we can push people further away from the cause, depending on how well we do it. Having three clear points we want to deliver — points we have decided ahead of time and have given some thought to — will improve how well we do it.

If I could only choose three points to make, I'd make these:

1. Islam has not been hijacked.
That Islam has been hijacked is what non-Muslims naturally assume because they assume all religions are the same. So they further assume that some crazies must have hijacked the religion because surely no religion would actually encourage the killing of innocents. We want to believe the religion has been hijacked. Once people realize it isn't true, we can start talking about real solutions.

2. Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam. The principle of taqiyya is surprising to non-Muslims. Knowing about the principle helps immunize non-Muslims from the deception. They can at least not take everything a Muslim leader says at face value. You can see (and share) some excellent examples of taqiyya in the movie, Obsession.

3. Striving to institute worldwide Shari'a law is a religious duty. Many people don't realize how politically-oriented Islam is at its core. Shari'a is the law of Allah. Any other form of government is a sin. It is their duty as a Muslim to keep striving until all governments have been converted to Shari'a law. I think when kafirs understand this, they will immediately grasp the basic principle that all governments must immediately stop all concessions to Islam.
Those are the three I would choose. Which three would you choose?

Watch a video made from this article.

Learn more about influencing your friends.

Learn how to steer the conversation to the topic of jihad.

Learn more about influencing your friends:


Terror Free Oil


Americans paid $80 billion for oil in 1999 and they paid $900 billion ten years later. This is equivalent to a "33 percent increase in income taxes across the board."

The cause of this increase is OPEC. When they decide on their production levels, it is for the purpose of raising or lowering the world price of oil. They have chosen again and again in the last ten years to raise it.

We're paying a lot more now than we were paying then — for the same product. It doesn't seem like we've been spending that much on gas, but the money we pay for oil doesn't only go into our own car's gas tank. The "income tax" is across the board. Rising oil prices increase the cost of everything shipped somewhere, which means just about everything.

And just like in Muhammad's time, they are using the kafirs' jizya to pay for jihad.

In the article, Achieving Energy Victory, Robert Zubrin writes:

Until the Saudis started racking up billions in inflated oil revenues in the 1970s, the Wahhabi movement was regarded by Muslims the world over as little more than primitive insanity. Without rivers of treasure to feed its roots, this horrific movement could neither grow nor thrive.

It is the Saudis’ unlimited funds — over $200 billion in foreign exchange earnings in 2006 — that have allowed them to buy up the faculties of the Islamic world’s leading intellectual centers; to build or take over thousands of mosques; to establish thousands of radical madrassas, pay their instructors, and provide the free daily meals necessary to entice legions of poor village boys to attend.

Those boys are indoctrinated with the idea that the way to get into paradise is to murder Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, and Hindus (not to mention moderate Muslims). Graduates of these academies are today killing American soldiers in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Arab oil revenues have underwritten news outlets that propagandize hatefully against the United States and the West, supported training centers for terrorists, paid bounties to the families of suicide bombers, and funded the purchase of weapons and explosives. We have been subsidizing a war against ourselves.

And we have not yet reached the culmination of the process. Iran is now using its petroleum lucre to fund its nuclear program and to insulate itself from economic sanctions imposed on it. Once produced, Iranian nuclear weapons could be used by the Iranian regime itself or be made available to terrorists to attack U.S., European, Russian, or Israeli targets. This is one of the gravest threats to international peace and stability — and, again, we are paying for it ourselves with oil revenue.

Our responses to these provocations have been muted and hapless because any forceful action on our part against nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran could result in the disruption of oil supplies that the world economy is utterly dependent upon.

We cannot stand up to our enemies because we rely upon them for the fuel that is our economic lifeblood. We pay them for their oil and they make war on us.

In light of these realities, U.S. energy policy for the last three decades has been a scandal. The time has come for change. To liberate ourselves from the threat of foreign economic domination, to destroy the economic power of the terrorists’ financiers, and to give ourselves the free hand necessary to deal forcefully with them, we must devalue their resources and increase the value of our own. We can do this by taking the world off the petroleum standard and putting it on an alcohol standard.

There is a bill in the House of Representatives right now that aims to do just that. Please go to right now and find out how you can help put America on an alcohol standard.


Long-Range Jihadists


IN A DISCUSSION with European policy makers, Walid Phares made what I believe to be a significant distinction between "hot-headed Jihadists" and "long-range Jihadists."

The hot-headed Jihadists are blowing up subways and flying planes into buildings. The long-range Jihadists are involved in indoctrination of the young. They are creating the pools Jihadist recruiters can later draw from. This is the well-funded production of young Jihadist-slanted minds. They are also involved in vigorous PR efforts to prevent non-Muslims from catching on to the bigger picture.

The significance of this distinction is that almost all of the security efforts in the United States and Europe are aimed at stopping the hot-headed Jihadists. It is a law-enforcement model. It seeks to track down and incarcerate terrorists.

It does nothing to address the much bigger threat: The long-range Jihadists. That's what we're interested in most on — stopping Islam's relentless encroachment (in other words, defeating the plans of the long-range Jihadists). Our number one goal is to raise public awareness of the aims and methods of the long-range Jihadists so new policies can be instigated nationally to stop the Jihadists from waging long-range jihad by gaining concessions from the West. Public awareness is the first step. Find out how you can help.


Why Are So Many Non-Muslims Ignorant About Islam?


THE FOLLOWING article by Bill Warner should be studied by all citizen warriors trying to cross the divide between those who know about basic Islamic teachings and those who don't. The article lists what is in your way.

If you have ever tried to tell friends and family about the dangers of Islam (and I certainly HOPE you have!) you've probably run into what seems to be a brick wall, at least occasionally. People seem to deliberately
refuse to understand what you mean. Why? It's more than ignorance. It is willful and deliberate ignorance. Why would anyone do that?

In his article at Political Islam, Warner says
, "Once you understand the doctrine of political Islam, there is a question that naturally arises. Why doesn't everyone know about this?" He has compiled a list of seven things that get in the way of people listening — seven things that form the brick wall.

Those of us who want to reach people who don't yet know what we know (and I should think that includes all of us) should clearly understand what the brick wall is made of, so we can fashion ways over or around it. We could probably add a few more items on the list, but I think it's a good start. Here is his list:

1. Inertia
2. What will we have to do?
3. I know this Muslim and he is nice.
4. Afraid of being called a bigot.
5. Islam cannot be worse than Christianity, so why learn?
6. It's too hard; non-Muslims cannot learn Islam.
7. Fear.
I would add that you sometimes see a look in someone's eyes that says, "I think you're one of those nutballs who gets obsessed with some obscure paranoid threat, and I don't know if I should encourage this by listening." I guess we could call that "concern for your sanity."

The above list is just a summary. Here is Bill Warner's whole article:

The Doctrine of Ignorance

Once you understand the doctrine of political Islam, there is a question that naturally arises. Why doesn't everyone know about this? It's simple. But, first let's take a look at the actual state of ignorance.
  • The media never refers to the actual doctrine of political Islam.
  • No university teaches the doctrine and history of Islamic slavery or about the dhimmi.
  • No divinity or rabbinical school teaches the doctrine and history of Islam to the Christians and Jews.
Since schools don't teach about Islam, is it any wonder that kafirs are ignorant?

So there is a doctrine of ignorance about Islam. It is not only that we don't know, we have also developed a systemic social theory of why we will not learn. This guarantees the stability of ignorance. We are ignorant and we will remain ignorant.
The doctrine of ignorance is based upon fear, but it manifests many different ways.


The biggest part of any doctrine of ignorance is inertia. Most people never do anything to buck any system, no matter what the system is. These are the sheep, the sheeple. But this does not explain why leaders and intellectuals do not want learn about Islam. Leaders are supposed to be able to go against the tide.


This is a big worry by kafirs. There is a sneaky suspicion that Islam is the equivalent of cancer, and if we have cancer, we have to do something. And that something may be drastic. Besides, Islam is so huge that we can't afford to do anything, so it is better to do nothing.

What is tragic about this concern for "what to do" is that it ignores the true nature of planning, strategy and execution. Don't worry about what to do until you know what the problem is.

Not learning because you don't want to think about what to do is like not getting the biopsy test because you might not like the results and have to deal with the possible cancer results. The smart thing, of course, is to get the data taken. (Here are some things you can do.)


The defense here is that I don't need to know about the doctrine or the history since Ahmed at work is so nice. Since Ahmed is nice, Islam is nice. That is all I need to know.

Of course, this means that you have to avoid ever wondering why so much violence around the world involves Islam and some Muslims are jihadists. Because if you thought that, you might have doubts about Islam is not so nice. Read more about this.


If the doctrine is bad, then Muslims are bad. If I learn bad things about Islam, I will be called a bigot.


This belief is that nothing is worse than Christian religious violence. So no matter how bad Islam is it can't be as bad as the Christians. Conclusion — there is no need to know about Islam, I can go back to sleep.
Read more about this.

The only thing worse than religious violence in the 20th century was the violence of atheism. Mao of China was an atheist and caused the deaths of 77 million. Stalin of Russia was a fervent atheist and killed 62 million people. Hitler killed about 21 million and was not an atheist, but he despised Christianity and admired Islam. He said that Christians are wimps and Muslims are killers.

Hitler was right. Islam has killed about 270 million over 1400 years. Maybe, it would be a good thing to know how and why it happened.


This is one of the most common reasons to stay ignorant. One manifestation of this "too hard" idea is that only Muslims can understand the Koran.

This is a natural response because our educational systems have taught us nothing about Islam except its glorious triumphs (where no one suffered) and a vague Golden Age.

What is ironic here is that to understand political Islam, you only need to study Mohammed. How hard can that be? And now the Koran has been made easy to understand — A Simple Koran.


When you examine these ideas, they can all be summarized by one word — fear. Those who can function in the presence of fear are heroes. So you must be a little bit of a hero to learn about political Islam.

The next time you are speaking with someone about Islam and they have no facts about the doctrine or history, ask them: What is your reason for not learning about political Islam? Why are you afraid of this knowledge?

- Bill Warner
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Stop the Jihad on Campus In Progress


The Terrorism Awareness Project has an "update" page on what's happening on campuses this week during Stop the Jihad on Campus Week. Here are a few stories:

Penn State: Stick to Football Oct 15, 2008

Courageous members of the Young America's Foundation chapter at Penn State sponsored my talk there tonight. Courageous? Certainly. Not only do they have to deal with ostracism, ridicule, and abuse on a more or less regular basis, but tonight one of the attendees at my talk told the YAF student organizer that he better be careful to "walk a narrow line." more>>>

A Tale of Two Advertisemements Oct 14, 2008

The David Horowitz Freedom Center bought an advertisement in the UNW Post, school newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, to publicize Robert Spencer’s speech there on October 16 as part of Islamo Fascism Awareness Week III. On October 13 the ad appeared with an answering ad on the opposite page of the school there was a full page ad which was taken out by Muslim Students Association (MSA). more>>>

'Stop the Jihad' week declared Oct 14, 2008

Conservative author David Horowitz puts some of the blame for extremism being encouraged on college campuses on the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which he says is more of a political group than a religious group, and hides its agenda under the guise of representing Western students. more>>>

Stifling Debate at Eastern Tennessee State Oct 13, 2008

When East Tennessee State University grad student Sean Rife tried to bring author Robert Spencer to campus, he wasn’t looking to start a fight. As the president of ETSU’s Society for Intellectual Diversity, a non-partisan student group that champions free debate and academic freedom, Rife was just looking to stir discussion about a subject, Islamic terrorism, which increasingly has come to dominate Americans’ concerns. But a fight — and a lesson in politically correct bullying — is exactly what he got. more>>>

If you'd like to help the work they're doing, go here to find out what you can do: Become a campus coordinator, report activities by pro-jihadists on campus, donate to the project, find out where an event is taking place and attend or write about an event for your local paper.


Immediate Action Alert


A few days ago, I wrote an article on the IBA about the movie Obsession, and an anonymous commenter sent it to Tom Trento, the man who runs the web site, Tom wrote back to the commenter with the following message:

Great news on the “converts” after Watching Obsession! That is happening all over America.

Regardless of what happens on November 4, this Obsession Project has created a movement where Americans are waking up to radical, militant, islam and getting active to respond in a proper fashion. We will be working hard all through 2009 to maximize the impact the DVD distribution has made.

We can use your help!

The DVD, Obsession has been distributed in a variety of formats, one of which is the “brochure-like” mailer that you reference. There were millions of those mailed to homes all over the United States. Millions were inserted into newspapers and magazines, in another format. Then 10’s of thousands of others have been and are being distributed by hand, all over the country.

The particular format you like has been exhausted, but I have some DVD’s in full packaging and will send you whatever you believe you can get out over the next 25 days. We want them to have an impact.

Let me know and you will get them to you a day later at no cost!

Keep fight the fight and do not get discouraged. Your efforts are not in vain!
I emailed Tom Trento and asked him to send me fifty copies of the DVD and I promised him I would distribute them all in 25 days through my personal network. Within an hour he let me know the DVDs are on their way to me.

I encourage the rest of you to do the same. This is a great opportunity to make a difference sharing an informative DVD about the threat of Islam's relentless encroachment. Here is Tom Trento's contact information:

Tom Trento
2200 4th. Ave. N. #3
Lake Worth, FL. 33461

W: 561-582-1424
F: 561-582-7675
C: 561-767-0982

Act now. I believe the window of opportunity is brief.


Stop the Jihad on Campus

DURING THE WEEK of October 13-17, students on more than 100 campuses will hold events under the banner of "Stop the Jihad on Campus," a campaign designed to make the university community aware of the growing power of the Muslim Students Association (otherwise known as "MSA," pictured in the photo above speaking on a campus) and other campus groups that support the jihad against America, Israel and the West.

The objective of “Stop the Jihad on Campus” Week is to publicize the ties between the Muslim Student Association and the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood — godfather organization to al-Qaeda and Hamas — and to begin a movement to defund the MSA for misrepresenting its agendas and obstructing free speech on campuses.

One hundred Muslim Students Associations contacted by the Horowitz Freedom Center have refused to condemn the genocidal terror groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and have declined to repudiate the infamous Hadith which calls on Muslims to kill Jews to bring about the Day of Judgment.

The call to withdraw recognition and funds from the Muslim Student Association is not an attempt to suppress speech, even hate speech. The MSA has a First Amendment Right to spread lies about Israel and the Jews, to express hatred of gays and contempt for women (on the other hand, the University does not have an obligation to support such hatred). The Freedom Center’s call to defund the MSA is based on their deception about the nature of their organization and their attempts to obstruct speakers they disagree with who are invited to campus.

The MSA national headquarters recently sent the radical imam Sheikh Khalid Yasin on a speaking tour to Penn State, Ohio State, Minnesota State, the University of Minnesota and St. Clould University with the help of student funds. Sheik Yasin claims the U.S. government was behind 9/11, that homosexuals should be put to death, that AIDS was invented in U.S. government laboratories; and that Jews are “filth” deserving of death.

In securing funds for hate speakers such as Khalid Yasin, the MSA has misrepresented itself as a religious and cultural organization subscribing to the general multicultural idea of harmony and mutual respect.

“The MSA has surrounded its misogyny and homophobia and hatred of Israel and America with a certain ambiguity. But by sponsoring supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and refusing to condemn or even distance itself from such organizations, it reveals its solidarity with them,” says Freedom Center President David Horowitz. Horowitz notes that “Hamas and Hizbollah make no bones about their determination to kill the Jews, but I have personally and publicly confronted MSA leaders who will not condemn their vile deeds and poisonous agendas. Not a single MSA leader — not one — has stepped forward to declare clear and unambiguous condemnation of two of the most violent and genocidal terrorist organizations in the world."

Much is tolerated on campus today because of the contemporary university’s conception of itself as a free marketplace of ideas. But there is no official tolerance for hatred of African Americans or for hatred of women and gays, unless it is expressed by radical Muslim speakers such as Sheik Yasin.

The MSA takes advantage of the current emphasis of multiculturalism and diversity on campus to posture as a religious or cultural organization whose “traditions” must be respected. But Horowitz charges, “This group has nothing in common with Hillel, the Newman Club, or other such groups. It may hide its agenda by posturing as a religious and cultural organization, but it is a hardcore political organization committed to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical Islamic jihad.”

Muslim Students Association chapters at universities around the country receive heavy funding from student governments based on the fiction that they are merely one of many “diversity” groups on campus. “The MSA is in fact an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, which has created a network of front groups to conduct a stealth jihad in America. This network includes CAIR, the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Society of North America,” David Horowitz points out.

The Muslim Student Association’s relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood was revealed as a result of documents seized by the FBI in 2007 as part of the government case against the subversive Holy Land Foundation. In these documents a Muslim Brotherhood operative makes clear the organization’s chief objective: “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…” He makes clear too that this objective will be achieved by the “stable organizations that are connected with our Movement and which fly in our orbit.” Chief among the organizations he named as advancing this cause in America was the Muslim Student Association, which the Brotherhood had helped create in the U.S. years earlier.

Stop the Jihad on Campus Week will reveal these connections and show that giving university money to this organization violates every community standard the universities themselves have set, and in the long run is suicidal.

More information on “Stop the Jihad on Campus” can be found at the Terrorism Awareness Project.

If you'd like to participate, help, donate, please do. Here is something practical we can do to bring more awareness to the goals and scale of the Islam's relentless encroachment into the free world.

Contact: Elizabeth Ruiz
818-849-3470, ext. 202

And here's a Powerpoint-like presentation you can watch online about the connections between terrorists and the Muslim Students Association: Jihad in American Academia.

The article above was copied from The Terrorism Awareness Project, slightly edited by Citizen Warrior.

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At War With Islam


The following article is written by Martel Sobieskey and published here with his permission. Sobieskey has 35 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, security personnel and police have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched Jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam, moderates included.

AMERICA IS AT WAR with the religion of Islam. The key word here is religion. We Americans have a “mental block” that causes us to deny that we are fighting a religion. Take an atomic bomb, write the letters R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N on it, and we gullible Americans will welcome it as a religion. This statement is not entirely an exaggeration.

Freedom of religion has become America’s “Achilles heel” stabbed through with the sword of Islam.

From where does this “suicidal” freedom of religion “mental block” originate? It comes from our “knee jerk” compulsion to blindly believe that all prophets are extreme pacifists like Jesus. This blindness plagues the highest levels of our leadership, intelligence and academic communities. It is a national security disaster making it nearly impossible to protect ourselves. The killers are shouting
Allahu Akbar worldwide and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans refuse to identify Islam as the enemy.

Let’s call it America’s “freedom of religion ostrich syndrome.” Our enemies “love it” because they can destroy us by hiding under the cover of a religion. They blow us up, vilify us, file lawsuits, teach anti-American jihad in their mosques and schools, while we Americans assume the fetal position because it is all committed by a religion. Even the FBI has been promoting Islamic sensitivity training; this says it all. Does not such servile behavior prove that we have lost the ideological war, mental war, psychological war, war of ideas, war of words, and the propaganda war? Please heed my prediction: Every time someone calls Islam the religion of Peace, America is one step closer to defeat and Islam one step closer to victory in this clash of religions.

Fellow Americans, this is a clash of religions, and you must stop denying that we are fighting the religion of Islam. Basically the war is Islam versus all other religions worldwide as required by the Koran. Since there are 1 billion Muslims and 5.5 billion infidels, this war will be easy to win if we “get with it” and clearly identify the enemy and “shout it from the roof tops.” Why don’t Americans do so? The shameful disgrace is that Islamic oil money has silenced if not “bought” America over the past 30 years.

Steven Emerson’s book, Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us, shockingly reveals the extent of Jihadist infiltration into America. He states, “Open societies are inherently and necessarily at a disadvantage in providing a secure environment.” Likewise Middle East expert Dr. Walid Phares of FDD (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) and author of Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies against the West states:

“I have seen firsthand how Jihadist ideologies have systematically penetrated the United States . . . This web of ideological penetration is the most dangerous long-term threat to U.S. national security . . . The reasoning is rational: Once you control the mind, the body will follow.”
I agree with both Steven Emerson and Dr. Phares. The Jihadists and traitors within are controlling the mind of America; there is no greater proof of this than our collective compulsion which forces us to call Islam the Religion of Peace which in turn prevents us from designating Islam as the enemy.

In a similar perspective, Dr. William Gawthrop, (former manager of the defense department’s Counter Intelligence Field Activity-CIFA), explains it is a taboo to mention that Islamic violence has anything to do with the religion of Islam. Specifically he states:

“Officials must first overcome the political taboo of linking Islamic violence to the religion of Islam, its sacred scripture, and the personal example of its revered prophet.”

In other words, this taboo requires one and all to blindly proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace, which is equivalent to saying that Mohammed was an extreme pacifist, just like Jesus. What a crying shame that our leaders and experts have become so intellectually dishonest and weak-minded. Today’s Muslims, like Muslims of all time, emulate Mohammed, not Jesus.

The problem is MOHAMMED WAS NOT A PACIFIST. Mohammed was a military tyrant who fought “hands on” in several bloodthirsty raids, and mercilessly killed nearly all those who disagreed with him.

It is a concrete historical fact that over a 10 year period, called the Hijra (622-632), Mohammed conducted 84 murderous raids proving he is the exact opposite of a peaceful prophet. Author Dr. Gregory Davis in Religion of Peace?: Islam's War Against the World provides excellent insight into Islamic aggression.

Despite obvious facts, we Americans respond pathetically and irrationally; like na├»ve children we think, “How can this be? Jesus is a prophet and he was never violent, and since Mohammed is also a prophet he likewise must never have been violent.”

Wake up America, Mohammed and Jesus were polar opposites. Don’t take my word on it. Please read the 800-page biography of Mohammed (Sirat Rasul Allah) written by Ibn Ishag and translated by A. Guillaumne. It incontrovertibly proves that Mohammed was a military tyrant bent upon bloodthirsty, worldwide, imperialistic

To know and understand one's enemy
and to clearly identify the enemy is the primary dictum of warfare. Our leaders and experts have failed in their duty to identify the enemy. They keep calling the enemy “terrorism.” Terrorism is not the enemy. The enemy is Islam. Islam uses terrorism (guerrilla warfare) as a method (tactic) to attack us. The enemy is the “entity” implementing the method of terrorism. For example, if someone is throwing rotten eggs at you, it is not the “rotten eggs” but rather the “person” throwing them who is the enemy.

It is an outrage that the majority of our leaders and experts think like overly genteel and sissified school boys who are too spineless if not politically cowardly (P.C.) to call anyone an enemy
no matter how blatantly obvious it is. For example, take Dr. Angel Rabasa and his colleagues of the highly acclaimed Rand Corporation, he states: “In the Global War on Terrorism, the United States is confronting a very different type of enemy: shadowy non-state actors that are not subject to traditional means of deterrence. . . It is unclear what targets, if any, the United States could hold at risk to deter attack.”

Wrong! Once again, the enemy is not terrorism. Rabasa proves his ineptness by stating the “Global War on Terrorism” meaning he cannot distinguish between a rotten egg and the person who has thrown it.

By refusing to identify the enemy as Islam, Angel Rabasa and Rand Corporation have thereby swallowed the bait of Islamic deception by promoting a strategy called, “Building Moderate Muslim Networks.” This means they have unwittingly become Jihadist propagandists promoting Islam’s primary method for defeating us which is: the infiltrations and deceptions utilized by moderate Muslims. Sure, moderate Muslims are not suicide bombers, but they have accomplished even greater damage by manipulating our overly liberal laws and naivete. This is why it is so terribly wrong to call
terrorism the enemy, because doing so completely ignores the damage being committed by Islam’s peaceful invaders the so-called moderate Muslims.

I do not mean to pick on Rabasa alone. Permit me to give the following two criteria for determining an expert’s competence: First, anyone who calls the enemy terrorism rather than the religion of Islam is incompetent and should be fired from his job. Second, anyone who calls Islam a Religion of peace is incompetent or an outright enemy propagandist or badly informed regarding Islamic religious conditioning.

Why have our leaders and experts become so blind? They are afflicted with the Oslo Syndrome, meaning they are pathologically unable to evaluate the crimes committed by Islam to the extent they are going to get us all killed.

Dr. Kenneth Levin in his book The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege explains that those afflicted with the syndrome live in absolute denial of the blatant fraud and egregious dishonesty that Muslims employ by making counterfeit peace agreements. For many, such relentless mockery proves that diplomacy has failed long ago and war is the necessary solution.

Everyone should read chapters 12 through 16 of Dr. Levin’s book. The pervasively masochistic behavior documented within proves that our leaders and experts have been leading us into defeat. The Oslo syndrome has now morphed into the Annapolis syndrome. Here we go round and round again!

Truly, we need face the fact that moderate Muslims are more difficult to find than “a needle in the haystack.” We are at war, and the brutal realities must not be soft-peddled.

Please consider the following distinction: The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head off the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victim's feet.

During 9/11, the Trade Towers were the “head” cut off by the militants, while the moderate Muslim community “held the victim’s feet.” Please reflect deeply on this analogy. History proves that both militant and moderate Muslims are invaders working as a team to conquer America. This is clearly articulated by Abdullah-Al-Araby in his book, The Islamization of America.

Please mark my words, calling Islam a religion of peace is patently dishonest and the worst ideological mistake in American history. It truly is our “Achilles heel” as I mentioned before. No wonder Dr. Paul Williams states in his book Dunces of Doomsday: 10 Blunders That Gave Rise to Radical Islam, Terrorist Regimes, And the Threat of an American Hiroshima: “The Day after 9/11, President Bush promulgated the granddaddy of all whoppers by saying, “Islam is a religion of Peace.”

I have great respect for President Bush and support him wholeheartedly because he is the first President having the guts to fight the Islamists since President Thomas Jefferson sent our Navy to Tripoli in 1803. The problem is President Bush has invalidated his own war efforts by this ideological error
that is, his administration’s obsession for calling Islam a Religion of Peace. The truth must be told: Islam is a Religion of War and the evidence proving this fact is piled a mile high right up to 9/11. A website site sarcastically named lists the thousands of Islamic murders and atrocities committed worldwide (as of today, there have been 11,849 Islamic attacks since 9/11).

In conclusion, permit me to make this prediction: The war cannot be won unless we clearly identify the enemy as Islam, and the American government makes a formal declaration of war against the Religion of Islam. That’s right; this will be a new thing for Americans who wrongly believe that all religions are benign!

In numerous places worldwide the murderers are shouting
Allahu Akbar and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans foolheartedly provide unrestricted freedom of religion to Islam oblivious to the carnage. This oblivion was the root cause of 9/11 and has sent us spinning headlong toward a nuclear Islamic terrorist attack on American soil which the Islamofascists have been bragging about for nearly 10 years.
- Martel Sobieskey


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