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A few days ago, I wrote an article on the IBA about the movie Obsession, and an anonymous commenter sent it to Tom Trento, the man who runs the web site, Tom wrote back to the commenter with the following message:

Great news on the “converts” after Watching Obsession! That is happening all over America.

Regardless of what happens on November 4, this Obsession Project has created a movement where Americans are waking up to radical, militant, islam and getting active to respond in a proper fashion. We will be working hard all through 2009 to maximize the impact the DVD distribution has made.

We can use your help!

The DVD, Obsession has been distributed in a variety of formats, one of which is the “brochure-like” mailer that you reference. There were millions of those mailed to homes all over the United States. Millions were inserted into newspapers and magazines, in another format. Then 10’s of thousands of others have been and are being distributed by hand, all over the country.

The particular format you like has been exhausted, but I have some DVD’s in full packaging and will send you whatever you believe you can get out over the next 25 days. We want them to have an impact.

Let me know and you will get them to you a day later at no cost!

Keep fight the fight and do not get discouraged. Your efforts are not in vain!
I emailed Tom Trento and asked him to send me fifty copies of the DVD and I promised him I would distribute them all in 25 days through my personal network. Within an hour he let me know the DVDs are on their way to me.

I encourage the rest of you to do the same. This is a great opportunity to make a difference sharing an informative DVD about the threat of Islam's relentless encroachment. Here is Tom Trento's contact information:

Tom Trento
2200 4th. Ave. N. #3
Lake Worth, FL. 33461

W: 561-582-1424
F: 561-582-7675
C: 561-767-0982

Act now. I believe the window of opportunity is brief.


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It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

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