Champions of Freedom: A Specific Example of Stealth Jihad


I READ SOMETHING the other day that filled me with hope, pride, determination, and joy. It was a 30-page report put out by representatives from the top two organizations in the counterjihad movement. It was a collaboration between the Mission Viejo chapter of ACT for America and the United American Committee.

The authors of this fascinating document (read it here as a PDF file) did a thorough job investigating and revealing how Islamic supremacists have successfully positioned themselves in a consulting role for several of the largest publishers of middle school textbooks in the USA in such a way that these Muslims decide what is said in American textbooks about Islam.

Digging further, the authors discovered that what the textbooks say about Islam is blatantly biased propaganda.

Does it matter what middle school kids read about Islam? Think about this: By the time those students become voting adults, they will have a positive feeling about Islam, and that positive feeling will seem to rest on very solid ground to them. What they can remember about Islam was, after all, in their textbooks. You can't get much more authoritative and mainstream than that.

The 30-page report, entitled Islam in American Classrooms, contrasts what is written in the textbooks with the actual history of Islam, and the deliberateness of the whitewash is completely obvious to even the most skeptical reader.

The report goes into detail and backs up everything it says with references.

This document is the most specific, concrete, thorough example of stealth jihad I have yet come across — and it was done by
volunteers. Not by professors, or experts, or by a government organization. In that way, the existence of this report is inspiring. This is the kind of grassroots accomplishment we have been envisioning since 9/11. It's finally happening.

If we the people don't do it, it will not be done. It is clear that governments will not save us, and neither will the experts, for various reasons I won't go into right now. We will have to save ourselves, educate ourselves, investigate things ourselves, and spread the word ourselves — and we can.

We can and we must.

Our most important task, as I see it, is to reach people who don't know much about Islam and educate them about the goals and methods of Islamic supremacists.
And we can use Islam in American Classrooms to help us accomplish this goal. Most people are overly focused on terrorism. If the Jihadis aren't blowing anything up at the moment, everything is okay, right?

Wrong! They are reaching into every aspect of our lives as deeply as they can get away with, they are thinking long-term, and they are taking strategic action every chance they get. The third jihad is being waged on many fronts at once. And
Islam in American Classrooms gives us a good example of how they operate.

Study this document. Print it out and keep it with you. When people don't seem interested in Islamic supremacism because "not all Muslims are terrorists" and they only have a vague worry about what the terrorists might do in the future, you can let them know, "They're already here, and they are already controlling what is taught in American classrooms!" Whip out the document and blow their minds!

The kind of thorough work this document represents can help us get through to people, which is the number one task in ultimately stopping Islam's relentless encroachment. For that reason, I name the authors of the document and everybody involved in the project true champions of freedom.


Anonymous 2:00 PM  

Muslims are waging jihad against Britain (and also probably against the USA) on at least fifteen separate fronts .

Anonymous 2:06 PM  


The primary objective of all Muslims is to spread Islam throughout the globe by whatever means may be necessary, including lying and killing. Killing kuffars (unbelievers) who resist Islam is not a sin, in fact it is the only sure way of attaining paradise.

Kuffars who do not resist must be either enslaved (dhimmis) or converted to Islam.

So, with the current Jihad in the West, how does this Islamic program of killing/enslavement/conversion apply to kuffar kids? .

Anonymous 3:24 PM  

Thanks for this- sharing it with many others.

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

Glad you posted this. Too many people are clueless about Islam. A book on this subject worth checking out is "The Trouble With Textbooks." You can read about it at

FulghumInk 11:51 AM  

Frances Rice, Chairman of the National Black Republican Association has delivered an accurate account in which "racism" has become a tool in the hands of those who would use it for evil to advance the tenets of their own evil ( Mrs. Rice reveals, "Eric Holders' outrageous and insulting declaration is a harbinger of Obama's sinister scheme to use race as a weapon to bludgeon Americans into submitting to his socialist will-supporters and non-supporters alike."

We would do well to heed Mrs. Rice's astounding acumen.

Allen Fulghum
Pinehurst. NC USA

Anonymous 4:05 PM  

As per the pdf document, Islam in American Classrooms, why is the history of Islam required to be taught in History and Social Science classes? Who designed the curriculum? How long has this been happening before someone stop up and said something?

Citizen Warrior 2:09 AM  

Of course, some history of Islam is necessary in the history of the world. But what has happened is very clever. A long time ago some Muslims created some very benign-sounding organizations that set themselves up as Islamic experts and then convinced textbook publishers to let them check the parts of their history book that said anything about Islam, to make sure it was accurate. But the Muslim organizations then influenced what was said, and it's been going on for a few decades now. It's been very gradual and sneaky and has all the appearances of being above board.

It has only been people who were educated about Islam and who were not dedicated multiculturalists who noticed that these textbooks were whitewashing Islam. Of course, since most people know nothing about Islam, they weren't able to notice that the materials in these books are skewed.

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