Sacrifices in the War Effort


EVERY WAR has casualties. This war is no different. We are fighting for liberty and equality, and we are fighting against an enemy — Islamic supremacism — which seeks to take it away by imposing Shari'a law wherever it can find the opportunity.

Islamic supremacists will be stopped in their tracks and their progress will be reversed when enough non-Muslims are made aware of the existence and the methods of the third jihad.

Each of us who have committed ourselves to this war will make sacrifices. We will suffer casualties. Maybe not physical injuries because this is a different kind of war for us non-military citizen warriors, but casualties nonetheless. Below are a few comments I've gleaned from other web sites and from notes sent to me. They are comments by brave citizen warriors fighting the war on the front lines and suffering casualties for the good of us all.

The reason I'm bringing this up is to put our sufferings in context. Rather than comparing our trials and tribulations with a status quo of everything humming along smoothly with no conflict, I wanted to contrast our war with wars of the past. For example, World War II. The photo above is in Normandy, where British and American and German and French soldiers lost their lives.

Even women and men in the French Resistance lost their lives. The losses we suffer as citizen warriors — even the tough ones like losing someone's friendship or losing a job — are fairly minor in comparison. This is a perspective we should remind ourselves of from time to time.

But still, the people who wrote the comments listed below are voluntarily giving up a comfortable apathy and have thrown themselves into the one thing that needs to be done: Education of our fellow non-Muslims about Islamic supremacism. I salute and honor these brave women and men for their sacrifices. Here are their comments:

1. It is getting more and more difficult to reach people to get them to understand. Yes, I've made some small headway lately, but the numbers of the newly awakened are very, very few. I do know somebody in the school system who broached the subject carefully. She was working as a substitute and had an impeccable reputation as a superb teacher and years of experience with that particular school system.

I'm sure that you've already guessed the outcome. She is now training for a different career entirely. The phone calls to substitute have dropped off so far as to make a living impossible.

As you likely know, several of us counterjihadists tried terrestrial radio last summer and into the fall. The donations were few and far between. No sponsors were forthcoming. Any feedback was next to nothing for the size of that market.

On a personal level, I've lost most of my friends over the issues we discuss here. I've lost clients as well. I'm not whining, merely stating the facts.

I believe that any additional waking up will not come without a heavy price of lives
here in America or in the UK. Many Americans don't give a rat's ass about what happens in any European nation other than the UK. In addition, good old American optimism works against us: people have lulled themselves with "It's gonna be okay."

2. It only took 55 Founders — people of character...Most of my former 'friends' are not around — it's tough being a 'prophet' — the ones I have, I treasure. The others, well, I simply don't have time for their go-along-to-get-along attitude...

3. I'm with you on the lost friends and slow to wake people up. In fact, some that I had won over have started to slip back. All hopeychangeylike.

4. My sister understands but doesn't want to deal with all the hatred and prefers to live in an ignorant state while nurturing her grandchildren. My niece has Muslim acquaintances and thinks they are peaceful and the call to stop the Islamic agenda is premature.

My other niece thinks it is a crime to disparage any other religion and refuses to listen to anything out of her PC world, including the truth. I find that the PC people seem to outnumber all others and they refuse to even listen to anything but the lies from CAIR.

It is discouraging to go up against the well-coordinated Muslim taqiyya as people want to believe in the goodness of others and they block out the daily Islamic atrocities as being aberrations. That is why I was thinking more along the lines of aggressive behavior but you are right in that it does nothing to win the minds of the non-Muslims. Getting more people involved is the key. I've seen too many rallies where the Muslims outnumber the peaceful protesters 5 to 1.

5. Yup, big fan of ACT for America and I'm trying to educate as many as I can, but found out that I'm losing a lot of friends too, so that's why I need some balance in it.

6. I became a Muslim in college during my "seeking" years. I grew up Christian and am blessed to be back in the embrace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My family did not "disown" me, but they didn't hide their true feelings. I have been freed from Islam for 15-16 yrs.

Most people I do talk with are Christians who "get it," they don't give me so much rebuttal and they're always interested to hear my experiences. The one "place" I can always go to stop an argument is, "Who are you to tell me my experiences?"

7. Most of the people I talk to don't have any knowledge of Islam or the Quran. In fact they don't want to hear about Islam due to the day-by-day relentless coverage of the barbaric acts of Muslims around the world. So the moment I use words like Muhammad, Quran, Islam or jihad, they turn off their minds and go into a state of selective deafness. Some just tell me that they don't want to hear about the hate and I should concentrate my attention on positive things like family and helping others. These are the same people that nod in agreement that Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims should be given special status as they are always vilified by the Islamophobes.

I guess it helps to have a listener that is interested in hearing the truth but in my experience, the listeners I have talked to have already accepted the lies and deception of Islam.

It is a hard sell but you have to remain true to yourself and realize that for each willing listener, there are 10 who refuse to hear or learn anything about Islam.

8. I am in the UK, so some of the US-intended messages won't apply, but I am pretty sure that most of the content will apply, wherever I am. It's an international problem (can I say that? Problem? I don't know what else to call it.)

Yes, it has reared its ugly head quite recently, and in some very forceful ways. And yes, we (the West, the East...
et al) need to address it, as you say, now — leave it another year (bury your head in the sand...) and it will be 10 times worse.

The problems are many — I have no doubt that the whole Middle East will blame Israel, when all I see is them being attacked. To date, I don't think they have 'started' anything — and I am making a big distinction between throwing your military at some foe, and defending yourself. There are many who are caught by the Arab ace-in-the-hole, oil, and can't see past it. So they 'accommodate' things, in the hope that we can be neighbourly for another year, maybe more...?

It's a huge problem, and to be fair to the general population, many can't work out what to do about it. I think this is where sites like yours, and others, are vital. I am one of those who has been trying to work out what to do, and I hope that I don't start making too many mistakes. But to stay silent, while this wave of hatred rises up, cannot go on. We, the people, must be heard, and ways like this, through FaceBook, and any means at our disposal, must continue.

9. My friends are generally between the age of 22 to 35, and they are usually either drunk or stoned...they are not scared, they are ignorant...not stupid. They are street smart, but they have no clue...the topic is way too serious for these types of people...they want freaky or funny. They like Obama because his message is empty and filled with fluffy soft cuddly statements about hope and bla bla, that is my true belief. My friends are not bad people, they are just lazy...sitting around playing damn video games, drinking. Makes me sick, I have lost many friends to drugs.

I have been barking up their tree for years. It has been frustrating to say the least. But let me tell you, I have seen a huge change even in the last weeks...they are waking up. I just hope its not too late.


Keep On Fighting For Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech


BACK IN January, we published a few articles about Geert Wilders. The following is a special update from SITAmnesty:

The international SITA action in support of Geert Wilders began on January 21st, 2009 and to date (March 20th, 2009) is a success. 3500 visits have been registered to the site for the 4 proposed actions. That totals hundreds of letters (as reported by the Dutch newspaper,
De Telegraaf) which have arrived at the Court in Amsterdam, at the offices of lawyer Spong and at the Dutch Justice Ministry. These letters resulted in the visit of the Ministry for Justice to the SITAmnesty — proof that they are disturbed by our SITA mailings.

A drop of water which falls regularly on the same spot manages to penetrate the hardest rock.

Our SITA mailings must continue to sow doubt and uncertainty among the dhimmis of Amsterdam. Now it is necessary to break down their morale by maintaining a regular flow of letters; not necessarily in great quantities but on a regular basis because they must not be allowed to believe that mailings will decrease and eventually stop and that people will end up forgetting
Geert Wilders. Let them be surprised that the flow continues!

So we invite all those who took an active part in this action to reactivate it. Bear in mind that there are always new readers who do not know about SITAactions and some who don't even know about Geert Wilders’ predicament.

What Should We Do Now?

1. As soon as you come across an article about
Geert Wilders, choose from this page: the message you want to use and copy and paste it in the comments section of the article you came across (about Geert Wilders). Let's get this information more widely available.

2. Send letters, SITAmnesty-style, directly to key people in the Netherlands. Get names and addresses and read more about exactly what to do here.

3. For the owners of sites or blogs who have already relayed our action they can act according to their own wishes. Either they can republish their first article, or rewrite a new one, or simply choose from this page: the message urging action on their web sites.

Reminder: The two actions in support to Geert Wilders are available at these pages: or

Read more about Geert Wilders' predicament

Watch an interview with Geert Wilders.

Find out how to take SITAmnesty actions.


"Are You An Islamophobe?"


THIS IS another in our series, Answers to Objections. I've answered this objection several times in previous articles, and I'll give you links to those in a moment. But first I'd like to hammer home something: The number one thing that needs to happen is for a far larger percentage of the population to know some basic information about Islamic supremacism.

We need your help. You have a sphere of influence. It may be forty people; it may be two hundred. But whatever your sphere of influence, we're going to try to help you be more effective at teaching your fellow non-Muslims some basic facts about Islam.

When you mention anything that sounds critical of Islam, most people will try to defend it, even if they know nothing about it. If you are unprepared for the hostile response you get, you will not make any gains toward the goal.

The purpose of this series is to help you deal with those responses successfully. We have a list of the 18 objections people make and this series will show you how to respond to them in a way that will open your listeners' minds. We'll publish the entire list at the end, with each objection linked to an article that answers it. This is number 8.

Now, here is some help in answering this objection (or accusation):

1. Robert Spencer's definition of Islamophobia.

2. This is an article that will help you clarify what you're doing when you criticize Islam. It articulates what is wrong with the term "Islamophobia."

3. This is an article written by Ali Sina, the famous ex-Muslim, writing about the term "Islamophobia" and what, specifically makes the term meaningless.

4. This is a video: Robert Spencer's simple plan to end Islamophobia. It's kind of tongue-in-cheek, but he makes some good points, and you might want to send it to anyone who accuses you of being an Islamophobe.

5. And this is an article I wrote to peaceful Muslims who often write to me and tell me I shouldn't criticize Islam. I talk a bit about "Islamophobia" in the article.

I recommend you study this material. Maybe even make an audio recording of the articles and listen to it in your car. When you're trying to educate someone and he brings up an objection like this, you should be overly prepared — so prepared that the objection doesn't bother you even a little bit. I want you to be so prepared that you are actually glad they gave you an objection you know how to answer so masterfully.

Citizen warriors are committed to perpetual training, just like every other kind of warrior. These conversations are where the battle is happening. Let's be prepared.


How to Support Citizen Warrior


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Why Is This Happening?


I RECENTLY received a long letter from a woman who just found out a few months ago "the true extent of the Islamic problem." And now she is depressed and worried and doesn't understand why the government is allowing it to continue. She is from the UK where Islamic supremacists have been allowed to operate relatively unimpeded.

Why, she wondered, doesn't the government shut down the mosques and deport the Muslims? Why would so many European governments allow the Islamization of their countries?

She said she was confused and distressed by this seeming cooperation between Western governments and Islamic supremacists. She asked, "Why is this happening?"

After I was done answering her, I thought, "I should post this." So here it is:

This is one of the questions I have asked myself many times and written about quite a bit. It's a big topic. There isn't one reason it is happening. There are many:

1. Tens of thousands of Islamic supremacists are able to devote all their time to jihad because they are being supported by rich oil billionaires. The flow of money to these oil billionaires needs to be cut off, and you can help. Start here (this site is for Americans, but I'm sure you can find something similar in the UK). They are also being supported by zakat — the "alms" Muslims give to their mosques all over the world. Much of that money finds its way to Jihadis. Jihad is doing Allah's work, and it is apparently a perfectly legitimate charitable activity.

2. The tactics of Islamic supremacists are unethical from a Western point of view. War is deceit, as Mohammad put it. They will tell Westerners whatever Westerners will believe. They study the Western mind. They try to discover what will appeal to people and then they use their understanding to fool the Western public by talking in terms of cultural diversity or by accusing people of racism (to silence their critics) or by presenting themselves as the poor, third-world underdogs. They disarm us with pity.

3. I don't know how it is in the UK, but in America, the two main political parties have separated themselves along these lines: The conservatives think Islam is a threat, and the liberals think the conservatives are only saying that to scare people. Anything conservatives say is suspect. Many liberals, especially college students, believe in wild conspiracy theories. I suspect many of these theories originated in Muslim minds, and through their influence on campuses, have mislead many young people about Islam's relentless encroachment. The influence begins pretty early according to this new report.

4. Political action is a Muslim's religious duty — the kind of action that advances the influence and political power of Muslims with the end goal of establishing Shari'a law everywhere. So Muslims vote as a unit. They use democracy to advance Islam however they can. This means the "Muslim vote" is important for a politician to gain and a dangerous thing to lose. So politicians are prone to give concessions to Islam's relentless encroachment in order to win this organized voting block. Islamic supremacists know this and use it to their advantage. They sometimes threaten violence, as happened recently in Britain. Even worse for a politician is the veiled threat (no pun intended) that they'll accuse a politician of racism and thus potentially damage her or his career. Some politicians are cowed by the threats, and others are sincerely fooled by the taqiyya and think they're doing the right thing.

5. Western economies are dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Political leaders and business leaders don't want to offend their "allies." So in public, they are less likely to speak straight about Islam, even if they know better.

6. By the judicious use of violent riots, many newspapers and book publishers and even governments have been intimidated by Islamic supremacists, and so avoid telling the truth about Islam. Each decision seems wise at the time, even though each is a small act of cowardice. And for the same reason, small concessions are given to placate the Muslims and avoid offending them. The concessions are accumulating, but it is an entirely one-sided negotiation — Islam never concedes. Islam is a ratchet: It only goes one way.

7. Most journalists and teachers have multicultural leanings and are sympathetic to anyone who is not Caucasian or Christian. This point of view stems from a sympathy with underprivileged people combined with a holdover reaction from the racist arrogance
Europeans often displayed when encountering the rest of the world during Age of Exploration. Added to this is a distrust of anything Christian, which has its roots in the Enlightenment. Although the roots of the point of view are hundreds of years old, the pro-underdog, anti-white-man and anti-Judeo-Christian sentiment is still alive and well on campuses and in the media, and those teachers and journalists have exerted a strong influence on the minds of the population. So much so, many Europeans and Americans don't even know the West has a worthy culture that needs defending.

8. Islamic supremacists have established what appear to be "mainstream, moderate" Muslim organizations and have set themselves up as officially representative of the Muslim population. In the U.S., the media and government agencies consult with these organizations to find out what should be said to the public about Islam and what Islam really teaches, and most important, to find out what would offend Muslims. These Muslim organizations are almost all working toward the goal of Islamizing the free world, and their "counsel" to Western governments serves that goal with the liberal use of taqiyya.

9. People in the West, generally speaking, know almost nothing about Islam. This is the key to all of the above. Too few people know. And we are told Islam is pretty much like Judaism and Christianity, and many of us naturally want to believe it. It is almost unbearably alarming to discover the true nature of fundamental Islamic teachings, and a healthy mind recoils from the implications. We don't want it to be true. This ignorance is everywhere. Even among politicians who should really make it their business to know better.

All of these factors, and I'm sure there are more, combine together to produce what appears to be (but is not) a collaboration between Islamic supremacists and Western governments, deliberately conspiring together in an evil plot to destroy civilization.

But I assure you, the situation is not at all hopeless. A conspiracy of that kind would be nearly impossible to tackle, but the nine influencing factors above can each be impacted by citizen action.

Many things are already being done. There are powerful people in government positions who have looked beyond the propaganda they're getting from the "mainstream, moderate" Muslim organizations and are helping to wake up their fellow representatives.
Geert Wilders is obviously one. In America, Jon Kyl, Tom Tancredo and Sue Myrick are among them. Myrick has started a group of U.S. members of Congress, hosting workshops led by experts on Islamic supremacism to bring the group up to date on what it's all about. The caucus has 120 members and is growing.

There are also many sources of information on Islamic supremacism, and those sources are continually increasing in number and reach online (see my blogroll for a small sampling) and even in the mainstream media.

In addition, several powerful new organizations like ACT for America and the United American Committee are organizing united political action at the grassroots level to put legislation into place to stop the Islamization of Western governments.

And there are millions of people around the world like you who have awakened and who are actively awakening others. This is a difficult task because lots of already-existing barriers prevent the information from entering peoples' minds easily. But I hear of success stories all the time. I hear about the neighbor who "gets it" for the first time. I hear about people who talk to a friend who is skeptical at first but decides to look into it and eventually comes to grip with the scope of the problem.

I hear from people like you quite a bit too — the newly awakened. And of course, I don't hear about hundreds or thousands more awakening every day around the world. Each one represents one less
dhimmi and one more citizen warrior.

You are clearly distressed and worried, as well you should be. But there is much you can do. You can turn your discomfort into motivation and take the actions that will change the future for us all. I have a list of practical actions a citizen can take at I encourage you to pick one of those tasks and take it on. The action will eliminate your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and will go a long way toward relieving your distressing feelings. Respond with purpose.


Muslim In Name Only


Yesterday I heard from a woman who said she was insulted that I criticized Islam. She said she was a Muslim and her parents were Muslims and the people in her community were Muslims and none of them were terrorists.  

I told her I was criticizing Islamic doctrine, not Muslims.  

She said she felt I was insulting her family and community. I've heard these kinds of things before, of course. I've been writing about Islamic supremacism for seven years and I've heard from hundreds of Muslims who feel offended when Islam is criticized.  

In this case, however, I used to work with her and I knew she had a reputation as a promiscuous woman and a heavy drinker. I said, "Why are you taking this personally? You don't even practice Islam." And that was the end of that conversation. She never said another word about it.  

Let's look at this a moment. She considers herself a Muslim, but she's a Muslim in name only. I know several people like this. They don't pray five times a day, they don't fast during Ramadan, they've never read the Qur'an, they have no plans to visit Mecca, they don't pay their alms. In what sense are they Muslims? In name only.  

And yet, they staunchly defend Islam. They dutifully act offended when you try to tell non-Muslims about the most basic teachings of Islam if it sounds bad. 

These people need to be identified. They need to identify themselves. We are in a serious situation. We all need a way to distinguish them from practicing Muslims. We need a name for them. Their existence (and defensiveness) is, in a very real sense, preventing the free world from defending itself. 

If they didn't exist, the solution to Islam's relentless encroachment would be sublimely simple: Close the mosques and deport all devout Muslims from the free world, and stop making concessions to Islamic countries. This could easily be done because if there were no "Muslims in name only," the only Muslims left would be those who are following Mohammad's example and waging continuous warfare on non-Muslims, seeking to overthrow the legitimate Western governments and instituting Shari'a law. It would be a no-brainer to cast them out or put them in jail.  

But because there are so many Muslims in name only (let's call them MINOs) it would be indecent and unfair to deport all people who identify themselves as Muslims.  

MINOs defend Islam even though they don't practice its teachings. Why are they doing this? It reminds me of a story about Paul Rokich. When he was a child growing up in Utah, he lived near a copper smelter that poured toxic waste out onto the land and killed every living thing for miles around. The land was black and barren and smelled bad. When a visitor once said, "This place is crummy," Paul felt insulted and knocked him down. Why? The place was crummy. Anybody could see that. But it was his place. It was where he lived. He was genuinely offended. He had identified with the place.  

I believe that's what we're dealing with when MINOs defend Islam. But the pressure is going to continually increase for them because their presence and their "being offended" prevents non-Muslims from being able to protect themselves from the practicing Muslims. I think a growing number of people who are working to stop Islam's relentless encroachment on the West are coming to the realization that MINOs should either criticize Islamic teachings or follow them, and the issue will become more pronounced as time goes on. The vague, undeclared middle ground will become increasingly less tolerated. 

A Muslim living in a free country who is offended by criticism of Islam but neither practices nor criticizes Islamic teachings is either a liar or a coward. A liar because the criticism of Islam is legitimate. A knowledgeable, devout Muslim would not be offended by my saying, "Islam teaches that Muslims must wage jihad until the whole world submits to Islamic law." An Islamic supremacist may make a show of being offended because it furthers the goals of Islam, but privately he will simply be annoyed that a kafir found out about it.  

And if he is a Muslim who does not practice Islamic teachings yet feels offended when someone criticizes those teachings, he is a coward. He should join with us and criticize those teachings. Obviously, he doesn't think much of them or he would be practicing them. And beyond cowardice or lying is a much bigger issue. Whether they mean to or not, undeclared MINOs are aiding a deadly enemy of both non-practicing Muslims and non-Muslims: Islamic supremacists.  

We should change our stance with regard to "moderate" or peaceful Muslims. If you hear from a Muslim who defends Islam, ask him: "Do you abstain from alcohol? Do you pray five times a day? Do you fast during Ramadan? Do you fight in the way of Allah so that one day the whole world will submit to Islam? Have you read the Qur'an?" 

Probably his answers will be no. You can then respond, "Then you don't follow the teachings I am criticizing, so why take offense? Why don't you stop the pretense and become an apostate?" The very least a MINO could do is acknowledge the teachings — simply acknowledge that there are some passages in the Qur'an and the Hadith that should legitimately concern non-Muslims, and maybe even tell us how they justify ignoring those passages (and share their thinking with other Muslims). Short of that, they are being cowards and are part of the problem. They should not be coddled by the West. We should not try to curry their favor. They should take sides or shut up. And that's what our stance toward them should be. 

Citizen Warrior is the author of the book, Getting Through: How to Talk to Non-Muslims About the Disturbing Nature of Islam and also writes for Inquiry Into Islam, History is Fascinating, and Foundation for Coexistence. Subscribe to Citizen Warrior updates here. You can send an email to CW here


Help Make Women's Rights Universal


TODAY, March 8, 2009, is International Women's Day, an appropriate time to bring up the most plentiful source of women's rights violations around the world: Shari'a law. The human rights organization, REAL, is holding a rally today in Washington, D.C. to address the challenge of the women oppressed and killed, even in America, because of Shari'a law.

Something can and should be done about it. And you can help. Here's more about the event from REAL's web site (as well as a petition you can sign):

We will be holding a Washington DC rally on March 8 at the front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool beginning at 1 PM to address the global challenge of women oppressed and killed in the name of Islamic supremacism. We will demand that our legislators recognize the threat to women around the world by this supremacist ideology. (Note that Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, and the rally is at 1 pm DST.)

Sign the Save Women Now Petition demanding that U.S. government and United Nations representatives recognize the ideology of Islamic supremacism as a source of oppression and violence to women in America and around the world.

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, and we seek to make a public statement that calls for our representatives and world bodies to acknowledge that Islamic supremacism threatens women today and that its leaders and supporters use Islamic supremacism as an institution to legitimize violence and hate against women. We call for national and international action against Islamic supremacism to Save Women Now, and defy those who believe that mutilation, oppression, and murder of women is an Islamic supremacist “right.”

For directions to the March 8 Save Women Now rally, see the map of the Capitol compound and nearby Washington DC metro stops. Federal Center SW and Capitol South subway stops are the closest to the Capitol reflecting pool, but the Smithsonian subway stop walking along the national mall is also a pleasant stroll. This weblink provides a 360 degree view of the area in front of the Capitol reflecting pool; you can move the image by clicking on it and dragging it with your mouse.

Read the rest of the article here: Save Women Now Rally.

In an article about the rally, WorldNetDaily had this to say:

A human rights organization says it's not enough for Americans to adopt "resolutions" opposing violence when Islamic girls are stoned for being victims of gang-rapes and warns that such violence already has moved into the United States, with beatings and murders – including a recent beheading – documented.

The result is a plan for a public rally on March 8, International Women's Day, at the Capitol Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C., according to the organization Responsible for Equality and Liberty.

"Every day, women are under attack by Islamic supremacism that supports and approves of oppression, mutilation, and murder of women. According to leaders and followers of Islamic supremacism, they have the right to commit violence against women. Islamic supremacism views oppression of women as a legitimate 'right,' violence against women as a legitimate 'right,' and murdering women as a legitimate 'right,'" the organization announced.

On the same subject, CSPI has just started a new bulletin called Bulletin of the Oppression of Women. Here's the latest issue:

Fallujah, Iraq
February 15, 2009 An al-Qaeda terrorist implicated in the rape of four Jordanian women has been arrested.

Paris, France Feb 10, 2009 (Reuters) A Pakistani man is on trial in France for setting his ex-girlfriend on fire after she refused to marry him.
Update February 13.

Jedda, Saudi Arabia February 11, 2009 Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to a year in jail and 100 lashes for committing adultery.

Buffalo, NY February 17, 2009 The founder and CEO of Bridges TV, a Muslim TV channel, is charged with a gruesome murder, the beheading of his wife.

Ankara, Turkey February 12, 2009 A daily Hurriyet website poll shows that four out of ten Turkish women are victims of physical abuse by their husbands and only a fraction report it to authorities.

Amman, Jordan AP, February 11, 2009 A Jordanian man has been arrested for stabbing to death his elder sister because he thought she was having an affair.

Queens, NY February 14, 2009 Afghan diplomat Mohammed Fagirad was charged with beating his wife “like a dog” for more than 15 hours.

Murrieta, Calif. February 13, 2009 Muslim polygamist Mansa Musa Muhummed gets life terms for torturing his families.

Watford, UK January 12, 2009 Ibrahim Mansouri has been sent to jail for repeatedly raping and stabbing a pregnant teenager.

Hamburg, Germany February 13, 2009 A German Afghan man was sentenced to life in prison for an 'honour killing' of his 16 year old sister.

Somerset, UK February 14, 2009 A Muslim girl who wanted to be baptized a Christian was fleeing an arranged marriage in Pakistan.

Sana,Yemen The new law that moves to reduce child marriages is not consistent with Islamic Sharia law contends Yemini deputy.

Lahore, Pakistan February 14, 2009 Each year an estimated one million pregnant Pakistani women are physically abused at least once during pregnancy by their partners says Prof. Unaiza Niaz, president of the Women Section of World Psychiatric Association and director of the Institute of Psycho-Trauma Pakistan.

Karachi, Pakistan February 23, 2009 A man gave himself up after axing his sister to death in an honor killing. He accused his elderly sister of having illicit sexual relations.

Kuala Lumpur February 15, 2009 Muslim women around the world are facing a crisis over violence against them.

Yemen October 23, 2008 Yemini Muslim cleric Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani defends the inferiority of women.

What can you do? The first and most important thing that needs to be done is to raise awareness. Most people do not know this is going on. If more people were aware of it, international pressure would follow naturally. So one thing you can do right now to make a difference is send this message to everyone you know. And sign the Save Women Now petition and urge everyone you know to sign it too.

Let's end the oppression of women. Everywhere.


Strike the Heart of Jihad


ISLAMIC supremacists are building mosques and madrassas all over the world, they're buying up companies and properties in the West, and they are exerting more and more influence on the media and on the banking industry.

They are able to do all this because we pay them billions of dollars every year for oil. If we could suddenly become independent of Islamic oil, their reach and influence would drop like a stone.

The heart of jihad has always been money. The jizya, or tax on non-Muslims, has fueled the expansion of Islamic domination since its inception. But most non-Muslims within Islam-dominated countries have either been killed, fled the country, or converted, so that huge source of money has dried up, slowing down Islam's expansion.

That is, until the invention of the automobile. Now Islamic supremacists have a vast new source of income from non-Muslims: Oil money. And Islam is once again expanding.

While the long-term solutions may take awhile, each of us can do a couple of things to help cut off the financial source of influence for Jihadis, and we can start today:

1. Actively support an open fuel standard. This is a relatively inexpensive addition to the car-manufacturing process that allows cars to burn two other fuels besides gasoline. This would allow the different kinds of fuel to compete with each other, and if all cars in the U.S. had this feature, it is likely that there would already be cheaper fuels than gasoline. Islamic oil producers would be deprived of billions of dollars.

All that needs to happen is for the government to make it mandatory that all new cars have this feature. This will allow companies to confidently build new fuel stations because they are guaranteed of a market. The whole thing could happen very quickly. Find out how to help make an open fuel standard the law, and why it should be done.

Convince everyone you know to do these too. Actively promote the idea. Get your friends and family to watch the video of Anne Korin. Send people a link to NozzleRage (their videos are worth sharing). Let's make the open fuel standard mandatory immediately. Let's cut off their money. Sooner is better than later.


Heat-Seeking Missles for Citizen Warriors


BILL WARNER, the founder of CSPI, publisher of An Abridged Koran, A Simple Koran, and Mohammed and the Unbelievers (among others) has created a powerful weapon for those of us trying to do the most important thing (sharing what we know with non-Muslims who know nothing about Islamic doctrine).

Those of us trying to introduce people to those teachings of Islam that are dangerous to non-Muslims have a problem, don't we? Not many want to hear it. Even
listening to you talk about it feels wrong to many people, like the conversation is committing a social blunder of some sort — maybe bigotry. Or racism? Religious intolerance?

Somehow we've got to get the word out and get around this cultural immune system. Bill Warner has found a way. One day he realized there is one aspect of Islamic supremacism that people will listen to: A story of someone being victimized. Especially someone they identify with. So he has recently come out with five new bulletins:

Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

Bulletin of the Annihilation of Asia

Bulletin of Jew Hatred

Bulletin of Christian Persecution

Bulletin of the Annihilation of Culture

These bulletins are available via email. Each bulletin has two major things going for it: First of all, each one appeals to different groups of people, so you can share it with, for example, your Jewish friends, and it will be especially appealing because they will naturally identify with the victims of, in this case, Jew hatred.

The second thing is that there is no mention of Islamic teachings. It is just news. But of course, people are bound to become curious and they'll go to Political Islam and there they can learn all they want to know about why these groups are being hated or persecuted or annihilated.

But in the meantime, the information can get through their defense system because it says nothing about Islam up front. They have nothing to resist. In fact, it plays into the compelling appeal of victimization. It's brilliant.

I recommend you subscribe to all five bulletins and then forward the bulletins individually to the people they would most appeal to.

This is a powerful weapon in the war of ideas. It will allow us to widen our reach — to introduce the topic to people who might otherwise have been impossible to approach. It's a welcome addition to our arsenal.

To sign up for the newsletters, go to Political Islam. Subscribe to the newsletters in the left sidebar.


When You Feel Alone


OURS IS A lonely cause sometimes. If it wasn't for the internet, I would often feel I'm the only one in my city who cares about Islam's relentless encroachment. Do you know what I mean?

Especially after a particularly discouraging conversation with someone who just doesn't want to get it, I sometimes feel disheartened. I usually use the methods mentioned on the demoralization page, but I've found a quick and easy way to renew my fighting spirit — I read the comments on the Petition to Stop Muslim Immigration.

This uplifting effect is a benefit of the petition I hadn't anticipated.

When someone signs the petition, they have the opportunity to answer this question: "Why is this important to you?" And most people answer the question. Their answers are posted and you can read them all, whether you sign the petition or not. People
explain, in their own words, why it is important to them. It is wonderfully encouraging to see page after page of people from all over the world join together in defiance of Islamic supremacism.

When you're down, when you feel discouraged, try this: Go to the petition and start reading the comments. The new ones are right up front, so you'll see something different every time you visit. After a page or two, your determination will probably fully recover. That feeling of determination is a precious resource. Preserve and protect it any way you can.


Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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