Pretext For Hostilities In Islamic Thinking


I was listening to the excellent audiobook, Robert Spencer's Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), and he was talking about how Muhammad's actions set precedents for what the Islamic Military does today. Muslims are told over seventy times in the Qur'an that they should use Muhammad as an example, and try to live their lives as Muhammad did. Spencer said:

"[At a particular battle Muhammad fought in,] another pattern was set...that played out across the centuries. Muslims would see any aggression as a pretext for revenge, regardless of whether they provoked it."

Jihadis around the world do the same thing today. They provoke a government or a group until they get a hostile reaction, and then they use that reaction as a pretext for aggression.

This is one of the cleverest solutions to a dilemma created by two important Islamic memes: Namely, that a Muslim should never initiate aggression (that's the first meme), but on the other hand, the best way to guarantee your passage to Paradise is to die while fighting in the name of Allah (that's the second meme).

How are you supposed to die fighting unless someone is fighting you? And how can you get someone to fight you if you can't be aggressive? One way you can do it is to provoke someone into attacking you, and then you can "defend Islam," which is your duty as a Muslim. Pretty clever, huh? These are a few of the 26 memes that make up The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex. Muslims who take this seriously are called Jihadis.

So Jihadis around the world provoke hostile reactions, and then use it as a pretext to fight. They have used this technique successfully against the West many times. They try to make at least some percentage of us non-Muslims feel guilty for some hostile action our country has taken, while ignoring or downplaying what the
Jihadis did to provoke the reaction in the first place. It's a clever ruse, which is bought hook, line, and sinker by millions of well-meaning but ignorant people in the West.

This is one of the most important reasons YOU can make a difference by simply sharing what you know with others. When enough of us are aware of taqiyya (the Islamic principle of deception), the ruse stops working, which allows democracies to do the one thing we must do: Stop conceding anything to Islam.

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Always On Watch 5:24 AM  

Muslims around the world provoke hostile reactions, and then use it as a pretext to fight. They have used this technique successfully against the West many times.

And this time around, the pc and multiculti crowd are obfuscating that clever ploy. Indeed, that crowd is bent on appeasement.

I didn't know that Spencer's Guide had an audio version. I may have to pony up for that one.

Citizen Warrior 9:13 AM  

Listening to audiobooks in my car and while I do boring tasks is a great way to really learn things well. I have listened to good audiobooks ten times before, and when I do that, I really know the stuff. When I'm talking to people, accurate facts roll off my tongue easily and fluently. It makes me more persuasive in conversations.

You must have discovered the same thing or you wouldn't have made your comment. But I thought I'd add mine for anyone reading who hasn't thought of audiobooks as a unique weapon in this meme war. Persuading people, especially in one-on-one conversations (like this one) is one of the most important things we can do, and being well-informed is the best thing to do to boost your persuasiveness.

Spencer has another audiobook I just ordered: "The Truth About Mohammad."

Citizen Warrior 1:14 AM  

I was just re-reading Nonie Darwish's excellent speech and found she gives a good example of pretext. She said:

"I was born and raised as a Muslim in Cairo, Egypt and the Gaza Strip; a time when President Nasser was committed to unifying the Arab world and destroying Israel.

"In the 50’s, my father headed the Egyptian military intelligence in Gaza and started the Fedayeen, which means "armed resistance and self sacrifice." They made cross-border attacks into Israel and caused death, damage and destruction.

"After two years of intense Fedayeen operations, my father was killed in the first targeted assassination in Gaza in 1956. I was 8 years old. In Nasser's famous speech to nationalize the Suez Canal, he hailed my father as a national hero, a Shahid. President Nasser vowed that all of Egypt would take revenge and made no mention of the heavy toll of death and destruction brought upon Israel by the Fedayeen. My siblings and I were asked by top government officials 'which one of you will avenge your father's blood by killing Jews?'"

Read her whole speech here.

In other words, Nonie's father had spent two years killing Israelis but when he was himself killed in response, Nasser vows revenge.

The Muslims provoked, got a response, then used the response as a pretext for escalating hostilities. That is following the example Mohammad set.

Anonymous 7:45 AM  

Evil is as Evil does.

Anonymous 6:10 PM  

It is absolutely perplexing that this religion has gained any respect in the Western World. The Founder of this dreadful religion raped a child, murdered hundreds of people, raped countless women, and yet Muslims view Muhammad as the greatest example to be followed.

I guess Muslims honour raping, murdering, and molestation. Think about it. And to add further, the muli-culti crowd must view Muhammad's actions as acceptable, otherwise they would not support the Muslim Agenda.

Just think about it.

Kafir - India+USA 11:24 PM  

Hi Citizen Warrior,

I am India living in USA for more than a decade.Both countries face the problem of political correctness.

Muslims have a specific ploy of committing inhumane barbaric acts while at the same time they act like victims.After killing a minimum of 80 million Hindus and ruining a civilization from within, they are still playing as victims in India.

When Islam started out in Saudi Arabia, the area was majority Pagans and few muslims.Islam with its customary self-righteousness started denouncing the gods of Pagan Arabia while claiming its own as true.This prompted Pagans to attack muslims as was the tradition in Arabia during that time(Caravan raids were common).Muslims then sought refugee in Yathrib(later to be called Medina) a Jewish Town to escape Pagan attack.It is here Muslims learnt the Jews did not believe in Prophet Mohammed teachings and instead sided with the Pagan Arabs.Once the Muslim percentage grew in Medina, they defeated, killed and converted Jews in Medina.Later,Muslims would gain strength. and strike back Mecca and annihilate the religion of Meccan Pagans and exile both Jews and Christians out of Saudi Arabia.

Here, is my observation - when Meccan Pagans were in majority in Arabia,Jews,Christians and Muslims(though persecuted as per their claim) were allowed to stay in Arabia but as soon as Muslims came to power with majority all these religions were converted or killed.Let’s not forget it was Muslims who claimed all the pagans were wrong and need to be converted which led to their persecution.Now, Here is a religion which claims itself to be persecuted while annihilating all other religions.We need to understand what counts as persecution of Muslims - traditionally, a simple cartoon or a critical poem can be an act of blaspemy and be worthy to be killed.And once a region become 100% muslim, apostasy is the criminalized with death and blasphemy is also severely punished -lest these older religions come back.This is reason why when this religion from Saudi Arabia goes to Thailand and Kashmir it claims persecuted while at the same time cleansing the region of other native religions.This process is called Islamization when a region slowly removes its old faith(calls it false and Ignorance) and replaces it the language, dress code, food and mannerism of 7th century Arabia.

Why do muslims so often feel persecuted in minority and what happens to the persecuting majority(they disappear or seek refuge elsewhere) eg. Meccan pagans when Muslims once in majority needs to be understood by everyone. While Muslims usually argue that the hateful verses in Quran and Hadiths should be understood in the right context, the above is the context non-muslims should understand.Once people understand this context, the claim of early muslim persecution and the subsequent perceived persecution of Muslims in other regions where it does not belong eg.France,Kashmir,Burma,Thailand,Israel falls as a pack of cards.

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