Stealth Jihad


THOSE WHO are working to advance the subjugation of non-Muslims are not doing it solely by violent means. The common distinction between "radical" and "moderate" Muslims has generally been made between those who are engaged in blowing things up or are plotting to do so, and those who are not. However, the evidence presented in this book shows that the distinction ought to be placed elsewhere: between those Muslims who believe that Islamic law is the perfect system for human society and who are working by whatever means to impose that Islamic law, and those Muslims who support Western pluralistic governments and seek to live with non-Muslims as equals, under secular rule, on an indefinite basis.

Those who are working to advance the hegemony of Islamic law do so in innumerable ways, including by introducing it, bit by bit, into American society and demanding that Americans accommodate it; by shouting down any and all who dare to discuss the supremacist impulse within traditional and mainstream Islam; and by engaging in efforts to transform and control Western economies...

The stealth jihadists have already made significant inroads into American life. They are well-funded, well-organized, and persistent. They will not be pacified by negotiations, compromises, or concessions; they cannot be bought off. And every day, they are advancing their agenda — while most Americans don't even know they exist.

- The above is an excerpt from the excellent book, Stealth Jihad, by Robert Spencer.


Susan 12:43 PM  

We need a letter writing campaign to Disneyland to protest their concession to Sharia with the Hijab issue.

Citizen Warrior 1:18 PM  

Someone just emailed me this comment:

There is no conflict among Muslims. All Muslims must fight and kill to impose Sharia, wherever they live. To Islam, there are no nations. No America, no Iran. The world is divided into Dar-al-Harb, the House of War, and Dar-al-Islam, the House of Islam. Dar-al-Islam is anyplace where Sharia rules supreme, in its unabridged entirety. Dar-al-Harb is America, and anyplace where Sharia does not rule supreme.

All Muslims are mandated by Allah's spoken recitation to fight and "...make a great slaughter in the land", until Sharia rules supreme, and Jews and Christian live in humiliation and slavery. All Muslims. Allah gave these commandment via spoken word to Mohammad. These mandates are eternal, and mandatory. No exceptions, unless you physically unable. No 7th century expiration date. Eternal, and now. If you are not making a "..great slaughter in the land", or helping those who do, you are an apostate. No weasel, waffle, or wiggle room. All Muslims are mandated to kill apostates, in a gruesome manner, according to Allah, and the perfect, ideal man, Mohammad.

The "radicals" are the only true Moslems. They are "radical", from the original Latin word radix, which means root, hence our word "radish". They follow Islam from it's root, the Koran, the more important Haddith, and the lesser followed Sira.

Islam is the only major religion whose book is the direct recitation of god. Even if it is unpleasant, or distasteful, or strenuous, you must obey it's mandates. It is from Allah's mouth to your ear. It is mandatory. Except when it isn't. Abrogation means a later Koran entry always supercedes an earlier one.

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