Educate (and Fascinate) Your Fellow Citizens: You Are On The Front Line


AS YOU HAVE probably discovered, many people don't have a clue about really how serious our situation has become with the rise of Islamic militancy. Many people think "fighting terrorism" is a politician's ruse, or a way for the military-industrial complex to make money, or a way to get more oil, or whatever.

People who know about the danger of the spreading jihadist movement tend to remain silent. It's a politically heated topic and it is politically incorrect and somewhat offensive to a lot of people to even talk about it. So we tend to keep our mouths shut. People with conspiracy theories and multicultural beliefs tend to be extremely vocal. I don't know why, but people like that tend to be very motivated to push their beliefs on everyone else.

Because when you repeat anything often enough, some people will start to believe it, over time, the conspiracy theorists are gaining converts, and our silence is being filled in with nonsense.

It's time to stop being silent. We need to bring up the subject, and actively help people change their minds. I know this is scary, but it must be done. You can gain some courage with the right kind of know-how. If you don't feel you're very good at persuading people, read the book, How to Win Friends & Influence People. If you've already got a copy, re-read the section entitled, How To Change People Without Giving Offense Or Arousing Resentment. You'll find it very helpful for our purposes.

Another book in the same category (skill with people) is Les Giblin's How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People. Although he covers many of the same principles as Dale Carnegie, he says it in different ways, coming from a different angle, organizes the material differently, and uses different examples. The two of them together are better than one of them alone.

Go even further in your quest to bring understanding to your fellow citizens by being a leader. Read the book, The Charisma Quotient: What It Is, How to Get It, How to Use It, to learn more about how the impact of your personality can lead others.

Another great little book is called, How to Win an Argument: Surefire Strategies for Getting Your Point Across. It has some simple, practical principles you can start using right away. The book is not about becoming a sarcastic, arrogant jerk. It is very hard to win an argument that way, and almost impossible to change someone's mind using those kinds of methods. This book has better ways.

If you aren't very good at starting and maintaining a conversation, Larry King's book, How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets of Good Communication is excellent. Becoming a good conversationalist is one of the most important tasks a Citizen Warrior can master.

I can't reiterate enough: This is a war of memes, the stakes are extremely high, and you are on the front line.

What is the most important thing to share with people?

Read why it is justifiable and legitimate to criticize Islam.
Learn more about influencing your friends:


Dinah Lord 12:32 PM  

CW - I feel like I always get such valuable info here and plan on checking out some of the books you recommend to be better able to "get the word out" more effectively. What a good idea!

It's so very important (and I don't feel like I do it very well), but thanks to your post I am now rededicating myself to the effort.

Cheers -


Bill 9:34 AM

A brief history of PsyWar, and its decisive effectiveness over the centuries, should instruct the reader how to use it against Islamists throughout the world.

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