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The creator of the International Qur'an Petition (and the creator of Islam Exposed, a blog that was specifically banned in Pakistan) added a comment on our post about the petition, and I thought I'd post it here for extra added motivation. Here's what he wrote:

The number of emails sent went from 700 to 896, probably as a result of this article.

We need to make it grow exponentially. Each one reach two. Persuade two of your associates to sign the petition, send the emails and persuade two others to follow suit.

By sending those emails, we are letting Congress know that we perceive a serious problem and we are giving them the means to learn more about it by following links in the supporting document.

When you sign, you will have a chance to grab embed code to place a petition widget on your blog.

You can easily put a link to the petition in an email with an exhortation to sign the petition and forward the email.

If we induce even one Member of Congress to read the Qur'an & hadith, this effort will be more than worth the effort.

While I was writing this comment, four more emails were sent.

HEADS UP!! If the right Muslims see this petition and bring it to the attention of CAIR & the OIC, our movement will gain unprecedented publicity and more sleeping citizens will be awakened, informed and aroused. Lets make it happen.


International Qur'an Petition


Fans of the Qur'an protest a YouTube video
Please sign this petition and get others to sign it too: International Qur'an Petition. Getting others to sign will help educate them and get them to make a very small commitment to the cause, which can lead eventually to a larger commitment because of the "commitment and consistency" principle (which you can read about here). The petition sends an email to Capitol Hill also. This is what the petition says:

Whereas Islam and its apologists accuse Kuffar of inculcating hatred of Muslims and inciting violence against them; and

Whereas Islam is pursuing national and international legislation to impose their blasphemy laws[1] upon us[2] so as to prevent or punish exposure of their execrable doctrines which inculcate hatred [3], incite violence[4] and sanctify & mandate[5] genocidal[6], terroristic[7] {9:120}[8] conquest; the intent of which legislative campaign is to render us defenseless;

Now, therefore, the undersigned Kufar & Harbi do declare, swear and demonstrate proof from the ample testimony of Allah and his Messenger that Islam is and will always be in egregious violation of the recognized rights of free men and must therefore be condemned and proscribed.

Since Muslims are promised eternity in a celestial bordello[9] for participating in Jihad and threatened with eternal damnation if they refuse, it is impossible that free men can live in peace and security while Islam exists upon the face of the earth. We therefore pray for injunctive relief: proscription of the practice and propagation of Islam. Islam is not a religion protected by the umbra of the First Amendment's free exercise clause, it is a way of life: predation upon the human race; a continuing criminal enterprise: a war crime.

Exhibits of evidence including quotes from and links to applicable international human rights covenants and Islam's canonical texts is included in this 30kb pdf file which signers are exhorted to download, read, embed in their blogs and use as an email attachment:

Click here to sign the petition.


Islamic Propoganda and Pressure Will Never Stop


As much as the more enthusiastic counterjihadists might like to "nuke" Muslims off the face of the earth, that's not really a solution. Banning Islam isn't really a possible solution either. And yet orthodox Muslims — the true believers — will always be there, following the example of Muhammad, pressing for concessions, relentlessly pushing all other cultures to yield to Islamic standards.

The only answer is an educated non-Muslim population, so we become immune to the con-job. If enough non-Muslims understand about taqiyya, the principle of pretext, and most of all, that Islamic doctrine is fundamentally hostile to non-Muslims and non-Muslim ways of life, their unending efforts to make the world yield will accomplish nothing.

We are globally in a similar situation as the passengers and crew on Flight 93. Collectively we have little information about the real intent of the Muslims, but some of us are actively trying to find out, and as we piece it together and pass it along to our fellow travelers, our collective determination to stop it from going any farther is beginning to grow.

The smallpox virus was not wiped out. Individual people were made immune to it. For an ideological virus, knowledge is the vaccination. If you are willing to fight this ideological battle on the "front lines," you will have to engage in persuasion.

I know people don't want to hear it. I know that makes you feel frustrated and angry, and sometimes exasperated. And I know you've discovered that these feelings only make it harder to reach people. You want to write them all off as idiots and give up. But your own personal sense of integrity won't let you do that. You're between a rock and a hard place. What are you going to do? What are you made of? Do you have what it takes to pour your frustration and determination into becoming skilled at winning people to our side? For all our sakes, I hope you do.


A Manual For Citizen Warriors


We have published a handbook for citizen warriors entitled, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam.

The book has a section on different ways to approach conversations about Islam, and another section on how to educate people in other ways besides arguing. The book includes Answers to Objections and The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam in their entirety.

Our mission is to make it universally understood that Islam is not a religion of peace, and that core Islamic doctrine outlines a clear political goal: The global application of Sharia law.

This mission is much harder than many of us expected. Our new manual should make our task easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Click here to get the book on Amazon.

We would love to hear from you about anything that you think might make the book more helpful (suggestions for the next revised edition, in other words).


Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It

While it's true that helping women gain rights around the world will weaken orthodox Islam, and stripping oil of its strategic status will weaken the Wahhabi movement, we still need to educate our fellow citizens about the principles of Islam and its prime directive because neither of those first two tasks will stop the stealth jihad. Only an educated population can do that.

If you are not very good at persuading people and don't want to get any better at it, then go ahead and focus on women's rights and fuel competition. But if you're willing to educate people about Islam, I have a mission for you: Get someone who you feel is close to understanding Islam to sign up for Citizen Warrior's email updates (or Political Islam's or ACT! for America's or whoever you think would help educate your friend). Make it your mission to convince the person to sign up for someone's email updates.

We need to bring more people into the fold. Preaching to the choir is not getting it done. We need to expand our reach. We need to make the effort to awaken our fellow non-Muslims. I know this is difficult sometimes, but if you're willing to get better at it, the task will get easier. But whether it is easy or hard, it is our most urgent imperative.


As Women Rise, Orthodox Islam Diminishes


We want you to watch the film, Half the Sky. It shows very clearly that when you change the way women are treated in a society, the entire cultural norm — what is acceptable — changes.

In the film you'll see a town where not even the cops do much about rape. Out of thousands of reported rapes, they had only achieved one conviction. The cultural beliefs of the people in that community prevented any effective protection of women. Without safety, they lived without freedom. But through education, public pressure and enforcing laws, the perception, the worldview of the community changes.

By focusing on helping girls, the society improves. As Sheryl WuDunn says in the film, "You educate a girl, and she can change the world around her." This is not a mere opinion. It has been proven in the world.

We can focus on rights for girls and women and never even mention the word "Islam," and the orthodox Islamic ideology will be undermined anyway, and marginalized, and seen for the backward, outdated belief system it is. We don't really need to "defeat" Islam; we only need to weaken it enough that better ways of living can assert themselves and take hold.

It is emotionally uplifting to strive for women's rights. Working toward something is more optimistic than working against something. You're fixing something already broken rather than keeping your attention fixed on a frightening future. It's easier to talk to others about too.

Please watch the video and share it with everyone you know.
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It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

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