People Should Be Able to Say What They Wish Without Being Killed For It


“This has become the flashpoint for the defense of the freedom of speech,” said Robert Spencer at the recent Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest. “These cartoons are offensive to Islam, and there is a death penalty for those who blaspheme against Muhammad. The jihadis believe that these cartoons cross the line, and those who draw them and publicize them have to be killed.

“If we believe in free speech in a free society, then we have to stand up for the right of people to offend Muslims or even subject Islam to mockery. If it were anything else, it would be the same,” he said.

Spencer said he thought some of the cartoons were “in poor taste.”

“But that’s not the point,” he said. “The point is that there are people who can say what they wish without being killed for it.

“To say that we will succumb to violent intimidation and allow ourselves to be silent in the face of it is just to encourage more violent intimidation.

“Either we knuckle under or we stand. And we are standing.”

Read more at Texas Terror: Inside Event Targeted by ISIS.


Walter Sieruk 9:19 AM  

As for that jihad shooting at that A.F.D.I Muhammad cartoon event there are some who actually have the ignorant gall to make the claim the the incident at the cartoon contest was the fault of Pamela Geller and the A.F.D.I for holding that event in the first place. The real blame should where it belongs. Which is on the doctrines of Islam with the murderous violence of its militant jihad. As seen, in the Koran ,for example in 9:5,111. 47:4. Further blame should be put that the feet of those two violent Muslims were follower of this violent and deadly religion who came to this Muhammad event to kill. The false claim that the event provoked them to evil is an absurd folly. For what really inspired them to have the intention of acting out in murderous violence is violent teaches of Islam with its jihad. The A.F.D.I. cartoon event was just an excuse for jihad violence. For example, the Boston jihad murders who planted those bombs on that street in Boston also had an "excuse" for their vicious wickedness. If anything the shooting at that cartoon context only showed that it just might be true in what they say. Which is that "Evil is always looking for an excuse."

Always On Watch 4:07 AM  

If two jihadists hadn't attacked the event in Garland, Texas, not many people would have taken note of the event.

But now? Millions of people are paying attention -- for a little while, anyway.

I hope that more people will now research Islam for themselves.

Walter Sieruk 11:05 AM  

Those two violent Muslims who did the shooting at that A.F.D.I Muhammad cartoon contest could have chosen to stage a peaceful protest to that cartoon event. Instead they chose the violence of terrorism to handle things. They were responsible for their own actions. Their choice of jihad violence says something about them. Likewise, their jihad violence also says something about Islam.

Always On Watch 3:45 PM  

I agree!

Meanwhile, the media continue to bury their own heads in the sand and to push the media's listeners' heads into the sand as well.

An ostrich makes an easy target, and the West is filled with ostriches.

Anonymous 9:04 AM  

They are trained to kill, and seek out any opportunity. Stop them before it gets worse, because if we don't it will.

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