Five Ways to Invade and Defeat a Militarily Superior Free Country


Many people think we in the West have nothing to worry about from Islam. The West has superior weapons, a superior military, and orthodox Muslims are not going to start an all-out war with western powers. All of this may be true. What we westerners should be more concerned about is perpetual Islamic political encroachment as democracies give Islam one political concession after another until we've helped build a trap for ourselves from which we cannot escape.

The orthodox Muslim's work has already begun. The Islamic invasion is already underway. Here's the plan:

1. Suppress criticism of Islam. At the very least, you can cry, "Racism!" (even though Islam is not a race) and that might silence someone or get them fired. But you can often go much farther. When someone says anything against the teachings of Islam, Islamic organizations like CAIR can sue the writer, the publisher, or the television station for defamation of a religion or libel or discrimination. Since many of these suits are brought by Muslims with excessive oil money (and can afford good lawyers and long legal campaigns) it makes people think twice about speaking openly, even in free countries. Islamic countries repeatedly push at the United Nations to make criticism of Islam an international crime. And of course, instilling the fear of death also helps suppress criticism.

2. Use deceit to keep non-Muslims confused, at odds with each other, and ineffective. Islam has a principle called taqiyya, which means "religious deception." Basically it stems from the Islamic concept that Islam is at war with all non-Muslims, and all is fair in love and war. Deceit is used by most military strategists as a legitimate weapon, and it is permissible and even encouraged in the Koran against anyone who is not a Muslim.

3. Convert kafirs into Muslims. Outreach programs, television programs, one-on-one conversations, advertising — they use it all, and they present only a friendly face of Islam to kafirs (non-Muslims), hoping to dupe them into joining this "peaceful, tolerant religion." Or they use the "join with us and end your persecution" approach (for minorities). They also have a very successful track record of converting thugs in prisons into fanatical Muslims. They try every avenue they can find.

4. Increase your numbers inside the non-Muslim country. Orthodox Muslim men sometimes have several wives, even in western democracies where it is illegal, and have many children per wife. Muslim men sometimes try to get non-Muslim women to marry them, but get them to convert first. Another way they increase their numbers is to help get more Muslims to immigrate into the non-Muslim countries. They recognize the power of numbers and they are actively pursuing that course. Serge Trifkovic (author of The Sword of the Prophet) said Muslims have proven throughout history that "once they reach the numbers that allow them to impose their will, they will do so." Raymond Ibrahim calls it the Rule of Numbers.

5. Gain small, incremental, legal concessions from non-Muslim countries. And make sure you give no concessions in return. For example, the Phoenix airport capitulated to some Islamic women's demands to change the uniform of their employees. The airport's uniform included pants, and the Islamic women said they couldn't wear them and they wanted to wear skirts. So the airport conceded. No big deal, right? Concessions like this are being made constantly, with more and more frequency. When it all adds up, it is a big deal. The fact that each concession is so small is one of the reasons people allow it.

These five strategies are already being done right under our noses. The way to stop the slow-encroachment invasion is to educate non-Muslims. Once people can see what orthodox Muslims are doing, they'll vote against it, and they'll vote for representatives who demonstrate they see it too.

The end result will be no more concessions to Islam. The encroachment must be stopped. You can help. In fact, you must help. We need all the help we can get, and the sooner the better. Have conversations like these with people you know. Talk to them about Mohammad. Share articles with them. Loan them good DVDs. Start today. We can stop the invasion; we just have to be smart about it.


Anonymous 4:01 PM  

Future historians, perhaps some Russian or Chinese Gibbon writing 'The Decline and Fall of the Anglosphere', will have an interesting job explaining how the vigorous post-World War II Anglo-Saxon civilisation, which put men on the moon and invented all of modern computer and telecommunications technologies, somehow lost its confidence to the extent that it allowed itself to be taken over by swarms of Dark-Age savages, with hardly a glimmer of resistance.

We tend to think of the causes of the Muslim problem as being external - Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. But the real causes are internal: the self-loathing 'intellectuals', the open-door immigrationists, the Effete Elite such as Cameron and the Archdhimmi, the post-colonialist guilt trippers, the multi-culti dumbing-down educationalists, the anti-British Brainwashing Corporation and all the rest of the smirking-class traitors - not only in Britain but in Canada, Australia and the US as well.

A healthy body can resist attacks by parasites, but Anglo-Saxon civilisation, and indeed the whole of European civilisation is very sick indeed.

To return to my first sentence, why did I write a Russian or Chinese Gibbon rather than an Islamic one? Because if the Anglosphere is destroyed by the Muslims, it will go through a stage where it is so anarchic and weak that stronger, more homogenous and more culturally self-confident civilisations will step in to take charge, and deal with the Muslims in the manner of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao.

Anonymous 5:12 AM  

U are 100% right, take TOUGH ACTION against them, let them burn themselves in their OIL Money but let them NOT DARE TOUCH us or rape OUR WOMEN.

Walter Sieruk 11:03 AM  

One way for the Muslims to defeat the West is not only through the violent and deadly militant jihad by through and by the means of having a stealth jihad. Which is also called Islamic gradualism. This subtle and sly type of jihad is a insidious scheme in which much disinformation, disingenuous words of deception are used. That is Islamic deception. Moreover, In some way this stealth jihad is,somewhat, similar to what is taught in THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu. Which reads "At first then,exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to opposes you."

Anonymous 4:49 PM  

Religions are protected; cults can be prosecuted.

Anonymous 4:32 AM  

all talk. hot air. whilst i agree with these comments, it's hot air and that's all it is.
talk is cheap. especially since the enemy is now in our midst and they hold british passports and their children are born in the uk. too late to talk now. how do you propose getting rid of them or diminishing their numbers now?

Citizen Warrior 12:19 PM  

An excellent question. What should be done about the problem of Islam? Here is our answer:

What is Our Goal in the Counterjihad Movement?

Anonymous 3:12 PM  

Sad thing is the liberal movement that entrances the misguided view that all people are equal and no person will try to dominate another religiously or culturally. In the same breath they ignore the erosion of free speech, you will be killed if you criticise their prophet. In the same way they denigrate our way of life. It is as if they have recognised the meekness of the liberal movement and used that as their weapon. I would much prefer to fight them on their ground without the enemy being within. All I can say is best you keep them from your countries. We have 300 000 - 400 000 in Australia and quite frankly I would prefer none.

Anonymous 2:55 AM  

I'm concerned about Australia too. I know for a fact there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They'll behave themselves until they reach a population 'critical mass', then they will start becoming more overt in their takeover agenda.

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