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FACEBOOK has provided a new way to wage war against Islamic supremacism, and we should take advantage of it. Citizen Warrior is on Facebook, so click here to join us. What else can you do on Facebook? Here's what I recommend:

1. Join groups and causes. There are lots of a good groups and causes on Facebook, and each cause acts as a sifter of sorts. So if you join the cause, for example, 1,000,000 against Jihad, you have already filtered out anyone who would not join such a group. Almost everyone who joined the cause is on our side.

2. Invite people in those groups to be your friends. Do it a little at a time. Facebook doesn't let you just go through and invite a thousand people a day to be your friends. They consider it spamming. But you can invite ten every day. When you invite someone to be your friend, you have the opportunity to write a message. I recommend you use that opportunity and write something like this: "Hello John. I am committed to stopping Islam's relentless encroachment and because both of us are members of the group
2 Million people against Female Genital Mutilation, we share a common goal, so I think we should be friends."

Not everyone will accept, but many will. Over time, you can have hundreds of people who are interested in defeating the third jihad.

And you don't have to confine yourself to inviting people who are already committed. You can find other causes that may be related, and invite those people. That way, you can introduce new people to the cause. If they start being negative or leaving harassing comments on your page, you can UNmake them your friend. It's easy. Go to their page, and scroll down to the bottom left-hand side, and you'll see, "Remove from Friends." Click on that, and they can't leave comments on your page any more.

3. Post an exceptionally good article on your Facebook page every day or every other day or once a week or whatever. Your friends will see these and if the post looks interesting, they'll read it. This keeps the mission alive in others and increases their knowledge. It also introduces uninitiated people to the cause because often
your friends will put some of your posts on their pages, so you're helping to spread awareness and information on Islamic supremacism, which is the most important thing that needs to be done right now.

Make your post on Facebook look good. It helps give your post a certain amount of credibility and authority when it is professionally done. Here's how: Go to an article you want to share and copy the URL. Then go to your Facebook page and click on "Post Link." Paste the URL there and click on "Preview." It will show the title of the article and a little bit of the article itself. Click on the title and change it if you want. Usually, for example, the first part of the title will be the name of the blog. You can remove the name of the blog to make the title shorter and more eye-catching.

Now go back to the article (in a different window) and take the juiciest, most enticing, intriguing two paragraphs in the article and select them. Right click and copy the text. Go back to
Facebook and click on the text below the title and paste your paragraphs there. Then click "Post." Now you've got a good-looking post with a pithy excerpt that will make people want to read the article.

If you use
Facebook mainly for friends and family, and if your friends and family don't like your interest in the freedom movement (the counterjihad movement), you can sign up on Facebook as a different name, and use it for promoting freedom in the way I've described above. Then you can sign in as either identity (in other words, you can have two accounts).

Another alternative is to keep your Facebook account as it is, but post a link or article only every week or so, and keep it low-key. Post "beginner" material — the kind of stuff that might not offend too many people, but still says something valuable.

Sometimes someone in your family may make a comment on one of your posts, arguing with you or criticizing you or the article. If this happens and you don't know how to answer it, check out the Answers to Objections.

If you can't find an answer there, please
write to me and I'll help you formulate an answer. I'm serious about this. I want to know what people are saying. This is where the battle is taking place — right at the point where someone who knows about the third jihad says something to someone who doesn't, and the response is negative. If we don't handle those moments well, we will lose this war. It's that simple.

So write to me. I will help you, and I will probably post the answer as an article too, because if someone says it to you, others are probably hearing the same retort.

4. Post a good political cartoon or picture that says a thousand words. You can post a picture one of two ways: You can download the picture onto your computer and then upload it onto
Facebook (by clicking on "Add Photos") or you can click on the picture wherever you find it. Usually clicking on a picture will take you to a page that has nothing on it but the picture. Now copy the URL and paste it into "Post Link." After it's posted, if the picture is small, you can edit the post. One of the options is to make it larger.

Pictures capture the eye. Each person on
Facebook has a home page and can see the activity of all their friends. Pictures you post on your page stand out on all your friends' home pages, and will attract attention. One of the reasons pictures are appealing is because they represent a very small investment of time. People will often take the moment to look at a picture when they might not stop to read an article. So post pictures once in awhile in addition to articles.

By using
Facebook in these ways, you can join with others, you can help gain recruits to the cause, you can help educate the public, and you can lend your weight to many worthy causes. Join the Facebook revolution and defeat the third jihad using one of our most powerful weapons: Freedom of speech.

Here are some causes I recommend you join right away.


Unknown 5:54 AM  

Sadly, I think that there aren't too many Europeans today who even know who Charles Martel was.

It's a good idea to use someone like that for your profile though. If anyone asks about "The Hammer" you can tell them about the battle of Tours, the great siege of Malta, the battle of Lepanto,and so forth.

The Frozen North

hiddenfaces7 4:02 PM  

This article is a fantastic idea to get the people united! I am sharing the article with everyone I can get it too!

Citizen Warrior 2:38 PM  

Someone just left a comment with a link to a Facebook page they created:

Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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